Warning: Harsh language ahead!

Day; The day we take back out home! Right-side Bedroom of Yuka's Hut 2 (Named it myself.)

Aya Shameimaru here. And here we are. Yesterday we resumed our climb up the Youkai Mountain. We did so as fast as we could after figuring out it changed itself during the night. On the way we found out Hina wasn't dead when we first killed her, just playing dead. And Nitori had scolded us and everything for beating her. Jeez. Well I broke her neck with my bare hands after she had HURT Satori-chan, but then she summoned the misfortunes from Gensokyo to make herself a new body. Lucky for us the new body was weak, unlike her prior body with those sharp tentacle thingies. Still, she looked good with black hair. Hmm. Anyway, we had to chase after her, 'cause seriously, she was a bitch amongst bitches, and proof of that is when she threw an ambush of zombie fairies and spirits to slow us down, then Kyouko. Oh yes, we had to take her down. The poor thing; she must have been acting against her own will, because after we beat her she asked us to win; to kill the master, similar to the zombie nun at the flying ship. Erm, anyway, we got to the Giant Toad's Pond where we had to fight these nasty slimy toad things that mutated into even nastier slimy monster toads, and Hina, that bitch, had the Giant Toad himself working for her. Thanks to Satori-chan's quick thinking though, we beat that toad, broke Hina's body before it got strong again, and moved onward. We reached the Moriya Shrine, and what a surprise, it was another wondrous piece of the REAL Gensokyo, and for a moment we thought there really were no zombies, but then Sanae came out of the house. She was INSANE! Talking about M-Ps and Threes, claiming cakes, arguing with the air... Seriously, she totally lost her mind, but as insane as she was, er, is; she is still insanely strong; heck, stronger than before, even! Oh, and the goddesses. Well, at first they looked like zombie animal versions of themselves, but it turns out they weren't affected by the virus, well, not DIRECTLY anyway. See, their bodies were transparent and they were very weak, all because there is nobody out there with enough brains to worship them and give them faith, and yet they still helped us. Satori-chan and I felt a bit bad for making them overexert themselves to help, but they said it was alright, that our faith in them would be more than enough for them to help and keep going. OH! And the water at the lake, it was blessed before the virus got too close, and it works like this wonder-water that cleans, heals, feeds, and restores anything or anyone it touches. Hmm, maybe we should have asked if it worked on the zombies. Ah well, moving on, they helped us reach Heaven, from where we would reach the Scarlet Devil Mansion, and gave us this little butterfly that would guide us to it. I swear, the walk there was a little too long, but whatever. Um, that's right; the virus had also affected that place as well. Angels were acting like self-destroying morons, and though while in their angel forms we could kill them with danmaku bullets, when they merged and formed this poisonous demon that got Satori-chan on the leg, our flashes could hurt their wings. Pathetic, right? And so we reached Bhava-Agra, and boy it was a mess. Zombies everywhere in the city; but the REALLY stupid type that just walk and moan. Oh no, those were no problem. The real problems were that celestial, Tenshi Hinanai, and that oarfish she hangs with, Iku Nagae. She really hurt me, stupid lightning bitch. Satori-chan read Tenshi's heart for a moment and got her strongest spell card, and with that she took care of Iku, but Tenshi was not as easy. I swear, though she presented no signs of mutation, other than that wiggling tattoo on her cheek and those red gums with sharp teeth; she WAS a zombie. Furthermore, I think she even became a little smarter, though also a lot more self-absorbed.

Well, whatever. In the end, Satori-chan and I got trapped under the butterfly's red wall, which healed us and protected us, then that celestial did the digging job for us and sent us plunging to the mansion. The smart-ass also send a few keystones after us, but they only helped us, so it seems she's the same old-same old. And so, we now find ourselves inside another hut made by Yuka in front of the SDM, and as soon as the sun starts shining what little light it... Oh wait, the clouds have gotten so bad they are making it look like night all the time. We'll have to follow our instincts on this one and HOPE we are breaking into that place at daytime. Oh, and about this hut, yeah it's nice, but bloody bricks are not the kind of decor I would have picked. Maybe it's something Yuka likes? She's inside the mansion, or at least that's what her note claims. Oh, that's right. Her portrait!

Right after finishing her notes, the tengu reporter's nostrils are greeted by the delectable scent of ham, vegetables, eggs, and that nostalgic aroma of Reimu's green tea.

She opens her eyes wide with surprise, rolls to the other side of her bed, rushes out of her room, and finds her mind-reading friend in her usual lime-green apron and bandana, cooking a whole breakfast course, her cheeks bright pink as a wide smile that stretches from ear to ear graces her face.

She turns around with that blissful expression, sighs and sings "good~ morning Aya-chan~ Ah, this aroma is so delightful! I just can't stop smiling!"

The scenery makes Aya blush as well, and soon after she's inside her own mind, picturing the purple-haired girl wearing nothing but the apron, though as soon as she thinks it, she smashes the image with two giant onions.

"Giant onions?" asks Satori with a curious look on her still-pink face.

The perverted tengu turns her flushed face away to hide the steam coming out of her nose and open mouth, then says "no, sorry. I'm just hungry."

The all-knowing youkai girl giggles, and then says "then you're just in time. Breakfast is ready, so let's dig in."

While enjoying their meal, and after the black-haired crow has calmed down, she looks at her satori friend and asks "and where did you get all of this? I thought we only had rice, a few vegetables, and those mashed cucumbers in a bag."

The purple-haired girl points with her chopsticks behind her friend at a portrait of a smiling Yuka surrounded by sunflowers, daisies, lilies, and azaleas, then says "I cleaned the dust off the portrait and it moved on its own after I was done. I found all of these ingredients in there. There was also a note asking to save half of the ham, so I did just that."

The winged girl chuckles and says "heh, a shame. I could go for a whole storage of meat right about now, but," she stares at the sliced piece of ham on her chopsticks and finishes "I guess this will have to do."

Satori stops eating and stares at her friend with worry, then says "today we go into that place. Today we fight to take our homes back. Are you ready for what may be waiting for us inside that creepy place?"

Aya stares back at her friend with steeled determination in her eyes, smiles, then says "if it has to be done, I am ready to raze that whole godsdammed mansion to the ground and turn that cauldron upside down twice if I have to! We will get Gensokyo back, no matter what."

The two partners silently share that powerful resolve, and without words or prior thoughts they nod, agreeing on an unspoken term of 'nobody gets left behind'.

After the nod, the tengu girl says "we've come this far together after all."

The mind-reading girl sighs and says "and we will finish this together."

Right after having their breakfast, the girls exit the safety of the hut, and brave the immortal zombie world once more, though this time they do so with light smiles on their faces, seeing as their goal is just a few steps away.

The unnatural brown clouds above have turned a little darker, making Gensokyo look like it's stuck in nighttime, even though some morning sun rays manage to shine through, though very briefly.

The trees around them seem to have grown considerably from almost twelve hours before, and their branches look like they have risen to prepare and grasp any unlucky passerby.

The wind howls high above them, and is currently the only source of sound around the girls as the ice wall still prevents even a soft breeze to come through.

The tengu flaps her tiny wings and whispers "still no gate guard, fairies, or anything. This all seems so very suspicious."

"Maybe Yuka's turned them all into ashes," says the satori maiden in a hopeful tone. "She seemed pretty mad in her letter."

Shameimaru gulps, nods, and then says "yeah, maybe you're right. Hey, who knows, maybe she killed everything in there for us already."

They slowly walk through the hole on the wall and reach the mansion's large garden, and with pale, surprised faces they both say "then again, maybe not."

What was once a beautiful garden with ornamental shrubs, beautiful flowers, and elegant white tiles, is now a frightening swamp with plants that are made of green tentacles dripping blood from their thorns, killer flowers with stems the size of Momiji's legs that are slowly devouring the lower half of a dead fairy maid while their shriveled neighbors wait for another victim in one of the many flowerbeds, and underneath some stained white tiles there are fleshy worms with eyeballs on random places of their brown, decaying, cylindrical bodies.

Those worms move around underneath the tiles and pop out at random to glance around, as though guarding their territory or just searching for something.

The soil under the tiles, on the flowerbeds, and immediately around the tentacle bushes, has taken a dangerous looking purple tone, and seems to be moving on its own, or perhaps it's just the plant's roots and the giant worms moving underneath.

The girls freeze in place and stare at the sight of the garden, continue looking around as their faces quickly turn blue from the disgust and fright they are feeling, and after looking around long enough, the tengu girl gulps and nervously says "c-c-come on. W-w-we have to g-get to that mansion."

The mind-reader glances over to her friend and thinks "you have GOT to be kidding me? How are we supposed to do this? Someone that can fly, please SAVE US!" and after letting lose inside her mind, she sighs and calmly says "alright, I'm ready. Besides, we won't do much just standing here."

The reporter wonders for a second if she should ask her friend why she took so long to reply, but considering what's in front of them at the moment, she decides to save her questioning, nods, then takes the very first step into the garden.

The girls whimper upon placing their feet on the ground when they feel it moving under their shoes, like a cluster of worms wriggling beneath a thin carpet, but when nothing else happens, they move on.

They stick themselves to the wall and take baby steps toward the tiles leading inside the large architecture, begging the fates to allow them a peaceful tread through.

Wet noises coming from the moving plants greet their ears as they walk by, thinking those plants are communicating amongst themselves, probably plotting horrible ways of consuming the fresh meat treading through their home.

But the girls move on, holding their flashing weapons tight and ready in case they need them.

They finally reach the tiles right behind the rusty gate, and sigh with great relief after such an accomplishment, but their relief is short lived when they realize they still have to tread through the disgusting worms moving beneath those solid tiles.

They glance at each other, nod, and then take the first step forward.

The wind above them howls loudly, the plants on the other side of the tiles go crazy and start to furiously smash their stems against the nearest tiles, thus riling up the disgusting worms, which screech in a high-pitched tone as they furiously wriggle beneath them.

The girls raise their weapons and wait, but as soon as the howling winds stop, the plants calm down and the worms stop moving around as fast.

They swallow their desire to whimper when the sense of relief mixes with dread and anxiety inside their hearts, thus turning their limbs into icy gelatin.

Aya turns her shaky head to Satori and notices how her friend's eyes match her own; frightful and out of focus; and thinks "let's try walking casual and fast. If we tip-toe all the way, we are going to get killed eventually!"

The satori maiden nods, both girls take in as much air as they can and slowly exhale, then begin walking on those dreaded tiles, going casual and softly, but as fast as they can.

They reach the halfway point rather quickly, and then the tile to the crow girl's left rises up when a disgusting worm with bits of hair around its many eyes and slimy skin rises up and stares.

It has the tengu right there, but it appears to be ignoring her completely, and as fast as it rose, it hides again, breaking the tile when it crashes on the floor below.

The mind-reader whispers "Aya-chan, are you alright?"

Aya is shaken, but she still manages to look at her friend and raise a thumb up.

The ground begins to shake violently and the girls fall on their butts, and the first set of tiles near the gate begin to rise along with the ground itself.

A giant worm with circling teeth on a giant cylindrical mouth, and with its back covered with the smaller multi-eyed worms, roars furiously to the sky, and then dives down as though diving in water, then rapidly rushes after the girls from beneath the ground.

Satori looks at her third eye armor and notices the LED light is red, then screams "RUN! Run away!"

Both girls jump on their feet and run as fast as they can, though the worm moves faster and is already reaching them.

It exposes the top side of its body; its wormy hair wriggling excitedly; and begins opening its mouth, swallowing the tiles and the earth as it wriggles toward its meal, but luck smiles on the girls.

They reach the small steps in front of the door, enter the pitch-black building, and just like that, the worm stops the chase and stares at the closing door.

It roars sadly upon the realization that it just lost its fresh meal, and although it could just destroy the mansion itself with its massive body, it turns around, roaring sadly as it does, then settles itself just below the dirt, resuming its incessant watch with its countless worm eyes.

The inside of the mansion is so dark, the youkai girls can barely see past the tip of their noses, and what bit of light that comes from outside helps little to none to see anything significant.

Another disturbing factor of the dark mansion is how eerily silent it is; not the sound of the fire lamps, nor the fluttering of fairy wing, their giggles or playful murmurs, not even the sound of pattering feet on the carpet greets the two visitors.

The only sound the tengu girl can pick up is the sound of their fast-beating hearts and her friend rummaging through her skirt, and so the winged girl softly whispers "Satori-chan, what are you doing?"

The silence is so unreal that when the mind-reader turns on a flashlight, both girls can hear it hum as it shoots its beam of light against the derelict walls.

Handing over a second flashlight, Satori softly whispers "we need to move. I don't feel right just standing around in here."

Aya turns on her flashlight and points it at the stairs close by and says "neither do I. It's like this whole place is watching us."

The beams of light seem to eat through the darkness and expand upon their pointed locations, giving the girls a good look of the now derelict building.

The stairs are covered with dried blood, the left-side rails have had their hand guards removed, and the ornamental stakes are now adorned by several fairy organs wrapped around their cylindrical shapes, all shriveled and dried with decay.

The wooden support beams on the ceiling are dirty with mold and thick sheets of dust, rotten to the point that they look just about ready to crack under their own weight, and the ceiling itself has a few dark stains and thick cobwebs.

The walls have old mold, cracks and craters, dried splattered blood all over, the ornaments and portraits all lie on the ground, whether smashed into pieces or slightly damaged and leaning against those walls.

And the carpets, though still there, are riddled with tears and odd stains of several colors, one in particular that lies next to the stairs, looks like it was a recent acid spill that burned the red fabric and singed the wooden floor beneath.

The girls gasp with fright when they beam their lights on the floor in front of them and find a small mound of dried blood only a few feet before them, where the room's elegant gold chandelier lies smashed on the ground on a small crater, where the carpet appears to be sucking itself into.

"What the hell could have bled so much?" asks the tengu reporter while subconsciously taking a picture of the bloody mess.

The satori maiden starts moving her flashlight and looking around in a paranoid frenzy, then nervously says "the-there's something in here!"

No sound is heard, no movement is seen or felt, and yet the purple-haired girl continues looking around, to which her winged partner places her hand on the girl, startling her, then whispers "come on, let's go down this corridor. I'm not sure, but I think this leads to that library."

She points her beam of light toward a large corridor to the right, where several destroyed cobwebs dangle under the archway, and further into the path, an eerie glow illuminates an ornamental cabinet, and a frightening portrait of Remilia grinning sinisterly; which hangs above said cabinet; appears to be staring at them from its position.

Satori gulps, her nervousness starts to get the best of her, but seeing her friend so close and so determined, she gulps a second time and steels herself, then nods and whispers "let's move then."

Aya leads the way, and although tension is supposed to be running high, her blissful face suggests the contrary to that.

As they walk down the corridor, the frightened satori youkai shivers as she moves, even though she is wrapping her arms around the tengu's waist from behind and keeps pressing her cheek against the girl's hip.

The blissful tengu can't hide her jolly state, even when she softly says "come on, don't be afraid. It's not so bad. I'll be here if anything happens."

The mind-reader is just about to start crying as she whimpers "but there's something here! Something is staking us, but we can't see it. I feel it could just strike at any-HYAAAAA!"

There are a couple light thuds from behind, and the purple-haired girl screeches out loud, causing her friend to yelp, drops her flashlight, and starts shooting flashes into the darkness like a mad girl, screaming "I knew it! It's coming, it's coming! Kill iiiiit!"

The tengu reporter calms herself down wraps her arms around the girl from behind and holds her tight, stopping her from shooting so recklessly, then loudly says "it's ok, it's alright! There's nothing there!"

As her friend begins to calm down, though still breathes rapidly through her mouth, the small winged tengu continues "it's ok, there's nothing there," points her flashlight toward the source of the sound and continues "the portrait just fell. It was just that."

Remilia's portrait had fallen on the ornamental cabinet, and then had dropped to the ground, and although it seems like it just fell on its own, Aya notices two things.

One being the hanging string behind the portrait is still there, and the second is the stake where it was hanging from remains secure on the wall.

She realizes Satori must be more upset than she believed at first, seeing as she still hasn't picked up on that thought, and decides to keep quiet about it for the time being.

The black-haired girl places her edgy friend back on the ground as gently as she can, picks up the second flashlight, then says "hold on to me and don't let go. Now let's keep moving."

The satori youkai quickly wraps he arms around the tengu again, takes her flashlight, and clenching her eyes like a frightened human child she shakes her trembling head, and now both resume their way down the corridor.

As they walk toward the unknown destination, they start hearing the faint howl of the wind from outside, though it's short lived, and the cemetery-like silence reigns the dark building once more.

Satori feels a cold chill crawl up her legs to her spine, hiccups, then pushes her friend to run while crying "move, move, move! It's behind us! It's right behind us!"

"Wh-what the- Satori-chan, what are you doing?" asks the confused reporter girl, but long before she can get an answer, she drops on her face on the carpet, and the terrified mind-reader turns around, blindly reaches for a door, then slams it shut and immediately grabs what she hopes is a piece of wood and rams it on the door's hooks.

Aya gets back up on her feet and demands "what is going on? What's the matter with you? Satori-chan, there was nothing behind us!"

The youkai girl curls up into a shivering ball, and when the flashlight illuminates her, the reporter can see tears of despair and a lost look on the girl's eyes.

The purple-haired satori looks at her partner and nervously says "there is! Th-there's something out there! I can't see it, I can't hear it, I can't read its mind, but it's there! I can feel it! I-it's after us!"

The tengu sighs, swiftly picks up her shivering partner, and says "Satori-chan, you have become so much stronger than this. Please, don't do this now. I need you with me to finish this mess."

She shivering youkai nods twice, grabs her flashlight with both shaky hands, concentrating on holding it, seeing as her friend is helping her keep on her feet, and they look at their new surroundings.

They have reached a beautifully elegant dining room with blood-red curtains covering the windows, a scarlet mantle covers a long dinner table, which remains untouched, save by the dust, and it appears to have been ready for a feast, probably before the incident.

Plates and utensils are all set in front of each elegant chair, which have red cushions on the seat and back, and are framed with gold, several gold candle holders stand prepared with three unused candles on each, an ornament of dead flowers is set on the very center of the table, but by the looks of things, nobody ever made it to dinner, not even the servants with the feast.

The regal scarlet carpets look clean though a bit dusty, and while exploring the floor, looking for signs of blood, monsters, of whatever may be inside the mansion, the girls notice the master's chair; a golden throne with blood-red cushions that lies on the floor on its back with the left back leg torn.

The tengu reporter whistles as she looks at the elegant gold chandelier hanging from the ceiling, and says "wow, guess we're in the dining room. Let's explore the place. Maybe we can snatch a few pounds of meat while we're at it."

Shameimaru giggles, but Komeiji just whimpers, seeing as food is the last thing in her mind right now, and though held by her friend as they make their way to the kitchen, she manages to turn around and twitches when she believes she sees a shadow moving in the dark.

The short walk to the kitchen is uneventful, and yet the mind-reading girl shivers like she's been through hell and back.

Aya sighs, though takes advantage of the situation, wraps her arms around the girl's shoulder and holds her tight, and by the blissful smile on her face, which is hidden in the dark, it is painfully obvious she is enjoying it greatly.

Still, as soon as they walk through that kitchen door both girls grimace when the smell from within smacks them right across their faces and punishes their nostrils without any kind of mercy.

"Holy- Yuck! What a horrible smell," comments the tengu while trying to cover her nose with her flashlight hand and failing miserably when the black lighting item smacks her forehead.

Satori's face turns green, and it appears her breakfast is just about to return as she sickly says "we should have expected something like this by now."

The girls manage to aim their flashlight forward and are greeted by a bloody butcher knife with a small, bloodstained maid's dress under its blade, on top of a thick wooden blood-covered table.

The large sink at the back is filled to the top with water, but it looks greenish-brown from the long time of being stagnant, and the pot inside has some sort of burned oval that's grown greenish fungi all over, making it look like some kind of unmoving sea creature.

Soon after, the girls find the source of the powerful smell.

Half of the head of a green giant lizard youkai lies on the ground, rotten to the core with its nose filled with wriggling maggots, its insides spilling into a green puddle on the ground, two of its limbs hang from hooks above a metal counter, and its right leg lies on top of said counter with a large gash going from the thigh down to the claws, from where a bluish-black substance overflows.

Both girls cover their mouths just as their cheeks turn green, and somehow holding her breakfast inside, the disgusted tengu says "alright, let's pretend that isn't there and go into the cellar."

Satori glances up to her friend, and with her hand still on her mouth she asks "you're still thinking of food, even with something chasing us and this thing here?"

Aya shrugs, her face returns to normal, then flaps her wings to vent her friend's face while she says "hey, these guys have all sorts of preserved meats stashed down there, and I'm taking as much as I can as payment for solving this incident. And besides, when you get used to this smell, it sort of reminds me of spices."

She takes a step forth, thinks for a moment, then gasps and says "o-oh yes, of course, I will share the food with you! Oh yes, I will share with Satori-chan!"

The well-intended comment causes the satori's stomach to gurgle and almost expel all the food within, but quick thinking from the girl diverts her mind from food, and focuses on flowers, settles her down quickly, and she continues following after her friend.

They reach the cellar and are surprised to see it not only has magical lamps burning brightly within, but the preserved foodstuffs are all intact and begging to be eaten.

Several wine shelves, filled to the top with sake and wine bottles, are neatly lined up in front of each other in two groups of three, and at the end of that tiny corridor are the boxes with the juicy meats inside, which seem to be highlighted by the sausage links that have been hung from the ceiling.

To the left of the small 'meat-room' are small shelves with boxes of tea leaves, a few of them sealed while they wait for their turn to be used, and further ahead, passing by the egg baskets and sealed milk bottles, are the homegrown vegetables, neatly placed in individual baskets and boxes for later consumption.

Having all this food and drinks presented to them, Aya finds herself smacked in the dead-center of the true heaven, and the shaky and queasy Satori finds herself forgetting her upset stomach, drooling and saying to herself "this cellar is more amazing than ours. I'm getting hungry just by staring at the food in here."

The tengu chuckles as she opens a meat container and looks inside, then says "oh yeah, Yuka was here already."

She smiles at her friend and shrugs, then says "well, whatever. We can still take a few other things, and those other boxes appear to be sealed."

The raiding of the cellar takes some time, but the girls both walk up the small wooden stairs back to the kitchen with refreshed smiles on their faces, and now the cellar has a least eight less bottles of sake, several missing lines of sausage links, three missing boxes of preserved meats, and half emptied vegetable baskets.

And so the girls enter the darkness once more, their good cheer is immediately drained away by the nasty smells and blinding obscurity, but they quickly notice new sounds coming from the center of the kitchen.

Snarling, gulping, desperate munching and snorting.

At first they can't make out what they are hearing, but after a few seconds they realize something is having a feast in there, and quickly but nervously, they rummage through their pockets and turn on their flashlights.

The sounds stop and something moves away in the dark kitchen a second before the beams of light cut through the pitch-black darkness.

A cold chill robs the mind-reader of her warm breath the moment her friend starts moving forward, and after grabbing hold of her partner's waist she nervously says "A-A-Aya-ch-chan. S-something is here. L-let's be careful."

This time, even the tengu looks worried as she moves the beam of light around, and then nervously whispers "I'm starting to feel it too. Let's get the heck out of here."

As soon as they enter the kitchen again, they find out the dead lizard's leg on the counter has been eaten down to the deformed undulated bone, and its head on the ground lies half-eaten with both eyes appearing to have been sucked out, the maggots gone, and the disgusting fluids it was spilling have been cleaned off the floor.

As they investigate the disgusting scene before them, Satori begins to shiver and progresses to tremble violently while looking around in the darkness.

"What could have been so disgusting to have eaten this rotting lizard I wonder?" asks Aya as she investigates the half-eaten youkai's head closer.

"Please let's move," desperately whimpers the mind-reader, shaking hard and looking around the darkness, forgetting to aim with her flashlight while saying "don't stop and just move, just-AAAAAIIIIIIIIEEEEEEEE!"

Before the reporter even has a chance to ask, she is pushed forward by her satori friend, and behind them in the deep darkness she can hear how the counters break and how knives fly all around, and soon after she starts hearing footsteps, even over Komeiji's screaming.

Shameimaru tries to ask what is going on, but the mind-reader continues to scream and cry while running away from the unseen threat, going through the door without crashing and running up the small corridor to the dining room, then reaching the door to the outer corridor leading to the foyer.

Bright fire falls from the ceiling and blocks their path, and now both girls scream as they try hard to stop before getting burned, then turn around and finally gaze upon the unseen attacker.

Zombie Hong Meiling closes her mouth after setting the curtains on fire with her own breath and glares at the girls, placing her top limbs on the ground like a wild animal before hissing softly.

Her dark-brown rotten face looks dry and stiff, her left eye is a glowing scarlet orb, her right white eye floats in the middle of a large hole that's her eye socket, the left side of her rotting face is covered with some black scales, and her beret has been replaced by a pair of blunt brown horns.

Her hair remains full and long, though has lost its sheen, making it look light-orange, her white undershirt is stained with blood, her skirt is torn to shreds, her thick legs, though rotten, still look powerful, her arms have elongated and her fingers are large ivory claws, and she now has a thick and long tail with green skin and pointy crests sticking on the very bone, and moves it around with visible power.

She roars at her fresh meal, revealing a set of sharp and shiny-looking jagged teeth on red gums, and then Aya exclaims "Satori-chan, you were right!"

Satori raises her third eye, feeling a little more confident because of the light of the fire, and with tears still clinging to her eyes, she angrily exclaims "stupid zombie scaring me like that! Let's bring her down!"

The girls prepare their flashing weapons, aware of the yellow LED lights on them, and zombie Meiling roars and spits fire to the ceiling, trying to intimidate her meal into surrender.

The girls pocket their flashlights and each shoots a beam of light from their weapons, but by the time they realize it, the zombie gate guard is gone.

They look around the flaming dining room for the zombie girl, but can't find a trace of her anywhere, so the anxious purple-haired girl asks "but she was here just now, wasn't she?"

The gatekeeper appears behind them like a blur and swings her new tail at them, hitting them by the side and disappearing in a cloud of smoke once again.

As they forcefully fly to their lefts, zombie Meiling appears just before the curtains with her new claws ready for a quick swipe, but by some stroke of luck the tengu's camera misfires and sends a flash on to the monster's eyes, forcing her to roar furiously and cover herself while thrashing about.

The girls fall on their sides, get on their feet as quickly as they can, and immediately start showering Meiling with flashes and beams.

The zombie girl screeches after the fifth beam hits her flattened chest, then she charges blindly at the attacking girls, hits the reporter on the chest with an open palm, kicks the mind-reader on the stomach, then jumps and kicks both girls on the chin before landing and disappearing again.

By the time they realize they're on the floor again, the zombie gatekeeper is on the move yet again, making no sound as she repositions herself somewhere in the room.

As they get back up, Aya growls and says "this dragon girl is a real pain in the ass. Even when blinded she's still dangerous."

Satori is anxious, obvious when she looks around and growls with every move.

She looks at her partner and commands "we use a spell card to slow her down then take her out! I don't want her coming after us in the dark again!"

Zombie Meiling clings on the ceiling above them, making no noise as she moves around the wooden beams, but by another stroke of luck, the satori youkai looks up and immediately flashes her.

The zombie girl roars and drops from the ceiling, then charges the purple-haired girl with her horns the very second her feet touch the floor, striking the girl on the stomach.

"Satori-chan!" desperately calls the tengu, who takes a spell card on hand and loudly declares "Illusionary Dominance!"

She kicks off the ground and jumps around so fast, a red beam trails after her, and as she moves she says "well, who knew this spell would work this well while grounded!"

The zombie girl starts moving around at an equal speed as the reporter girl, but as such, is finding herself defenseless against the rain of red bullets and constant flashes and beams.

Satori gets off the ground, rubs her aching belly, then finds herself confused when looking at the red beams and black blurs that are Aya and Meiling, and quickly finds herself overwhelmed and unable to tell where to shoot a beam or a flash.

Meanwhile, the speedy tengu reporter continues her assault on the zombie, getting more and more confident after having dodged all kicks, tail and claw swipes, and even managed to blow away the monster's fire breath with her fan.

She notices her friend's confusion and says "you can relax. I got this one cov-ARGH!"

Zombie Meiling catches the winged girl off guard and throttles her, and as soon as they hit the floor; the dragon-like zombie on top; she opens her mouth and immediately goes for the bite on the reporter's neck.

Aya screams and calls for her friend's help as she pushes the monster by the shoulders, but her arms tremble as the physically fit gate guard slowly pushes her teeth closer to her target.

"Leave her alone you vile snake," shouts the mind-reading youkai as she run to help her friend.

She throws a kick to the zombie's gut, but ends up groaning out loud and holding her leg while hopping on the other, then grunts "dragon! scales! on stomach!"

The purple-haired girl manages to stop from jumping, summons energy in front of her armored third eye, and with anger present in her voice she says "bite. on to this. you annoying ...BIIIIIIIIIIITCH!"

The intense beam sends the monster screeching and flying backward into her own fire, and then the reporter quickly sits up straight, takes several breaths of relief, then looks with surprise at her partner and says "whoa, Satori-chan, you almost sounded like Hatate for a moment there!"

The satori maiden raises a fist toward the zombie and angrily whines "but she really scared me! And then she tried to eat you! I'm just mad!"

She then looks over to the fire and snarls, raises her third eye, and then says "and she STILL wants more! Aya-chan, hit her hard!"

Zombie Meiling walks out of the fire, bearing a melting wing on the left side of her back, the skin on the right side of her face burns with intensity, even after all the skin and the eye have been burned to ashes, and her entire hair has become a mane of flames.

She lowers her head and roars, aims her burnt horns at Satori, then lunches forward, flapping that new wing for impulse.

Aya intercepts her and kicks her sides, saving her friend from another brutal bash, then looks at the mind-reader's surprised face and says "I learned the way she moves and used the platform on my sandal to hit her, now shoot!"

The girls flash the flaming monster, combining beams with their flash attacks while avoiding the swinging tail and the erratically swung right claw, and finally knock her down after a surprise beam on the face.

Zombie Meiling manages to stand on all fours like a beast, though sways weakly as she tries to maintain her balance, and snarls as she breathes more fire to try and scare the girls away from her.

Her feral expression changes to a pitiable look as she howls sadly while trying to run away, then she finally drops after the nth flash and beam combination, moans weakly, then all the fire on the room and on the monster extinguishes on its own, the melting wing disappearing as well.

After the room become pitch black again, the girls turn their flashlights back on, the mind-reader shoots one more flash out of spite, causing zombie Meiling to grunt one last time, then angrily says "now stay down until we solve this! We are doing this for all of you anyway! I mean, we will all get our homes back, not just Aya-chan and me!"

She looks at her friend and asks "right?"

The tengu reporter sighs and says "come on, let's backtrack a bit. And yes, we are doing this for all, not just ourselves."

There is a loud buzz and the sound of wood breaking to bits coming from the foyer, the girls aim a flashlight at each other to look at their worried faces, then the black-haired girl says "that sounded like a Master Spark."

The satori maiden frowns, then says "it's either Yuka," and her tone lowers ominously as she says "or Marisa."

Not wanting to risk detection while running through the long corridor, the girls brave the darkness and shut their flashlights off, and then both silently agree on slowing down enough to hide their steps.

They reach the archway to the foyer from memory and remain hiding behind the ornamental columns on the sides, both waiting to hear any kind of noise on the other side, or perhaps feel some sort of movement or presence, but nothing ever happens.

After waiting for long enough, Aya thinks "Satori-chan, I think the room is empty. I'm gonna turn this thing on, is it alright with you?"

She can hear when the mind-reader nods rapidly, and then both girls turn their flashlights on simultaneously and aim them toward the foyer, while staying behind the columns.

The first thing they notice is the left half of the stairs has been completely destroyed, and the debris is now blocking the entrance to the basement near the stairs, as well as three other corridors around it.

Other than that, the rest of the foyer remains as it was; empty, dark, derelict, and covered with blood.

The tengu taps her friend on the shoulder, making her twitch and nervously move her flashlight toward her.

When Satori lays her eyes on her partner, she gets the feeling she's looking at a powerful zombie with her friend's body, her skin turned blue and her eyes yellow as she stares straight at the stairs in the foyer.

A cold jolt of fear courses though her heart, but when Aya turns to face the girl, she relaxes when she sees the tengu girl is still alive, and not some horrible zombie, then sighs with great relief.

"What's the matter Satori-chan?" asks the reporter with a curious look on her face, but somehow she realizes she doesn't want to hear it, so instead she shrugs it off and says "well, whatever. Look, let's go up the stairs. I think Yuka wants us to follow."

Komeiji nods, even though she's thinking "how can she be so sure that's Yuka up there, and not some monster? But wait, how can I be sure she isn't a monster? Wait, what the hell am I thinking? Oh my goodness! Aya-chan is not a monster, she's my friend! Besides, she and I are... immune."

Maybe it's this darkness, or perhaps a spell; the mind-reader can't be sure, but even after having defeated the zombie gate guard, she still feels edgy and paranoid, and as they go up the bit of stairs left for them to climb, she wonders how long can she keep sane, or if she'll be any help for her partner if something were to happen.

They continue to the left after climbing the stairs, to the wide corridor in front of the stairs, and are surprised at how neat and clean the walls, ornaments, and the ceiling looks.

It is obvious someone has been keeping this side of the mansion neat, but even with these signs of possible habitants, there is still no sight or sound of any.

Aya starts pointing her flashlight around at the doors on both sides of the corridor and says "hmm, I think these are the guestrooms. They are pretty big, but most were just traps for would-be victims."

Satori keeps aiming her light forward, breathing heavily through her mouth when that paranoid feeling reaches her again.

She feels something is near, but after looking around with her light she realizes there is nothing around, again.

The tengu suddenly walks to the second door to the right and whispers "I think I heard something here. Satori-chan, we should check it out."

The satori maiden shakes her head and frightfully whispers "I don't think we should. It could be a trap, or worse!"

The winged reporter hides her flushed face in the darkness and blocks her own thoughts as she says "y-you can just c-cling on to me again if you like. I just want to check this place out. The cauldron could be hidden in one of these rooms."

The purple-haired girl, regardless of how she feels, still wraps her arms around her friend's waist for safety once more, then nervously says "w-w-well just be careful. I-I think there's something watching us a-again."

Aya raises her camera as she approaches the door and says "alright, I'll be careful," then positions herself and her clinging friend at the side of the door.

She slowly pushes the door, expecting the door to creak loudly and for something to come crawling out of the deep darkness and attack mercilessly, but to her surprise nothing comes, and the door itself opens so silently, it's like she never even turned the knob.

She points her flashlight inside and finds a simple bedroom with a full-sized bed with its sheets stained with drops of blood and a small window behind it, a small drawer cabinet on the side missing its top drawer, and a wall ornament on far left side of the room.

Satori peeks her flashlight beam and her head from the reporter's right, looks inside the dark and cramped room, and then whispers "th-th-this could be a very bad place for an ambush."

"Come on, I saw something shining inside that drawer," whispers the tengu as she walks inside.

Once inside, the satori maiden hears a flutter behind and turns around in a flash but sees absolutely nothing in the area, so she gulps to settle herself once more and keeps her eyes on the corners of the room.

She releases her friend when said winged girl bends down to open the drawer, and after finding out she can't open it with one hand, she hands over her flashlight to the satori and says "please hold this for me. I'm gonna have to heave hard."

The mind-reader reluctantly accepts the second flashlight, takes two steps back, then points both lights toward the small drawer.

Shameimaru pulls the tiny knob with all her might until the wooden drawer cracks and breaks open, but unlike Komeiji's expectations, her friend does not roll backward, but stands her ground after the drawer itself springs free.

"Are you ok?" asks Satori, while the reporter rummages through the drawer.

Aya sighs and says "it's just a stupid note under a golden brooch," waving a piece of paper above her head.

She opens it and discovers it has been written in blood, and with a terrified look on her face, she reads out loud "behind you," then looks at Satori with that frightened face and asks "th-there's a monster behind me isn't there?"

The satori maiden quickly moves the flashlight around but sees nothing, sighs as she relaxes, then says "phew. No, there's nothing."

A series of wet noises suddenly surround her, but before she can react, the mind-reading youkai yelps as something fleshy and round wraps itself around her and pulls her toward the wall ornament, taking both flashlights with her.

There is a loud bang, then a moment of silence before Aya realizes what has happened, and with worry in her voice she calls "Satori? Wh-what happened?"

From behind the left-side wall on the room, Satori desperately calls "AYAAAAAAA! Help! SOMEONE HELP MEEEEE!"

The tengu girls panics and jumps on her feet, then desperately calls back "HOLD ON I'M COMING!" but before she can make her blind run outside, she hears the flutter of wings behind her and a breeze near her ankles.

She freezes in place and looks around, but it's far too dark for her to see anything.

The drawer behind her thumps lightly, then something jumps on the bed, making it squeak a bit, and then silence once more.

She tries feeling around with her hands for any signs of anything moving around the room, but then from the left room the mind-reader cries out loud "PLEASE! HURRYYYYY! It's everywhere!" so the reporter forgets the search for the fluttering creature and starts moving around, feeling with her hands for the door.

She finds it quickly and as she walks through she shouts "don't worry! I'm almost there! Hang in there Satori-chan!"

Aya makes sure to keep her hands on the wall as she walks through the darkness toward the left room, but as she does she feels something whizzing past her head and hears loud thunks striking the walls, but she doesn't care.

She continues to feel her way through the wall toward the next door, ignoring the many flapping sounds in the darkness, and smiles when she feels the doorknob on her hand.

She turns it, but it just clicks and doesn't budge.

The bird girl can hear her friend crying on the other side, despair immediately takes the best of her, and after banging the door with her fists, she uses her own brute strength, mixed with a gust of wind magically applied to her arms, and she breaks the door open and shouts "Satori-chan! I'm here!"

The two flashlights illuminate the seemingly empty room well enough for Aya to see the abomination Satori took out on her own, and the youkai girl shivering on the center of the room and flashing at random as though the creature is still alive.

Said abomination looks like the legs of a giant octopus without the suction cups taking the whole room from the ceiling, where its open beak remains open, secreting a green slime that might be its blood.

The tentacles look shriveled, the open beak remains stationary, and the surprised tengu whistles after looking around the room and says "wow. I'm so sorry I couldn't make it in time Satori-chan, but it looks like you didn't need my- Satori-chan?"

Komeiji remains balled up on the ground, shivering, whimpering and crying softly while still flashing her third eye non-stop, and upon getting closer to her friend, the tengu can hear her whispering "it's coming, it's coming. It's not stopping. Aya-chan, where are you? Aya-chan please!"

The winged girl kneels next to her friend and whispers "poor thing. S-Satori, I'm here. Please, don't freak out on me. Please," then gently wraps her arms around the purple-haired girl while softly saying "you defeated it. It's dead. You did great on your own and you are in one piece."

For a moment it appears the youkai girl has lost all reason, but she stops flashing, wraps her arms around the tengu, sobs once, then cries "I couldn't read its mind, but it was all over me! It was touching me, but I couldn't see it. I couldn't see it!"

Aya tightens her embrace, loving the fact that she's touching Satori's hair again, but at the same time she remains calm as she attempts to calm her friend.

One of the flashlights roll toward them and stops when pointing at the open door, then the satori maiden gasps, points forward, then whispers "i-it's them! They're here!"

The tengu reporter immediately stands up, grabs her camera and the nearest flashlight, points the beam toward the door, then gasps, and sounding stunned and annoyed she says "oh, shit."

Outside the room stand several human-child-sized zombie fairy maids, some missing their eyes, others with knives stabbed on their faces or bodies, some with their rotting, fungi-covered bodies exposed, and one particular tall character that remains standing tall behind them.

This one is the size of a human adult with dry grey and shriveled skin and is wearing shriveled fairy maid's heads around her waist, possibly as a new skirt, her panties are stained with blood and some black substance, and her torso is half-covered by a blood-stained maid's outfit.

She has a hole on the left side of her head, missing a large patch of that dry and short grey hair, her right braid is stained with fresh blood, her eyes glow bright red in the dark, she opens her mouth to hiss and exposes her five remaining teeth on her grey gums, but still, zombie Sakuya Izayoi holds her knives and golden pocket watch with the same elegance and style as she used to while alive.

The zombie maid drools as she hisses at the girls and licks her lips with that thick, slimy, brown tongue, and with a hoarse and hissing voice she says "capture delicious meal for Master."

The shaken Komeiji screams "GET AWAY!" while shooting flashes erratically, managing to make the little moaning maids flinch.

Aya clicks her tongue while locking on ten fairies' eyes, and just as she shoots the beams she thinks "dammit, Satori-chan is too shaken. There's a lot, and Sakuya's here, but I have to protect her! She would do the same for me!"

Only two of the maids fall from the blast of light to the eyes while the rest merely get pushed back, but they don't fly, and they walk very slowly, giving the tengu girl a good fighting chance.

She grabs her friend, jumps farther inside the room, and then says "just stay behind me. I'll keep you safe."

Satori looks at her friend with a frightened and longing face, and slowly begins to feel as her own fear begins to subside.

The tengu reporter begins shooting flashes and catches the fairies walking through the door, and even though holding the flashlight to do so, she finds herself doing this quite easily.

The fairies take at least three flashes to take out, but the useless zombies keep walking in and getting flashed on the face to the death before they are even inside the room.

The last two fairies, which are slightly larger than the rest and only have their tightened skirts covering them, enter the room while covering their eyes with their forearms, and though affected by the flashes, they still won't fall after the fifth blast.

"Dammit! Got a couple of smartasses here," comments the reporter as she glares at the little monsters entering the room.

Once inside the room, the zombie fairies hiss and run straight at the tengu girl and her partner, but the little idiots uncover their eyes as they reach for the girls' necks.

Shameimaru grins, shoots a single bright flash, then confidently says "as useless as ever these fairy maids," just before the two thuds grace her ears.

From outside the room, zombie Sakuya hisses "ussssselessssss," but remains standing where she is, lifting her rotting left leg elegantly while staring at her watch.

The tengu reporter raises an eyebrow and asks "what's she waiting for anyway?", then wet noises reach her ear.

She doesn't even so much as glance back and picks up Satori, the second flashlight, then runs straight out of the room, jumping over the pile of zombie fairy bodies the very moment the giant beak and two tentacles reach for her and her partner.

The creature screeches happily; even though it missed the living girls, it finds the fairies' bodies and begins collecting them, and after taking them all it closes the door and begins enjoying its hearty meal of rotting corpses.

The winged girl grimaces when the disgusting noises of flesh being devoured reaches her, but when she looks back at her friend she realizes the mind-reader is covering her ears and shutting her eyes, shivering behind her with fright, and her grimace turns into a sad frown.

She gasps when she remembers Sakuya, then grabs her friend again and jumps to the right, avoiding a shower of knives that just happen to appear around them.

The tengu hands the second flashlight to the satori maiden, looks around with her own beam of light, then notices the knives sticking on the wall above her and says "yup, she was trying to hit me in the dark. I got lucky."

The zombie maid stands just where she was before; raising her knives close to her face as though issuing a challenge, then hisses "not bother Master. Kill you."

Aya stands up and immediately flashes the maid, but quickly finds out she's now standing on the left side of the corridor, then clicks her tongue, growls, and says "dammit, she's using Tunnel Effect," then manages to take her fan alongside the flashlight and blows strong gusts of wind all around.

Sounds of metal clanging as it hits the floor is heard several times from all around, and when the sounds stop the tengu reporter ominously says "Satori, I don't think I can protect you and take her on at the same time. Please hold on while I deal with her."

The satori youkai shivers while glancing up with those endearing, but terrified eyes, then nods once, stammers for a bit, then says "pleases be careful."

The tengu smiles and tilts her head, trying to disguise her perverted state, rubs the side of her shivering friend's head, then stands up and turns around, immediately locking a beam on to zombie Sakuya's eyes and moving slowly to the right.

She swings her fan around and blows away more knives that were just about to close in from all around her, then raises her camera and shoots the beam, catching the zombie maid off guard.

Sakuya appears to teleport away, but Aya manages to predict where she will appear next and shoots a flash, making the maid roar and cover her eyes, then aims the flashlight straight at the monster to lock on as many beams as she can.

She unleashes eight beams, which strike the zombie maid on the head, then chuckles as she swings her fan, sending a powerful gust that pushes the zombie away and says "hey, this isn't as hard as I thought it would be."

Zombie Sakuya lunges at the tengu from the right and tackles her to the ground, then hisses as she attempts to take a bite off the girl's shoulder with those broken teeth of her.

"What the hell is this?" screams the reporter as she pushes the zombie away, and though having pushed her away with ease, she looks around with fright and exclaims "but she was in front of me just now! Where did she come from?"

She moves the flashlight around in a hurry and immediately discovers there are at least four Sakuyas around her, and though she notices the real one looks more solid, the other four still attack as mercilessly.

"Dammit, this is new! What should I do?" asks the reporter as she stares at the real zombie Sakuya, who throws several rusty knives and causes her fairy-head skirt to swing around.

Unable to see the knives clearly, Aya has to drop on the ground and roll away, abruptly changing her direction to avoid a stomp from one copy, then has to stop and sit up to avoid a knife thrust to the forehead by another, and as soon as she stands on her feet, she flashes forward, bends her body to avoid a knife swing from the darkness, then tackles the third copy away and immediately moves her flashlight around.

The wide corridor is empty once again, but the tengu girl is not convinced and points her flashlight all around, as fast as she can, yet still finds nothing.

A second beam of light join's the tengu's, and before she can say anything, Satori stands by her friend's side and says "I-I'm sorry I t-took so long. I'm still a little sh-shaken, but I'll help you!"

Aya sighs with great relief, and then quickly shouts "above!" then she and her partner roll to separate sides to avoid three insane knife showers from zombie Sakuya and her clones.

The satori youkai is the first to aim her light toward the zombies and shoot a powerful flash, and just as they fall, the tengu notices another difference and moves in before the zombies stand up.

She stomps zombie Sakuya's left hand and breaks it off, revealing her Luna Dial on it, then the remaining two clones of her disappear, leaving the weak, knife-wielding human zombie on her own.

The zombie maid hisses as she stands back up, then starts throwing knives at random to keep the tengu away, so the mind-reader takes the chance, gets closer, and right after the maid notices her, she shoots several beams that break through her glowing red eyes, enter through her hissing mouth, then expand within her body, finishing her off rather quickly.

The purple-haired girl takes several deep breaths to settle her rapid-beating heart, and then searches around the corridor for her friend while calling "Aya-chan, we did it! Aya-chan... Where are you?"

"Over here," grunts the reporter, and Satori points her flashlight to the left and finds her friend in a strange predicament.

Sakuya's knives have pinned a few parts of her skirt to the wall, but if the girl moves to help herself, she could get cut by one of many knives stuck on the wall near her.

One near her neck, three more at the back of her neck, one stuck between her gritted teeth, several around her left leg, and two more just between her legs.

Komeiji gasps, rushes to her friend, frightfully calling "ah, don't move! I'm coming! I-I'll pull them off."

She quickly begins by removing the ones between the girl's legs, then drops her flashlight as she hurriedly removes the rest, and as soon as Aya is free she grabs her friend in a tight and happy embrace, coos, and says "I knew you wouldn't leave me on my own! Thank you!"

The chocking satori youkai giggles weakly and pats her crow friend on the head, then grunts "it's ok. I'm sorry I scared you. You're crushing me."

The winged reporter gasps with surprise and releases her friend, grabs her camera and her flashlight from the ground right after the satori girl picks her own, then they hear a bell coming from the end of the corridor.

"Where is my SECOND DESSERT!?"

That familiar bratty voice of Remilia scarlet causes the walls to tremble as she demands service, then Aya and Satori share a steeled and resolute stare, nod, then walk over the corridor, headed straight for the door at the very end.

"That's the main hall," whispers Shameimaru as they move toward a wooden door with carved bat motifs around the borders, gold beams that make a cross on the door with leafy shapes at its ends, and elegant regal-red paint coat on the center between the beams.

The mind-reader takes a deep breath, exhales, then glowers at the door and says "alright. That girl is in there, so it's time we deal with her and finish this mess. I don't think my heart can take any more anyway."

And so they move down the once again pitch-black and silent corridor, facing what they believe will be the last battle with the undead.

The girls reach the doors and slowly pull them open, the hinges complaining with a deep croaking howl, and inside the girls are greeted by a large dimly lit room with torches to the far left and right side, piles of blood-soaked rotting bodies placed to both sides of a large throne with long streams of blood in front, and on that throne, so elegantly placed on top of a small two-steps platform, is the figure of Remilia Scarlet.

Her widened eyes are completely scarlet, her slittled pupils and jagged-toothed grin make her look like some sort of mad cat-like creature, her fangs have grown so long they reach her chin, her hair has grown slightly and has become smoother, her cheeks are surrounded by blackish-brown worms that crawl all the ways down her shoulders, her elongated wings are made from those very same worms which keep wriggling and writhing around, and the flap of skin beneath the wormy frame remain as small as ever, and yet still appear functional.

Her dress is so stained in blood, it now looks brownish-red, her hat is replaced by a simple red pin, her skin is now even paler than ever, exposing all her veins and some muscles to plain sight, and her pair of pink shoes are torn by the pair of long talon-like nails breaking through them.

She continues grinning at her guests, lifts her left hand in an elegant fashion, and with that bratty voice of her, sounding the same as always, she says "welcome, my friends, to your premature deaths. Tell me, would you like something to drink or eat before I rip your flesh and devour your insides while you scream and beg for a quicker death?"

As she makes her offer, the vampire mistress presents a trolley with teacups full of dark and thick blood, a pie with a missing piece, revealing its filling to be made out of minced, uncooked organs topped with dry blood paste, and a single piece of cake that looks green with rot, adorned with fingers, and the icing looks yellowish and poisonous.

The disgusted girls pocket their flashlights, raise their flashing weapons and slowly enter the room, expecting an attack from anywhere, but to their surprise, the mutant vampire just cackles, drinks the blood from the glass cup on her right hand, then asks "no monologue of how deranged I am before attacking me? No well prepared speech of how you're getting your homes back? No threats, no begging me to stop, no NOTHING?"

Aya and Satori shoot ten beams each that head straight to Remilia, who remains sitting and grinning, but she jumps at the very last second and throws her glass cup between the girls, and their beams are left to crash against each other and turn to nothing in front of the throne.

"She's faster than before. Stay very alert Satori-chan," says the tengu girl while following the dark red blur moving left and right above the throne with her eyes.

The still-shaken satori youkai nods, and then says "forget the beams then. We'll use flashes only, or we'll never get her."

"Midnight Sign, Bad Lady Scramble," declares the mutant vampire before going to a wall and kicking herself off it, and then twirling toward the girls, who jump away in time to avoid the attack and start flashing the monster.

As soon as she touches the ground, Remilia grins and declares "Midnight King, Dracula Cradle," then launches herself from the ground, surrounded in a scarlet flame, aiming her tackle towards the tengu reporter, who flashes the monster mistress before jumping away from harm.

Remilia continues her charge toward a wall, then kicks off it again and aims her twirling self toward Satori, who jumps back at the very last moment, and though pushed away by the shockwave from the vampire's charge, she still manages to shoot a flash at the monster's face.

Still seemingly unaffected by the attack, the vampire girl surrounds herself with a scarlet flame once more and kicks off the ground toward the satori youkai yet again, who rolls away as the mutant Remilia spins above her, and saving herself from being shred to pieces by the elongated wings, though the carpet is not as fortunate.

Where the purple-haired girl was, now there are six large cut marks that break halfway through the wooden floor, and even from five feet away Aya gasps at the sight and says "those things are solid!"

The vampire mistress kicks off the wall and heads toward the tengu yet again while saying "don't you dare underestimate ME you tengu bitch!"

The winged girl yelps when she gets struck by the spinning monster, then screams and gurgles when said monster stabs her sides with her wings and viciously bites the side of her neck, ripping a good chunk of flesh off the girl.

"You psychotic freak, let her go," demands the mind-reader, completely forgetting her own fears and grabbing the mutant vampire by the wings, pulling her off the tengu, then smashing Remilia's face onto a wall before throwing her away and checking up on her friend.

The bite is deep, and youkai or not, immune to the virus or not, Shameimaru's body and wings spasm after the initial shock from the bite leaves her semi-conscious and bleeding on the ground.

Satori gasps, whimpers as she rummages through her pocket, then rolls away to avoid a Spear of the Gungnir a second before impact.

She turns to face the mutant Remilia while sticking her own hand into the storage cube and feels around, and at the same time she keeps her third eye clear while shooting powerful flashes at the Mistress.

Still seemingly unaffected, the vampire grins wide and exclaims "give me back my prey! She's mine! I killed her fair and square!" then raises her next spear above her head and aims it at the mind-reading youkai.

The satori maiden shoots a beam at the mutant Remilia, who predictably dodges it by simply zipping slightly to the right, but to her dismay Satori expected this and is already running toward her with a bottle of water on hand.

Before the monster can run away the mind-reader shoots a blinding flash at her, making her scream "MY EYES! You little bitch, you burned my EYES!"

The purple-haired girl unscrews the bottle cap and splashes the monster, and in that instant a new meaning of pain greets the mistress of the mansion.

She creams louder than she's ever screamed before as her almost transparent skin sizzles and burns away as the holy water cleanses her, then she drops on the floor and rolls around, screaming curses and cusses at her attacker.

Satori snorts, takes a quick sip of water for herself, then runs straight back to her friend, splashes some water on the wound on her neck, then opens her mouth and says "I'm sorry to have to force you, but it's for your own good Aya-chan," while emptying the bottle down the reporter's throat.

The mind-reader suddenly feels refreshed and more composed, then scratches the side of her head while saying to herself "I should have had some of this water from the start."

Aya wakes up, coughing excess water and holding the side of her neck while anxiously asking "wh-what happen to me? Where is Remilia?"

She gets a hug and sigh of relief on the ear as her first answer, then the purple-haired girl says "it's alright. You're ok now. Thank goodness."

The tengu returns the embrace while she slowly remembers what happened before blacking out, then sighs, smiles and says "thank you Satori-chan."

"YOU BITCH! YOU EARTH-CRAWLING WHORE! I'm going to MAKE! YOU! PAAAAAYYYYY!" screams the pained and enraged vampire monster as she crawls blindly toward the right-side stream of blood.

"Stop her," exclaims the winged girl, and both her and her friend spring on their feet to stop Remilia, but it's far too late.

As soon as the stream is emptied, the vampire girl stands up straight with both eyes restored, her wings become more solid and the flap of skin grows to match their length, her face becomes feral, a new, longer set of arms grow underneath her normal ones, and her entire skin turns dark brown as her body grows until her bloodstained dress is at the point of breaking.

She laughs as she explores her new limbs and her wings, feels her own skin on her face, then grins and sinisterly whispers "I'll make sure to take you both out at once this time."

The monster vampire's sudden roar becomes an ear-piercing screech mid-way, and the girls cover their ears tight to save their eardrums from exploding.

Right after the screech is over, Remilia Declares "Scarlet Devil, Scarlet DEVIL!" then she takes flights, extends her arms and legs, and a giant flaming red cross spreads all around her, shooting large red orbs in spirals at the same time as the monster moves around.

The girls shoot beams and flashes as desperately fast as they can before they are cornered against the door, then Aya takes her fan, screams as she swings her best possible tornado to try and push Remilia back, then kicks the door open and scream "MOVE AND SHOOT!"

They run back through the corridor they were in earlier and are surprised to find the lamps in the mansion are all lit, making their run easier, but with the mistress behind them, shouting "wherever you run, I WILL FIND YOU AND MAKE YOU PAY!" the odds still look grim on their side.

As they run to keep away from the burning scarlet cross and dodge those massive red bullets, the girls manage to turn and sneak a flash at the devil vampire, but appear to do very little damage.

"No wonder the LED turned orange! We have to win this somehow or we're as good as dead," comments the satori maiden after mixing her next flash with heart bullets.

"You killed Sakuya?" roars the monster Remilia as she flies over her zombie maid's body, then snarls and shouts "I'm REALLY mad at you now!"

Aya stops six feet away from reaching the stairs, turns around, then swings her fan as rapidly as she can and mixes her attack with several flashes, successfully breaking through the vampire's spell and stopping her advance.

Satori quickly joins her friend and shoots hearts and orbs from either hand while shooting beams and flashes from her third eye, and though the monstrous vampire wants to play the tough monster girl, she begins to whimper when the mixture of attacks starts to burn her skin.

"Keep shooting", shouts the tengu. "Don't let her budge an inch!"

Remilia begins groaning louder and louder, and the moment she realizes she is losing, she roars out loud, spreads her arms and wings, then expels a powerful blast of scarlet flames that cancels her spell, but sends the two girls flying ten feet backward to the foyer.

The tengu reporter immediately stretches her wings and glides toward her friend to spare her a hard fall to the ground floor, and as they slowly descend, the monster vampire furiously declares "REEEED MAGIIIIIIIC!"

The girls have to let themselves drop the last three feet and roll on the ground to avoid the sudden burst of blood-red energy and bullets that explode violently upon making contact with anything, then the satori youkai raises her head and gasps with horror when the enraged monster appears in front and reaches for them.

Using her new arms, she grips both girls so tightly by the waist, she cuts their skin and makes them bleed, and before either can flash the monster, she repeatedly punches them on the face or stomach with a fistful of that blood-red energy.

She laughs as the girls grunt with each blow, enjoying the pain she knows she is causing them, then she grips both girls by the necks and sinisterly says "now I'm going to take a bite out of one of you. The other can just watch as your friend suffers. Oh, but don't worry, you'll join her next. THE GAME IS OVER FOR YOU!"

She opens her mouth with a smile, glances over each girl, then goes for Satori, who manages to focus her energy and flashes the vampire's eyes with her third eye, using enough power for the flash to blind Aya as well, even though she is at her friend's side.

The monstrous Remilia screams after her eyes explode and the skin on her face begins to sizzle, and she automatically covers herself with one pair of hands while wildly swinging her new, longer arms around.

Though winded as they stay on their feet, Aya and Satori look at each other, nod, then both prepare their beams for one final attack against the mansion's mistress.

The tengu raises a spell card and declares "Digital Telescoping, Candid Flash," and the very moment that translucent rectangle touches Remilia, Satori unleashes five concentrated beams and Aya shoots three highly concentrated beams that look like tiny Master Sparks.

The monster vampire screeches as the beams break right through her skin and expand violently inside and around her body, and after the attacks stop, she remains standing where she is, slowly turns her head toward the girls, grins, lifts her original right arm, then drops on her back, stiff and unmoving, next to what little remains of the stairs.

The girls walk close, rubbing their sore faces and stomachs, and flash her once more to make sure she is dead, and stare as the mistress of the Scarlet Devil Mansion lies smiling on the ground, staring eyeless at the ceiling of her frightening home.

Even after her death, the lamps remain on, and after turning her attention away from the vampire, the tengu reporter asks "so where the hell is the cauldron? I haven't seen it anywhere!"

The mind-reading girl takes a deep breath, points toward the now-open door to the basement near the stairs; the debris covering it blasted away by Remilia's bullets; then says "Marisa's and Nitori's memories show the cauldron was inside the library, so maybe it is still there."

They ignore the other six dark corridors around the foyer and both girls now stare upon the dimly lit basement corridor, where only one lamp can be seen in the distance, then both sigh simultaneously when they realize they still have more ways to go.

They walk down the dimly lit corridor, using only one flashlight, seeing as the very few lamps, though dim, help the youkai girls see just fine.

As they walk through, they notice the walls are all full of burn marks and holes, then Aya comments "so this is where Yuka was," while pointing her flashlight down to the ground.

Satori sighs, scratches her head, and then says "she's efficient, but why not join us in this dark and terrifying place instead of just killing fairies so mercilessly."

They glance once more at the piles and piles of dead zombie fairy maids on either sides of the corridor, and then continue their way to the library, keeping their eyes on those zombies in case one of them is still alive.

They reach the open doorway to the library, the doors long gone from an apparent blast that melted the hinges down to nothing, and notice how an eerie blue light illuminates the room well enough to put away the tengu's flashlight.

As they enter, the reporter whispers "be careful now. Patchouli was a powerful magician, and if she's a zombie, she's probably a strong one."

The mind-reader nods, then whispers "we will deal with her if she comes. Together we can. Now, the cauldron should be at the center of this library."

The winged girl nods once, then they make their way through, admiring how dusty and old the almost empty bookshelves look, and how blood seems to drip off the few books lying on those shelves and those on the floor.

As they get closer, they admire a large blue orb all the way up on the third floor ceiling, which is the source of light in the room, but soon anticipation swells their hearts, filling it with more and more excitement as they get closer to the center of the library completely undisturbed.

The excitement overwhelms Satori when her collected memories tell her they are very near to their goal, so she speeds her walking, gets in front of her partner, and then excitedly says "come on! We're almost there!"

Aya smiles as her own excitement takes over her, then speeds along her friend while saying "after this is over, I'm taking a nice, warm, long bath at home while writing all our experiences on my paper, and then..."

They reach the center of the library and soon their faces turn pale, tears start collecting under their disappointed eyes, and both drop their arms, the tengu even letting her wings sag, when they realize there is no cauldron.

"What the-" begins whispering Shameimaru as she glances all around, and then realizes one detail.

Komeiji sniffles, falls on her knees, and then forces herself to smile as she speaks with a cracking voice "but of course, why didn't I notice? All these memories show clouds coming from that st-stupid cauldron."

Aya gulps as she tries to stop herself from crying, falls on her butt when her trembling legs fail her, then she whimpers "th-that's right. No clouds. The... the damned cauldron. It isn't here! Buh-but where?"

Their disappointing grief is suddenly put to a grinding halt when a spectral white body surrounded by a soft blue light flies from the second floor, holding an open book, then places her index finger on her non-existent lips and shushes the girls.

Patchouli Knowledge has become a specter with a physical body, with her hat taking the same ghastly-white color as her whole body and hair, her eyes look like two round sapphires, and her legs have become a ghostly tail.

The moment the girls lay their eyes on the physical specter, their faces fill with rage as they jump to their feet with their flashing weapons ready, then the winged girl furiously demands "Patchouli, where the HELL is the damned cauldron? ANSWER ME!"

The satori maiden shivers with hatred, snarls softly as she prepares her beams in front of her third eye, then angrily speaks through her teeth "this one's mindless! Let's just take her out and BREAK this mansion down! I want Okuu and Orin back! I want my home back and I'm not leaving without answers! Not after all we've been through just to GET here!"

The specter opens her eyes wide, but doesn't even try to defend herself from the countless beams of light flying straight to her face, and just takes them all on, only trying to cover her face the moment those beams expand, then falls dead to the ground, fluttering like a feather in the wind before touching the carpet.

The girls stare at each other in disbelief after the ghostly librarian's quick death, but before they can question their easy victory, they find themselves jumping and dodging lasers and bubbles from the instantly revived Patchouli.

After ducking under a laser and jumping over a small bubble, Satori shoots another flash, killing the ghostly Patchouli, and then exclaims "what the hell was that? We had killed her already!"

Before she gets a reply, she and her friend watch as the white ghost-like body glows for a second, then it's back to life the other, and already shooting them with a mad shower of leaves and flames that rain down from the ceiling.

The mind-reader shoots hearts at the ghost while moving slightly to avoid the mixed magic, then Aya shoots a flash, kills the ghost again, and then shouts "RUN!"

As they run toward what they hope is the exit, the tengu angrily says "there is no damned cauldron here, so there's no reason we should stay! Let's just get the HELL out of here and think!"

The purple-haired girl nods, but when she looks in front, she and her friend skid to a stop to avoid being struck by a set of blue beams that rise from below specter Patchouli, then shouts "this is impossible! She's even faster than the vampire!"

The tengu manages to flash the specter and kill her, yet again, grabs her friend, then runs back to the center of the room while shouting "no use thinking about it! Just flash her and move on!"

Just as they turn around, the girls quickly find out they are now trapped between a narrow corridor of bookshelves, and mercury orbs dancing around water bubbles.

"Dammit, there's just no escape!" shouts Aya as she lifts her camera and kills the specter yet again, only to watch her revive and float back up, then shoot single fast fireballs at the tengu and her friend.

Satori shoots hearts aggressively at the specter-like body of Patchouli and notices they are doing some damage, then desperately shouts "let's try weakening her first before we flash her again!"

The winged girl nods, then yelps and rolls away from a stream of water bullets, takes her fan from her belt, then shoots a ring of red bullets from a single swing at the ghostly magician.

The bullets strike the specter on the right side of the face, and for the first time the ghostly figure moans when one of those bullets hits her eyes.

The mind-reader takes the chance and flashes specter Patchouli, causing her to explode before dropping like a lump on to the floor.

"Is she dead?" asks Komeiji as she takes a step closer, but before she gets her answer, Patchouli springs up to the second floor, stretches her arms beside herself, then screeches hard and loud, making the whole library tremble violently, and causing the books from the third floor to drop from their shelves to the ground.

She raises her white arms above her head and a small sun begins to grow above them, then Shameimaru gasps, her eyes expand, and she shouts "that's Royal Flare!" then takes her friend by the hand and runs.

Patchouli screeches again and the miniature sun grows in size, while the tengu reporter runs with the mind-reader as far as they can, but when she starts feeling the heat of the spell, she dives over to the nearest empty bookshelf, places her partner between one shelf, then she jumps on to another and says "don't move!"

The hot orange flash of light of the spell envelops the whole library, burning any alien items to the library to a crisp, including the bodies of several zombie fairy maids, but the books and bookshelves remain untouched.

Aya and Satori can feel the heat of the miniature sun, but remain undamaged while hiding inside that bookshelf, yet for some reason the tengu girl is getting too anxious, so the mind-reader, having picked up on the foolish move her friend is about to make, shouts "Aya Shameimaru, if you move from there I am going to cut your meals for a day!"

Somehow, this does the trick, and the reporter simply shuts her eyes tight and whimpers while waiting for the spell to end.

"PATCHOULI KNOWLEDGE," snaps a deep and monstrous voice from the floors above. "What do you think you are doing? Stop this right now!"

The spell stops immediately after the voice's commands, but the two girls find themselves frozen in fear inside that bookshelf, feeling a cold mist creeping up their legs, backs and heads, and all they can do is shiver while glancing around with their wide opened eyes.

Something large and heavy lands near them, making a loud boom and causing the ground to shake upon landing, then they hear its loud breaths as it moves.

They can feel a large hand grasp each by the waists, blocking Satori's third eye as well, but they are so frightened they can only whimper as they are pulled out of the safety of the shelves.

They are now being stared at by a massive demonic beast with a deformed dark face, glowing orange eyes, small horns above its brows, long red hair that appears to begin after the face's skin, a pair of broken bat-like wings on its head, another larger pair on its back, it's bulky and muscular body is covered by its shiny slimy skin and a stretched black and white office suit, and its tail has sharp thorns all around it, and a blade-like spade on the tip.

The monstrous Koakuma looks up to the spectral Patchouli and commands "I told you to report ANY intruders to me! You've been a very bad girl Patchouli Knowledge!"

The physical specter slumps and whimpers, then raises its sad face and appears to sing a sad explanation.

The demon snorts, shutting the specter up, then says "no more excuses! I will forgive you this time, but this better not happen again! Now go back to your desk and read more books!"

The specters' eyes fill with glee and she twirls happily in the air, and if she wasn't so terrified, the winged reporter might have found that irresistibly adorable.

Ghostly Patchouli flies away, and as soon as she is back on the second floor balcony, the demonic Koakuma pulls the girls closer to her eyes and furiously says "and YOU! I don't know who the hell gave you permission to be here, but that's not important now."

She starts tightening her grip and crushing the girls on her hands while angrily saying "I already caught you, now all that's left is to deal with you and get you out of here, just like I did to that annoying witch that steals the books!"

"We're not here to steal books," desperately grunts Aya, trying to push that large hand open and catch her breath. "We came here t-h, to knock the cauldron."

Satori grunts while trying to free her third eye, but gives up and adds "we want to stop this mah-magical virus so we can get Gensokyo back!"

The monstrous demon laughs hard as though just having heard a funny joke, then stop her laughing and growls as she tightens her grip on the girls and says "that cauldron is no longer here! It has been moved! You only came here to waste my time before dying! I HATE it when others waste my time!"

The girls try to scream, but their breaths are cut short when the demonic Koakuma's hands crush their bodies further, then the demon continues "say goodbye to this horrible world girls, and don't worry. Your bodies will not be wasted."

One last crush from the monster's hands, and both girls gag before passing out, and the last thing either girl sees before completely shutting off is their hands dangling close to each other's and being unable to hold on to them.

It's a foggy, yet sunny morning at the Hakurei Shrine when Aya wakes up and finds herself on her back next to the left-side veranda of the building.

Reimu sits there, as usual, drinking her tea while staring at the trees and few off-season flowers in front of the shrine, then she glances over to the tengu, smiles, waves her hand as she puts the mug of tea beside herself, then says "well, good morning you drunkard bird. Was about time you woke up."

The reporter grunts as she sits up, then notices how the maiden's and her own voices sound like there's an echo, but ignoring this, she smiles, excitement fills her heart, then excitedly says "so it was just a dream. Gensokyo isn't a zombie infested world. What a relief."

Reimu frowns, shakes her head, and then says "I'm sorry, but that's just not true. Shame on you. I thought you were the good and honest Shameimaru!"

The tengu can feel her own lips turn to a frown, the bit of sunlight fades and is replaced by a brown sky, and now she feels her heart racing as the world around her crumbles.

She rubs her eyes, unable to believe what she sees, and when she opens them again, the shrine is just a derelict leveled wooden building, and Reimu is a zombie once more.

The zombie maiden jumps on top of the reporter and pushes her against the hard ground, then roars "you're not done! You still have to solve this incident! Now wake up!"

The jagged-toothed mouth of the zombie maiden moves rapidly to her face, then Aya opens her eyes again and finds herself on the unnaturally cold floor in front of the Scarlet Devil Mansion's gate, looking up at the unnaturally dark clouds that make everything look like nightfall.

"Finally, you're awake," softly says that deep voice from the large demon, though sounding relieved at the tengu's well being.

The reporter dizzily glances around until her sight comes across the ape-sized demon, then quickly she feels her heart racing to break free from her own chest, and she immediately tries to force her still numb limbs to move as she whimpers with fright.

Koakuma places her massive right hand on the girl as gently as she can and says "shhhh, calm down. You are safe now."

The monster lifts her hand again, then the reporter quickly rummages through her skirt, so the demon raises her left hand, presenting the digital camera on it, and then says "I am sorry, but if we are to have a conversation, I can't have you trying to kill me with this."

"A... Aya-chan?" whispers the familiar voice of Satori as she begins to wake up to the winged girl's right.

Shameimaru quickly finds the strength to get on her knees and gently holds the satori youkai by the shoulders while softly saying "Satori-chan, you're awake! Thank goodness," then turns a glowering face at the demon, takes her fan on hand, and then bravely declares "you will not touch her again!"

Koakuma sighs with both frustration and sadness, then places her hand on her face while shaking it and says "I am sorry I had to do that, but if the new Master knew you're still alive, she would have sent another wave of monsters after you."

While helping the mind-reader to sit up, the winged reporter glowers at the demon and asks "new master? What the FUCK do you mean by new master? I thought Remilia was the godsdamned monsters' master!"

The satori youkai looks around in confusion, looks at her friend, and then asks "what's going on? Didn't we knock that cauldron down?"

"No, it wasn't there," shouts the furious reporter, then tears start flowing down her cheeks when her newfound despair mix with hopelessness, then cries "that shit of a cauldron wasn't in there!"

She raises her fan and aims it at the demonic Koakuma and shouts "WHERE THE HELL IS IT?"

The monstrous figure raises her hands defensively, calmly says "please, allow me to explain," then sits down on the ground; the tremor from her body hitting hard against the ground fully wakes the mind-reader up; and the demon continues "it was many days ago. I believe it was just after you escaped from the Hakurei Shrine."

Aya and Satori raise an eyebrow in disbelief, stare at each other for a second, then stare back at Koakuma, who says "oh yes, we all know much about you. And before you ask why is it that some monsters have working minds, while the rest don't, my only guess is that it all depends on the individual."

She lets her large hands fall on her new massive lap, sighs, then says "now listen carefully. You were right, Remilia was the master of us all, but one day three hooded figures came and stormed the mansion, challenged Lady Remilia, and won."

"Any idea who they were?" questions the tengu reporter while shooting a warning glare at the devil.

Koakuma closes her glowing eyes, nods, and says "two of them came out of the main hall without their hoods. One was already infected, and had long black hair, had this big red eye on her chest, and black wings. The other was a cat girl with orange hair. She had a bite on the left cheek, but she looked fine to me. The third one was smaller, but she, or he, had the robe and hood on and I couldn't see who it was."

Satori begins to shiver and sob, her tears quickly reach the ground after rolling down her thighs, then she hugs herself after picking up her legs and cries "th-those are Okuu, and... Orin."

Aya immediately gets closer and embraces her friend; who immediately hugs her back and holds on to cry on her stomach; then the tengu girl sighs and says "so the third one could be Koishi."

The large demon shakes her head and shrugs, then says "the only thing I could tell of the third figure is that it had a huuuge back. Very wide; but seemed to shrink as the robe went down."

Koakuma picks herself up and crosses her arms over her bulky chest, then says "now, about the cauldron. Those three moved it. I overheard them saying they were going to build a castle around it to keep is secure. I also overheard the cat girl saying something about the Nameless Hill."

She looks up to the clouded sky and says "and by the looks of it, it appears that's where you'll find it."

Satori sniffles, getting the large demon's attention, then asks "ho-how can you be so sure?"

The monster girl lifts her right hand and points to the sky, and then says "look at the way the clouds are moving."

Aya flaps her wings once, follows a barely visible trail on the very clouds, then comments "yeah, you're right. It's like their coming from the Nameless Hill."

She punches the ground as hard as she can and shouts "grr, DAMMIT! I should have noticed that, but I was too fixed on this mansion! I'm such an IDIOT!"

"Hang on," says the satori youkai, staring suspiciously at the large devil in front of them, and asks "why are you even helping us? What's it to you? Will you stab our backs the moment we get that cauldron?"

Koakuma groans irritably, then anxiously says "I am a huge ape-like demon who is SUPPOSED to be a girl with her mind still working as it should in a Gensokyo filled with monsters. My voice sounds like a fat boy with a sock on his throat! I hate this. I want to return to normal as soon as I can!"

Now it's the reporter who raises a suspicious look and asks "wait a minute. If this what you say is true, why didn't you knock that shit down when you had it HERE? Furthermore, since you know where it is, and you can fly, why the HELL do we, flightless girls, have to risk our grounded asses any more than we already have for your sake?"

The demon's eyes glow as her irritation escalates, and glaring at the girls, she says "I thought Nitori told you already. Even we with thought capabilities are bound to the Master, whoever it may be! Plus, the new Master has made sure most of us remain guarding one area, and if either of us so even glances beyond that boundary, we explode for eternity, or at least until she thinks we have exploded enough!"

She gets up on her feet, raises her back wings threateningly then adds "furthermore, if anyone, be it Nitori, I, the Lunarian nurse, that psycho bitch Yuka, or even that karakasa gets close to the cauldron, it will take over our minds, and we WILL try to take control over it. The only ones immune to that effect are you two and that bitch, Marisa, and I highly doubt she will knock her immortality juice to the ground!"

"Then there's that rogue tengu that keeps following you. She keeps ignoring the new Master's orders just to get you, but even she found her end at the hands of Cold Death only thirty minutes ago! I mean, what the hell is the meaning of this?" irritably finishes the large devil monster.

The large demon notices the fright on the two girls' faces, sighs to calm herself down, then softly say "I'm sorry. It's just that, while I'm like this, even though I can think, I can lose my temper quickly."

Koakuma notices Satori staring at her, then sighs again, face palms, and says "you can't read my mind or heart because I have neither, even if I can think on my own."

The satori gasps and flinches, bows, then says "my apologies. I-i-it's just that, well you're one of them and I need to make sure."

The large devil smirks, nods, then says "so you do remember some of Nitori's warnings. Good. They will do you well. Now, while the Master thinks you are dead, you should rest in that hut and not come out until it is daytime again. That way you'll remain out of her notice for at least a day."

"How can you even tell night from day anymore?" asks Aya in an annoyed tone.

The large devil continues grinning and says "even as things are, there is that bit of light that creeps through the clouds. I can see it's very faint now, so I'm sure it's close to being night."

Aya suddenly realizes something, and then asks "w-wait just a moment! Did you just mention a 'karakasa'?"

Koakuma nods, stands up, then says "I did. Though I advice against searching for her. She is strong, and might be hunting for you as we speak."

The tengu and satori nod while in shock, then just stare at the devil monster, who says "also, and this is important, if you meet another specter like Patchouli, you will want to blast her with danmaku before flashing her. Crack her eyes and she'll fall for a day or two."

Koakuma takes off to the air and flies back to the creepy and quiet mansion as she says "I'll TRY to convince that Yuka bitch to come out and meet with you in the hut. Oh, and don't worry about the worm. Like me and so many others, it can only move around a certain area."

As soon as she's out of range, she tosses Aya's camera back to the tengu, who catches it quite easily, even though she and her friend remain sitting in place while staring at the huge demon fly over the garden and walk right into the mansion once more.

They remain sitting there for some time, thinking back on the high risks they took to get to the mansion, and the so many things they endured inside that dark and creepy place, then the howling of the night winds snaps them out of their shock, and without saying a word to each other, they get up on their feet and walk over to the hut, hoping to at least see Yuka and tell her what happened.

Day, The night we failed at taking back our home. Right-side bedroom of Yuka's Hut 2

Aya Shameimaru here with some really depressing news. We went into that fucking mansion, Satori-chan almost lost her mind, I almost lost my whole neck for real, and after all of that, the cauldron wasn't in there. Yes, you read right. It wasn't in there. The fucking thing was NOT IN THERE! Do you have any idea how frustrated I am? BOTH OF US? We are both youkai, we should both have better control of our emotions, but this is too much! I don't care if I'm fucking cursing too much, I am FURIOUS! I am sad. I am... I am losing it! We faced a ninja dragon that was Meiling, we went through a maddening silent darkness where even OUR youkai eyes failed at, we faced a zombie Sakuya, though she was admittedly easy to beat, then we faced Remilia! Oh yes, she WAS the godsdamned master for this WHOLE mockery of a Gensokyo. But not anymore. No, she isn't. She beat me up good, even got my neck! I think I died back there, but thank the GODS I'm a youkai, and that Satori-chan was there! She saved me with a bottle of that divine water. Whatever. The bitchy vampire mutated in mid-fight, got stronger, but being so overconfident, Satori-chan got her good and we beat her. After that, we went down that creepy basement, found out all the missing zombie fairy maids dead there, found the stupid library, and instead of that cauldron, we find MORE monster! Patchouli looked like a ghost with a physical body. HOW RETARDED IS THAT? You're either a ghost or not! How the hell can you be both? Ah, but that's not the good part. The good part is that after she almost owned our asses with all those spells, we found a good hiding place, but this HUGE demon got us! Koakuma has become a huge ape with wings, but it looked like SHE was in control of the library; sent Patchouli off, scolded her, then made her all happy (she looked so cute, but I couldn't even take a picture with that lummox squeezing me so hard), and then she squeezes me and Satori to our deaths. Or at least until we fainted. After that, I had this... odd dream about me being with a normal Reimu, then she turning to a zombie and... it was confusing. Later afterward, I wake up with that Koakuma staring at me. She had my camera, she could have killed me again, but she didn't. Instead, she told me and Satori-chan about these three people that challenged Remilia for the title of MASTER, and how they took the cauldron someplace else! Oh, and by the descriptions given, it appears two of those hooded figures were Satori-chan's pets. She didn't like hearing that. She'll abandon me, I just know it! She doesn't have the heart to kill them... and I sort of understand. Whatever. Now we have to walk ALL the DAMNED WAY to the Nameless Hill, where we will find the stupid cauldron! But it was here before! Why wasn't it here NOW? We could have had Gensokyo back by now! We could!

As soon as she stops typing, Aya starts punching the air, missing the typewriter by inches, then screams out loud "IT'S NOT FAIR! It's not-!"

She drops on her bed and buries her face in her pillow, then starts to cry.

Anger, anxiety, depression, shame; all these emotions keep running through the girl's heart as she lets it all out on the pillow, then she finally screams into it, letting it all out at once, then flops on the bed and starts to breathe hard.

Meanwhile, Satori sits against the right corner of her room, hugging her pillow between herself and her thighs and knees, sobbing while thinking about her pets.

Koakuma's words keep ringing inside her mind, over and over again, and wonders if she will be able to keep her promise to Aya, and fight that last fight over that ridiculous cauldron that keeps eluding them as though it has a will of its own.

Confusion fills her mind as she wonders how far she can go to keep her promise to her friend, but for some reason, thinking about the tengu steels her resolve.

Hours pass and the girls finally calm down enough to meet in the living room, where each holds a cup of green tea as they sit on the small table, and just stare at each others' bloodshot eyes.

Aya stares at nowhere in particular for a moment, drinks a bit of her tea, then gloomily says "we need to, um, find a way to get the hell out of here without getting the ice fairy's attention."

Satori takes a deep breath while she thinks hard, then takes a sip from her cup before exhaling, then hesitantly says "I, er, think we can use the trees for that. We'll find a spot on the ice that's not guarded by that little overpowered bitch, or by her stupid little trophy-pests and make a run for it."

The tengu gulps down the rest of her hot tea, not caring that her whole mouth and throat are stinging with the burning sensation, and then angrily says through her teeth "I'm so angry, and so depressed. It's like even life itself is against us! Why? We didn't do anything wrong!"

A sniffle escapes the winged girl, and her satori partner follows with another sniffle and a tear that plops in her teacup, then cries "I know. And now I find out we will have to face them. Okuu, and Orin. They aren't bad, and yet I now have to unjustly kill them both! It's not fair."

Emotions start to swell up inside both girls, but loud buzzing noises from outside take their full attention.

Looking to blow off some steam, they both jump off their seats with angry looks on their faces, then rush outside to meet whatever may be out there.

The very moment they burst out that door, the tengu girl declares "whatever the hell you are, you picked the wrong time to piss us off!" then the mind-reader declares "I'll take my frustrations out on you! I'll shoot and shoot until I hear you BEG!"

Several feet away is Yuka, shooting one Master Spark after another to the air and muttering curses under her breath.

She notices the girls standing in the middle of the small road, and then waves at them, signaling them to get back inside the house, and shouts "hide you idiots! She's going to see you! Oh SHIT!"

Before the girls even have the chance to look around, they come face to face with zombie Yukari Yakumo, who wears her usual mop cap, purple dress and arm gloves, and moves around while inside an open multi-eyed gap with red ribbons on the edges.

What little bits of hair remain on her head flail around like angry snakes, her left eye seems to have been pushed into the socket, her right eye glows yellow, her dry lips are cracked, exposing her rotten gums and small jagged teeth, and what they can see of her dress seems to be stained with blood on the abdomen.


The girls ignore Yuka's demands and shoot beams and flashes at zombie Yukari, who quickly giggles, gets into her gap and disappears.

The ghastly coos and giggles from the gap monster behind gets their attention and they turn around to fire another volley, but quickly find themselves falling through a gap, and as they fall, they hear Yukari's deceivingly sweet and playful giggles and coos echoing all around them.

The girls moan as they wake up to the odd faint booming sounds coming from nearby and the feeling of hot stones under their limbs.

Aya quickly raises her head, immediately realizes Yukari is nowhere in sight, but her sight it still too blurry to tell where she is yet.

Satori slowly gets on her knees, moans as she rubs her eyes, and softly asks "what just happen?" then sniffs around, taking a good smell of their new location, and softly says "wait a minute. I... This place smells so familiar."

Then tengu manages to get on to her feet, pockets her camera so she can rub her eyes, then blinks several times as she looks around; the blurriness leaving her sight.

Behind her is a solid stone wall, adorned with what look like dried ornamental vines and dried bluebells.

To their right is large hole, from where the booms keep coming from, and from where a mild sensation of intense heat emanates, and right in front of it are a set of bloodstained chairs around a round glass table with a white frame and legs.

Around them is a whole garden, though most of the bushes and flowerbeds are dead, what few patches of dying grass that remain are stained with blood, and several dried potted plants that hang above the ornamental archways on a porch near the main building.

Ahead of them is a large grey-marble mansion, as large as the Scarlet Devil's, with stained glass windows adorning every area in pairs, a red roof, and a large wooden gate with black ornamental hinges that leads inside.

"Wait a minute," mutters the tengu girl, then she looks up and sees a few of those brown unnatural clouds hovering a few feet below the roof of a massive cave, then the girl gasps and exclaims "oh-no. Satori-chan!"

Satori Komeiji is still on her knees, barely able to contain her silent tears as she stares at Chireiden, her precious home, and as she glances around her dead garden her whimpers start escaping her.

Aya walks over, forces her friend to place her face on her bare shoulder, then gently combs her hair while softly saying "it's alright, I am here with you. It's ok, you don't have to hold it in."

The mind-reader seems to be lost and unaware of the winged reporter's presence, but then she suddenly grips the tengu's arm and whispers "no. This isn't. This can't be. No. NO!"

She looks around and notices all the bloodstains and freshly ripped guts around her garden, the silence that surrounds her, and then she sees a familiar frame looking through one of the top-floor windows, then screams "Ko-Koishi!? KOISHI! NOOOOOOO!"

Shameimaru tightens her embrace and sways her friend in an attempt to calm her down, repeating "I am here," and "don't worry, I won't leave you."

Satori screams and cries her sister's name, then the young Komeiji thrusts her bluish-skinned fist through one of the stained glasses on the second floor, giving herself a long bloody cut in the process, and even with her older sister begging her to stay away, she happily and sinisterly hisses "oneeeeee-chaaaaaaaan~ I've been waiting for youuuuuu~!"

To be continued...

Characters, spell cards and scenarios belong to ZUN -Team Shanghai Alice-

Aya's "Digital Telescoping, Candid Flash" spell card was derived from "Telescoping, Candid Shot"

OCT 12 2011

Written by

Willie G.R.


And so, the adventure is not over just yet. Yukari has made her appearance and has sent the girls to HELL! Literally. Will they eventually get to the Nameless Hill? Will that elusive cauldron stop mocking them? And what about Hatate, huh? Nope. There's no chance in hell I'll leave her frozen in the unseen scenes of this story. Ah well, I hope you are enjoying this story so far.