"Giles, I can't tell. Is it a demon?"

Buffy pointed down Sunnydale's main drag, to a figure walking, well jittering might have been a more accurate description, toward the Espresso Pump.

"Hmmm?" Giles looked up. Blinked. Rubbed his glasses and blinked again. "Um, demons don't usually wear spandex long johns."

"Neither do humans."

It looked something like a man, although one with bugged-out eyes, dressed all in red with a coffee cup on its head. While they looked at it, uncertain what to do, a high-pitched squeal pierced the night.

"Oh God, Andrew is running straight toward it." Giving Giles a look, she added, "I suppose I have to save him?"

"Um, from kissing its feet?"

"Ewww," was Buffy's battle-cry as she ran into the fray and pulled Andrew away from the whatever-it-was.

"Hey," Andrew shouted, struggling to get away. By the time they'd looked up, it was gone. Andrew's eyes were wide with joy as he asked, "Did you see him? I can't believe I got to meet Too Much Coffee Man!"

"Huh?" Buffy asked. "That wasn't a demon?"

"Demon?" Andrew snorted. "Didn't you recognize him? He's from this comic strip, well really he's got his own book now…"

As Buffy looked over with a desperate stare, Giles backed away swiftly and silently. Demons he knew how to defeat; geeks on the other hand…