Author's Note : Well, it's a 2nd person PoV

Disclaimer : Togainu no Chi's character © Nitro+CHiRAL

Warning : CRACK PAIRING. Shounen-ai (malexmale)

Pairing : ShikixKeisuke

"Isn't an obedient slave better than the resistive one?"

You said it, while gripping on his wrist—you look on his tanned neck, inviting you to bite it. You know you have an interest for him although he's a normal guy. No, actually you KNOW that he is not some random guy on the street, he is 'special'.

"And why you keep staying near Akira? You know he is a trash."

You are not jealous—you just want him for your lust, it was your body wants him and since you know that what your heart wants is your bodies wants. Your lips push against his, not allowing him to shout—just to feel him. Feel the taste of the man without any power but keep staying in Toshima, like a sheep wandering inside wolf's den.

And you, as the leader of the wolf, having an urges to 'eat' him whole—knowing what made him so brave, while he's helpless in front of you.

You're too fierce for his pure heart.

Keisuke, you never know him before—until you catch the glimpse of him tailing for someone with grey-hair. At first you may interested for the other guy, but now your eyes are preying on him. Looking at his weak self really arouse you, make you want to step on him and mark him with bruises and scar. Why? It would make him more beautiful than ever…that cute terrified face, you want to scare him more.

"No, Akira is NOT a trash."

Look at his face. You can't accept it. You're the king of Toshima yet he could say 'no'. With your expressionless face, you put your fingers inside his mouth to shut him up. Making him murmuring some strange word that you can't understand—you will never understand dogs' bark. Your other hand slipped inside his t-shirt and rubs his abdomen. You can't feel it since you use the glove—well, it's better for you since you won't be able to hold your lust.


He's helpless in front of you.

He's murmuring Akira's name. Over and over. Although you're the one in front of him, but you don't know that it's useless trying to get rid Akira's name inside his mind. And that's why you know that it would be something worth to do rather obtain something easily.

You lick his neck, trying to bite it gently—sending shiver all over his body. Your right hand rubs his chest while your left is not letting go both of his wrist.

"He is, now." Especially after you really make sure that he couldn't save his friend. Well, you just need to wait until his mental breakdown.

Keisuke will be yours.