Mario and Luigi: Legend of the Golden Star


I forgot to mention in the last chapter that Mario and Luigi's first Bro Move, Hammer Pile, cannot be used until the third chapter. In your first enemy encounter, Luigi feels a bulge in his pocket, and produces the chest, and you must use the Hammer Pile move for the first time. After that, you can use it as you please.

Also, the Bro Spin Move cannot be learned until this chapter, during the Monty-Moler battle.


You may be wondering, "Who is this mysterious person who spoke at the end of the second Chapter?". Well, that'll be revealed later on, but it does play a major role in the final encounter, and it IS a character from one of the previous games, and they will speak at the end of every chapter.


I also forgot to state that the four badges the Bros received were the Easy-Peachy Badges(one for Luigi, one for Waluigi), the Mushroom Badge(Mario), and the POW Badge(Wario)


Fawful's return isn't planned to be explained very thoroughly. He is a menace, what with his wicked laughter and constant belief that he is in complete power. That being said, he could have had a plan to survive the time he blew himself up.

Or, as will be explained later, a connection with the Shadow Star, Cackletta, the Shroobs, and the Dark Star could help explain his return a bit. We'll just have to wait and see! If you're impatient, PM me, and I can explain everything to you!

Also, check out the first chapter for the link to the cover-art for the game(Not good quality, but gives you the basic idea :P)

Chapter Three – Shadowy Secrets

AREA: Bowser's Castle

The screen returns to show the Bros entering Bowser's throne room. He asks if they were successful, and Mario produces the Black Star Core. Bowser walks forward and states that he knew he could count on them, then takes it. He then lets out a wicked laugh, and, suddenly, he turns into shadows, revealing that he is truly a Shadow of Bowser. Mario attempts to jump forward and take the Star Core back, but Shadow Bowser moves out of the way, then busts through the wall of the Castle and flies off. Then, Peach steps forward, flaring up into Shadow Peach, and attacks the Bros.

Boss #9 – Shadow Peach – 240 HP


Black Heart – Shadow Peach traps the Bros in front in a black heart and lifts them up into the air, while her other hand charges a powerful blast. The Bros must hammer, punch, or jump until the hearts break to avoid the attack. This attack deals 30 damage.

Black Wish – Shadow Peach makes a wish, and, one turn later, she is healed for 60 HP.(To make this move balanced, she has a two-turn cool-down for it, so the computer won't choose it over and over. This can bring her back to life if she is defeated after making a wish)

Black Parasols – Shadow Peach produces two shadow Parasols. She then begins to spin rapidly, and lobs them up at a target Bro. You can avoid it by jumping back. You can counter it by hammering or punching it.

After defeating Shadow Peach, she dissipates into shadows, and the entire castle does the same, and the Bros find themselves falling once again. Once they hit the ground, Wario expresses his anger at the fact that nobody can be trusted. While he's enraged, Waluigi notices an entrance to a tunnel, which leads to Toad Town, and used to be beneath the castle. Mario and Luigi go in, and Waluigi drags the steaming Wario in after them.

AREA: Bowser Tunnels

The Bros enter the tunnel and make their way through it.

Bowser Tunnels Enemy #1 – Rock Goombolem(Same as the other Goombolems, except it's gray, and has a crack in its head, much like a rock) – 65 HP


Fake Slam(Runs at the Bro it is signaling to with its foot. However, it stops in front of them and, instead, runs towards the other Bro) - Deals 20 damage. Can be avoided by jumping over them or by hammering them.

Cave-In(Punches the ground four times. Whichever arm hits, that is the Bro that is targeted, and a rock falls from the ceiling and hits them) – Deals 20 damage each. Can be avoided by jumping back. Can be countered by hammering them.

Bowser Tunnels Enemy #2 – Shadow Monty-Mole(Same as a regular Monty-Mole, halfway in the ground, except this one has red eyes and a shadowy-aura, and is just plain evil looking.) – 60 HP


Backwards-Rock Throw(Picks up a rock, then throws it backwards off-screen towards a target Bro) – Deals 20 damage and has a chance to daze the Bro. Can be avoided by jumping(either way) or by jumping back(if thrown forwards). Can be countered by hammering or punching(if thrown forward)

Shadow-Rock Throw(Picks up a rock, then throws it at a Bro. However, it disappears, then appears in front of the other Bro and comes at them.) Can be avoided by jumping or jumping back. Can be countered by hammering or punching.

Drop(Motions with a hand towards a Bro, then tunnels into the ground. He appears up on the ceiling, then drops onto the Bro) – Deals 25 damage and has a chance to daze the Bro. Can be avoided by jumping back. Can be countered by hammering.

Shadow Drop(Same as Drop, except he disappears and appears above the other Bro, dropping on them instead) – Deals 25 damage and has a chance to daze the Bro. Can be avoided by jumping back. Can be countered by hammering.

Eventually, the Bros get to the exit of the Tunnels, where Toad Town is. However, a group of Monty-Moles state that they cannot go forward, and continue to block the Bros' path. When the Bros ask to make a deal, the Monty-Moles say that they want to test out one of their newest creations. The Bros accept, and the Monty-Moles bring out a drill, which suddenly transforms into a drill-robot, which they call the Monty-Moler. The main Monty Mole jumps into the piloting chair, and runs at the Bros.

Mini-Game Battle #2 – Bros. Vs Monty-Moler

How to Play: The Monty-Moler has a health bar as long as the Shadow Star's, and the Bros have half of that for their health. You must use your Bro Moves to attack and defend from the Monty Moler's attacks. After taking its health bar down to ¼ or less, the Bros learn the Bro-Spin move, their first Group Bro Move, and you can use that to attack and deal a lot more damage than the others to the Monty-Moler, and you are now able to use it in future battles.

Hammer Pile – To attack, you use the Bro Move like you normally would, except the Monty-Moler will activate its drills. You can only hit when its drills are off, so timing is key. They also activate in random order, so, for example, the drill on Luigi's side may continue going, so you have to use Mario's hammers until it goes off. Each hammer deals 1/100th of the Monty Moler's health.

To Defend, you must throw the hammers as fast as you can to deflect the Monty Moles that the Monty Moler begins to fire at you. If you are hit, you lose 1/50th of your health. The Monty-Moler shoots 10-15 Monty Moles during its attack in random order(EX: 7 may go to Luigi, where the other 8 go to Mario)

Coin Rush – To attack, you use the Bro Move like you normally would, except you have to time it so that you hit when the drills on the Moler are not on. Deals 1/50th of the Monty Moler's health. If you hit when the drill is on, you lose 1/20th of your health.

To Defend, you must go back to the designated line before you run forward. The Monty Moler is also being pushed back, and releases at the same time. You must have a more powerful hit by going to/past the line. If you don't get to the line, the Monty-Moler deals 1/10th of your health instead.

Bro Spin – To attack, use it normally. You don't have to defend with this move. This is mainly used to finish the Monty Moler off.

Extra Note: This isn't a very long mini-game battle. It is really there to add in the first Group Bro Move, and to give you practice with them all. Although, this mini-game may be tough the first time you do it. Depends on the player.

After defeating the Monty Moler, the Monty-Moles say that they will have to work on their next version of it, and allow the Bros to move on.

AREA: Toad Town

They head up into Toad Town, where they find that it is now dark and desecrated. Then, suddenly, they are surrounded by a group of Shadow Shroobs, and none-other than the Shadow of Princess Shroob approaches them. Beside her, a small, blue Shroob wearing sunglasses accompanies her, translating what she is saying. She claims that they were awaiting for the Bros to come, so that they may be destroyed. Then, she and the other Shadow Shroobs leave, and the Translator Shroob stays, saying he will destroy the Bros for the Princess.

Boss #10 – Translator Shroob – 300 HP(At the beginning of the battle, he grows to about ten-times his size, and is almost as tall as the bottom screen. When he reaches 20 or less HP, he returns to normal size, and uses Shroob Storm)


Trample – Runs at one of the Bros. They must hammer or punch him three times to stop him from running over them, dealing counter damage. Deals 30 damage and may daze the Bro.

Shroob Run-Around – Calls eight Shroobs to him. Four go to each bro and begin to run around them. The Bros must hammer or punch them. Any remaining Shroobs will stop and use their lasers, dealing 20 damage per Shroob. The remaining Shroobs then run away.

Giant Laser – Pulls out a Giant Laser-Gun and fires six shots rapidly into the air. The color shows which Bro it is going towards. You must hammer it or jump back to avoid it. Deals 45 damage.

Dual-Giant Laser – Pulls out two Giant Laser-Guns and rapidly fires six shots straight at the Bros. You must hammer or punch them, or jump to avoid them.

Shroob Storm(Can only be used when he returns to normal size) – Pulls out two Laser-Guns. Eight Shroobs(four on each side) run past him at quick speeds. He can either shoot them and send them up into the air and them fall on the Bro(Must hammer or jump back to avoid), or let them run forward.(Must hammer/punch/jump to avoid). Deals 25 damage per Shroob that hits.

Once the Translator Shroob is defeated, he falls over, rather than explode like many other bosses, which shows that he isn't a Shadow, but a real Shroob. The Bros then continue down into Toad Town, determined to find out more about what is going on/ Once they head down into Toad Town, they find a real Toad that is surrounded by a group of Shadow Toads. The Bros jump in and fight off the Shadow Toads.

Toad Town Enemy Group - 4 Shadow Toads - 60 HP Each (These Shadow Toads are the same ones you'll encounter throughout Toad Town.)


Fast Slam - Much like a Goomba, they run in place for a moment, then run forward super fast at a Bro. Counter by punching/hammering them. Avoid by jumping over them.

Shadow Mushrooms - The Shadow Toad begins to throw 10-12 Shadow Mushrooms at the Bros. You must punch/hammer them, or jump to avoid them. You take 10 damage per hit and you have a chance to be dazed. They throw one regular Mushroom into the mix, which you can allow to hit you, and it will heal you for 40 HP.

Run Away - If there is only one Shadow Toad left, it will then use this move and flee the battle. You do not get any experience/coins from him, but he may drop an item.

Once defeated, the Toad says that the Bros messed up the entire plan. Then, suddenly, four Toads wearing white cloaks jump out from nearby buildings, surrounding them. The Bros tell them who they are, but the Toads believe that the Bros defeated the Shadow Toads so that they could take the Toad themselves. Then, as the Cloaked Toads move in to attack them, four balls of energy suddenly come from off-screen, knocking all of them away. The Bros turn and look in surprise as Shadow Princess Shroob approaches them, saying things in Shroobish that they cannot understand. Then, she throws two balls of energy at them, starting a battle.

Boss #11 - Shadow Princess Shroob - 300 HP (At the beginning of this battle, the Toad you saved comes in and gives all of the Bros a Mushroom, healing them for 80 HP each, then wishes them luck and runs off)


Energy Storm - Shadow Princess Shroob raises her arms. Clouds form at the top of the screen, and Lightning then comes down to strike the Bros three times. You know it's coming when the clouds flash. You must jump back to avoid it. If you are hit, you take 40 damage and Shrink(Your attack/defense/speed is cut in half. Must wait 2 turns to recover, or use a status-recovery item)

Black Stars - Two black stars appear in her hand. She tosses these up into the air, then throws two Shadow-Energy Balls up at them, making each into five stars instead of one. Then, she makes them soar down at the Bros(Five each). You must hammer or punch them, or jump/jump back to avoid them. If you Hammer/Punch them, they go back and hit Shadow Princess Shroob for 20 damage. You take 30 damage per hit.

Shadow-Energy Balls - Much like her battle in Partners in Time, Princess Shroob begins to teleport in front of/above the Bros and throw down balls of Shadow Energy at them. Throws 6-10 of these. You must hammer(either way), punch them(if in front), jump(if in front), or jump back(if from above). Deals 35 damage per hit.

Once defeated, Shadow Princess Shroob dissipates. The Toad you saved before states that he now believes that the Bros are real, then, the four Cloaked Toads return, saying that they believe now as well after watching what had happened. They then say that they will take the Bros to a special place, the Toad Town Rebellion. However, as they begin to leave, the cloaked toads are blasted away once again, and the Bros turn around, horrified to see the Shadow Elder Princess Shroob approach them. She also shouts many Shroobish sentences, then attacks the Bros.

Boss #12 - Shadow Elder Princess Shroob - 500 HP (You cannot win this battle. She uses Shadow Blast and defeats you instantly on her turn, since you have no way of avoiding it. Your attacks also deal 0 damage to her.)


Shadow Blast - She charges up Shadow Energy, then blasts it from her mouth at the Bros. Deals 100 damage.

The Bros, now defeated, are grabbed by the Shadow and taken away. The Toad then comes out of hiding, looking around, unsure of what to do next, and states that he's scared of being there alone. The screen then fades to black.


After the screen goes dark, and the voice states: "The power of the Shadows is strong...If more still believed in Good, then my powers may come to assist the heroes..."

Then, the stats are shown.

Next Chapter – Toad Town Under Siege