Through Sickness and Health

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"Achoo!" Everyone in the disciplinary committee seems to have caught the infamous cold that's been rapidly spreading through Namamori middle school. Well everyone except, the disciplinary committee's head, Hibari Kyoya. He was currently sitting at his desk filing through the endless amounts of paperwork, ranging from club requests to problems that needed to be taken care of. Also trying to ignore his men, hoping that would keep them away from him and not get him sick, but his efforts were futile. Hibari noticed that when Kusakabe walked through the door of his office with a piece of paper.

"Sir it seems we have a problem with a group of delinquents. They usually get high after school and cause all sorts of mayhem throughout Namamori." Hibari nearly jumped out of his seat at having an excuse to get out of this place, but he composed his self. He grabbed his jacket and headed out of the door, careful not to touch Kusakabe. He went out the doors of the school to take care of the unwanted problem.

Three guys carrying cartons of eggs walked down the street to Namamori middle school. They slipped past the gates of the school. They stopped in front of the school and opened the cartons. They picked the eggs up and had the cruelest of intentions in mind. They threw the eggs as hard as they could and watched them smash against the school. The gooey yolk slid down the brick of the school to join the shell that lay on the concrete ground. Echoing laughter broke the silence of the afternoon.

"Herbivores." They turned around to see none other than Hibari Kyoya. He raised his tonfa and connected it with one of their skulls. A loud resounding crack was heard throughout the school grounds. He didn't stop there he continued to do this repeatedly to all of them. He didn't stop even when rain began to engulf the school. The same sound was heard over and over until it slowly faded out. The only and sound that could be heard was the rain hitting the concrete. "Achoo!" Well there was that sound too.

"Hibari-san is sick!" Tsuna and Reborn sat in Tsuna's room, the place where they always discuss things.

"Yes he is and we're going to visit him." Tsuna blanked at him. "What do you mean 'we'? I never said I was going."

"I didn't ask for your opinion. Anyway I need to go to a meeting that will last a couple of weeks, so you'll be in charge of helping Hibari."

Tsuna rolled his eyes, "Like he wants my help, he'll be fine by himself." Reborn kicked him in the head.

"I don't care. He's your guardian and you're going to visit him. That is the duty of the boss after all."

"I never wanted to be the boss!"

Reborn covered his ears, 'He's always so whiney.' Reborn kicked him again. "Shut up we're leaving." Reborn walked out of the house and Tsuna reluctantly followed. They walked down the street and headed for Hibari's house.

They arrived at a steel gate that guarded a house. 'Of course Hibari-san would have a gate.' Reborn pushed on the gate and it opened. When it opened a pool and a house two times bigger than Tsuna's was revealed. They walked through the gates and stopped at two doors. Tsuna rung the door bell and the doors swung open to reveal Hibari wearing his pajamas with a blanket wrapped around his shoulders.

Hibari glared at Tsuna, "What are you doing here, herbivore?" Tsuna cowered under Hibari's glare leaving Reborn to talk for him.

"He's here to take care of you because I have to go to a meeting." Reborn kicked Tsuna into the house and walked away. Hibari sighed knowing Tsuna wouldn't leave out of fear that Reborn would beat him up. He silently closed the door.

"Herbivore, get off my floor you're getting it dirty." Tsuna shot up from his spot on the floor. He froze and turned to Hibari.

"I-I'm sorry, H-Hibari-san." Hibari wordlessly walked away and disappeared into a room. Tsuna went into the room, seconds later, to see Hibari getting into his bed.

"Don't you have anything better to do?" Tsuna scratched the back of his head.

"Not really, since winter break starts tomorrow. I guess I would be sitting at home, basically doing nothing, if Reborn didn't drag me out of the house."

"Why don't make yourself useful?" Hibari propped himself against the headboard. Then he pulled the blanket over himself while Tsuna shifted uncomfortably.

"What do want me to do?"

Hibari thought for a moment before answering, "You can fluff my pillow." Hibari held out his pillow.

'I'm not your maid!' Tsuna took the pillow despite his thoughts. He fluffed it and held it out to Hibari. Hibari merely stared at his hand. Tsuna knew exactly what that was about and started grumbling. He walked over to Hibari and put the pillow behind his back. Hibari merely smirked at his reaction.

"Do you need something else?" Tsuna asked knowing he probably won't like the response.

"No." Surprisingly he did like the response, but the only problem was he was bored now. They wordlessly stared at each other until Tsuna cracked under pressure and looked away.

"May I sit?" Tsuna pointed to the bed as he glanced at Hibari to see his response. Hibari nodded. Tsuna gently sat next to Hibari making sure not disturb him. They sat in silence. "What did you do the past three days you were sick?"

"Why are you suddenly so interested in my life?" Hibari growled. 'Oh no, I made him mad!'

"Well I'm not really interested. It's just that…um…well," Tsuna struggled to find the right words.

"Spit it out," Hibari barked.

"I'm bored," Tsuna stated blandly. Hibari sighed as he tried to calm down.

"Why didn't you just say that, instead of making me raise my blood pressure? Although I suppose it can't be helped." Hibari pressed a button on the remote, that he got from who knows where. The floor boards in front of the bed moved and a plasma TV rose from the floor.

'Wow, Hibari's house is so cool,' Tsuna thought astonished. Hibari tossed the remote to Tsuna, in which he barely caught it.

"Watch what you want." Tsuna did as he was told and flipped through the seemingly endless channels until he finally settled on one channel. They both watched TV silently, with Tsuna's occasional laughter, for about two hours. They would've kept watching if Hibari didn't turn it off. Tsuna's honey orbs stared questioningly at Hibari. "I'm tired."

"I suppose you want me to leave." Hibari nodded. Tsuna stood up from his spot and stretched. "See you tomorrow, Hibari-san."

"Don't come back."

Tsuna sighed, "Sorry, I have my orders." With that being said Tsuna walked out of the room and out of the house. Tsuna walked past the gate and onto the sidewalk to feel the wind spin around him. 'I hope me and Hibari get to do something fun tomorrow. It would be good if he laughed, but I guess I'll have to settle for a smile. This is Hibari-san I'm talking about.' Tsuna thought with a smile as he headed home.

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