Gensokyo, paradise to youkai protected by a border that separates it from the materialistic modern world of the humans where magic and faith hangs by a thread thus making it inhospitable to the youkai and gods that need those two energies to survive.

It is generally a peaceful world, though to humans it's a chaotic death-trap, with fairies shooting seemingly harmless bullets at them for mere amusement, countless youkai hunting for human flesh, magicians and such roaming about and doing as they please, and almost no order or laws to subdue this, save for a spell card system.

Our story begins one late afternoon at the Scarlet Devil Mansion, which rests on an island on the massive Misty Lake, which rests at the foot of the Youkai Mountain.

The mansion, as its name implies, is painted scarlet red, is surrounded by a large wall with a gate on its front, has very few windows, and has a large clock tower adorning its architecture.

In front of the wall's gate is Hong Meiling who has a straight long red hair, beautiful aquamarine eyes, and wears a green Chinese outfit with yellow borders that compliment her perfect athletic and rather abundant figure, a matching green beret with a star that has the word "Dragon" written on it, and has her well-shaped legs bare for all to see through that slit on her skirt.

As per usual, she's only half awake while standing guard and scratching underneath her ample bosom while one angry-looking maid stares at her.

Sakuya Izayoi, who wears a blue and white maid's outfit, has short silver hair with the sideburns tied into braids and blue eyes, impatiently taps her foot while waiting for the gate guard to notice her.

The maid's eyes glow red as she commands "Meiling, wake up this instant!", and as the scene moves toward the elegant scarlet doors to the mansion's foyer, the gate guard squeals after a light smack.

The inside of the mansion is quite dark, and the only lights available to brighten up the foyer are about three lone lamps; two on the ground and one on top of the stairs leading to the first floor.

There are at least six dark corridors on the ground floor alone, but their insides are so dark it can't be defined to where they would lead should anyone venture into them.

The doors to the foyer open up, and under the archway are Sakuya and Meiling, accompanied by Marisa Kirisame and Nitori Kawashiro.

Marisa wears a black and white witch's outfit with a fuchsia ribbon on her hat and a white apron around her waist, has short blonde hair with the left-side sideburn braided, has yellow eyes, and is currently holding her trademark broom with her right hand while placing its brush on the ground.

Nitori is a small kappa with blue hair tied to twin-tails with red bobbles, has blue eyes, and wears a light blue vest and skirt full of pockets, a dark-blue outfit underneath those, a green cap on her head, and carries a large green backpack with a key tied on the straps which rests between her supple breasts.

Even though she's just been scolded and smacked, the gate guard looks rather calm and content as she welcomes the two girls and says "please don't keep Miss Patchouli waiting."

The maid stares neutrally at the guard and coldly says "I'll take care of them, you go and lock that gate."

With a quick "hai", Meiling salutes the chief maid and rushes back to the gate, while said maid gestures a welcoming hand to the girls and says "please, come this way."

Being familiar with the SDM, Marisa casually looks around with her hands behind her head and her broom lifted upward while saying "you don't need to worry about us. I know this place like the back of my hand, ze."

The maid blinks once to hide the annoyance in her eyes and coldly says "that is exactly why you are to accompany me Kirisame. We still haven't found my lady's training brassiere, so consider this visit a simple truce and nothing else."

Nitori covers her mouth as she chuckles mischievously at the witch, then says "this human has such a bad habit. Stealing girls' undergarments is pretty perverted, even if you are a girl too."

The witch blushes and looks away, magically hiding her broom with a quick flick of the wrist while saying "I don't steal anything, I borrow them. Besides, I wouldn't borrow anyone's underwear; that's disgusting. This maid just lost the bra and is conveniently pinning the fault on me, da-ze."

Obviously irritated by the comment the chief maid clenches her fist and mutters curses underneath her breath, then somewhat calmly says "THIS WAY PLEASE" while breathing red fire through her nostrils and mouth.

The witch chuckles after the verbal victory, and as she, the fired-up maid, and the oblivious kappa make their way past the stairs and the many large doorways, and head to the smallest one beside the stairs, mentioned blue-haired kappa excitedly says "to think, tonight's the night we change Gensokyo forever!"

Marisa chuckles rather suspiciously as they disappear into the dark corridor, and after getting swallowed up by the darkness the witch says "oh yes. This will be a most exciting night alright."

Sakuya quickly replies "you are acting way too suspicious, you thief."

The witch casually replies "aww you're just too edgy. Seriously, you need a vacation, or a nice strong young man that can satisfy your needs."

The small kappa giggles and says "not that many vacation spots in Gensokyo. There are a few romantic spots, but, hmm. Maybe we should do something about that too."

The irritated maid roars softly, there are two loud smacks and separate yelps, and then says "just keep moving and stay in my sight!"

Marisa and Nitori simultaneously "ooh" and say "maids are scary."

Meanwhile, at the mansion's library, a place filled with bookshelves and books from bottom to third-floor top, there is quite a lot of movement going on at the time.

Patchouli Knowledge, who wears a pink pajama-like robe over a purple and white sleep dress, soft pink socks, a pink mop hat with buns to the side tied with ribbons and a gold crescent moon on the front, and has long purple hair and purple eyes, takes her seemingly-unfriendly sight away from the red book on her hand to look at a large black iron cauldron in front of her.

The liquid contents of the cauldron are lime-green, when in the book it clearly reads in bold it should be mint-green.

The purple magician looks coldly to her left and softly asks "Alice, are you sure you cleaned this cauldron?"

Alice Margatroid, who has short blond hair and blue eyes, and wears a light-blue dress with a white capelet on her shoulders, ties a pink ribbon around her waist and on her head, and holds a large black book with a golden lock on it nods and replies "I most certainly did. I even used the sterilizing spell you suggested."

The purple-haired magician sighs and is about to say the experiment is already a failure, but the liquid bubbles furiously and turns mint-green before everyone's eyes.

She stares curiously at this turn of events, looks into the book, and then says "right, now we have to wait for the kappa to come and bring the rest of the ingredients."

Koakuma, a girl with long silky-smooth red hair, red eyes, bat wings on her back and smaller ones on her head, and whom wears an elegant-looking black and white office suit; which accents her beautiful figure; smiles and mischievously asks "and what would happen if something were to... mess up the experiment?"

Alice and Patchouli stare daggers at the little devil, whom is currently frightened to the death by a streamer gohei that's been placed on her neck, then the blonde magician casually says "we would all die a horrible death and reincarnate as one-eyed earth-worms that will be fed to fishes by angry fishermen."

At the end of the gohei is Reimu Hakurei, shrine maiden and actual 'police' of Gensokyo.

She has dark brown eyes, long black hair tied with a large red ribbon on the back and two red and white tubes on the sideburns, and wears a red vest and skirt, detached white sleeves, a pink shirt underneath her vest, and a blue ascot around the collar of her shirt.

The maiden looks furiously at the little devil and sternly says "and that's precisely why I'm here. To make sure nothing goes wrong, do you understand what I'm saying?"

The terrified little devil nods rapidly and the gohei is slowly removed from her personal space, allowing her one big sigh of relief.

With a subtle smile on her face the seven-days magician says "I take it you'll behave the rest of the night, eh Koakuma?", then her subtle smile quickly vanishes when the front doors of the library open up with a loud bang, and Marisa's obnoxious loud voice echoes all around as she shouts "Patchy~, your guests of honor have arrived!"

Said magician sighs in despair as she places her hand on her face and softly asks herself "why did I agree to this?", then Alice summons Shanghai, a doll with long blond hair and blue eyes that wears a long purple dress with an apron, to comfort the obviously distressed librarian.

A few seconds after Marisa's annoying outburst, Sakuya loudly says "lady Patchouli I have brought them over safely. I'll return to Lady Remilia's side now."

The door closes, the librarian calms down, and now right in front of her are both kappa and witch, and the black and white has that annoying smile on her face as she says "and I see you went ahead and started without us. Good. Now on with the show."

With suspicion in her tone the shrine maiden declares "you are WAY too eager to get started."

The black and white chuckles for a moment, then says "of course I am eager to start this! If this is a success, then I will prove to these two witches here who the best magician amongst us is!"

Nitori giggles, grabs Marisa by the collar of her shirt, and when they are face to disturbingly-smiling face the kappa says "just remember your end of the bargain or I'm putting you on the kappa's black list!"

The witch sweats with fear, though smiles while saying "oi, oi, I didn't forget. Besides, you're my pal. I'd never cross you, ze."

Patchouli groans irritably but softly says "let's just get started before I decided to kick you all out. Really; so noisy."

Unknown to all, hiding behind a dark corner, behind a dusty old bookshelf nearing the second floor is Flandre Scarlet, who wears a red vest and short red skirt, a pink undershirt with puffy sleeves, a white mop cap with a ribbon to the left, and has odd-looking wings made of iron rods with hanging multi-colored glass shards on her back, long blond hair tied to a left-side ponytail, and red vampire eyes.

She watches with both worry and great curiosity at the girls gathered there while thinking "and there's Marisa. This sure looks like fun, but I can't go down there and play with them. If onee-sama finds me I'll get yelled at and scolded again."

The blond vampire gasps and hides into the bookshelf when the shrine maiden turns her sight in her direction, then thinks "dammit, that Reimu. That was close. I won't let her see me and tell sis! I always miss the fun stuff and I won't miss this! I wanna see!"

Unknown to her, Reimu already knows of her presence, but as long as the little vampire behaves she will not say or do a thing against said blonde.

For the past five minutes the girls have all been eerily quiet while working on something, or just watching the ones working do their thing.

On a table several feet away from the cauldron's right, Patchouli and Nitori are reading the red book over and over, and as they do the mechanical arms in the kappa's backpack place a turquoise stone, a sealed vial with the label "Blood of the Gods", the black feather of a crow tengu, and a Tiger's Eye stone on the table in front of them.

While the librarian-magician and the kappa, along with Alice and Koakuma watching, read through the pages of the book, Marisa works on writing on the cauldron's hot exterior with a small painter's brush and aquamarine paint.

With each letter, rune, and symbol written the smile on the witch and the excitement in her eyes grows, to the point of looking insane.

She moves a bit to her left and picks up a green paint cup from her left, then resumes her writing.

She stops with a maddened smile on her face and thinks "this is it. This. is. IT! These idiots will help me create the elixir of eternal life. One I can actually ingest without bursting my stomach!"

The black and white resumes writing on the hot cauldron while thinking "and all I had to do was tell them we are making a magical rain that will enhance our crops and vegetation. PHAH! Nitori even thinks this will make the waters cleaner and more nourishing! Heh, even Reimu believed that. And by the time they figure out what I'm up to, I will have drunk the elixir and made myself immortal!"

She stops using the green paint and picks up a third cup, this one with yellow pain, then resumes writing a rune that's part green, part aquamarine, and now will have some yellow as well, though the second she finishes the rune she frowns sadly.

"But, they trusted me, and I'm kinda being a bitch here. Even for someone like me, that's just low. And after I do become immortal, what if Reimu starts hating me for it? What if she no longer wants to see me? That... that would-"

While thinking these rather discouraging second thoughts the witch subconsciously finishes writing on the cauldron; she even picked the last cup filled with lilac paint and correctly applied every single symbol, rune and scripture where they belong.

After realizing she's done her smile returns, but alternates into a frown and goes back to smiling while thinking "no! No second thoughts now! I'll make it up to them all if it comes down to it. That's it, after I'm immortal I'll apologize sincerely, then I'll make it up to them with a gift of something. I'll have more than enough time, so yeah, that's what I'll do!"

Unaware of it, Reimu has been observing her witch friend all that time and has decided to approach her.

She grabs Marisa by her shoulder, forces her on her feet, and then loudly exclaims "you are plotting something Kirisame!"

All eyes, even those hidden red eyes from the corner turn to the witch and the maiden as said maiden continues "tell the truth! You don't truly concern yourself with anything other than YOU, and all of a sudden you want to make a holy rain spell for all Gensokyo, like some god! What are you really up to?"

Marisa stammers nervously upon the realization of all those eyes set fixed on her and waiting for her answer and thinks "shit, I should have seen this coming! Reimu's intuition is going to ruin this. I can't allow it! Calm yourself Marisa! Calm yourself down and think!"

A long sigh escapes the witch as she closes her eyes to relax herself and mentally iron out her face of any expression, and then opens her eyes again to look at Reimu in the most relaxed manner possible to her at the moment.

She grins that annoyingly confident way that only she can, straightens herself out before plucking the maiden's hands off her shirt, then says "relax, relax. You are just being paranoid. Look, if anything goes wrong and these rains start killing the plants instead of making them grow, I have the counter-spell ready. You'll all see this will be well worth it."

The red and white maiden stands in place with her hands on her hips as she stares at the overconfident witch, then points at her with her right hand and says "you better not be lying to me or I'm going to beat you to next year, you hear me? NEXT YEAR!"

One large drop of sweat rolls down the heads of all present in the room, including the hiding vampire, when they feel the intensity of Reimu's words reaching them.

The shrine maiden quickly realizes that aside from the shivering witch in front of her there are also the other two witches, a kappa, a demon, and a hidden vampire all giving her the "please-pipe-down" eyes, so accepting this defeat the maiden mutters under her breath while walking straight toward a bookshelf, and rests her back against it with her arms crossed under her small chest while angrily glancing all around herself.

"IT'S ALMOST DONE!" shouts the black and white witch after five hours of boring, uneventful and rather silent preparations.

Reimu is now sitting on a chair far away from the cauldron, right underneath Flandre's hiding spot and still glancing angrily at the girls as they prepare their experiment.

As for Alice, though at first she only planned on watching, she somehow ended up assisting Marisa with her spell recital practice, and now seems quite eager to conduct this experiment as well.

Koakuma, being the little devil she is, has attempted to sabotage the whole experiment with one of her hiding games by trying to hide the tengu feather, but ended up tied up by sacred ropes, courtesy of Reimu, and sits facing a corner with her head-wings down.

From her hiding place above the maiden, Flandre thinks "this is so boring! And with that red and white under me, I can't sneak out and go to my room! I wanna go sleep!" while looking around with a frustrated look on her face and seeking for any manner of sneaking out of the room.

She begins to shiver with anxiousness, her thoughts are becoming more and more untangled, her lips stretch into a vile and insane smile, and now a solution has become clear to the deranged little vampire.

"Break the maiden and go to sleep. Yeah, that's all I need to do. Hehehe, it's so simple, how could I be so stupid. Stupid little Flan. Now just raise that hand, grab her stupid eye aaaaand..."

As the insane little girl thinks this she slowly raises her right hand with the palm open, curves her fingers as though holding something in mid-air, and prepares to make the shrine maiden go kyuun!

"Jeez, finally." exclaims Alice with a groan.

Even Shanghai seems anxious as her master continues "I thought you were all prepared for this!"

Marisa chuckles nervously and with a sheepish smile on her face she says "sorry, forgot tonight was a full-moon's night, ze."

Flandre's mind snaps back to somewhat normal, her idea to kill Reimu becomes a fuzzy memory, and she returns her sight toward the cauldron and smiles excitedly when Patchouli and Nitori place the blood and the turquoise stone into the bubbling mint-green liquid, which turns snot-green after the last ingredients are placed in.

Marisa grabs the tengu's feather on her left hand and the tiger's eye stone on her right hand, holds them on her open hands while facing the cauldron, then chants an odd incantation.

A warm wind starts blowing right out of the cauldron, yet the feather on Marisa's hand remains in its place.

Reimu looks curious and walks over to Patchouli while watching the liquid as it gurgles violently and turns bright red, then whispers "she's making her move. Get ready."

The purple-haired magician nods once and prepares a dim aquamarine ball of light on her hand, while Alice prepares a bright red shard on Shanghai's capable little hands.

To all of this, the happy kappa remains blissfully oblivious while watching the liquid change to deep blue and exclaims "yes! The color of the river! This is going to be great Marisa!"

The witch fails to reply, so Nitori looks over and asks "Marisa did you hear me?"

The black and white witch ignores the kappa's call as she moves toward the cauldron and thinks "one sip. One sip is all I need, and I will have become immortal! Come on girl, move fas-"

An aquamarine barrier appears before the witch, halting her progress and frustrating her to the point of rage almost immediately.

"What the hell are you doing Patchouli?" barks Marisa as she turns her furious stare toward the one-week magician.

Said magician calmly says "I'm sorry but the experiment was a failure. I can't let you get closer. ...Unless. Maybe you would like to share something with us? Perhaps tell me why this book is a tampered magical replica?"

The black and white witch gasps loudly, Nitori stares in shock and disbelief toward mentioned witch, both Alice and Reimu share an angry stare, and from the corner Koakuma has freed herself from the rope and flips her thumbs up at Marisa.

The witch opens her mouth to explain after realizing she's been found out, but the doors to the library bang open, and the liquid inside the cauldron bubbles and snaps violently as murky grey clouds begin to rise from it.

Byakuren Hijiri, a beautiful woman with long wavy light-brown hair that's purple on the top, has hazel eyes, and wears a black and red cape, a black and white dress that has the black part cross-laced on the front, and is holding to a blue magical scroll.

To her left is Sanae Kochiya, who has long light-green hair, green eyes, adorns her hair with a frog clip above a coiled snake which holds her sideburn on her left, and wears a white vest with blue borders, a long blue skirt, and has a pair of detached sleeves like Reimu.

The magician monk groans and exclaims "we were too late!", and then the blue and white maiden roars with fury.

The red and white one casually looks up at the girls and asks "what's the problem you two? Too late for what?"

Byakuren reveals the red book, tosses it over to Patchouli and says "Reimu, Marisa tricked you all! She wants to create an elixir of immortality, but the concoction is far too dangerous!"

"DANGEROUS?" exclaims the confused kappa, who breathes through her mouth several times before managing to say "she-she told me it was safe! That she wanted to make trees and foods grow ten times their size, flowers bloom; clean the river!"

"GULP! Ahhh, that tasted better than expected, ze."

With horror in their faces the girls all remember about Marisa and her attempts to approach the cauldron, and watch as the witch smacks her lips and happily says "and now, I am immortal!"

Reimu chokes on a gasp and raises her arm while looking worriedly toward her friend, but long before words can leave her mouth the cauldron begins to make a rumbling sound and the clouds made by the concoction start to spark lightning bolts.

Sanae shrieks and exclaims "we have to get out of here! Byakuren it's just as you said! We have to leave, NOW!"


Reimu's heart-stopping scream shocks all in the room, and when their eyes lay upon the witch they all bear witness to one horrifying sight.

Marisa lies on her hands and knees as she vomits all the blood from her body, her skin shrivels and dries right before their eyes, and yet she keeps breathing.

The red and white maiden starts screaming as though she's being tortured with a knife, and soon she starts bleeding through her ears and mouth as the clouds from the cauldron envelop her.

Shortly after, the whole room is filled with the screaming of girls and odd splashing sounds as the clouds take over the room, and shortly after that the corridor outside the library shares the same disturbing event.

From outside the mansion the cloud can be seen as it rapidly takes the entire building within, and from one of the rooms a girl furiously cries "SAKUYAAA! SAKUYA, GET UP! AAAAAHHHHHHHH!"

All over the mansion the sound of girls screaming and gagging, and the sound of splashing and thuds goes on for exactly fifteen minutes, and then silence.

A lone window on the front of the second floor bursts open and the murky clouds finally break out of the mansion and quickly take to the skies.

Fairies, humans, and youkai all marvel at the sight of the clouds as they begin the conquering of Gensokyo, all marveling at the sight, not knowing of the danger they are in.

Only a few humans in the village know this is something far more dangerous than it seems when the eyes of the Dragon God statue's at the center of the village start glowing intense red and the statue itself roars, but even so they cannot tell what sort of fate awaits them.

Three Days Later

Aya Shameimaru, tengu reporter that has short raven-black hair, red eyes, and wears a white shirt, a black skirt, red geta sandals with a tall platform, and a red tokin on her head, flies around the murky-clouded skies of Gensokyo while admiring the scenery and speaking to herself out loud.

"Three days cooped up in my house, just because I took a picture of lady Arile's heart panties. Talk about issues."

She looks ahead of herself and admires the scenery of the odd clouds with crawling sparks covering the Sun, seemingly ganging up wherever said ball of radiant light might be.

The lone tengu then scouts around the Youkai Forest underneath her and loudly says "boy, it's so quiet. I haven't seen a kappa, a fairy, a youkai, a Sanae... nothing but trees. Jeez, maybe after being locked for so long- *GASP!*"

Her gasp and shock is so sudden her black crow wings pop right out of her back, then she clasps her own face with her hands and exclaims "oh no! I missed a big scoop! GRRR, so UNFAIIIIIR!"

She hurries to her destination while saying "no way, no way, no HOW; no way I'm missing this scoop! Murky clouds covering Gensokyo for three whole days, sparks of lightning keep coursing through those clouds like snakes? This is a big incident! I'm going to get to Reimu first and cover the story all by myself!"

Again she stops and rests her crossed arms on her well-endowed chest and closes her eyes while in deep thought and hums.

"But knowing that lazy maiden she must have moved on by now, so getting in her way will mean I get blown right out of the sky. I need to be careful."

While the crow tengu thinks up a bird-brained idea to intercept the Hakurei maiden without getting in harm's way, she's unaware of the familiar figure to her left.

"Sorry Shameimaru, but I'm afraid this scoop is, like, mine!" says the figure.

Aya turns a furious glare at the figure and exclaims "HATATE! Of all the annoying bitches I could run into!"

Hatate Himekaidou is another crow tengu, and Aya's stalker, and she has long brown hair tied to twin tails, brown eyes, and wears a black tie around a pink shirt's collar, a checkered black and purple skirt, and holds a checkered yellow and orange cell-phone, which happens to be her camera.

Pointing at her rival, the twin-tailed tengu claims "how rude you are! Anyway I am going to take you down now and take the story for myself! Then I'll write how I beat you up and took the story right from under your feeble wings!"

The girl grunts as she feels the air in her body leaving her after a hard and blunt impact on her stomach, then coughs hard and wheezes "ch-cheating cow-crow."

The black haired tengu has sunk her knee inside the twin-tailed tengu's stomach and smiles confidently while boastfully saying "sorry, but third-rated reporters aren't allowed their own scoops until they hatch from their eggs."

A symphony of painful sensations grace the back of Aya's head after Hatate recovers and uses her fist and camera to strike the well-endowed crow, then flies away from her adversary to avoid any retaliation.

While the short haired girl furiously rubs the back of her head, the long haired and surprisingly well endowed girl pulls a spell card from her pocket, and then notices her opponent has successfully unbuttoned her shirt.

She squeals and covers her small black brassiere that almost fails to cover her unmentionables, manages to button herself up rapidly, then points at the perverted crow and exclaims through tears "th-that was a cheat shot you pervert!"

Aya is already recovered and is sticking her tongue out at the checkered-skirted girl while winking cutely, then reveals her own camera and playfully says "and I took a close-up shot too. Can't wait to develop this film!"

Hatate's growl quickly develops into a roar, and then she shouts "Continuous Shooting, Rapid Shot!"

The black haired girl moves in quick circles around her stalker while they both take as many pictures of each other as they can.

Panty shots, bra shots, compromising shots, questionable shots, head shots, leg shots, and after having enough material for herself the black haired girl flies right in front of the checkered-skirted girl's face and flashes her directly in her eyes with her camera.

"GRAH! Dammit Aya that's, like, cheating!" shouts the brown-haired girl.

The mentioned tengu chuckles victoriously, raises a spell card, then says "look, I don't have time to waist with you, so... Illusionary Dominance!"

The black-haired tengu girl moves around fast and rapidly picks up her pace until she's a bright red beam flying around the dizzy brown-haired girl.

As she passes by Hatate she kicks, punches and peep-shots the girl, and when she's sure the girl has had enough, she stops in front of her and smiles.

"Well, you made me waste time" says the black-haired girl as a vein pulsates on her forehead, then continues "so a small beating is in order before I send you crashing to the ground, so~"

Aya takes her fan and swings it hard to create one small tornado, kicks the screaming girl while laughing, flies above the girls' head, and when the tornado dies down and Hatate is left in a daze, the black haired tengu dive-kicks her on the chest and sends her crashing to the ground.

BOOM! "Oof!"

The tengu girl with the checkered skirt lands face-first on the ground below, spewing a bit of blood upon impact and having her skirt raised due to the impact, and is now showing off her black panties as she rests on the small patch of grass beneath her.

Aya takes several pictures and watches triumphantly from the sky as her tengu opponent slowly gets up, then shouts "well Hatate, it was annoying but fun, so you go back home and lick your wounds while the real reporters do their job."

The girl on the ground recovers quickly enough to get up and flip a finger at the airborne girl, and that's when she notices something in the trees.

"Wha-what the-? G-get away!" exclaims Hatate as she tries to back away from something.

Aya looks curiously at the girl, then screams out of fright when a pack of blood-covered fairies and youkai with rotting skins jump from the trees and start biting hard on the brown haired girl's skin, making one annoying and disturbing moan while doing so.

From the sky Aya gasps in horror and screams "HATATE! HATATE GET OUT OF THERE!"

From the ground the tengu girl groans her last, but just before her hand falls limp she manages to clearly scream "Shameimaru, you bitch!", while flipping her off one last time for good measure.

There is one loud and disturbing gushing sound along with a crunch, Hatate's body convulses, then the attackers stop eating the girl and look up at Aya.

The crow shrieks when she notices the fairies are missing pieces of flesh from several places of their bodies, the youkai look all slimy and smell worse than a male wolf tengu after intense training, and all who have at least one eye left have lost their irises, leaving only one disgusting bloodshot or white round orb inside dried sockets, and some seem to be oozing black slime from their eye-sockets, whether empty or not.

Terrified by the sight the crow tengu gasps and quickly flies away, followed closely by the strange fairies and the only youkai that can fly.

"What was that? What just happened? WHAT DID I JUST DO?" repeats Aya as she flies erratically through the air.

Her wings have sprung on their own again and she flaps them madly, even though she doesn't really need them to fly, but she can't think straight.

She's got some fairies and a youkai that stink like hell and look like they have been killed several times over, and added to the fact that these creatures just ate Hatate to her death doesn't help the crow tengu's rapid-beating heart and unhinged nerves to settle.

The girl starts to sweat even though she's being caressed by cool air, and says "need to go to shrine Hakurei! Reimu get helping for! ARGH, this stench is driving me mad!" and now she starts panting as she propels herself forward.

"WAIT A MINUTE!" exclaims Aya as she skids in the air and turns around then says to herself "what the hell is wrong with me? I have danmaku, and I am PLENTY strong on my own!"

She takes her fan on her right hand, summons energy to her left hand, and as she faces the disgusting-looking fairies and the youkai she grins confidently and exclaims "I'll just get rid of you and get a good story out of it while I'm at it!"

The decaying fairies hiss and moan as they get closer to the tengu, but are met by powerful gales and an almost-never-ending barrage of red and blue bullets, far more than needed to deal with weaklings like fairies or low-class youkai like the one in the decaying group.

The creatures break apart with the blade-like winds and are cooked to a crisp with Aya's bullets, then the wind stops and allows the remaining ashes to fall straight down to the trees below.

The crow-girl with black wings on her back twirls once in the air and takes her camera from around her neck, twirls around again and aims the lens at the ashes, and while raising two fingers on her left hand she exclaims "Aya Shameimaru, age 17, Slayer of Stinky Monster and Savior of the Youkai Forest. Oh yeah, that sounds like front page material alright!"

She starts to sweat when she realizes she just pulverized the proof of her claims to dust, and taking a picture of floating dust isn't going to cut it as proof, no matter how badly she wants it to be.

The girl shrugs, hangs her camera around her neck, then turn around and casually flies away while saying "eh, guess I missed my chance," and that's when she senses something is behind her once again.

She turns her startled face and watches as the dust particles rapidly expand, and now her pursuers are back in, sort of, once piece, and I say-sort of because of the missing chunks of flesh from their bodies.

"Oh shiiiiit!" exclaims the tengu girl as she turns around to fly away again, but quickly realizes her left, front and right are blocked by more decaying fairies, as well as several other flying youkai, and what she THINKS is one of her crow friends, which is missing the cover for its stomach's insides.

She whimpers as she looks around herself, and then gulps before nervously asking "what the hell?", then dives down and flaps her wings as hard as her strength will allow to try and go under the surrounding monsters.

She screams as she halts in front of another group of decaying fairies that pops out from under the trees, screeches when she lifts her leg to avoid getting clawed by a disgustingly decayed nekomata, then starts to whimper and cry when she realizes the dire situation she's in.

"Th-this can't be. I... I was just going to get a story, that's all. I can't..." Aya shivers as the word "die" crosses her mind, whimpers when the fairies moan as they get closer, drooling green slime from their mouths, then the tengu takes off to the ground while shouting "I CAN'T DIE LIKE THIS!"

The moment she makes her desperate move to escape, the disgusting looking flying monsters chase after her, though are a bit slow.

That doesn't matter, though.

Aya is so frightened she keeps flying erratically, and even with her speed she hinders herself to constant slow-downs, especially when the treetops start shaking violently.

It doesn't take the tengu that long to see the many decaying youkai jumping from treetop to treetop besides her in a rather clumsy attempt to cut her off.

Regardless of how clumsy and slow they may be, the smell they emanate and their disgusting looks are enough to send the crow tengu's mind into freak-mode, and thus preventing her from effectively using her attacks and abilities the way she should.

Aya Shameimaru, age 17 (that's a lie), has foolishly run straight toward a clearing where the monsters have just finished off a rather large beastly youkai and have left it bleeding at the left edge of the clearing, were its guts are literally spilled all around.

The tengu girl gasps, gags and almost vomits when she sees that supposedly dead youkai thrash about to get on all fours, and as soon as it's on its feet it snorts as it turns its attention to the girl.

It spits its own blood as it roars, its left eye falls off its socket, and now, after recovering enough to think a coherent thought, Aya finds herself surrounded by countless of the decaying monsters, plus one large gutted beast.

"Oh no. Oh shit! I'm surrounded!" she cries as she turns her head and eyes around the clearing.

Once again she tries danmaku on the creatures, covering the ones in front of her in a blanket of red and blue, but these only turn to ash for three seconds before magically coming back to life.

There is a moment of pause and Aya takes this moment to chuckle nervously and ask "so, you guys, er, like sports or something? WAH~!"

The monsters rush to her from all sides and at this moment she curls up into a quivering mass while thinking "dear lord Tenma, I regret to inform you that due to an untimely death from my part, and the totally accidental death of Hatate, we weren't able to leave any contribution to the tengu race other than some awesome news, particularly my own works. Please bury our bodies-and I don't wanna DIEEEEEE~!"

Out of complete despair the tengu reporter picks her camera and aims it in front of herself while looking away, quivering with fright, then takes a single shot, and several thuds are quickly heard after the shutter click.

The tengu girl looks in front of herself and stares at all the monsters, including the gutted youkai, lying lifelessly on the ground, unmoving and silent; then jumps toward them to avoid the swarm that were just about to claw and bite her to her death, and stares at the dead monsters on the ground.

She braves her luck and shoves one of the decaying fairies with her foot, flinches, but quickly discovers they are really dead.

She grabs her camera with both hands and stares at it, pulls it free from her neck, then says "my camera did that?" and stares at the still-sorta-living monsters.

They lunge at her, but she's ready.

"KYAAAHH~" screams the girl as she takes several more pictures as fast as she can, flashing the creatures with that bright spark from her camera, and they all drop to the ground in front and all around the surprised tengu.

Every single creature that refused to die and was attacking her just a moment ago lie lifelessly on the ground, and though some twitch, they remain where they are.

"What the-?" asks the dumbstruck tengu girl to herself before saying "I have to make sure!", then takes off to the sky.

She is immediately attacked by several decaying fairies on the front, these ones with empty sockets for eyes.

She raises her camera, takes two pictures, and the disgusting fairies drop from the sky like flies.

Aya starts to laugh upon her discovery, then quickly progresses to a cackle as she takes the picture of more of the decaying monsters.

She dives down closer to the trees to take the pictures of those youkai on them while saying "take that! And that, and that, and THAT! You disgusting shits can all DIE! AHAHAHAHA~!"

She takes the skies once again and realizes the monsters have stopped attacking, and boastfully exclaims "yeah! Took care of all those things! Too bad about Hatate though."

She shrugs and says "oh well, better go to the shrine and quickly report this to Reimu. After that I'll get a juicy story as I, Aya Shameimaru, help the Hakurei maiden tackle this disgusting incident! Ah-ha-ha-haa~!"

After celebrating her victory over the decaying monsters the tengu flies straight toward her intended destination, and remains blissfully unaware she's being watched from beneath the trees.

The Hakurei Shrine, which rests on top of a tall mountain at the eastern border of Gensokyo, should be the ever-watchful eye of this magical paradise, guarding the border and watching over the land to solve the many incidents that occur, but now it is a derelict set of small buildings infested with all sorts of decaying youkai and fairies that limp about aimlessly.

Though Aya doesn't really have the same eyes as Momiji, a comrade white wolf tengu, she can clearly see the derelict state of the shrine and the many monsters crawling around there.

She stops in mid-air and stares at the shrine with her mouth agape, then manages to gasp and say "w-wait? The shrine. Reimu! What happened here?" and while scanning the buildings as best she can she whimpers incoherent words.

"But how?" she asks herself as she scans more furiously around the shrine, probably looking for the maiden.

"Did I miss some really big scoop while I was under house arrest? Was there some sort of epic battle to the death and Reimu lost? Am I still trapped inside my house and somehow got caught in my own imagination out of sheer boredom?"

The tengu girl pinches her cheeks and yelps, then gulps and nervously says "n-nope. I'm awake. Haha..." and after realizing she's laughing, though out of nervousness, she slaps her own face and growls "th-this isn't funny!"

She gives the shrine one last glance as she turns around to head straight back to the Tengu Village, but her mind immediately punishes her with memories that cause her guilt.

True that Reimu can be a bitch, especially when she's solving an incident, but she's also a sweet person most of the time, and a very good and reliable friend.

Images of the maiden pass by the tengu's mind; images of Reimu offering food and tea with that un-amused face of hers, actually conversing amiably and always telling the truth and nothing but the truth, even when annoyed by the tengu's presence.

...And guilt quickly starts eating through her, so strongly in fact that her shoulders and left eye keep twitching while she keeps turning toward and away from the shrine.

Aya finally stops while facing the shrine; her twitching stopped and her fear taken over by resolute courage; and with her camera on her risen right hand she exclaims "this time it's going to be ME who solves the incident! I'll save Reimu and write the story as it unfolds from MY point of view! Nobody will question me when I say I only write the truth after this!"

She dives straight to the shrine and exclaims "hold on Reimu, I'm coming to save you!", and so begins the story of an Undying Gensokyo.

"Ok, so I made it this far..." says Aya to nobody in particular as she peeks her head over the last three steps under the broken red gate, then asks " what should I do?"

The shrine used to be such a beautiful and peaceful place to visit, but now it looks like an ancient haunted ground with decaying and sort-of undying creatures roaming about.

The air is thick with the smell of death, accompanied by a thin brown mist that looks all kinds of unnatural.

The red gate has the left half standing by a miracle, the right half looks like it's been hacked by a blunt blade until it tumbled forward, and now leans against the left beam.

The donation box, though never really important seeing as it was always empty, has been blasted several times, leaving only its base atop of the stairs.

The main shrine itself looks broken down and about ready to collapse on its own, but what Aya is most interested in is the building behind it.

The building used for the maidens to live their daily lives and fulfill their bodily needs.

The girl smacks herself across the face while saying to herself "no naughty thoughts now Shameimaru."

She stops slapping herself around while looking at the living house, the only building in the shrine grounds that looks solid, and whispers "right, I'm sure she's gotta be there. She's been protecting it, I can tell!"

The tengu takes her camera with both hands and inspects the whole thing three times before saying "gonna need to group as many of them as I can before taking the shot to save some film, then make my heroic entrance, save Reimu's butt, then we can solve this smelly incident."

She casually looks to her left at the slime-drooling fairy breathing through her mouth, then looks to her right at what looks like a skinned rabbit with blade for ears, giggles and waves her fingers at them, then takes their picture, flashing them to their immediate deaths.

"Ayayaya, maybe I should have waited for more", and that's when she gasps upon realizing all the decaying monsters in the shrine are quite aware of her presence.

She screams at the top of her lungs as she crawls up the stairs to avoid getting maimed by several sharp claws and bloodied teeth aimed at her gorgeous calves, rolls under the almost-falling red gates, and stops while aiming her camera at the creatures, then says "big smiles now!"

The monsters all open their mouths wide as they rush toward the tengu, there's a click and a quick flash from the camera, and several of the fairies and youkai drop to the ground, while four more continue moving.

"HOLY CRAP, THEY LIVE!" exclaims the tengu right after jumping back once to avoid a set of teeth.

The large red gate finally gives way and instantly falls on top of the monsters, pinning them down under its weight and allowing Aya to walk closer and take one more picture, silencing them in a flash.

She sighs with relief, wipes her sweating forehead with the back of her arm and says "so, seems some of these things take two snaps to crack."

The rest of the creatures at the shrine grounds moan when they feel the tengu's presence, and though not really knowing this fact she nervously says to herself "ohh-no. Maybe they know I'm here now."

She takes a fighting stance with her camera on hand and bravely exclaims "well no matter! I'll just kill them all and move on to the next stage!"

The tengu girl looks to the right of the shrine and realizes she's going to have to walk through a narrow path between the shrine and the trees.

"The trees..." whispers Shameimaru when she gets a better look at them.

They look old, taller, far more sinister than a spooky tree should look, and all seem to be bending forward as though attempting to look down on some would-be prey before swinging their branches to nab said pray and do whatever it is evil trees do to live prey.

She shakes her head to escape that though and considers flying over the building, but doing so might incite another aerial attack, and heavens know that tengu doesn't want that again.

She looks to the left of the shrine and quickly disregard that option when she notices how dark it looks over there with all those bushes and vines, and so, in her mind, she is left with but one choice, and that is to brave the spooky trees through the right narrow path over to the living house on foot, ignoring the option of going through the inside of the main shrine to the back.

The foolish but brave tengu takes her first step and suddenly realizes how quiet it's become. Not even the wind is blowing.

She takes another step and the clack from the tall platform on her sandal sounds like a powerful bang loud enough to wake the dead, so thinking it's too late for sneaking about she decides to screw it and walk as fast as she can.

As she gets closer to the back her heart starts beating fast, her limbs feel hot and cold at the same time with adrenaline rushing through them back-and-forth.

Her breathing becomes labored, the grip on her camera seems to fail her, and every step she takes forward feels like getting closer to her untimely death.

From her left, inside the shrine, she can hear quick footsteps heading her way so she speeds up her pace along with her heartbeats.

The tengu screeches and falls on her butt as a massive red pillar breaks through the inside of the shrine, slams against the trees and falls to the ground with several thunderous bangs.

The terrified tengu looks inside the pitch-dark shrine through the new hole and manages to see a familiar silhouette just before it zips away, then tries to get up.

She immediately realizes her left leg is stuck under the large red pillar that USED to be the shrine's gate, then exclaims "uh-oh! G-gotta get-", but before she can finish her sentence she gulps when she sees a group of decaying fairies diving toward her.

"G-GET AWAY!" she exclaims as she takes her camera and takes three pictures to make sure all the fairies are down, but quickly learns there are more fairies and dog-looking monsters headed her way.

Even though she's hyperventilating and her arms feeling like jelly, Aya manages to take her fan from underneath herself and quickly blows the old column straight at her attackers and gets up on her feet.

She breathes hard and fast thought her mouth while glancing around with a horrified look, then shouts "someone's trying to kill me! Reimu! I need Reimu!"

The tengu girl takes flight and quickly realizes she's made a mistake when she finds herself taking several pictures all around herself and knocking down several fairies and what look like ghoulish spirits the size of humans.

"This is insane! Why are there so many?" exclaims Aya while looking for an escape, and find it she does.

After killing another group of decaying monsters in front of herself she sees an open path straight to the side doors of the living house and dives straight to it.

She takes pictures of three more rotting dog-like youkai that headed forth to stop her advance into the house, lands next to their limp bodies in front of the sliding doors, turns around and takes a picture of more flying attackers, killing them all in an instant, and before anything else happens she opens those doors, enters the dark shrine, then closes the doors again as fast as she can.

The inside of the building is dark, far darker than she anticipated.

Even to her tengu eyes it is difficult to see, and with a gulp she tries scanning around as best as she can, aiming her camera in front of herself.

For some reason, the more her eyes adjust to the darkness the more nervous she gets, and now makes the mistake of taking rapid breaths through her mouth.

She whimpers when she notices her mistake and quickly raises her camera as she flinches in case something decides to jump on her, but after some seconds pass and nothing happens she slowly opens her left eye and recomposes herself.

After being able to see she's alone in the dark shrine, with only the small table close to the door and wall ornaments around her undisturbed, she sighs quietly and whispers to herself "seems I'm the only one here", and then her heart gets heavy at the realization.

The inside of the shrine is far too dark, nothing seems to have been disturbed, not even in the kitchen, there doesn't seem to have been any attempts to open any windows, and this all leads to the disheartening fact that Reimu might not be here at all.

"So she's not here" whispers Aya to herself, holding back a hot tear from escaping her left eye, though it still flows free and rolls down her cheek, dangles on her chin for a second, then drops to the floor below the girl.

The drop plops on the floor and something rattles inside the building immediately afterward, making loud thumps from one of the bedrooms.

Aya takes her camera and prepares it, though her nervous heart is making it hard for her to actually stand in place.

"Wh-who's there?" whimpers the crow tengu while looking around, then bravely whimpers "Reimu, is that you?"

There is no response, and feeling it's far safer to stay inside the shrine rather than go outside and face countless smelly monsters, the reporter decides to investigate.

After a quick gulp for courage the girl slowly makes her way toward the narrow rooms corridor, making sure she makes as little noise as possible while moving around.

Her own sandals make a very light thud as she moves closer and closer to the corridor while keeping as close to the right wall as she can, and when she reaches the archway to said corridors she stops and thinks "there's someone here, I can feel her presence! But what is this uneasiness I'm feeling?"

The tengu has to gulp down her rapid-beating heart back into her chest, though doing this is followed by the shivering of her whole body, yet she manages to steel herself.

Nodding to herself she cries loudly as she jumps into the dark and narrow corridor looking further inside its right while holding her camera tightly, but there's nothing at all.

She sighs loudly after feeling great relief, then says to herself "phew, there was nothing after all."

The broom closet door to her immediate left bursts open and knocks the tengu reporter away, and immediately from within jumps a human-child-sized fairy with blonde hair tied to pigtails, wearing a blood-stained white and red dress.

Her face is half-rotten, leaving half her mandible and blood-stained teeth bare, and she moves like a fast beast.

Aya shrieks with panic but manages to raise her camera as quickly as the decaying fairy jumps on her, then takes a shot.

"MISCHIEVOUS TRIO?" exclaims Aya as the decaying figure of Sunny Milk veers away and tumbles backward against the farthest wall after getting flashed.

The reporter kicks herself up on her feet and stares at the decaying fairy as it rubs its eyes with its bony hands, then says "oh crap! Where there's one of you the other two aren't far behind!"

She doesn't have time to scout around for the remaining two fairies as the one in front hisses and jumps toward her, so the reporter quickly takes the next photo and the decaying creature misses her mark and slams face-first on the oven at the kitchen, which lies right next to the living room to the left of the building.

There is no respite for the tengu as the decaying fairy quickly hops back on her feet and lunges forward again.

Aya yelps as she raises her camera again but the fairy has tackled her ribs and knocked her to the floor.

Almost crying in despair and feeling disgusted, the reporter pushes the fairy by its shoulders as it tries to take desperate and vicious bites out of her neck, though this proves to be tasking as the strength of this fairy far surpasses her own; and she's a tengu.

"GET OFF!" screams Aya after managing to push the little monster off, then takes her camera and takes one, two, three more pictures in rapid succession while stumbling backward to her feet.

The decaying figure of Sunny hisses and groans as it struggles to get on its feet, and though with a hard and rapid-beating heart and wobbly legs Aya manages to walk over to the struggling monster and furiously shouts "JUST DIE ALREADY!", then takes on last picture.

The camera starts its auto-rewind after the film is spent, and now the girl finds herself alone with an unmoving corpse once again.

Though breathing hard through her mouth, she says "damn, what... what is up with you? Why... why did it take so many... so many shots to kill you?", then quickly opens her camera to take out the old film and replace it with a new one as fast as she can.

She shrieks and takes a picture when someone bangs a door from inside the bedrooms, but before totally freaking out thinking it's the other two fairies, a soft girl's voice calls "Reimu? Hakurei Reimu is that you? Please, whoever you are, if you can understand me come inside the maiden's main room!"

The tengu whispers "hey, I know that voice," then proceeds to the rooms corridor once more.

She looks to Reimu's room and notices there's light coming from within it, so without waiting for any more surprises she rushes to the room, opens the sliding door, then rolls inside the room with her camera ready in case of an attack.

Instead of yet another decaying monster she comes face to face with Satori Komeiji, the mind/heart-reading youkai that resides in Chireiden; or Palace of the Earth Spirits.

She's crouching at a corner in the lamp-lit room and looking at Aya with a subtle hint of distress in her eyes.

She has short purple hair with a black headband and purple eyes, and wears a pastel-blue shirt and pink skirt, and has a red eye near her chest that's attached with strings around her body.

The satori stares silently at the tengu for a moment, then suddenly sighs as though with great relief, then says "thank goodness. I thought I was going to end up like them, or worst, Miss Shameimaru."

Aya gulps and says "ah, it's that girl from before, from the incident underground. Um, Sardoni was it?"

"Satori. Satori Komeiji" corrects the mind-reader, whom immediately resumes her speech "I see, so you are looking for Miss Reimu too. I was hoping you would have had at least seen her."

The tengu sweats and smiles rather uncomfortably while staring at the purple-haired girl, then chuckles nervously while saying "right, you can read my mind. How annoying!"

The shrine maiden's room is lit by a single lamp on a table on the corner, and from what the satori girl said it's been lighting the room since before she came.

"And after everyone got sick I had no choice but to come looking for the Hakurei Maiden's aid" says Satori as she tightens the embrace around her own legs while curling into a ball.

Aya is busy writing everything down on her notepad, which the satori doesn't seem to mind as she continues "the second I took flight I was attacked by those zombies and... yes I believe they are zombies."

The tengu gulps and says "at least let me ask the question!"

Satori grins lightly and replies "and I thought animals liked my mind-reading. Well, I guess tengu are slightly different."

The nervous tengu girl chuckles and says "um, riiight. So what about that fairy? How did you end up in here?"

Satori gulps as she looks toward the door of the room as though pained by the thought, then says "that fairy... There were two more with her, though I do not know where they are now."

"Stop doing that!" cries Aya, but Satori ignores her and continues "that one in red and white, she followed me inside the shrine and trapped me in here, and then she..."

Tears roll down the girl's eyes as she says "she told me they found Okuu while she was following me, and that she was tasty to them. She wanted to taste me but- Y-yes she managed to speak. Her two friends could speak too, though not as clearly."

This time the tengu didn't mind the satori reading her thoughts regarding the question of the talking zombie fairy as an act of sympathy for the pained girl.

Taking a deep breath to calm down the satori thanks Aya for understanding and continues "that girl almost got me, but I was able to escape her and get inside this room."

The tengu stops scribbling on her notepad and looks around the room with curiosity, but sees no seals or wards anywhere and asks "so she couldn't enter this room?"

Satori nods and says "she tried banging on the door but every time she tried she would scream as though in pain, then eventually stopped her attempts."

She points to the small end table at the corner of the room and says "no Miss Shameimaru, I didn't do anything at all. The only thing different in this room is that old typewriter over there."

On top of said table, next to the lamp, lies a very old-looking typewriter with some brand new ink ribbon on its side instead of being installed already, and to this the tengu girl sweats and stares in disbelief as she says "ayayayaya~, that's somehow familiar to me, but I just can't think of why."

The satori girl unrolls herself and opens her mouth to speak, but Aya jumps on her and covers her mouth while agitatedly saying "it's best to be left unsaid!"

"But I-" The tengu interrupts the satori again by shouting "BEST. LEFT. UNSAID!"

"Fair enough." says satori while glancing around the room before saying "but what now? I've already been here for a day, nobody else but you has come, and I'm starting to get a little hungry."

Aya looks around the room in search of the same answer she already possesses, though hoping it wasn't true, then takes in some air before speaking and Satori says "I agree. Going to the storage house should be the best course of action right now."

"Please, PLEASE! Let me SAY IT! Feels so WEIRD!" cries the black-haired tengu girl, to which Satori giggles mischievously and says "sorry, it's a force of habit."

Ignoring the satori again the tengu girl sighs as she grabs her camera once again, then says "fine then, I'll go there, and you ARE coming with me."

Satori twitches nervously and exclaims "but wait, I don't think I can... WAIT, WHAT DO YOU MEAN A MEAT SHIELD? Miss Aya that's NOT very nice!"

"You gotta be good for something other than annoying me" says the tengu while letting loose a rather cute little wink from her left eye, leaving Satori stunned with pink cheeks and a nervous twitch on the shoulders.

This seems to make Aya blush along as well.

Thinking it would be unwise to take the lamp with them the girls make their way out of the dark building using their memory of the shrine's layout and making sure to stay as far away from the now-dead zombie fairy in the living room as possible.

Aya opens the side sliding door slightly and Satori nervously whispers "be careful!", but the tengu ignores the nervous girl and peeks through the small opening.

Clear. Every single zombie fairy and youkai outside the building is dead under the still-sunless and unnaturally clouded sky.

"Huh, I guess I did kill them all on my way here after all." says the tengu with an admiring tone in her voice.

She opens the door all the way so that Satori can see all the zombies lying on the ground, unmoving and emanating a stomach-churning odor capable of bursting nostrils to flames.

The purple-haired girl pinches her nose and holds her mouth to avoid throwing up while the tengu takes notes of what she sees and says "maybe I did kill them all, maybe not. Let's stay on the ground just in case."

The satori nods while thinking "she's got to have a stomach of steel if this smell doesn't affect her."

"I guess I got used to the smell, that's all." says the tengu girl, to which Satori twitches and gasps, then stares in shock at the crow while thinking "what the hell? Did she read my mind just now?"

"No" casually replies the tengu girl, then turns to the satori and says "it's just written all over your face. Now come on, the faster we can get out of the open, the better."

The purple-haired one shrugs off any further questioning after the wise words from the tengu and follows after said girl as closely as she can.

They make their way through the shrine's porch to the back of the shrine as quietly as they can, and both sigh with great relief when the expected horde of zombies is not there.

Instead they come across a large empty dirt yard with unusual whooshing wind patterns lifting dust all around said yard.

The girls watch with caution as the odd wind patterns seem to make a massive door, and after noticing this Satori says "let's go around it. There's something very- Miss Aya? What's that you smell?"

A familiarly sweet scent reaches the tengu's nostrils, and although for a moment she's at a loss as to whom the scent might belong to, after she familiarizes with the scent a little longer she gasps loudly.

"Reimu?" exclaims the tengu as she walks off the porch and heads straight into the strange door, repeating "Reimu! It's Reimu! She's there, she's alive! I knew it!"

The satori youkai grabs hold of the tengu's shoulder and stops her progress, then says "Miss Tengu, there's something very wrong with all of this. Why would Reimu be-?" but before she can continue she finds herself being dragged along one excited crow tengu, who smiles as though she's just seen the most beautiful of angels in front of herself.

"SHAMEIMARU, SNAP OUT OF IT!" screams Satori as she tries to pull the tengu back, but she and the black-haired girl are inside that massive gate before she knows it.

Once inside the gate the tengu and satori find themselves in a completely different world.

The sky is riddled with strokes of pastel colors that seem to hang like curtains from the clouds, there is a thick black cloud covering the sun, and the ground is made to look like a massive desert.

At the end of the path in front of the girls, not that far from them is the red and white figure of Reimu Hakurei, standing in place with her back toward to the tengu and satori.

A bright beam of hope fills the crow tengu's eyes when she sees the maiden standing there.

She takes a hard gasp of excitement and shouts "REIMUUUU~! Reimu, I found you! Reimu!" She then aims to run straight toward her friend, only to be held back by the satori again.

The purple-haired girl grunts when using all the strength she can summon to herself while pulling back on the eager tengu, then manages to exclaim "WAIT! THERE'S SOMETHING. WRONG! THERE'S SOMETHING VERY WRONG WITH HER THOUGHT PATTERNS!"

Aya tries to pull Satori's arms off from around her waist as she attempts to walk toward Reimu while smiling and saying "it's just this place. Come on, it's Reimu! She'll solve this incident in-" but she stops in mid-sentence and stops moving.

That beam of hope in the tengu's eyes turn to dark despair, her smile turns to a devastated frown, and her cheeks and the skin around her eyes and nose turns almost black, then she gulps and whispers "Re... Reimu? What?"

The maiden turns around to reveal to the tengu the terrible truth.

The skin around her mouth is gone, her bare teeth are stained with dried blood, her eyes look like grey orbs with a painted black dot in the center, her hair looks dried and lifeless, and her skin has turned dark brown and looks as though there is no meat in them.

The zombie shrine maiden turns around completely emanating a sweet smell even though she's decaying, and with a growling voice she says "Shameimaru, Komeiji! I was getting hungry. Come to me now so that I may feast!"

Aya stands flabbergasted on the spot, not budging to Satori's attempts to pull her away as she stares at her dear deceased friend, then drops on her knees on the hot sand.

"Zombie. Reimu is a zombie. No, this is not true! She's strong! My friend is strong! This is a nightmare. Yes I'm dreaming that must be it I must be dreaming because that girl is impossible to beat I know I've tried so how is she one of them how how how how how!"

A powerful burning strike from the left of the face wakes the tengu from her broken thoughts, and remains silent as she stares at the purple-haired girl.

The satori girl sighs with great relief and exclaims "thank the spirits! When your mind broke like that I thought-"

"Wh-what happened with Reimu?" abruptly asks Aya.

The nervous satori looks around and exclaims "she's disappeared. Her thoughts are a mess; I can't pick up her location like this!"

Aya manages to get up on her feet on her own and shouts "l-let's get out of here!"

Satori points behind them and exclaims "she sealed the exit! We have to-"

"Shameimaru and Komeiji are alive! That's an incident!" growls the zombie maiden while the tengu and satori look around for the source of the voice as she continues "I will eat your flesh and devour your brain, then I can meditate more, for the sake of my brethren!"

"How come she can talk so coherently? What's the deal?" exclaims the tengu.

"That's what I've been trying to tell you!" exclaims Satori "unlike the rest, she has some level of brain function, but it's a complete mess. It's like her mind has been broken!"

A shadow is cast above the girls' heads and they are forced to jump separate ways when that red column from the shrine's gate comes flying straight at them.

Aya manages to spring up on her hands and knees quickly and exclaims "that's the column from before!", then from the sky swoops a white and reddish blur that cuts a gash on the tengu's right arm.

The girl screams as she holds her arm while Reimu loudly growls "shit, I missed! I was aiming for that succulent head!"

From the other side of the column the satori girl calls "Aya, are you alright? I can't seem to fly over this thing! ...Miss Aya?"

The tengu girl manages to fight off the pain and grab her camera as she groans and says "yeah, I'm fine! Stay behind that thing Satori. I'm taking this girl down!"

She turns sideways to the left and takes three pictures as fast as she can as she follows the zombie-girl's blur, then Reimu roars and falls on the sand, rolling like a ball before slamming hard on her back against an invisible wall.

The zombie maiden flips on her hands and feet and rushes to the tengu reporter like a beast, snarling and spewing coagulated blood from her mouth.

Aya is reasonably freaked by the sight, but manages to raise her camera again, though trembling quite badly, and sways right to avoid Reimu's quick hand attack and takes four more pictures, making the zombie girl yelp and roll on the ground once more.

This time the zombie maiden is taking long to get up, struggling against her own weight against the soft sand, so the reporter thinks this is the best moment to go check on her satori friend.

"Hey Satori, I'm coming over!" shouts the girl as she runs toward the column.

She jumps over it with ease and finds the mind-reader cowering next to the large column in a crouch guard.

The tengu girl places her hand on her chin while observing the purple-haired mind-reader in such pose, then grins and says "this looks very familiar. Such an unbecoming sight."

Satori raises her head in a fast jerk and without thinking she jumps on Aya, wraps her arms around her waist and exclaims with relief "thank the spirits! I thought she killed you when I heard you scream."

The black-haired girl smiles and chuckles nervously, looks away with embarrassment, then pats the satori's head while saying "um, yeah, yeah, er, you can let go now."

A loud roar from the air startles the girls who look up at Reimu as she dives toward them, but Aya instinctively grabs her fan, pulls it from her belt, swings it as hard as she can against the column and sends it flying toward the raging zombie girl, sending her flying under the column and slamming hard against the invisible wall, which comes with the disturbing crunch of the maiden's body as it's crushed between said wall and column.

The reporter shrieks and calls for Reimu, then runs as fast as she can through the disappearing sand toward her friend, and when she reaches the maiden, who lies crushed beneath the column, the sand and beautiful sky disappears, and now the girls find themselves back at the Hakurei Shrine's back yard.

Satori rushes to Aya's side and exclaims "no wait!", then stops her from taking the picture and says "her mind is back in one piece!"

"Aya, Satori ...s-s-so sorry." softly growls the maiden as she lifts her left hand, revealing a rather dangerous set of claws to the girls.

The tengu wants to shush her friend, but Reimu shakes her head and softly growls "n-not much time. Take wards. Place inside and we can't harm you while in there. The cauldron. at the Scarlet. spilled. for no more incident!"

The tengu reporter has to summon all her will to prevent herself from crying at the sight of her friend struggling as the maiden rummages through her right sleeve and pulls a pack of ten rectangular pieces of paper, then hands the pack to her tengu friend.

"Re-Reimu? Why? Don't go!" whimpers the tengu, but Reimu shakes her head again and softly growls "I'm. of them. Aya. You alive, so. you must save. or else no. Gensokyo no more. S-Satori takes Aya care."

The satori youkai finds no words to say but manages to nod while Reimu, with a more normal-sounding voice says "a scratch, a bite. will turn you to one. Keep safe and stop her."

To this, the tengu nervously look at the cut she had received before but immediately realizes her arm is fully healed and her skin looks the same as ever.

A pained smile takes the maiden as she says "take care now. Keep safe for each other. Guh, save.", and like day to night, from that sweet voice of Reimu Hakurei she switches to that monstrous roaring voice of the zombie maiden as she tries to claw the tengu's face off.

There is a flash, even though Aya is jumping away from the zombie maiden, and Reimu expires as the lose half of her decayed body slams solidly on the ground.

The tengu looks back and sees Satori placing her hands around her third eye wile breathing hard through her mouth, and after returning a glance to the tengu she says "I guess ...I'm useful after all."

Aya doesn't care as her thoughts dwell on Reimu, and after returning her sights to the maiden her tears start flowing uncontrollably from her eyes.

"Reimu!" whimpers the girl as she shoves her friend once, then grabs her by both shoulders and shakes her as she desperately calls for the maiden, getting no response from the decaying corpse trapped underneath the large red column.

She stops shaking her friend for fear of breaking her already dried deceased body in half, then lowers her head and sobs as she rests on her knees and remembers the last time she shared tea with the maiden.

Reimu, the shrine maiden of Hakurei, Suika, the oni, Mima the evil spirit, Marisa the ordinary magician, Yukari, the boundaries master, and Aya, the lone-wolf tengu, all laughing together while sharing laughs and drinking secretly spiked tea.

The reporter lets out a chuckles when she remembers how furious the maiden got when she realized the tea had sake in it, but even as angry as she was and how badly she punished them all, they still laughed it off in the end.

And now the maiden's body lies stiff on the ground, crushed underneath the same column Aya used to kill her off.

"No! This can't be this can't be! I killed her! I killed her I killed her I killed REIMU! How could I do this to my only friend, the only one I could talk to? She's dead she's dead and I killed her!"

The tengu reporter now feels warm as she gets wrapped by a very gentle embrace, then Satori's soft voice echoes in her mind as she says "you didn't kill her Miss Shameimaru, she was already like this. She belongs to them now and would have killed us instead. Take those thoughts away and be strong. Be strong so that we may fulfill her final requests."

"That cauldron she mentioned, at the Scarlet Mansion. We HAVE to take care of this incident for her. There will be a time to mourn, but now it's time to be strong."

The black-haired tengu slowly returns to her senses and can see the satori maiden embracing her from behind and placing her head on her shoulder.

Still, her eyes remain a little out of place as she looks back at the satori and nods, then after finally able to gulp down her tears she says "th-th-thank you. I... we must be strong. I must, f-for Reimu's sake."

Satori slowly removes her embrace and steps back, leaving some breathing room for the tengu, then asks "can you manage to stand?"

Aya nods and Satori quickly replies "good, because it's going to start getting dark, and those monsters, those... zombies, they seem to get stronger when it's darker."

Again the tengu nods, then places her hands on the ground to support herself as she clumsily stands up.

It's getting dark now, but Aya and Satori have managed to collect all the food reserves from the storage, which isn't that much, and have placed them all around the kitchen and the counters.

They are now dragging the body of Sunny Milk out of the building and then throw it together with the rest of the corpses that lie next to the entrance.

"Ok, I'm going to place it now." says Aya as she takes one of the wards Reimu gave her and readies herself to place it on the wall next to the sliding doors.

"Alright. Be very careful. We are youkai after all." nervously reminds Satori as she watches the tengu from a safe distance.

Said tengu gulps as her hand with the paper ward gets closer to the wall, and when it's two inches away from touching the wall the girl repeats in her mind "DO IT-DO IT-DO IT!" and quickly flicks the thing on to the wall where it sticks, and after she does she yelps when a magnetic energy pushes her hand away.

"Did it work?" cautiously asks Satori, to which Aya turns around with a confident smile and a slightly burned right hand, flips a thumb-up at the mind-reader, and exclaims "yes, it works. Thank you for actually letting me say it!"

The satori giggles while covering her mouth, then bows her head and says "you are welcome Miss Shameimaru. Yes I agree. After turning on some lamps, we should eat some vegetables."

The tengu's black wings sprout on their own and stretch stiff on the girl's back as she shrieks "STOP DOING THAAAAT!"

The purple-haired girl laughs loud while apologizing, and after calming down she says "so we wait here for any other survivors that might come, and then we move, correct?"

Aya nods in assent and says "I am sure others will come this way, just like you and me. Hopefully they will be strong, and we can make an awesome team and take care of this whatever cauldron faster than I can fly!"

Satori smiles lightly as she nods to the tengu, then notices how the girl keeps staring at her own arm.

"Don't worry Miss Aya, you are fine, I'm sure of it. If you weren't, then you'd probably be one of them already."

The tengu chuckles nervously and asks "you didn't read my mind?"

The satori maiden lightly shakes her head, keeps staring calmly at the tengu, and then says "there was no need."

The girls smile at each other for a while, then their smiles are quickly erased upon the sound of countless moans coming from all around Gensokyo, all sounds carried by the wind to the shrine, then both remain staring at the ceiling, feeling uneasy and anxious for what awaits them in this horrible undead world.

To be continued...

Characters, scenarios and spell cards belong to ZUN -Team Shanghai Alice-

JUN 23 2011

Written by

Willie G.R.

And now I'm writing yet another story. I couldn't get it out of my head for some reason, so I wrote the first chapter. To those waiting for the crossover, I am having a lot of trouble with it right now, so it'll be put on hold. The Tales of the Almost Pirates fic is a never-ending one, so don't worry about that one being put on hold. As for Icicle Sukima, I am also working on it too.

Also note this is yet another style of writing I am trying for the first time, and it's kind of exciting to post this. I had a dream about this a while ago, and I think it's about time to share it. As always, expect some humor to pop up here and there, though it will NOT be the center of attention of this particular fiction.

Take care, hope you enjoyed the first chapter of this story, and do leave your mark once you are done.