(A/N: quick note here: Remember the very last episode of Teen Titans? Where Beast Boy sees someone like Terra and he tries to convince her to come back? This is based on it. Kid Flash sees Jinx but she doesn't, or refuses to, remember him or anybody. Hope you guys like it!)

Kid Flash lounged around lazily in his apartment. He had had a busy morning. So far he had captured multiple criminals and stopped multiple robberies. He heard his computer beep and he knew that there was trouble. Again. He groaned and went to the computer, checking it out.

His eyes widened. Police reports about the H.I.V.E Five at a bank. His thoughts jumped to a certain pink-haired girl. He hadn't seen her for months. He brightened. "I get to see her!" He thought happily and zoomed off.

"Woo-dang! Lookee here this gold!" Billy Numerous yelped excitedly. He made a duplicate of himself.

"We're rich, Billy!" His doppelganger said happily. He made another duplicate of himself.

"Bit heavy though," another Billy grunted, trying to carry three.

"Hurry up! That crud-munchin' Kid Flash should be here any moment!" Gizmo shouted, shoveling money into a bag. Mammoth started to run, carrying bricks of gold. He was stopped, however, by Kid Flash.

"Where you going, big guy?" Kid Flash asked curiously.

"Crud, he's here!" Gizmo shouted. Kid Flash looked around. There was no sign of Jinx. He zoomed around the H.I.V.E Five and took them out, one by one. He piled them on top of each other, quickly.

"Hey, where's Jinx?" Kid Flash asked Gizmo. Gizmo was still dizzy but still managed to sneer.

"Wouldn't you like to know?" He asked smugly.

"We haven't seen that darn girl in months!" Billy said, and his multiple clones nodded.

"She left the night we captured you," See-more said. "We figured she was with you,"

Kid Flash was silent. He handed the H.I.V.E Five to the police. Kid Flash walked around. He was still mulling over what the H.I.V.E Five told him.

"How could she be gone?" he thought. "She saved me, She can't just leave!" He thought back on the fateful night when she stood up to Madame Rouge and let him go. He hadn't seen her since that night. And he thought about her everyday.

He roamed the city, looking for any pink. All of a sudden, he saw a brunette with pink streaks walking out of a building. She wore a clean white shirt and a plaid skirt and knee high socks. It was a school uniform. His eyes widened. Although the girl was noticeably tanner and shorter, it was definitely Jinx.

"Jinx!" he called and zoomed over to her. "Jinx!" he cried as soon as they were face to face. She had just joined with a group of her friends and they were all looking at him curiously.

"Who's Jinx?" The pink-haired girl asked, head tilted. Kid Flash just gaped at her.

"Jinx… you're Jinx," He said, pointing at her. She looked confused.

"You have the pink hair and cat eyes and everything!" he said. One of the girls turned to 'Jinx'

"Gigi, do you know this guy?" She asked, looking at Kid Flash distrustfully. The pink-haired girl shrugged her shoulders.

"He's that new guy that's watching the city now, right?" She asked, looking at Kid Flash.

"Jinx, please-," Kid Flash started to say but was interrupted by a blonde girl in the group.

"Her name is Gigi," She stated coldly. "Let's go," another girl said, turning to walk away.

"Jinx, wait!" He called. "Gigi" turned to him.

"I'm sorry, but I don't think I'm the girl you're looking for," She said, apologetically. "What's your name again?"

"I'm Kid Flash! I can't believe you don't remember me," He said, shocked. He didn't even know what to think of this. This girl was Jinx. He just knew it. She looked exactly like her. "Can't we just go somewhere and talk?" He pleaded. She hesitated and looked back on her friends. They all shook their heads except for one. It was a dark haired girl with light grey eyes. She gestured her to go on and she whispered something to the rest of the girls. Slowly, they all turned away and started walking, looking back at Gigi, worried. Gigi waved at them before turning to Kid Flash.

"Um," She said, uncertain, "Okay,"

Kid Flash took her hand and walked across the street. He led her into a small café. He held out a chair for her and she sat in it, cautiously.

"You're Jinx," He said, immediately. She turned to him, annoyed. "Stop saying that, I'm not her. My name is Gigi,"

"You have to be her! You look just like her! You have pink hair!" He exclaimed, looking at her streaks. Gigi rolled her eyes.

"I dyed it. Duh," She said, irritated. "I did have pink hair all over a couple months ago but I'm re-dying it back to my original color,"

"What about your eyes. Jinx has cat-eyes, just like you!" Kid Flash countered. Gigi shrugged.

"Coincidence," She said simply.

"You were the leader of the H.I.V.E," Kid Flash said, desperately wanting her to remember. "You almost gave me to a super villain. You almost killed me. I gave you roses!"

Gigi looked down. "Why would you give roses to someone who did all that?" she mumbled.

"I liked you. I still like you, Jinx," Kid Flash said quickly.

"Like me? You don't even know me! You just met me, you creep," Gigi stated coldly.

"You saved me, Jinx," Kid Flash said softly, "And you don't even remember,"

Gigi sighed. "All I remember right now is high school. And that I have an English test tomorrow that I should really be studying for. I'm sorry," She stood up.

"I need to go. I have homework," She said quietly. She gently patted Kid Flash on the back before turning to leave.

"Wait, please!" He called to her, desperately. Gigi turned to him.

"I'm sorry, but I'm not the girl you're looking for," She said simply and left. Kid Flash looked after her a moment before zooming to the jail.

"Hey, sheriff, I need to talk to the H.I.V.E Five," He said urgently when he arrived. The sheriff waved him to the pitiful group. Kid Flash marched up as close as he could to the glass.

"Why doesn't Jinx remember? What did you do?" He demanded. Billy Numerous looked up, bored.

"We didn't do nothing, hot shot," He said, drawling his words out.

"Yeah, she left the group," Mammoth said, carving his name into the wall.

"Why did she leave the group?" Kid Flash asked.

"Said she wanted to forget about what just happened," See-more said monotonously. Kid Flash widened his eyes. He zoomed away to his apartment, where he spent the whole night just thinking.

The next morning, he waited in front of the school, hoping to catch Jinx. She arrived walking with the dark-haired girl and the blonde girl. They all stopped walking when they saw him. The blonde girl scowled in disgust.

"Morning, Jinx," The red headed speedster said brightly, ignoring the dirty look the blonde was giving him.

"Her name is Gigi," The blonde girl said, exasperated. He looked at her. "Her real name is Jinx," He said back stubbornly. The dark haired girl stepped in between them.

"Come on, Leah," She said calmly, "Let's leave them alone," She grabbed the blonde girl and walked away.

"Good morning, Kid Flash," Gigi said carefully. "Please, go away. Or else, I'll call the cops,"

"Jinx," Kid Flash said, ignoring her, "Wanting to forget about what happened won't help. You can't just block the memories out. It doesn't work like that,"

Gigi had a pained look on her face, but then relaxed it. "My name is Gigi," She finally said, and walked past him. He grabbed her arm.

"You can't change who you are," Kid Flash solemnly said, "No matter how much you want to,"

Gigi gulped and looked back at him. He smiled at her. "I'll be waiting right here," He pointed to where he stood. She broke away from his grip and entered the school.


"Wow, you actually stayed," Gigi said, walking up to Kid Flash, who was standing right where he said he would.

"Of course I did! Anything for you, Jinx," He said, mockingly bowing. Gigi sat on the steps in front of the school.

"I guess it wouldn't hurt on listening on what you have to say," Gigi said, looking at Kid Flash. "Tell me more about Jinx,"

Kid Flash sat next to her. "She's very smart and very beautiful. She has a nasty temper and very, very outspoken," He said.

"That's definitely not me," Gigi said, crossing her legs. "I can't even public speak without throwing up,"

Kid Flash looked at her in surprise. "Why'd you dye your hair? I loved the pink," He said, reaching to stroke her hair. Gigi moved away.

"I dyed it pink a while ago. It was this phase I was going through. It was stupid," Gigi rolled her eyes. "But I guess I pulled it off pretty well. I still kept some streaks," She shook her hair and ran her fingers through it.

"Jinx, your hair was beautiful pink," Kid Flash said, a little sadly.

"Why do you keep calling me that?" Gigi asked, annoyed,

"Because you are Jinx," Kid Flash said, stubbornly. "You're her. I can feel it,"

Gigi moved, a little uncomfortable. "I have work. You should go home, Kid Flash," She said, standing up. Kid Flash immediately stood up.

"No! I'll walk you to work, okay?" He said, not wanting her out of his sight.

"I have to go home and change," Gigi said, walking away. "Don't follow me home,"

But Kid Flash, like a loyal puppy, followed her anyways. Strangely, Gigi didn't object.

"Was Jinx your girlfriend?" Gigi asked, struggling to hold on to all of her books. Kid Flash reached up and took them from her.

"Sort of. I really like her. I was going to ask her the next time I saw her," Kid Flash said. He turned to Gigi.

"Jinx, will you go out with me?" He asked, sincerely. Gigi didn't say anything but got a really pained expression on her face.

"Kid Flash…," She started to say, gently but he interrupted her.

"Stop saying you aren't her. I know you are, and you know you are. Why are you running away?" He asked, angry. Gigi didn't say anything for a while but then stopped walking.

"This is my house," She pointed to an apartment building. "Thanks for walking me home. Good bye," She started walking away.

"I thought you had to work?" Kid Flash called out. Gigi turned around.

"Yeah, I do. So go away. Stop following me around," She ordered, irritated. Kid Flash crossed his arms.

"No," He said and planted his feet firmly on the ground. Gigi rolled her eyes.

"You're an idiot," She said and walked into the building. He never saw the tears rolling down her face.

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