I don't own Newsies.

So we all know that the Jack/Sarah relationship is almost pulled out of thin air, according to what we as movie watchers see when we sit down with our popping corn and our gaga fangirl eyes to watch Newsies.

I decided to change that.

In this story, you will find a collection of "deleted scenes" centric of Jack and Sarah that I have written to establish a real relationship between them rather than the "This is my sister, Sarah"-"Does it matter?"-*Big kiss* that we get from the movie. I also want to actually give Sarah a character with a better role in the story rather than the Mary Sue that Disney makes her out to be. I won't change any scenes currently in the movie, I'll just write ones that could have been slipped in to give Sarah some character development.

So, to be sure I'll update a lot...

If you have any ideas for scenes or things you would like to see explained, don't be afraid to PM me! I don't bite, I promise! I will really appreciate it!

And I'm very sorry in advance that they will be extremely out of order (for instance, the first scene I'm posting is near the end of the movie), but I will tell you where they are placed in the movie timeline! Sorry if this will confuse you! I don't mean to! I'll try to tie up any loose ends created by later-in-the-movie scenes in earlier-on-the-timeline scenes.

Enjoy and please review!

~SilverShoes17 :)

(Sorry for the intro chapter, I know they can be annoying sometimes. I just didn't feel like explaining everything in the first deleted scene chapter!)