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Month One.

The bi-annual founders meeting was underway. Diana was sitting next to Shayera, who was clearly not paying attention due to how fascinating the conference room table seemed to be. She had been intently studying it for the past half-hour.

Kal was droning on about something that had to do with logistics, Javelin II developments, Metrotower's faulty gas lines, and last week's random accident . A gas line accident that may or may not have had anything to do with the Scarlet Speedster.

Diana could see the Flash in her peripheral, and she could've sworn he sunk lower into his chair.

John and Batman were attentively listening to Superman, like model students. Or at least the Green Lantern was.

Diana knew Bruce too well, he was more than likely running over lists and details in his mind that pertained little to the meeting.

Diana studied Bruce's cowled profile for a moment, drinking in his face and stature, as she had grown accustomed to doing countless times beforehand. Suddenly a brief memory flooded her mind and a blush crept into her cheeks.

Last week saw a development in their relationship that was unexpected but not undesired.

As if Bruce could sense her thoughts, his dark stare lifted from Kal and settled on her. Her blush subsided visually, but settled in her abdomen as nagging butterflies.

She smiled at him while his face remained indifferent. His gaze shifted back Superman, and Diana sighed.

Diana had known, before last week, that there had been something between them that was ready to blossom in some shape or form.

And she had been right. A single night in the manor had proven her to be correct about her assumption, but their professional relationship remained the same. Which was perfectly fine by her.

But she knew she needed to reach out to him somehow, to make another connection.

Apparently Kal had wrapped up, as the rest of the group was standing up and filing out. Shayera and John were walking out of the room, talking enthusiastically with one another. Diana couldn't help but feel some remorse; she had that potential with Bruce.

Diana, stuck in her daze, stood up from her seat but the room wasn't empty. Bruce was still seated across from her.

"Sit down."

Raising a brow, she slowly obliged and took a seat.

Bruce stared at her for a moment.

"So,..." "Um..." They both started simultaneously.

Diana laughed. "I'm sorry."

Bruce deadpanned, "We need to talk about last week."

His tone of voice worried her, more than anything. His stoic presence was typical, being aboard the Watchtower, he was cold and professional. Always.

Diana nodded her head. "I agree."

"I need to see you again."

It was what she needed to hear, but it still surprised her. She saw him nearly every day. They worked side by side constantly. But his intentions on seeing her were much different. So very different.

She smiled. "Thank Hera. You had me worried."

A corner of his mouth lifted a fraction. "Dinner at the manor again?"

Nothing sounded more inviting. Alfred's world class cooking, the comfortable setting of Bruce's childhood was perfect. Maybe almost too perfect.

Memories from last week once again engulfed her thoughts. This time it was like a deluge. Brief glimpses of what could have been described as a moment of weakness for both of them proved to emerge as much more.

Diana left scratches down his back that might never heal due to scarring. He didn't seem to mind, of course, but they needed to set boundaries. Both physical and emotional.

For now, at least.

"I would love to. When?"

His eyes were burrowing into hers, and Diana felt herself floating up and over the vast expanse between them. Before she realized, his mouth was devouring hers and he had a fist in her hair.

But he broke away as fast as he had given in. "We need to take this slow."

She nodded in agreement, enjoying his scent and their closeness.

"There are cameras in here, you know."

Bruce was always one step ahead of everyone. "I had them disengaged for the meeting."

Diana laughed. That explained his sudden physical interest in her in a public place. They could do much more than embrace, but taking this slow was on the forefront.

"Tomorrow night?" He almost sounded too eager and she basked in it.


With that, they drew apart and walked out without another word, taking separate directions from the doorway.

The next evening and week to come proved to be normal and felt like a real dating experience between a real courting couple, which Diana relished. The heady desire they held for each other was still there, waiting to attack. But Bruce and Diana were treating each other like adults, rather than ravenous teenagers.

They shared childhood stories, thoughts, desires, fears and future plans. Plans that may or may not include each other as a whole.

They also shared plenty of laughs. Alfred had admitted to Diana later that he delighted in overhearing them share humorous moments, as the manor had been devoid of Bruce's laughter for far too long.

One thing Diana particularly enjoyed were the moments where they didn't have to say a thing. Comfortable silence, yet silence that spoke volumes.

Yes, Bruce and Diana had truly started a relationship. It had taken years to begin the process, but good things came to those who waited.

Diana had waited long enough.

Two weeks later, something worrisome was troubling Wonder Woman.

After hog-tying Cheetah, who was verbally thrashing and threatening Diana to no avail, the Amazon dispatched the female villain to Metropolis police without an additional thought. It was as if her brain had left her body, and she was simply going through the motions.

She also felt sick. More so now than before. Waves of nausea rolled over her and a slight discomfort rumbled in her abdomen.

Something was truly wrong.

Her stomach lurched. The nausea was now travelling up her body.

"Wonder Woman for transport," she said in her comm, trying not to sound panicked. Mr. Terrific was quick and Diana found herself running to the closest restroom.

"Hey Wond-..." The Flash greeted her, but she was too fast. Which was super ironic.

Now crouched before cool, porcelain, Diana stared down at her breakfast. That had to have been the most unpleasant thing she had ever encountered.

She also hadn't bothered to close the stall door, which was a huge mistake. Not that she could have hid her tall frame and long, red boots completely on a small tiled floor.

Thankfully it was Shayera to catch her, and not someone like Canary or Vixen.

"Jesus, Diana! Are you ok?" Shay was quick to her side, like the perfect best friend. "Do you need anything?"

Diana glanced up at her, looking and feeling like a sad puppy. "Am I dying?"

"Did you go to that Chinese restaurant I warned you about?" Shayera wasn't known for being good at sympathizing.

"No. I felt fine one second and then the next thing I knew..." Diana trailed off and looked down at the contained mess she had made. She flushed it and as soon as she did, her stomach wobbled. "Hera."

Shayera had been deep in thought. "I didn't think you could get, y'know, sick..."

"Neither did I."

Diana emptied her stomach's contents and Shayera walked away, contemplating. She was hardly phased by the sound coming from Diana.

Shayera then laughed. "And it's not like you could be pregnant."

Diana grew cold. Her stomach now wasn't the only thing that was hurting. No, no, no. In the gods' names, no!

Shay picked up on Diana's sudden silence. "Right?"

Shayera's green eyes caught Diana's blue ones. The Thanagarian was a world class detective, on par with Batman. And she read Diana like a book. A puking, smelly book.

Diana looked away to release the final contents of her body, which wasn't much, and then stood up. Her head was going in a million different directions.

She didn't know if she needed to feel proud, angry, or sad. Or happy. Or frightened.

So it was all of the above.

Shayera already knew and of course knew whose it was. She wasn't dumb and it didn't take anyone to see that Diana and Bruce had the sexual chemistry of a nuclear reactor.

Diana swallowed the bile taste that was growing. "Maybe it is just sickness."

Hawkgirl laughed a little too hard and crossed her arms in front of her chest. "Go see J'onn, Di. You're having a bat-baby."