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Hey, this is X009 here with a new story. It's been a long time, over a year actually, since I've written anything. To those who read my other story, a Bleach story called 'Shattered Fates' I apologize for going so long with no updates. A virus forced me to stop writing and by the time it was fixed, I had lost inspiration and Canon events had messed up a lot of my plot. For example, when I started writing, I hadn't expected Aizen to kill Harribel when she was still putting up a good fight. I finally feel inspired to write again, but not that story. I will get back to it eventually.

Anyway, here's my new story. It's a Naruto x Fu story starting when Naruto and Jiraiya leave Konoha. I will be ignoring most anime events in favor of the manga, with the exception of Taki, since it was never shown in the manga, anime exclusive jutsu and two other locations. I hope you like it. Please review and give any advice and suggestions and no flames. Also, I would like to thank Naruhinasakufan1 for his help.

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It had been two weeks since Naruto left Konoha with Jiraiya. They were traveling down a road in the land of fire and the next town was in sight, but then Jiraiya suddenly walked off the path and towards a nearby lake and Naruto followed.

Naruto was a bit on the short side for his age at 4'8" (and easily angered by this fact), with spiky blonde hair and blue eyes. He was wearing an orange tracksuit with blue shoulders, a white swirl with a tassel on the left side and a red swirl on the back, the symbol of the destroyed Uzushiogakure. He also wore a blue forehead protector of Konoha and blue standard shinobi sandals.

Jiraiya was a tall man of about 6'3" with extremely long spiky white hair tied in a ponytail with two shoulder length bangs and had two red lines that ran down from his eyes. He wore a green shirt kimono with matching pants over mesh armor and a red cloak with two yellow spots along with a black belt, hand guards, traditional geta sandals, a horned forehead protector with the kanji for oil and kept a large scroll on his back.

"So, why are we going to this place Pervy Sage, and when are you going to train me? All we've been doing is walking." Naruto asked as they continued to walk. Naruto had wondered when his real training was going to begin, he'd just been going over the basics and he was anxious to learn some cool, new technique from the Sannin.

"Damn it brat, how many times have I told you not to call me that?" The Sannin asked, exasperated. Though it was hard tell if he was annoyed at being called a pervert in public, or if the self proclaimed super-pervert was annoyed at being called a 'regular' pervert.

"I call them as I see them." the blonde replied while crossing his arms. "If you want me to stop calling you that stop spending all your time peeking on women." Said Naruto as he looked at the man.

"Huh, kids these days… we'll get started as soon as I'm done with my contact in this town, you need to learn to be patient. Your lack of it and hotheadedness could get you killed someday." Jiraiya said. "Anyway, for today, I want you to practice water walking and holding leaves to your body with your chakra, your chakra controls still not what it could be. You need to master your chakra in order to form the Rasengan perfectly."

"That's exactly what I'm talking about! You haven't taught me anything since we left and I already know the Rasengan!"

"Would you listen to your teacher, although it's true you can use Rasengan, you have far from mastered it. You still need a shadow clone to control the rotation and shape." Jiraiya said while holding out his hand. Naruto watched as a Rasengan formed in his palm. "A battle can go to hell in an instant and your method takes more time, time you might not have. On top of that you waste chakra in the shadow clones. While you have an overabundance of chakra, that doesn't mean you should waste it." Jiraiya explained with a frown. Naruto looked to the ground in thought before quickly turning his head.

"Tch, fine." Naruto scoffed.

"Stay here and practice, don't worry, I'll start teaching you soon enough." The Sannin said as the reached the lake. "Good luck kid." Jiraiya waved at Naruto as he walked towards the town.

"Hm, lazy perv, can't even stay and help me for a while, bet he'll go straight to a brothel when he's done, if he even does have a contact to meet." Naruto grumbled as he walked on to the lake and begun to practice his chakra control.

Three hours later, Naruto was standing at the on the lake making a hand sign to focus his chakra and holding 5 leaves to his body with chakra with a somewhat somber expression on his face. He had, for awhile, moved and practiced taijutsu while doing still keeping the leaves attached, but this was much more difficult and at the moment he was resting.

Since he began his training two weeks ago, his chakra control had improved a little, but he was still no where near having enough control to form a Rasengan without one of his clones to rotate the chakra and maintain its shape.

As he stood there, his mind wandered and he recalled every fight he had been in. Every major fight he had been in he had won either by using the Kyuubi or by luck. His fight against Haku, Orochimaru, Neji, Gaara (though Naruto thought that didn't really count, as Gaara had relied on the Shukaku) and Sasuke, he had tried to fight them with everything he had and when it wasn't enough, he had relied on the Kyuubi. His other major fights, against Kiba and Kabuto, which he did win on his own were either due to dumb luck (though the Five Pronged Seal had been messing with his chakra control at the time) or because he was underestimated and toyed with.

'Damn it, what have I been doing all this time?' he thought to himself as he stared at his reflection in the water and continued to review all the battles he had fought. Then he recalled his battle against Itachi and Kisame, if you could call what had happened a fight. He recalled how Kisame's sword literally ate his chakra. The Kyuubi's chakra was useless against him. He knew he couldn't rely on it all the time, that event just proved it. That power was dangerous, he remembered with a slight shudder the bloodlust he felt the when he used it against Haku. How he had nearly killed the androgynous teen in rage and thirst for blood. That power was a last resort and it carried many risks at the moment. He thought of both his senseis and the five Hokage, five of them didn't even have bloodlines and they were still some of the most powerful shinobi Konoha had ever produced. Looking up with a new determination, he realized that if he truly wanted to accomplish his dream and become the greatest Hokage, he would need to be strong enough to fight opponents like the Akatsuki without relying on the Kyuubi.

He stopped supporting the leaves and ran towards the town, sure that after all this time, Jiraiya had finished with his contact and was probably enjoying himself at a bar or something. He created a dozen shadow clones and sent them to look for the toad sage while he did the same. Ten minutes later he was hopping across the buildings of the town when he suddenly remembered seeing him in a bar, surrounded by women.

"Why am I not surprised? Hey, wait a minute… how did I know that?"

Naruto proceeded to run to the bar to see if what he saw was true and sure enough, found him at the bar, surrounded by girls. With a sigh, Naruto decided to ask him about this later and for now grab a snack and get back to training. He didn't notice Jiraiya saw him and smiled, he had noticed the shadow clone and suspected Naruto now knew about, or at least suspected, their memory transfer ability. He had wanted Naruto to realize it on his own.

"What are you looking at sir?" One of the women asked.

"Hm? Oh, nothing, now let's get back to having a good time! HAHAHAHA!"

Two hours later Jiraiya finally returned to the lake where Naruto had resumed training and found him fighting a shadow clone on the lake while holding several leaves to his body with chakra. Naruto just blocked a high kick from his clone with his forearms when they noticed Jiraiya's presence and stop their fight, the clone dispelling as Naruto ran over.

"Finally! I was wondering when you would finally get out of that bar, Pervy Sage." Naruto said.

"Yeah, I noticed you saw me there, when you left I didn't think you had a problem with letting me have my fun." Jiraiya replied with a smirk.

"Of course there's a problem! Your supposed to be training me, but so far you've been spending all your time peeking or at bars and leaving me to work by myself!"

"That's not true, I haven't spent all my time with the ladies. I just wanted to unwind a bit after I finished with my contacts."

"Oh yeah? Then what was so important that you needed to go off in the first place?"

"Oh, nothing you need to worry about." Truth was Jiraiya had met a contact for any new information on Akatsuki and the other Jinchuriki, but he didn't think Naruto needed to know that, or at least not at the moment. "Anyway, it's getting late. Let's call it a night and I can start training you tomorrow." The Sannin said, gesturing towards the town.

"Alright" Naruto replied, not entirely trusting he wouldn't be blown off again. "But first, I noticed something about my shadow clones. When I sent them to find you, I think I remembered what my clone saw when it found you and dispelled."

"Huh, so you did finally notice." Jiraiya grinned. "I was wondering when you would."

"Wait, you knew about this the whole time? Did Kakashi-sensei know? Why didn't anyone tell me?" Naruto asked surprised.

"I didn't tell you because I wanted you to find out on your own. Like I said when you were learning the Rasengan you need to learn to depend on yourself. As for Kakashi, he probably didn't tell you because he was focused on Sasuke." Jiraiya said with a frown, becoming serious. Naruto looked at the ground dejectedly at the mention of Kakashi favoring Sasuke, noticing this, Jiraiya decided to explain. "Kakashi didn't favor Sasuke, he focused on him for two reasons. The first is a childhood friend he had who was an Uchiha, so he may have felt he owed the clan." Jiraiya explained and Naruto looked up at him, surprised to learn something about his sensei's past. "It's his story to tell so I won't speak of it any further, the second reason is that he could tell Sasuke was heading down a dark path and was trying to save him. But as you can tell, it didn't work." Jiraiya explained. Naruto, for once, seemed deep in thought, talking about Sasuke reminded him of something.

"Hey, Pervy Sage." Naruto said quietly.


"Why did you tell me to forget Sasuke just before we left?"

"…I didn't want you to end up like me." Jiraiya said. Naruto looked at him curiously, not understanding and noticed a look of sorrow on his face. "Believe it or not, when we were kids, Orochimaru and I had a similar relationship as you and Sasuke." He explained much to Naruto's shock. "He was the genius of our generation and I saw him as a rival and a friend. When he betrayed the village, I chased after him, but no matter how hard I tried to save him, I couldn't and after a few years, I realized the friend I once had was no more. Even if their reasons are different, Sasuke craves power, just like Orochimaru. I didn't want you to waste your time chasing after him, only to fail and realize years down the line it was hopeless from the start. Some people just can't be helped." Jiraiya explained and Naruto took on a pensive expression. "Anyway, let's head back, tomorrow your training really begins, you'll need all the sleep you can get."

"Alright. Hey, Pervy Sage, can the Shadow Clone Jutsu help my training?"

"Hm" Jiraiya placed his hand on his chin "Yeah, it could. With it, you could learn the different aspects of being a shinobi quickly, but there are risks."

"Risks? What risks?"

"I'll explain tomorrow, now come on." Jiraiya said as he turned towards the town and gestured for Naruto to follow him.

The next day, Naruto and Jiraiya returned to the clearing.

"Okay Naruto, listen up. When a shadow clone dispels, everything they experience and learn is transferred to the user. Because of this, the jutsu is ideal for spying, you could send a clone to infiltrate enemy lands and all they learn will be transferred to the user. But it can also be used for training, in addition to learning; experience gained is multiplied by the number of clones used. Got all that and how it's useful for training?"

"Well…" Naruto trails off. Jiraiya sighs.

"We're going to have to work on that. Okay, think of it this way, if a shadow clone were to learn a new jutsu , when it dispels, the knowledge will be transferred to you and you will learn the jutsu, any better?"

"Yeah, I got it! With this I can learn a lot of jutsu really fast." Naruto exclaimed exited

"hehehe…That's right. But not only that, you could also have them work on chakra control and improving your taijutsu, or learn anything they read. If you train with ten shadow clones in one subject, you'll reach your goal in one/tenth the time. However, you'll have to increase your physical strength yourself and there are risks." Jiraiya explained.

"Like what, Pervy Sage?"

"Mental stress is carried over too, gaining too much experience and stress at once can cause damage to the users mind, for that reason, lets stick to 50 clones for now. Originally, I had planned on training you with the Nine-Tails chakra, but let's put that off for now. For now, I want you to put thirty of those shadow clones on chakra control and I'll have one of my shadow clones help the others improve on taijutsu." Jiraiya said as he created a shadow clone and thought of how this will change his plans.

"Alright!" Naruto cried out as he made a familiar hand sign and soon 50 clones appeared. About a minute later, they were all doing as instructed.

"Okay, now, what am I supposed to do?"

"Well, I'm glad you asked, Naruto." Jiraiya said with a grin that had Naruto slightly worried.

"Here, put these on your wrists and ankles." Jiraiya said, reaching into his cloak and pulling out four sets of ordinary looking prayer beads and gave them to him.

"Huh? Okay." Naruto replied with a raised eyebrow before he put them on as instructed "Like this?"

"Perfect. Sealing Technique: Four Limbs Weighted Seal!" Jiraiya cried out, instantly the beads turned white.

"Wha- AH!" Naruto looked at the beads before falling to the ground as the beads increased in weight exponentially. "What the hell Pervy Sage!"

"What? I told you didn't I? You have to increase your strength on your own. While they-" the Sannin said as he gestured towards the clones as Naruto got up. "-work on chakra control and taijutsu, you'll work on physical strength. You'll be using those beads to train like that Lee kid. They'll change color as you train and once they turn red, you're done. I'll supervise from over there, yeah, that's it." Jiraiya said, pointing at a tree before walking over to it as Naruto got started exercising, grumbling once more about lazy perverts as Jiraiya sat down. "Good luck brat, it's only going to get harder from here."

Well, that's the end of chapter 1. The Jutsu Sealing Technique: Four Limbs Weighted Seal is from the game Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja 4.

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