Note: This is my idea for the fourth Mario and Luigi RPG, not a story! Might make an official script later, with dialogue and such: But this is the basics for now!

This is the first chapter of the game, and this one includes a lot of information about things such as Controls, Items, etc. The others will be mostly about the story, but other things will be explained as they come in the game, like Badges, Equipment, Challenges, Bro Moves, etc., etc. There will be about 11 chapters in this game(It sounds like a lot, but they aren't going to be too long)

Another Note: You don't learn any Bro Moves until the second chapter. That may seem bad, but the first chapter goes by pretty fast. Badges are also not given until the second chapter.

Another Another Note: There is a lot of dialogue and the cut-scenes are longer than they may seem from this. It'd just take too long to do all the dialogue and the full scenes for now. :L

/r/rk791u/7 - Cover-art for the game-box. Not very good, but that'll work. Put the tinypic url before that to view it.

Mario & Luigi: Legend of the Gold Star


All of the games have had a sort of 'theme' to them. Superstar Saga was the classical 'Heroes Seek to Defeat The Villain' theme. Partners in Time was a little about understanding your child self, but it had a much darker theme, so I'd say it was more of 'Overcoming Pure Evil'. Then, Bowser's Inside Story was a lot about 'The Enemy of My Enemy', since Mario and Luigi had to work with Bowser to overcome Fawful.(Even though he didn't know they were there)

Now, this game is meant to end it all. It is mean to have an even darker theme than Partners in Time, having all the memorable characters changing drastically(Old Bowser, who isn't as childish, and is weak and tired. Peach, who seems to have lost her charm and is now very gray and bleak). The theme is really 'Ending a Story'. Everything is coming to an end. Will the heroes finally fall? Will the reign of baddies finally end for good? Wellll, that's for you to find out! I assure there will be quite a sad/dramatic ending in store for this (game).


Mario: Jump with A(Hammer/Counter-Hammer with X)
Luigi: Jump with B(Hammer/Counter-Hammer with Y)
Wario: Punch/Jump Back with X(Counter-Punch with A)
Waluigi: Slam/Jump Back with Y(Counter-Punch with B)


You have two pairs: Mario and Luigi & Wario and Waluigi. One pair can be out in front to battle at a time. Press R during your turn or during an enemy attack to switch. When one Bro Pair is out, the other two buttons become their counter. The point is that one pair may have a better way to avoid an incoming attack, or may have a way to counter it. For Example: a Shadow Boo descends from the sky. You can quickly press R and bring in Wario and Waluigi and have them jump back, then punch it. If you don't, you'll take damage, since Mario and Luigi have no way of avoiding that.

More Explanation: If Mario and Luigi are in front, Mario can use X to use his hammer, while Luigi can use his hammer with Y. If, Wario and Waluigi are in front, Wario can use A to punch, while Waluigi can use B to punch. It allows you to use two different kinds of moves while an enemy attacks(Much like Bowser in Inside Story)

Exp works the same as the other games. If a Bro has no health at the end of the battle, they get no Exp for it. If one of the Bro pairs is defeated, then the other drags them back and goes to the front. You can use 1-Up Mushrooms to revive a Bro from the other pair if you want. 1-Up Duals work much better, since they'll revive both in the pair.


Mushroom - Heals 10 HP - 10 Coins

Super Mushroom - Heals 30 HP - 40 Coins

Ultra Mushroom - Heals 80 HP - 80 Coins

Max Mushroom - Heals 140 HP - 120 Coins

Nuts - Heals 10 HP for both Bros(Depending on which pair is using it) - 20 Coins

Super Nuts - Heals 25 HP for both Bros(Depending on which pair is using it) - 60 Coins

Ultra Nuts - Heals 60 HP for both Bros(Depending on which pair is using it) - 90 Coins

Max Nuts - Heals 100 HP for both Bros(Depending on which pair is using it) - 140 Coins

1-Up Mushroom - Revives a Bro with half of their health. - 60 Coins

1-Up Deluxe - Revives a Bro with full health. - 120 Coins

1-Up Dual - Revives a Bro Pair(Ex: Mario/Luigi can use it to revive Wario and Waluigi if they're K.O'd) - 200 Coins

Mild Pepper - Raises POW slightly for one Bro(Lasts for about four turns.) - 40 Coins

Spicy Pepper - Raises POW for one Bro.(Lasts for about three turns.) - 100 Coins

Super Pepper - Raises POW a lot for one Bro.(Lasts for about three turns.) - 160 Coins

Chapter One - Rise of the Shadows

AREA: Ancient Temple

The game starts off by showing Wario and Waluigi in an Ancient Temple, gazing upon endless piles of riches. They open a chest, and find a Gold Star, which they say was what they have been looking for. However, Bowser, who has also been searching for it, busts in, telling them to hand it over. When they don't, he attacks them.

NEW PARTY MEMBER INFORMATION: Wario and Waluigi both have 10 HP, and are Level 1. Their attacks(Punch for Wario, Slam for Waluigi) deal 1 damage regularly, but do 2 damage when you get a Perfect for the attack(For Wario, you must hold X until the right moment. For Waluigi, he'll hop towards the enemy, and you have to press Y at the right moment for him to leap forward and slam into them). They cannot use anything else but those for now. They dodge by Jumping Back(Press X for Wario or Y for Waluigi. This allows them to dodge attacks such as Bowser's Body Slam. They can also counter with a punch(A for Wario or B for Waluigi). This allows them to counter attacks, such as Bowser's Scratch.

BOSS #1 - Bowser - HP: 20(After dealing 15 damage, he uses Fire Breath)

Scratch(Stands in front of one of the Bros, draws his hand back, then claws them) - Deals 2 damage. Can be avoided by jumping back. Can be countered by punching.

Body Slam(Jumps up to the top screen, then dos a belly-flop down to one of the Bros) - Deals 3 damage. Can be avoided by jumping back. Can counter by jumping back then punching.
Fire Breath(Breathes fire. Obvious) - Deals 10 damage. Cannot avoid.

Extra Info: You have to lose this battle. It is mainly there to teach you how to play as Wario and Y for Waluigi. All you can do with them is Punch(Wario) and Slam(Waluigi). Waluigi tells Wario about his Punch(using X), who irritatedly says he knows, and explains Waluigi's slam(using Y) as well, showing that he knows what he's doing. This inadvertently tells the player how to play. If the player is hit and doesn't dodge/counter, then the Bro that wasn't hit will explain how to counter, and the other will retort, just like before, inadvertently explaining how to counter.

AREA: Princess Peach's Castle

After they are defeated, Bowser punches the Bros, sending them soaring through the sky. They end up crashing into Princess Peach's castle, where Mario, Luigi, Peach, and Toadsworth are discussing the upcoming Mushroom Festival. They mistake Wario and Waluigi as enemies, since, as Peach states, they're always trying to sabotage the festival.

NEW PARTY MEMBER INFORMATION: Mario and Luigi both have 10 HP and are level 1. Their attacks(Jump and Hammer) deal 1 damage regularly, but deal 2 damage when you get a Perfect. In order to do that, you must have good timing(The same as the previous games). They cannot use anything but those two attacks at first.

BOSS #2 - Wario and Waluigi - HP: 10 each
Punch(Wario)(Goes to a Bro, brings his fist back, then punches) - Deals 2 damage. Can be avoided by jumping at the right moment. Can counter by landing on Wario after jumping, or by hitting him with your hammer before he punches.
Slam(Waluigi)(Hops forward to a Bro, then shoots forward to slam into them) - Deals 2 damage. Can be avoided by jumping at the right moment. Can counter by landing on Waluigi after jumping, or by hitting him with your hammer before he slams into you.

Extra Info: This is mainly here to teach you how to play as Mario and Luigi. You can use Jump and Hammer as these Bros. Toadsworth offers to remind you of this, as well as reminding you about counters. After doing so, Wario growls at him, and he runs off scared.

After being defeated, Princess Peach thanks Mario and Luigi. Wario recovers and expresses his anger, then explains what happened with the Golden Star, and asks for help. Peach says that they were being greedy,so Wario comes up with a lie, and states that the Golden Star holds massive power that Bowser wants to use for evil. Waluigi goes with it, and Mario and Luigi fall for their lie, much to their satisfaction. And so, Mario and Luigi leave to go after Bowser. Wario and Waluigi follow, wanting to go with them.

AREA: Toad Town

After Wario and Waluigi catch up with Mario and Luigi, the ground suddenly rumbles, and they watch as two large Goombas, Red and Blue Goomba, come up the steps to the Castle, claiming that they want revenge for the beating they took long ago. Mario and Luigi think about it, but can't seem to remember them, which makes the two Goombas angry, and they run in to attack.

BOSS #3 - Red Goomba and Blue Goomba - HP: 20 Each

Slam(They run at one of the Bros) - Deals 3 damage. Can be avoided by jumping. Can be countered by jumping and landing on them, hammering them, or punching them.
Backwards Slam(Goes off screen then comes out from behind the character to slam into them) - Deals 3 damage. Can be avoided by jumping. Can be countered by jumping and landing on them.
X Slam(The two Goombas run in an x-shape to the opposite Bro and slam into them) - Deals 3 damage. Can be avoided by jumping. Can be countered by jumping and landing on them, punching them, or hammering them.
Super Jump(The Goomba jumps up to the top screen then come down on one of the Bros) - Deals 5 Damage. Can be avoided by jumping back. Can be countered by hammering just as they are above you, or by jumping back and then punching.

Extra Info: This is mainly to teach you about how to battle with Bro Pairs. A local Toad will see the battle and run in, giving you the option to learn how to fight with Pairs.

After beating the Goombas, Wario punches them away, laughing with satisfaction. Then, the group heads south, to the path leading down to Yoshi Woods.

AREA: Yoshi Woods

Yoshi Woods Enemy #1 - Goomba - HP: 3

Slam - Deals 2 damage. Can be avoided by jumping over them. Can Counter by jumping and landing on it, hammering it, or punching it. Deals 2 counter-damage.

Yoshi Woods Enemy #2 - Green-Shell Koopa - HP: 5

Shell Slam(Slips into their shell, then flies towards a Bro, much faster than the Goomba's slam) - Deals 3 damage. Can be avoided by jumping over them(If you land on them, they merely stop and run back to their spot). Can Counter by hammering them. Deals 2 counter-damage.

Yoshi Woods Enemy #3 - Bob-Ombs - HP: 5(After they are hit with an attack, their fuse lights)
Slam - Deals 2 damage. Can be avoided by jumping over them. Can counter by jumping and landing on them, hammering them, or punching them.
Explosion(Goes to a Bro and blinks red very fast three times, then explodes) - Deals 5 damage to both Bros that are out. Can be avoided by jumping just before they explode, or by jumping back at the right moment. (They only use this move after their fuse is lit)

After going through a few parts of the forest, they eventually come to a bridge gong across a river, where a lot of Bowser's minions await(A mix of Koopas, Bob-Ombs, and Goombas). They claim that Bowser sent them to stop Mario and Luigi from collecting his riches, and tell them to back down. They don't, so the Minions yell, "CHARGEEE!" and run at them.

BOSS #4 - Bowser's Minions(5 Koopas, 5 Goombas, 5 Bob-Ombs) - 20 Total HP per Line(4 per enemy)
Goomba Trample(Goomba line runs at one Bro) - Deals 8 damage, reduces by 2 for each Goomba taken off. Can Counter by jumping and landing on one of the Goombas, by hammering them(removes a Goomba from the line and deals 2 damage to it for each hit), by punching them(removes a Goomba from the line and deals 2 damage to it for each hit).
Koopa Shuffle(Koopas go into their shells and shuffle around in front of the bros, then toss themselves forward.) - Deals 4 damage per shell. Can Counter by hammering them(Has a chance to send them back to hit one of the other lines)
Bomb Brigade(Bob-Ombs line up in front of the Bros, then run towards one Bro and slams into them)- Deals 3 damage per Bob-Omb. Can avoid by jumping. Can counter by jumping and landing on them, hammering them, or punching them. (If the Bob-Ombs line up and a few have lit fuses, the ones that are lit will run forward and use Explosion, like a normal Bob-Omb)
Bob-Ombs Away(If all the remaining Bob-Ombs have lit fuses, they line up and run really fast one at a time at the Bros) - Deals 8 damage per Bob-Omb. Can be avoided by jumping just before they explode, or by jumping back at the right moment.

Extra Info: The lines will each attack on their turn. This makes it so that it benefits the player to defeat one line at a time, since the incoming attacks will lessen.

After defeating the minions, they are piled up on the bridge. One Koopa jumps up to the top, and announces he has a fail-safe, and blows the bridge, washing the minions away, but stopping the four Bros' path. Waluigi steps forth and shows off, jumping into the water in an attempt to swim, but he ends up getting swept away with the tide. Wario jumps in after him and gets swept away as well. Mario and Luigi then have to find their away down river. After following the river through the forest, they eventually come to a cliff, and Luigi tries to climb it, but fails. They then stop and think, and the camera switches to Wario and Waluigi, who are washed up on a river bank. They get up, and are about to leave, when they see a mysterious hooded figure. Intrigued, they follow them, until they come to a cave. They stop for a few moments, then go in.

AREA: Cave

Once inside, they find the hooded figure standing there. They claim to have riches, which makes the Bros interested. The figure tells them to step forward, and they do until they are merely inches away, then the figure opens their robe, and a golden light emits from it. While Wario and Waluigi are distracted by that, four Shroobs come down behind them and begin to surround them...But Mario and Luigi suddenly jump in, knocking them back. Wario and Waluigi turn in surprise, and the dark figure levitates into the air, chuckling and stating, "I have FURY!" As they remove their hood, it turns out to be Fawful. Mario and Luigi are surprised to see the Shroobs, as well as Fawful, and begin to explain to Wario and Waluigi, who are , Fawful interrupts them, and sends the Shroobs in.

Cave Enemies - 4 Shroobs - HP: 15 Each Moves:

You know what the Shroobs do. It's the same as the other two games. :L

After the Shroobs are defeated, Fawful laughs, and raises his arms. A shadowy-aura appears between his hands, then he points them towards the Bros, covering the screen in the shadows. After a few moments, it fades, and Fawful is gone. The Bros then leave the cave, determined to continue on to Bowser's Castle.

Area: Yoshi Woods(Future)

They are surprised to find Yoshi Woods dark and decayed. While the others are looking around in confusion, Luigi gets scared and points into the distance. The screens show a darkened Toad Town, and Peach's Castle, which is now black, with statue of a black star on it. The Bros decide to go to Toad Town, and travel through Yoshi Woods to Toad Town.

Yoshi Woods(Future) Enemy #1 - Shadow Goomba - HP: 20

Fast Slam - Same as regular Goombas, except much faster. Deals 6 damage. Can avoid by jumping. Counter by jumping and landing on them, hammering them, or punching them.
Hide - Makes the Goomba unable to be hit by regular moves. Must wait until they use Shadow Sneak and turn back to normal.
Shadow Sneak - The Goomba lifts a foot towards a Bro, then goes back off screen, then appears in front of the perspective Bro and slams into them. Deals 8 damage. Can be avoided by jumping. Can counter by jumping and landing on them, punching them, or hammering them.

Yoshi Woods(Future) Enemy #2 - Shadow Boo - HP: 25

Slam(Goes around in a circle then runs into a Bro, you can tell which one by which way its eyes are facing) - Deals 5 Damage. Can be dodged by jumping. Can be countered by jumping and landing on it, hammering it, or punching it.
Hide - Makes the Boo unable to be hit by attacks. Must wait until they use Shadow Sneak and turn back to normal.
Shadow Sneak - The Boo flies up to the stop screen, then flies above a Bro. Then it disappears and comes from behind that bro. Can be avoided by jumping. Counter by jumping and landing on it.

At the exit to Yoshi Woods, they find that their path is blocked by a line of Shadow Toads. They claim nothing is wrong, and won't let them pass. However, Fawful suddenly flies up to them. He states that he is glad his plan worked, and announces that he sent them fifty years into the future. The Bros are surprised, and get angered, and Fawful laughs, claiming that he likes their fury, and says he hasn't had a good battle in quite a while. He leaves his helmet, and begins to glow for a few moments. After it fades, he is in his shadow form, and he runs at the Bros.

BOSS #5 - Shadow Fawful - HP: 80 Moves:
Toad Spin - He points at one of the bros and a Shadow Toad runs towards Fawful. He hits them, and they spin towards the opposite bro that hes pointing at. If it hits, he laughs. He uses five toads. Deals 7 damage per Toad. Can be avoided by jumping(Jumping on a Shadow Toad will just stop it and make him run away). Can be countered by punching or hammering(sends the Shadow Toad back to Fawful, dealing 7 damage to him)
Hide - Makes Fawful unable to be hit by attacks. Must wait until he uses Shadow Sneak, after which he'll turn back to normal.
Shadow Sneak - Fawful splits himself in two, and they start appearing behind, in front of, and above the Bros, until he stops. If above, he drops on the Bro below. If behind or in front of, he runs into them. Can be dodged by jumping(if in front of behind) or jumping back(if above). Can be countered by jumping and landing on them, punching them, or hammering him(if in front of behind) OR by jumping back + punching(if above).

After he is defeated, he falls over and says quietly "I..have...Chortles..." Then, he suddenly dissipates. Then, the Shadow Toads suddenly squirm, then turn into shadows, which come together and transform into the shape of a star. The star claims to be the ruler of the world, and says that he is the Shadow Star. The four Bros get into battle-ready stances, but the Shadow Star merely lets out a deep laugh. He then zaps the Bros and sends them flying away. Then, satisfied, he dissipates.

AREA: Bowser's Castle

After they fly away, it shows Bowser in his castle, sitting on his throne. His hair is white, and he looks a bit older, and seems to be overcome with melancholy, his head on his hand. Then, suddenly, Mario and Luigi come through the ceiling and hit the ground hard. He's surprised, and gets up, walking up to them. Once they recover, he's overcome with rage, asking where they had been, but he ends up giving them a squeezing hug, saying he missed them. After he lets them go, they back up, confused. Realizing they don't know what happened, Bowser tells them to sit, while he tells them the story. The screen then fades to black.

AREA: Bowser's Castle(Flashback)

The screen comes back in and shows Bowser's throne, which is surrounded by pieces of gold and various jewels. He is gazing at the Gold Star in his hands triumphantly. However, suddenly, it begins to shine, and leaves his hands. It then cracks, and turns dark, erupting in a shadowy-glow. It reveals that it is truly the Shadow Star. Seeing that he might be in danger, Bowser calls for his minions, who come in as backup. The Shadow Star claims it is pointless, for he is meant to take over the world. Bowser disagrees, and sends his minions in to attack.

Mini-Game Battle #1 - Bowser vs Shadow Star

How to Play: Choose to use Goombas, Koopas, or Magikoopas to attack, and use them to defend(Depending on which attack the Shadow Star does). You must take down the Shadow Star's health bar(Which is displayed at the top of the screen, and goes all the way across it. Bowser's health bar is about half of the Shadow Star's.)

Goombas: The Shadow Star will begin to move side-to-side. To attack, two lines of four Goombas will form in front of Bowser, and he goes into his shell and starts to spin. They run towards him, and you move Bowser with your stylus to where you want the Goombas to run into his shell. They go flying forward after being hit, dealing 1/50 of the health bar for each one that hits the Shadow Star.

To defend, the Goombas line up just like in the attack. The Shadow Star will create its own Shadow Goombas in front of him. He will align them, and you have to try and be fast enough to aline your own with his. They run at each other, and basically cancel each other out. Yours can also move past and attack the Shadow Star if you align them that way, but you'll be hit as well.

Koopas: To attack, four Koopas stack up in front of Bowser. The Shadow Star moves side to side, and he has to punch the Koopas to send the shells flying at it, taking off about 1/50 of the health bar for each one that hits.

To defend, they stack up in front of Bowser. The Shadow Star will split into four, and spin around in a circle and shuffle around. You have to keep up with which is real, and punch the Koopas forward to hit it, dealing 1/50 of its health bar. If you hit a copy, it appears in front of Bowser and hits him back. If you hit the real one, it'll become stunned for a moment, and you can hit all of the others towards it. If all three copies are hit, the real Shadow Star uses a Dark Blast, dealing about a quarter of Bowser's health bar, and knocking the Koopas away.

Magikoopas: To attack, four Magikoopas line up on either side of Bowser(Two on each side.) He'll breath fire, and you have to drag a line from each Magikoopa in order(You'll see this by which one has the glowing rod) and they'll shoot a ball of magic into it, making it wider. Each time the Shadow Star passes through it, it loses 1/50 of its health. The point is to make the fire wide enough that the Shadow Star will continually take damage.

To defend, you drag a line from the Magikoopas to the incoming Shadow Balls that the Shadow Star will send your way to destroy them. These Shadow Balls will move up and down, making it more difficult to hit them.

After the battle is over, the Shadow Star dissipates, and Bowser laughs, thinking hes won. However, it appears behind him, and blows his minions away, and sends him smashing into his throne. He recovers and turns around, angered now. The Shadow Star claims that it wont destroy him, since he ended up awakening him from his slumber, then flies up and out of his castle.. Bowser mutters to himself that nothing good can come from what happened. The screen fades to black again.

AREA: Bowser's Castle(Future)

The screen fades back in. Bowser ends his story by explaining that the Shadow Star made everything into his Shadow Slaves, even all of Bowser's minions. He also rose three evil people back as Shadows, one being Fawful(Bowser gets infuriated from just mentioning him). Wario asks who the other two are, but Bowser sighs and claims that he's tired, then goes to sit on his throne. Mario steps forward and starts talking, but Bowser suddenly falls asleep on his arm. Then, a voice comes from behind, "Stop right there!" The Bros turn and see, to their surprise, Princess Peach come up, although she is much older, wearing a black dress, and moves past them to stand beside Bowser. She asks who the four Bros are, She doesn't seem to recognize Mario, until he and Luigi stand in front of her, and she gets a good look at him. When she does, she starts to shout at them. She asks why they left the Kingdom to parish. Mario and Luigi sweat-drop, listening to Peach's anger. Wario and Waluigi sneak out while she gets on Mario and Luigi's case, then the screen goes black, showing that Chapter One is over.


Stats for how the person did could be shown here. Preferably these things could be put on there:

Levels: (Show the levels for the four Bros)

Coins: (Show the previous amount of coins, and have how many they earned in that Chapter. In the first chapter, obviously, it'd start off at 0.)

Enemies Defeated: (Show how many enemies they beat)

Hardest Boss: (Whichever boss gave the player the most trouble. Could be based off of how much damage they dealt to the Bros, and how many times they hit.)

Items Found: (Show how many items were found out of blocks, and how many there were total in the areas given)

Chapter Assessment: (Show a percentage of 1%-100%. Higher percentage means you did really well in the chapter, whereas low means that you didn't do very good. It could be based off of everything up above.

NEXT CHAPTER - Chapter 2: The Star Cores