Chapter one: A new name, Night

Cold and snowy, that's the night I'd describe when I first saw him. I was a young wolf then and he was only seven. I was walking through the woods when I heard a human scream. I ran towards the scream in the snow. The icy snow scraped the bottom of my paws as I ran through it. The scream got louder, I ran faster. I came to an open field when I saw the boy just standing there with his friends. He was screaming very loudly and his friends were laughing at him. I wondered why he was screaming when he wasn't being attacked by anything.

I came into the field a little more to get a better view and saw why he was screaming. The boy was tied to a tree with his pants around his ankles. His friends were laughing at him and threw snowballs at him. No wonder he's screaming, I thought. The boy begged them to stop and let him go, but they didn't listen. One boy, who was about ten, had a huge snowball in his hands. He grinned devilishly then held it over his head. I saw nothing, but wickedness in his eyes as he hurled the huge snowball at the boy. It hit him in the face with a crunching sound. They all laughed. Snow fell from the boy's bloody face. He had a broken nose and he began to cry. I felt so bad for him and wanted to help, but how could I? Then there was a growl. It was a wolf growl and it sounded close. I looked across the field and saw Shelby approaching the group.

The boys ran off as she came closer into the group of boys. The one boy was still tied to the tree when they fled. He yelled for them to come back and untie him, but they didn't listen and left him. Shelby approached the boy. He was staring at her with his newly terrified eyes. I knew Shelby was hungry and would eat anything, even a human. Shelby was about to lunge on the boy and I had to stop her. Whatever I was going to do, I needed to do it now. I came out of my hiding place and jumped in front of Shelby. I growled at her, telling her to back off! She looked at me then gave me a picture of the boy's death. His body in her teeth, blood everywhere, his clothes torn to shreds and the smell of death everywhere.

Her picture of the boy's death scared me. It shook me up and I wanted to run away. If I did, then Shelby would have her way again. I didn't want that and shook the feeling away. I growled again, but with a snarl. I told her to back off or else we'll fight. Shelby knew she couldn't take me in a fight with an empty stomach so she turned to leave. She growled telling me this wasn't over and left the field to look for food. I turned towards the boy. He was shaking and shivering. His lips were blue now and the blood from his nose trickled down his chin onto his shirt. I slowly approached him.

"Leave me alone!' He shouted."Go away! Don't eat me!" I came face to face with him. His eyes were beautifully brown, the same as mine. I saw the ropes around him and bit them off him. I pulled them off him and threw the rope away. The boy looked at me in surprise. I started to lick up the blood on his face and the boy started to laugh. "Hey! Stop, that tickles!"He said with a giggle. I stopped licking his face and licked my lips. His blood tasted bittersweet, but I liked it. The boy looked at me then I bent my neck down and started to tug his pants up. He noticed what I was doing and took his pants, pulling them up. "Thank-you," He said."I know you can't understand me, but you are a nice wolf, like a little pup. Can I touch your coat?"

I bent down and he stretched out his hand. Slowly, he rubbed my snow-coved fur."So soft and beautiful," he put his other hand on it and petted me, "I like it. You know since your fur is black, I'm going to call you Night." I began to relax. His voice was so comforting and so was his touch. Then I heard a twig snap. My ears perked up and I got up. "What's wrong, Night?" The boy asked. I snapped my head behind me and saw Beck standing there. He wanted me and I had to leave. The boy looked at Beck and I started to nudge him the other way. He had to leave and so did I. The boy moved, but didn't leave. "Do you want me to go?" I nudged him again. The boy finally understood and started to leave. I walked towards Beck with my head down. Beck wasn't mad at me, but he did not want me to be with the human boy. Beck turned and started to leave. I followed, but before I did I took one last look at the boy. He stood on the opposite side of the field with a sad smile on his face. "Good-bye, Night! Thank-you for helping me," He said, waving bye. If only it was summer, I could say good-bye back. Oh well, but I know one thing. From this point on my name is Night…