New Girls In Riverton Due to the fact that the movie was highly upsetting I am re making the story don't like don't read. Also we are all black girls.

It was night and all that could be heard was 3 motor cycle engines revving through the woods. On the motor cycles were 3 girls. The first girl was wearing a red shirt that said ~you can't handle this~ in black letters she was also wearing midnight black skinny jeans and steel heeled combat boots. The second girl was wearing a black plaid shirt she was also wearing black skinny jeans and black converse. The third girl was a regular white shirt and blue jeans and black tennis shoes. Up a head they saw a light that looked like a fire. The first girl was the first to speak ,"Hey guys isn't that the place where they that whole Riverton 7 stuff happens?" She asked. "Yeah wanna go check it?" asked the Third."Heck yeah!" the 1st yelled. With that they zoomed on to the clearing.

(In the clearing) Everyone was listening to Brandon make his usual speech he makes every year but then they heard motor cycles not that far from the clearing. Three girls were on were there. "Hey people! What it do!" the girl in the steel heeled boots. The girl the noticed the 2 hotties. One had black curly hair while the other had short blonde hair. "Oh Gangsta K a mother-fackin-pproves!" she said eyeing the fexy boys. "Really Kirson, you know yo-Dang! They are fexy!",said Ariana her sister just looking at them. "Gangsta P also approves" said Amaya the 3rd girl. "Anyway someone must defeat the Ripper and I personally volunteer… I personally volunteer Bug Hellerman that is!" "The Gangsta P does not approve!" "COPS!" Penelope yelled. Everyone booked it.

Kirson's pov

We followed 4 boys. Only 1 was our target. We hid behind a fallen tree with them." Hey guys how goes life!" , I say. 'The blonde looks nervous,' I think. " I sorry we're new here. We haven't met I'm Kirson, this is Ariana in the black plaid , and Amaya in the white shirt," I say. " Hi, I'm Alex and these are my friends Bug, Jerome, and Jay-Chan," the black haired boy said. "Nice to meet you fexy boys," said Amaya. They gave her a questioning look. " Its fine + sexy," Ariana explained. " Oh," they say. " So when do you start school?" Bug asked meekly. " We start tomorrow. Actually there are 4 of us but She got a little lost," I reply. That's when we heard another motor cycle engine. " That's probably Onyae. She's the 4th. " You all ride motor cycles?" " Yeah." I said. Then a thought popped in my head. " Hey what are your names anyway?" I asked. " I'm Alex, that's Jerome, this is Jay-Chan and this is Bug." Said the raven haired boy pointing to the black boy, the Asian boy, and the blonde boy. " Coolio!" I say. " Hey we'll give you a ride home if you want." Ana says. " ok." Jerome and Jay say. " We're fine ." said Bug and Alex. "Kk." We say in unison. " Hopefully we'll see you in the morning." I say looking at Alex. " Yeah." We then went to get our bikes and dropped the boys off then we went to the preset hotel we had. Onyae was there already there. "Hey what took you guys so long?" she asked. " We met some smexy boys." I say. "Cool." "Yeah and we'll see them at school tomorrow."
" 'Kay time bed ," Amaya says.

End Chapter

Chapter 2:The Girls Whoop Tail!

Kirson's POV

We decided to walk through the woods to school. "So we have to exercise a evil spirit from Alex before it takes over and kills the rest of the Riverton do that we must keep an eye on him." I say. "That's not all you want to keep on him like your self!" Ana says. "That may be but doesnt change anything at all. Before I can get with Fexy-kun." We then came across Bug & Alex. "Hey guys!" Ana says. " 'Sup" Alex says. "Not our always down in the gutter." Amaya said. " And proud of it!" Onyae yelled.(- yay for pervertedness!) "I could be friends with all of you in that case." Alex says laughs out. "Cool with me. Hey what that ," I asked lookin' at the thing Bug was holding. "A sock puppet." Alex says. " On steroids?" I say. They both burst out laughing. "I'm definitely friends with you." Bug said laughing. "Kewlzeez!" Onyae says. We got to school and Bug gave his 'sock puppet' to Jose the surcurity guard and went to talk to Alex by the steps. " So we're sure that the Ripper's in Alex right?" Onyae asked. " called me saying that she could feel something dark creeping in to his is she wrong about these things." "You're write." she says to me. We turned to go back to Bug and Alex. We noticed that them getting bullied by the boy Brandon . Alex was on the ground and Bug holding his arm. We rushed over to him and heard Alex make a comment to Brandon about his mother. 'Uh oh.' I think. That's when he started back down the stairs. He got to the bottom and while I winded my fist back to punch him Penelope called him, but not my fist connected with his lay on the ground holding his ;t stop Penelope from scolding him about the "Wrath of Jahova" and getting some girl pregnant. I intervined, "That was the Wrath of Kirson and if you even think about coming near bug and Alex you won't have to worry about getting another girl pregnant. I'll make that "Fang" girl look like a b- .NOW GO!" He scrambled away quickly. "Now where's my hug girl!" I say to Penelope. She hugs me. "Thank the Lord you came! I don't know how much I can thank you." "No thanks needed" Amaya says."Wait! You know them?"Bug asks her. "Yesh she does" Ana says. "Someone from her family married someone in our family and we met at the friends since."Ana explained. "Now on to school!" I say

We were in class. Bug & Alex have all of the same classes as us so it was fine except the idiot from earlier was in our class. It came time for Bug and Alex's report on the California Condor. Alex was putting the sock puppet on steroids on and Bug's voice got hecka deep. It was was 'flying' around the room and girls were afraid. "You bunch of Mary Sues! You act like your gonna die." Ana said. As Bug went on about not messing with the condor, Brandon was an butthead and plucked one of Alex's feathers. It got really quite. "It's about to go down." I say to Ana. "Yep" Brandon tackled Alex and Bug began retching. "Take him to the nurse." the teacher tells Ana. Onyae yoked Brandon off Alex and through him back. "Stay off the Gangster Crow!" Amaya said as she beat him with her hard back text book."Feel the happy!" Amaya said. "Ow! All I feel is pain!" he yells. "Yeah and it makes me feel he happeh!" "Amaya stop! You don't need a 3rd strike!" I took the book from her. The bell rung, " ok time for lunch."

Ana's POV

I was walking Bug to the nurses office when I got bored and started doing random cartwheels. Then I did a backflip and slammed into a locker. "HEHE... Ouch" I said getting up and rubbing my head. Bug rushed over to me and started asking was I okay. "Yep .Do you know how often this happens?" I started laughing more when I heard DA LUNCH BELL. My eyes widened as I turned my head to Bug. " Was that the lunch bell ?" he nodded and with that I took off running down the hall. "OH MY GODDESS FOOD! HERE I COME! AND WHOEVER THINKS I'M FAT CAN GO EAT ROCKS." I yelled. "Hey wait up !" I heard Bug yell after me. "BUT I DON'T WANT TO! JUST RUN LIKE I DO WHEN DA COPS ARE AFTER ME!" I yelled back. I the crashed into something. It was Maya-Chan! " OH AMAYA I FELL ON YOU! I'M SORRY! FORGIVE ME!" There was then loud screaming from Amaya and then silence. " What the frack was that?" Bug asked. " That my friend was what forgiveness sounds like. Screaming and then silence" Alex who was with Kirson and Amaya just laughed. "You three are wicked! I love it." We all went ta da lunch room!

We are three different ppl writing this.

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