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A/N: This is the final chapter of Out of Breath. Huntress will continue in Common Sense.

"Ok," Elle said as they settled onto the plane, "Keoni killed Carrie because she wasn't asexual, sending McDermitt into a psychotic break to kill all the other asexuals in Hawaii, right?"

"That about sums it up," Derek agreed as he sat down across from her.

"What I want to know is why Anna got so upset over McDermitt," Reid said.

"I want to know how you found out about McDermitt," Derek countered.

"Carrie's mother came by with her diary," Reid said, "she thought the book might help. Anna talked to her because we were following other leads and Anna read the diary. She was the one who told us to talk to McDermitt."

"What happened to the diary?" Derek asked.

"Anna gave it to Ami as evidence for the case," Reid said.

"All right," Anna said as she came onto the plane, following Gideon. "I'll do it."

"Hotch and I knew you would," Gideon replied as they took their seats.

"Where's Hotch?" Elle asked.

"He's taking a few days off in Hawaii," Gideon said, "Hailey flew out to be with him for Christmas."

"That's sweet," Elle said as J.J. came on the plane.

"I'm last on," J.J. called up to the pilot.

"This is going to be a long flight," Anna said quietly as they closed the door.

"It's not that bad," Derek commented.

"You aren't afraid of flying," Anna muttered.

"Just out of curiosity," Derek said, "How did you handle that as a Marine? Surely you flew any number of times going back and forth from Iraq and Afghanistan."

"I handled it like a Marine," Anna replied, "with a loud hoo-rah and a gun in my hand."

"How did that work for you?" Derek asked.

"Well, I didn't wet my pants if that's what you're asking," Anna replied as she fastened her seatbelt.

"In other words," Elle said, "it didn't actually work."

"You said it, not me," Anna replied.

"New question," Derek said, "How is your shoulder?"

"It's got an ugly bruise, but otherwise it's doing great," Anna replied with a big smile. "Of course, that's I'm taking six weeks med leave just to make sure of that. Effective tomorrow after I fill out the paperwork."

"Six weeks?" J.J. said.

"That's what I said," Anna replied.

The plane began to move and they all fell silent as the plane taxied down the runaway and into the air. "The real shame is that I didn't get a chance to go that restaurant with Chip. I was looking forward to dinner with an old friend."

"An old friend," Elle said, "really?"

"Yes, really," Anna replied. "He's already taken."

"Oh?" J.J. said.

"Chip always says he's going back into the Navy," Anna said, "but anyone who really knows Chip knows it's a lie. He's in a pair of strong, committed relationships."

"A pair of them," Derek said.

"Technically they're a trio," Anna said, "but they like to imply that they're all cheating on each other because then they get sympathy points from outsiders."

"Ok," J.J. said slowly.

Anna grinned, "I like people who challenge boundaries and walls. I befriend people who knock them down for the hell of it. Chip, V and Alex can't see a boundary, wall or taboo without finding a way to break it, violate it or prove its pointless existence. I like them because they love each other and they make it a point to spread love to people around them. It's just a little bit of light in the world that is so desperately needed."

"I'll remember that," J.J. said quietly.

The flight back to DC was long only in that they were all tired and they were chasing the sun. Most of them slept on the trip back, but every time J.J. woke up, Gideon was still studying a file and Anna was reading one of her text books.

It was early morning when they arrived in DC, but except for Gideon, they all ended up at an all night diner that Anna recommended. "So, how did you end up taking medical leave?" J.J. asked as they ate.

"I'd rather not talk about it," Anna said. "Hotch can explain better."

They were quiet for a while and then the conversation started up again, but Anna was distant, toying with her food as much as eating it.

The sun was beginning to come up when Anna glanced outside, "Oh shit," she said.

"What?" Derek asked.

"There's someone I need to talk to," Anna said and slipped out of the booth. "Do me a favor, wait here, ok."

They watched as Anna headed outside, heading for a man who had just climbed out of a battered pickup truck. "Does anyone else have a bad feeling about this," Derek said suddenly as Anna stepped back from the man slightly.

"I've had a bad feeling about this," Elle said as the pair's conversation devolved into what seemed to be a shouting match between the two.

"Let's go," Derek said.

Elle, J.J. and Reid followed Derek out of the diner after each of them dropped cash on the table. They walked out of the diner in time to see the man strike Anna hard enough to hit the ground.

"Anna," Derek said as he broke into a run.

Anna was starting to get to her feet as Derek and the others arrived to stand between her and the strange man. "You are under arrest," J.J. said, "for striking a federal officer."

"No!" Anna said, lunging up, "J.J., don't."

Derek caught her arm, "Anna, you can't strike a federal agent and get away with it."

"He's my father," Anna ground out, "please. Just let him go."

"Anna, he hit you," Elle said.

Anna snorted, "Dad taught me how to fight in hand to hand combat, Elle. He's hit me before. The only difference is that he's never hit me in anger before." She took a deep breath, "And he never will again. Let him go this one time and I swear that I will never stand between you and him again." She wasn't looking at Elle, or J.J., Derek realized, but at her father. "I ask this one time in memory of the life he gave me, unusual as it was. But I will never stand and speak for him again. If I should ever try, I hope you'll smack me silly."

J.J. sighed and stepped away, "This once," she said quietly.

"Go," Anna said, "get out of my city, John. I can't promise you'll get this chance again."

"Anna," John said, "I'm going to find him."

"And when you do, I'll be there. But until then, it's better for both of us if we don't spend time together."