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Through Sickness and Health

Hibari was sleeping soundly and nothing in the world could bother him, well except for the feeling he was being watched. Hibari irritably opened his eyes and scanned the room; he saw no one was there. He turned over on his side to go back to sleep, but instead came face to face with Tsuna, who was crouched down next to his bed. Hibari's eyes widen before they narrowed dangerously.

"Herbivore, what are you doing?"

"I'm watching you," Tsuna stated bluntly as he continued to stare at Hibari.

"Why are you doing that?"

"I'm trying to see if you have any abnormal sleeping habits, because you've been weird lately."

"That may be true, but why would you know my sleeping patterns in the first place?" Tsuna blinked incredulously as realization smacked him square in the face.

"No way, that means I stayed up watching you for four hours for nothing?" Hibari nodded. Tsuna dramatically fell to the floor and fell asleep. Hibari watched him for a few seconds before he leant down and poked him in the cheek. Hibari poked him three times before he got irritated and kicked him in the stomach. Tsuna grunted from having the wind knocked out of him and clutched his stomach.

"Okay I'm awake," Tsuna wheezed. He picked himself off the floor and staggered a bit before he finally could walk properly. "I guess I'll go cook you breakfast."

When Hibari heard that he jumped out of his bed as fast as a bullet train and tackled Tsuna to the ground. "Ow, I'm already in pain, why do you have to cause me more?"

"If I didn't cause you pain, I would be in pain from whatever hazardous waste that comes out of my kitchen. You may even burn down my kitchen while you're at it."

"I wouldn't burn down your kitchen, I'm not that useless. Hazardous waste is going a little too far don't you think?" Tsuna pouted.

"Not at all, I think that describes your cooking perfectly. I never said you were useless." Hibari got off of Tsuna and offered him a hand. Tsuna took his hand and let Hibari haul him up. Tsuna let go of Hibari's hand once he was standing up again.

"You were implying it though."

"I'm telling it's all in your mind."

"Whatever, I guess I'll go to the store to get you breakfast." Tsuna started to leave the room, but what he heard come out of Hibari's mouth stopped him.

"I'll go with you." Tsuna turned around and started to stop Hibari as he went to his closet to change.

"Never mind I'll just cook-"


"I won't burn-"



"No." Tsuna sighed in defeat knowing he was no match for Hibari and gave up on trying cooking something for Hibari.

"Hibari you shouldn't leave your house, you're really sick."

"The convenient store isn't that far, I'll be fine."

"No really Hibari its fine I can go by myself, you don't have to come with me. You should stay home and rest."

"I could've done that, if you didn't wake me up," Hibari growled and sent a heated glare Tsuna's way, which effectively ended the conversation. Tsuna laughed nervously and looked away in response to that. After Tsuna got over his fear of Hibari, he turned back around and saw Hibari had changed his clothes. Hibari walked out of the room and Tsuna followed behind.

"Hey Hibari, can you wait for me? I have to go get a few things." Hibari leant against the wall and crossed his arms over his chest.

"Hurry up," Hibari sighed and watched Tsuna scurry away. After a few minutes Tsuna reemerged from the room he was currently occupying, wearing a coat and mittens.

"I'm ready to go, thanks for waiting." Hibari ignored Tsuna's comment and unlocked the door. They walked outside and the door was locked once again. They left and walked down the road, that lead to the convenient store.

"Hibari, what are we buying anyway?"

"We'll see when we get there."

Tsuna wasn't really satisfied with that answer, but he didn't feel like getting bitten to death, so his mouth stayed shut. They soon arrived at the store and went inside to search for whatever Hibari wanted. They walked down an aisle filled with rice balls, lunch boxes and various other things. Hibari picked a few onigiri and turned around to pay for them, but Tsuna stopped him. Tsuna took all the onigiri from Hibari's hands and put them back on the shelf. Hibari growled at Tsuna.

"Stop growling it's not attractive. Anyway you've been eating nothing, but rice since you've been sick and your health won't deteriorate while I'm around," Tsuna picked up a sandwich, "Here this is better for you."

"You can't tell me what I can and can't eat."

Tsuna placed a hand on Hibari's shoulder, which Hibari glared at. "I'm not telling you what to do; I'm just giving you friendly advice."

"Does it look like I needed or wanted your advice?"

"Needed yes, wanted no. Listen can you just eat something other than rice, please," Tsuna asked as he looked at Hibari with his best puppy dog eyes. Hibari tried to object, but he just couldn't. His love for animals took over and Hibari sighed.

"Do what you want."

Tsuna smiled. 'Yay, I win!' Tsuna thought victoriously as he grabbed a few sandwiches off the shelf. They walked to the counter to pay for the items. The cashier at the counter perked up from the sight of Tsuna walking towards him with an alluring smile on his face.

"Hello cutie what can I do for you today?" he asked. Tsuna laughed at the word 'cutie' and took out his wallet.

"I'd like to purchase these please." The cashier took the items and rung them up.

"So you live around here?"

"Oh yeah I live a couple of blocks away." The cashier bagged Tsuna's items up and laid the bag on top of the counter.

"Really, so do I how about you and me get to know each other better? That'll be seven dollars by the way." Tsuna started to dig around in his wallet to get the money.

"I don't know about that. Ask me next time I come in here, I may change my mind." Tsuna counted out the money he pulled out.

"Sorry I took a while," Tsuna said as he looked at the cashier.

"It's okay, the longer you stay here the better my job is." That was when Hibari had had enough. He took out the right amount of money from his pocket and slammed it down on the counter. He glared a glare of death at the cashier and the cashier started to tremble out of fear. Once Hibari had scared him enough he stormed out of the store and Tsuna smiled politely at the scarred cashier. He grabbed the bag and ran after Hibari.

"Hibari that wasn't very nice, you know!"

"Does it look like I care?"

"Not really. Why did you do that anyway?" Hibari stayed silent and kept walking. 'Of course he wouldn't answer that...' They walked in silence on the way to Hibari's house until Tsuna opened his big mouth.

"Hey Hibari, do you ever smile?"

"I suppose I'm capable of it, but I've not seen a reason to or to describe it better, there's no reason to smile."

"I see that's interesting. Well if you saw a reason to smile, what would you smile about?"

"I don't know," Hibari said slightly distracted and Tsuna took the tone as sadness. Tsuna looked sadly at Hibari.

'I promised I make him smile and here I am making him sad. I wonder what I can do to make him smile, I guess I could…' Tsuna's thoughts trailed off as he looked at Hibari's hands that were trembling slightly. 'He's cold.' Tsuna took off his left mitten and placed it on Hibari's left hand. He held Hibari's right hand in his hand.

Hibari stopped walking and tried to yank their hands apart, but Tsuna kept a firm grip.

"It's kind of cold today, so it's fine for today, right?" Tsuna asked innocently as he smiled at Hibari. Hibari stared at him for a second before looking away and swiftly walking away, which caused Tsuna to tripped a bit before he caught up to his speed. They walked silently, but they were both comfortable with it. Hibari even tolerated Tsuna swinging their arms back and forth on the way.

'I hope Hibari's happy right now. I just want him to know he can always hold my hand because I'll always be there for him. I kind of want to tell him that one day and I think I will. That's another promise I plan to keep.'

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