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Month Nine

After a marathon of feedings, Diana laid the last slumbering baby down, and slipped out of the room. Despite her meta-abilities, nursing and being up at all hours left Diana tired. In want of a few winks of sleep, she entered her bedroom and fell face first onto her mattress. The downy soft comforter crept around her like a cocoon as she flipped onto her back and reminisced, staring at the ceiling and recalling the past whirlwind of events.

These last few weeks, it seemed as though not just Wayne Manor and the Watchtower, but the entire world was focused on the news of the twins. Everyone was abuzz with speculation and excitement. Time had elapsed beyond three weeks post birth before Bruce and Diana were ready to share their children's names and pictures. Top magazines clamored for photos, yielding a pretty penny for each one. Diana made sure all funds were distributed to each and every one of her favorite charities.

There had even been a name betting pool on the Watchtower (Donna was subject to disqualification, so she hadn't bothered). Flash had lost poorly (Agnes and Charlie weren't popular choices, to his dismay), whereas J'onn had won. Although he did have an unfair advantage, no one minded, however, as he chose his winnings in the form of black and white sandwich cookies.

Still, it was inevitable; Amara Hippolyta Wayne and James Alfred Wayne were taking the world by storm.

Naming the girl had been the hardest for both parents; Bruce had nearly blacklisted Diana's choices, as no one would want to be named Andromache… according to him, while Diana tried not to scoff at his choices. Amara had become an amalgamation of Martha and the deities that were to be prominent in the future heiress's life: Hera, Artemis, Athena, and Aphrodite. In addition, it served as a bridging between two backgrounds: man's world and Themyscira.

Diana also noted that Amara meant "unfading and eternal", which she knew her daughter would undoubtedly become. The day she was born, a mark in history had been made.

James Alfred had been easier. Having fewer prominent males in her life, Diana knew that her son needed to be immersed in his father's heritage. Bruce's father's middle name was James, which both parents found suitable, and Alfred was an obvious no-brainer.

The English butler was a natural. Both mother and father had been flabbergasted at how amazing he was when it came to whipping up meals at odd hours, changing diapers at the drop of a hat and singing any and all to sleep.

Things even took an interesting spin when a tall, honey-blonde Amazon showed up one day, holding a decree of Hippolyta's wishes. Melousa was sent to protect her Queen's grand-progeny until their first birthdays. Diana knew this was a kind but completely unnecessary gesture, considering the children had better security than the gates of Olympus, so she renegotiated the "protecting" to three months. Diana also knew that at three months, the twins would be sturdy enough to brave the wilds of Themyscira. Tartatus wasn't an option yet.

Bruce, on the other hand, had found it aggravating having another Amazon in his house. He couldn't help but relent under Diana's guidance, knowing Hippolyta meant well. But he wasn't going to let Diana live it down so easy.

"What if we get a puppy?" He had at first said. "Will Dogina, guardian of the canines, show up at our door?"

Diana thought it was the silliest thing to have come out of his mouth, but she couldn't forget they were both 'drunk' on days upon days of lack of sleep. Not even Bruce could avoid baby-insomnia, which went above and beyond his normal 'Bat' sleep schedule.

However it seemed that this past week, as the twins grew into a more manageable sleeping patterns, the rest of the manor found it easier to coexist with them.

The bedroom door closing quietly alerted Diana that she wasn't alone. Shaken from her from her thoughts, she found a black suited man standing beside the bed, a smile playing on his lips. Bruce had come home early from his conference in Tokyo.

Diana wasted no time in sliding off the bed but halted within arm's reach, and explained, while noting Bruce's expensive Italian suit: "I was spit-up on. Twice. I should really change first."

Bruce ignored her and pulled her toward him. "It's only a matter of time before I get some sort of bodily fluid on this suit."

While she melted into his embrace, Bruce's lips bypassed her own and fell into a pattern of gently trailing kisses up and down her neck.

"Mmmm," Diana tried to concentrate, but his persistent mouth was keeping her brain otherwise occupied.

Before things could become too heated, a soft knock on the door brought them back down to reality. Bruce resisted in answering, but Diana, despite him pulling her away from the door, opened it to find a blank-faced Melousa.

"I'm informing you, as to the older man's request, that lunch is served."

"Thank you, Melousa."

With that, the light-haired Amazon walked away.

"She's a little unnerving, don't you think?" Bruce said after Diana closed the door.

Diana snickered at this. "Oh? Mighty Batman scared of a little, ol' Amazon?"

"From what I've gathered, she has little to no emotion. So far every Amazonian woman I have met has had some sort of angry streak. Melousa looks like she's one step away from revealing she's a Stepford Wife."

"Maybe that's why she was chosen by my mother, to not react out in anger and accidentally harm anything or anyone." Diana's demeanor quieted, as she thought upon her mother. She knew it was safe to wait until the twins were at least a few months older, but her heart ached for her island homeland.

Knowing this, Bruce raised her chin slowly and kissed her lips for the briefest of moments. Waiting until they were older was primarily Bruce's request, and Diana was being supportive, as she knew he had good intentions.

As they walked down together to the dining hall, a wonderful smell wafted up.

After the couple seated themselves, Alfred set down a tray of freshly baked rolls, and commented, "It's wonderful having new life in this house." He usually said it at least once a day. If anyone could be more excited about the children than Bruce and Diana, it was Alfred, by a mile. Those children were the apple of his eye.

Melousa followed Alfred to the table, carrying a pot of tomato bisque, and lowered it down gently, her face remaining as impassive as ever.

Before Diana had a chance to speak, a shrill cry flooded through the house, bouncing off each and every baby monitor (there were 32 in the house alone, thanks to Bruce Wayne: Super Dad). Diana blinked and listened for a moment. She could now tell them apart. "James. He's always hungry." He had been fed no more than 15 minutes ago.

Alfred and Bruce watched the new mother fly up the stairs and head off into the baby's room. The first week and a half, every trip to her babies' rooms had been nothing short of a wonderful adventure for Diana. Now, while still wonderful, Diana wondered if they would ever sleep or eat on a normal schedule.

After roughly ten minutes crept by, Diana appeared in the dining room once again.

"All is well. Once again, " Diana said while sitting down, and snatching a roll from off the table.

"Perhaps you should reschedule tonight." Bruce had a knack at making kind suggestions sound like commands set in stone.

Amara and James were going to make their debut at the Watchtower. Shayera had it scheduled since their birth. The Thanagarian had visited plenty of times, so had Clark and Lois, along with Donna and Dick, of course, but the entirety of Diana's colleagues were dying to meet her little ones.

Diana had been beamed up occasionally, to meet with J'onn, her GP and confidant when it came to medical matters, but so far the twins hadn't left the confines of Wayne Manor. Tonight they were going to be beamed into a bright new arena, and if Diana had her way, she would hope it wouldn't be their last visit to the space station.

She shook her head. "No. Too many people are excited about this, and I'm one of them."

"Shall I accompany you, Princess?" Melousa asked.

Diana caught Bruce rolling his eyes in her peripheral.

"It won't be necessary, thank you." Between Hippolyta and Bruce's complete overprotective natures, Diana knew before too long, she was going to go mad. She hated being coddled. If anything, Diana could do everything and more with two hands tied behind her back. Having children wasn't going to hinder her; she was just going to be more careful.

Apparently this suited Melousa just fine, as Alfred had promised to teach her how to bake a chocolate cake. From scratch, no less. The 'older man' was useful to Melousa to some extent, which Diana was grateful for, as Melousa's stint could have been easily short lived with her butt hauled back to Themyscira with a flick of Diana's wrist.

An hour later, Diana swaddled up two sleeping little suns and stars and placed them in carriers. Diana silently thanked Hera she had only had two and not anymore. Balancing two babies was enough to keep a princess busy at all costs.

Satisfied with her swaddling skills, Diana quickly changed into a flowy, Greek-style dress and made an effort with her hair.

"You look beautiful." A voice came from behind.

Diana turned and caught sight of Bruce in the doorway, a baby carrier in each hand.

"I need to give my mother more credit than I have. I couldn't imagine raising a rambunctious daughter. Alone. While ruling a country."

"Good thing you're not alone."

With a quick kiss, Diana took off for the beaming platform.

Once aboard the Watchtower, Diana found a hoard of awaiting friends. Wally railroaded her down with a hug that could strangle a buffalo. "Wondy, oh how I've miss you." In a blink of an eye, he was already crouched down cooing at Amara who now had her eyes open.

Shayera squealed, or as well as she could squeal, and picked James up out of his carrier. Shayera's massive belly was perfect for balancing a baby on; she looked as though she was about to pop.

Between Superman, Shayera, Dinah and Ollie, GL and countless others, Diana sighed contentedly and watched her other family embrace her new one.

A Wonder Woman bedecked Donna came straight over to Diana and hugged her. "How are you?" Between the craziness of the League, and things getting pretty serious with Dick, Donna wasn't around as much as should would have liked.

"I've never been better." And that was the honest truth. From the corner of Diana's eye, she could see Batman standing in the back, away from the fray of people oohing and ahhing over babies. How in Tartarus did he get here so fast? The man could still baffle her.

Donna looked over at the Dark Knight and then back at Diana. "Speaking of which, you guys need to set a date. Or Dick and I are going to beat you to the alter."

Diana's eyes widened at this. "Are you engaged?!"

"No. But something's are just inevitable."

Superman strolled over to the sisters.



"Shall we?"

Diana was also here to discuss her future as Wonder Woman.

"Actually I'd like to interject," Donna started, "I'm not Wonder Woman…." Before her sister could object, she added. "Diana you are Wonder Woman, you always will be. I can't take that from you, but I will stand beside you."

"You don't want to share the title?" Diana asked, smiling. "People have always confused us as being the same person."

"We could, but I'm ok just being Donna Troy." She shrugged. "I don't need a secret identity."

"Do you want to come back, even part-time?" Kal asked Diana. "I already have a schedule you can work with, and don't worry, it's not just monitor duty."

"Of course! I have a future Wonder Woman in the making." Speaking of which, Amara started to cry. Diana saw Batman twitch from the terminal he was working on, but he remained indifferent.

Diana walked over and Dinah handed over Amara.

"Oh Diana, you're the best mother," Canary gushed.

Diana pondered that for a moment. A year ago, she wouldn't have ever considered it. Now she couldn't imagine life any different.

One Month Later (Month Ten)

Gotham's Cathedral filled partly with Amazons was a nightmare Bruce had had once. Now he was living it. But in all actuality, it didn't bother him much.

Hippolyta's semi-frown, as her eldest was joining man's world in a civil union, gave Bruce a surge of glee. Perhaps it was because he knew he had just one-upped a mighty queen, but it probably boiled down to him being just so damned happy.

Diana, at his side, looked as radiant as ever. Her dress highlighted every inch of her body, yet Bruce knew he was going to have more fun taking it off.

The rest of the room was filled with a few of Bruce's acquaintances, and the Justice League, which ironically served a dual purpose.

The official ceremony was a blur. Diana insisted they wrote their own vows, which Bruce hated at first, but once he had started, he learned he had a knack for it. After reciting them, from the heart, completely memorized of course, there wasn't a dry eye in the audience. Take that, Hippolyta! But after their nondenominational pastor announced them as married, time slowed down. Diana was now officially a Wayne, which was amazing, considering his staunch views on relationships that could hinder and interfere with 'the mission'. But once he had finally taken the leap, everything felt so right. Although there was some prodding in order.

Donna, also dressed impeccably, held in her arms one of two reasons there was a cause for prodding. Still, Bruce's life, despite all its adversity, had made a turn for the better. His parents would be proud.

Alfred, sitting down on the first pew, alongside Dick, held his newborn son. Yes, his parents would be beyond thrilled.

A flash of light shook Bruce from his thoughts. A tall, dark-haired man at the bottom of the stage beamed up at him. "Clark Kent, Daily Planet. Smile for the camera." Bruce rolled his eyes at this.

Clark and Lois had been the few chosen to venture into the cathedral, while many other paparazzo's clamored outside, craning their necks to get a glimpse of the forever bachelor now happily married, and Wonder Woman putting her magnificent body to good use in a designer frock most women could only dream of. But Bruce knew in reality, it was to catch sight of the twins, and the throng of armored Amazons. Bruce now wondered how many men with cameras were going to check into the hospital later; Themyscirans don't take too kindly to people interfering in their private business.

After the ceremony, Alfred encouraged everyone to follow suit to the manor, as entertainment and refreshments were to ensue.

Bruce had other plans.

Dick walked up to him and patted him on the back. "Look at you, old man. Way to take the plunge!"

Bruce lowered his voice, "we're good on the next few patrols?"

"I've been prepared for a while."


Donna, meanwhile, was having a similar discussion with her sister. "It's ok, I know it's hard to leave them, but it's only for a few days."

Diana opened her mouth but Donna intervened. "Milk is in the fridge. There are enough diapers in your house to re-stock New York City. I have J'onn on speed-dial. And most importantly I have Alfred. And Melousa, if I need her." The latter part made Donna snicker, as Diana had been fed up with having another woman in the house, telling her what she should and shouldn't do. Needless to say, Melousa's three month contract ended much earlier.

"Ohh, I know, it'll be ok." Diana relented, bending down, as much as she could in her confining dress to kiss Amara's sleeping face.

"Don't worry about a thing," Donna reassured.

Bruce turned to his wife. Wife. That had a nice ring to it. "Private jet. You and me. Undisclosed location."

Diana nodded slowly.

"Please don't tell me you've changed your mind," Bruce added.

Diana reached down and ripped the hem of her skirt, giving her legs the freedom to move about.

Bruce gulped and calculated how far the airport was, but before he could do anything else, Diana scooped him up into her arms.

"What're you doing?"

"I'm going to carry you across the threshold, husband. And there's nothing you can do about it."

Diana next threw her exotic bouquet of white apple tree blossoms and anemones over one shoulder. Shayera caught it without blinking and gave her date, John Stewart, a wolfish grin.

Ugh, cue photographers, Bruce groaned inwardly. Sure enough he heard Clark spout off "smile!" in his dumb Walt Disney voice followed by flashes of camera bulbs. Lois snickered at Bruce's compromising position.

Before Bruce could threaten the reporters as to what he would do to them if the picture landed on the front page, Diana was already saying fond farewells and moving at a brisk pace. With her prize and bounty in her arms, Diana took off into the sky toward the airport.

Finally they were alone.

"Mrs. Wayne."

Diana looked down at him. She must've thought he was going to spout off something insanely romantic if the doe-eyes and loving smile was any indicator. "Yes, Mr. Wayne?"

"Can you fly faster?"

The End (For now...)