Lord Shen and Lady Fan Ni Sha couldn't be more than happy, they finally had a child of their own, a boy, to be exact. They named their precious son, Lao Wong, which meant "Yellow Teacher" in Chinese. Yong Lao had his father's striking, strong built, his mother's head plumage, and last of all, his father's trademark, blood red eyes, and his tail feather markings. He, Lao, wasn't albino like his father nor did he have colorful plumage as his mother. No, Lao was neither, but he was surprisingly, a ghastly grayish-blue color.

When people, from all over China, came to the Valley of Peace to celebrate the birth of the Lord's and Lady's son, they were in for a surprise; instead of pure white feathers like they expected Lao to inherit from Lord Shen, they were to find out that the prince had grayish-blue feathers. Some of the people began to whisper that this was another sign of a bad omen, and that the baby's plumage was part of the ancestor's punishment for Lord Shen's crimes. When the news reached the proud new parent's ears, they were heartbroken at the sudden judgment that the people had, but that, in fact, did not make them love their newborn son any less, the news made them love their child even more!

When the young prince finally turned one the next year, one of Fan's close friends, Mizuki, daughter of the famous Kung Fu Master, Master Croc, began to notice that Lao's eyes were clouded around the pupil and thus the parents, soon discovered that their son was born blind! Shen was more shocked than his wife, and soon after went to the Soothsayer to ask her what the future would be like for his son. The Soothsayer told him, that his son would face many hardships in life, but if he continues on the right path, Lao's future would be bountiful.

The peacock Lord thanked the Soothsayer or as he liked to put it "Old Goat" for her help, and soon returned to his beloved wife to discuss all what the Soothsayer had told him. After a long, and half-heated debate Lord Shen and Fan soon decided to treat their son no differently than another child because he was blind, but as their son grew up the parents took extra precaution to not mention that he was different, and that he was with someone at all times where ever he went.

Yes, the young peacock prince was going to suffer many hardships along the way, but as the wise old Soothsayer had foretold to his father, as "...long as he continues down the right path, Lao's future would/will have much joy and happiness in the end." Lao would have to suffer the horrible realization of the horrible deeds that his father committed in the past, suffer mockery, betrayal, pain, and heartbreak from others because of his "abnormal" looks, and last of all, losing a loved one very dear to him.

Lao Wong will soon learn along the way, that even though one may be going through trials and heartaches in life, there is always a ray of sunshine beyond every dark cloud.