I am a curse.

I stared at the broken family around me, stared at the wreckage of what had once been. And knew the destruction was my fault.

Jacob. Ripped away from his brother, because of me.

Rosalie. Her heart broken, her chance at ever having a baby gone.

Emmett. Betrayed, hating his family, hating his love.

Alice. Poor little Alice. Once again, she'd been given to a home that contained more screaming than laughing. More destruction than joy.

Esme. Carlisle. Their perfect family photo smashed into pieces. Their children hating each other, hating them, hating themselves.

And Edward. Oh God, Edward. I lifted my wrecked eyes to his. And all I found was hatred. The love of my life, the one who meant everything to me, the father of my child hated me. And I didn't blame him.

I deserved hatred.

Oh God, what had I done?

This idea came to me in a shot. I couldn't stop myself from writing it. It's eating at my head to be let out.