HIYA! This one's for Abby and Hoagie!

One night in the Sector V Treehouse, Numbuh 5 was tossing and turning in her sleep, due to the opposite of the opposite of a bad dream.

Inside the nightmare, Abby found herself in an unfamiliar chamber. "Where am I?" she asked, looking around. Her expression turned to pure joy when she saw the largest stack of candy in the world. "OH, JACKPOT, BABY!" And with that, she ran and dove right into the large pile of candy.

"Mmm, oh yeah, baby!" she said as she gobbled the many pieces of candy in her mouth. She finally stopped as she began to feel ill. "Wait a minute…This candy's made of…ASPARAGUS! NOOOOO!"

She finally awoke from her nightmare, relieved and gasping for air. That's when Numbuh 2 came in. "Numbuh 5! Are you okay? I heard screaming!"

"Oh, Hoagie! It was horrible! So much candy…and they all tasted…BLECH!"

"Is that all? I thought it'd be something more like…about to get eaten, or you were being captured, or something!"

"Are you kidding? Who puts all that yucky candy in one place? Numbuh 5's never been more scared in her life!"

"Yeesh, and I thought Numbuh 1 had a crazy fear!" Hoagie joked.

"Yeah, well, he won't be the only one after we see how scared you are of my hat!"

"Okay, okay, I'm sorry! Look, how about we go get some candy from your secret stash. Would that make you feel better?"

"You know it, Baby!" With that, she got up and the two went to the kitchen. "Hey, Numbuh 2, how'd you hear me scream from all the way in your room?"

Once they left, the Nightmare King came out from under the bed and crossed Abby's name out. "Well, there goes another one. Next up is…Ooo, Nigel Uno! Thank God I don't have to fly a great distance again!" With that, he flew out of the Treehouse and to Nigel's house.

Well, there's another one. Probably not as good as my others, but you know. Well…Later.