By: Mira Elizabeth

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Author's Note: This story takes place approximately two years after "Spirits of the Past." For anyone who did not yet read "Spirits of the Past," Team Lightyear discover a new race of Tangean people called Spirits and their leader Terrin and Mira fall for one another after she is taken captive. I am sorry to be posting this without finishing "Spirits of the Past, " but I've kind of hit a rut with that story, so maybe this will prompt me to finish it. The only spoiler that will occur in this fic in regards to "Spirits" is that Mira and Terrin's blossoming romance is successful. But of course that is the only way it could be, I love happy endings. : )

Thanks for reading and enjoy!

Mira Nova sat alone waiting for the view screen in front of her to show the face of the person she had been trying for days to get in touch with.

"Ever since he left for that trip he's been so hard to get in contact with." She mumbled to herself. She leaned back and sighed.

Finally, her waiting paid off and she smiled as the view screen activated.

"Mira! Are you all right? Is something wrong, daughter?"

The young woman smiled to herself. Her father, forever the worrier.

"No, I'm fine. Everything's fine. I just haven't heard anything from you in a few days. I just wanted to know how you've been handling the Alliance Planetary Tour, that's all."

"Don't worry about me, dearest. I'm ready to be coming back to Tangea, especially after two weeks of dealing with all of these other races. But…" He said, seeing Mira opening her mouth to say something. "…I'm fine. I'm handling it."

The young woman smiled. "Good, I'm glad to hear it."

"Besides, you have something bigger to worry about now than me." Nova said with a smile. He looked pointedly at the round, extended belly his daughter was resting her hands on. "How have you been feeling?"

"Tired, but otherwise okay. The doctors are telling me it'll be sometime within the next two weeks."

"Good. I will be returning tomorrow evening. I don't want to miss the birth of my first grandchild."

"I've made this baby promise not to come until after you get here. But I'm glad you're coming back. I need your help." Mira said.

Nova gave an amused smile. "You need my help. This is a first."

She rolled her eyes and shook her head, trying to not laugh. "Be serious, Father. I'm having a real hard time with trying to make sure everyone plays nicely here. No one seems to want to cooperate with me."

"Well my dear, ruling a planet is never easy. And you have the added burden of actively dealing with another race in our midst."

"Yeah, well I wish you were still ruling." Mira frowned. "I'm exhausted."

"I will help you as soon as I get home to Tangea. But please take care of yourself in the meantime."

"I will. I promise. See you tomorrow night."

The view screen went blank and Mira sighed heavily. She hadn't exaggerated at all to her father. She was exhausted and her pregnancy wasn't the only cause. There had been many changes in the two years since her first contact with the Spirits and the weapon that almost destroyed her world.

Tangea's third race of people had been given permission by King Nova to leave their hideaway on Ruya, one of Tangea's moons, and return to live on the planet. Good relations between them and the other inhabitants of Tangea were not going to be easily obtained, as Mira was finding out for herself first hand.

She looked out over her vast throne room, newly redecorated with bright reds, yellows, and purples, wondering if she could ever be an effective queen. So far, even at this early stage of her reign, she was not having a very good time of it. The child within her stirred and she smiled.

'Maybe this baby will help bring everyone together.' She thought. The pregnancy had been a blessing for the new queen and her husband, if for no one else.

The thought of her husband made Mira's smile grow broader. Their romance had blossomed during that terrible time she was held captive on Ruya. Terrin, the Spirits' leader, despite holding her captive, had treated her kindly and had protected her from any other Spirit who had wanted to cause her harm. She had grown to like him, finding him to be handsome, caring, and committed to helping keep peace between her race and his. After the trouble on the moon, Mira returned to Star Command and she and Terrin continued their relationship, realizing before long that they were in love and deeply committed to one another.

Falling in love was not the only thing that had surprised the princess. She remembered the day her father came to see her at the station. They had sat together in the observation lounge as he told her he was stepping down from the throne so she could take her place as Queen.

He was tired of ruling, he had told her. Unable to handle the changes Tangea was experiencing. And he wanted to be able to see his daughter become a great queen and enjoy any future grandchildren without all of the hassles and pressures of being a ruler. Mira had understood all of this. Her father didn't want to end up like his own. Her grandfather had ruled up right up until his death and had been unable to see the successes of his child, unable to help with problems, and unable to spend time with his grandchildren.

With a heavy heart, Mira had left Star Command to take her place on the throne, fulfilling the duty she had to her people, which came first. Terrin had supported her completely and within a few months of her ascension and after some opposition, they were married.

It had been a relatively small affair. Not large and lavish like one would expect the wedding of a crown princess to be. It was just their families and close friends, nothing more. Mira had worn a beautiful gown, simple and elegant, nothing like the one she had been forced to where to her almost-marriage to Fop Doplar. Their honeymoor had been a romantic, but short stay on a lovely moon near Mahambas 6. Finding out she was pregnant happened only a few short weeks after that.

And now here she was, a few days away from giving birth to the next heir to the Tangean throne and her planet was in turmoil.

Her thoughts were interrupted by the entrance of her chief advisor, Lord Beldan, a tall thin man with graying hair and a kind face that always put Mira at ease.

"The council is waiting for you in chambers, my Queen."

Mira sighed and gripped the armrests of her throne and attempted to stand up. After a few tries, she realized it was futile and gave her advisor a wry smile.

"Can you help me up, Lord Beldan? You know I can't do things as easily as I used to."

The elder Tangean shook his head and smiled at her, leaning down to help the queen out of her seated position.

"I'm sure you are eager for the baby to be born soon."

Mira gave a little laugh. "You don't know the know how much of an understatement that is. Eager doesn't even begin to cover it."

She took the arm Lord Beldan offered out to her and held onto him as he helped her down the stairs and into the council chambers. The eight members of her council stood up when she entered the room, each still trying to adjust to seeing their queen very pregnant. They waited for her to take her seat, with Lord Beldan's help, before taking theirs.

Mira sat back in her chair and lovingly rested both hands on her round belly. "Now Lord Reno, what is so urgent that you needed to meet with me right away."

The tall, middle-aged councilor at the other end of the table stood.

"It's the Spirits, your Majesty. We've…" He began.

"The Spirits are my husband's responsibility. I don't know how many times I've had to tell you that." The queen interrupted. "We made that very clear when we were married. If you are having problems, speak to him."

"He won't speak with us, refuses to speak with us even. We were hoping you could intervene on our behalf."

Mira sighed. The relationship between Terrin and the council had been nothing but a disaster from the start. The council and her people refused to accept him as a co-ruler of the entire planet and threatened to revolt if she married him. But through tense negotiations a deal had been struck where although he would not officially obtain the title of king and rule over the Tangean affairs, he would be in control of the Spirits and any of their issues.

The queen frowned. "Everyone will just have to get over their differences and soon. This baby is a combination of both races and will sit on the throne when the time comes. I will not raise my child in all of this hassle."

"Your Majesty, if I may be perfectly frank, if you had married a Tangean we would not be dealing with this. And you would not be bringing a child into all of this upset." Reno said. He watched as the queen narrowed her blue eyes in anger.

"You are out of line, Lord Reno." She gripped the arms of her chair so hard her knuckles turned from blue to white and her face turned rigid as she tried to control her temper. "You, as my subjects, should have had faith in my choice of a husband and embraced that choice. You know I would have never married Terrin if I thought that marrying a Spirit would endanger our people in any way."

Mira's face softened a little. "I will speak to him about you. But please, for my sake and for the baby's sake, try to get along."

With Lord Beldan's help, she eased herself out of her chair. "If that's all, I am very tired."

The councilors watched her leave, using Lord Beldan for support as she walked towards her bedchamber.

"The queen has made a mistake. It was bad enough when her father made the decision to allow those people to return to the planet, but Queen Mira furthered it by marrying that Spirit. And this child will not last long if he or she should ever ascend to the throne. Our people will not tolerate it. Just as they are barely tolerating the situation now. Things will get worse…" Lord Reno said. "…And we need to make her see that and do something about it."

"How?" Another councilor asked. "She is carrying that…that…creature's child. She will not deny her child a father. You know how she feels about having grown up motherless and without two parents. To demand that she break the marriage to him would be futile."

"I know, I'll think of something. We will see an end to the Spirits' habitation of our planet and control over our queen. Trust me."

Terrin pushed the filmy curtains the covered the doorway to their private balcony to found his wife stretched out on a chaise lounge, eyes closed. The sight made the Spirit smile. She looked lovely to him in that soft, flowing blue-green gown, her hair pulled back with a clip.

He walked over to her and Mira opened her blue eyes. She smiled when she saw him and stretched out a hand, which he took in his own. He knelt down next to her and kissed her softly.

"Are you all right? Is the baby all right?" He asked. "Your message sounded urgent."

"I'm fine. The baby is active, but fine." She took his pale hands in her blue ones; the contrast between their colorings was striking. "But we need to talk."

"About the council, right?"

She nodded. "Terrin, you have to work with them. If not for the good of everyone, then do it for our baby. Please."

A stray strand of her fiery red hair escaped from the hairclip holding it back and the Spirit gently brushed it from her face and smiled.

"All right. I'll try, Mira. But that's all I can promise you."

She smiled. "That's all I ask."

He wrapped his arms around her and pulled her to him. "You know what?"

"What?" She wrapped her arms around his neck and he leaned in close to her ear.

"I love you." He whispered.

Mira smiled. "I love you too."

He kissed her tip of her nose and placed a hand on her belly, smiling. "The baby's moving."

"I know. I can feel it. I swear this child is going to be some sort of acrobat when he or she grows up." The queen placed her hand on top of her husband's and sighed. "I can't wait for this baby to be born. I feel like a Bathyosian whale."

"I'm sure it'll be soon." He kissed her neck and nuzzled her ear. "I hope it is soon. I miss my beautiful wife."

"I'm not beautiful to you anymore?" She asked, pretending to be insulted.

"Of course you are, silly. But seeing you so uncomfortable…I know it's got to be hard for you." He said, trailing his fingertips over her forearm.

Mira nodded. "The doctors said any day now and Father will be home tomorrow evening. Hopefully I won't go into labor before then."

Terrin frowned at Mira's mention of her father. The two men tolerated each other and were reasonably civil, if only for Mira's sake, but it was no secret that Nova had been displeased with his daughter's choice for a husband. Terrin hoped that the baby would finally cement a good and positive relationship between Mira's father and himself.


Mira's voice brought him out of his thoughts and he smiled at her. She gently put a hand on his cheek and smiled back.

"You looked like you were far away there for a moment."

He placed his hand on hers, moving it from his cheek and squeezing it.

"I was just thinking about everything that's happened. Getting married, you being queen, my people settling on the planet…" Terrin placed a hand on Mira's round belly and ran his hand over it. "Our child."

The couple shared a smile, not noticing Lord Beldan as he walked out onto the balcony.

"Excuse me, Your Majesty…"

Mira looked up. "Yes, Lord Beldan. Is there something that you needed?"

"The council has asked to speak to you again. They said it was urgent."

The Queen sighed and began to shift her body in an effort to stand up. "My duties never end, do they?"

Terrin helped her up and frowned at older Tangean man. "Surely the council can wait until morning. My wife is tired and needs her rest."

"I know. Believe me, I tried to persuade Lord Reno to postpone this until morning, but he said that it was an urgent matter."

"It's all right. The sooner I deal with this, the sooner I will hopefully be able to rest uninterrupted. I'll be back soon." Mira said with a small smile. She took Lord Beldan's arm and the two Tangeans headed off towards the council chambers.

Lord Reno stood at the end of the long table in the council chambers, staring at the Queen as she was led into the room by Lord Beldan. The other council members stood clustered around him.

Mira looked at her councilor and suddenly felt uncomfortable. Something in Lord Reno's dark eyes sent a sinking sensation down into the pit of the Queen's stomach. The man smiled at her as she took her seat.

"Thank you for meeting with us again, Your Majesty." He said, moving around the side of the table to be closer to Mira's position. "We have decided that the Spirits cannot be allowed to exist on Tangea. Our people cannot be forced to make room for these…these creatures."

"Oh really? And when was this decision reached, Lord Reno?" Mira leaned forward slightly in her chair, frowning. "I am sure it was at some secret meeting, in a secret room or maybe in the shadows somewhere within the palace, hmmmm?"

"Your Majesty, please, our people will not continue to accept this…"

Mira held up her hand, silencing him. "The people will accept the Spirits living on Tangea. The grounders seem to be handling the change well from the reports I have received from the surface."

"We do not care if the grounders are liking this or not. The council has unanimously voted to have the Spirits removed from the planet…" Another councilor spoke up.

"A vote that needs to be finalized by me, which for the record, I will not do. Adding the Spirits will be a good thing for our planet and will allow our people to grow and accept other races. It is high time they did."

Reno narrowed his dark eyes at the Queen's last statement.

"I am sorry you feel that way, Your Majesty."

Lord Beldan eyed Reno warily and put a protective hand on the Queen's shoulder. Something about the councilor's tone of voice made the older man uneasy and he wanted to get the young woman away from the council room.

"Perhaps the Queen should go back to her quarters and rest now."

"No, Lord Beldan…" Reno said, staring icily at Mira. "The Queen will not be going anywhere."

Mira looked up at Lord Reno, her brows drawing together as she glared at him. She started to stand.

"I am leaving now. This discussion is over."

Lord Reno pushed her back down into her chair. Lord Beldan attempted to come to Mira's assistance, but he was held back by two of the other councilors. He watched helplessly as Reno held the Queen by her shoulders, pinning her to the chair.

"As I said before, you are not going anywhere." Reno made a nodding motion with his head and the two guards that had been standing watch near the Queen's chair stepped forward. They took position on either side of the chair and Mira turned her head to look up them. An alarming realization came over her.

"You've had this planned, haven't you?" She said, continuing to stare up at Reno. "This whole meeting was a sham."

Reno shook his head. "Oh no, this meeting was a legitimate attempt to persuade you to remove the Spirits. Just as the meeting earlier this afternoon was. But you are right we have had this planned just in case you did not agree with us. And we gave you at least two attempts to agree with us.

The Tangean released his grip on Mira's shoulders and turned his back to her. He took a few steps forward, running his hand through his dark hair. Reno turned back around to face her and smiled sadly at her.

"I am sorry about this. I had hoped that we could agree on the matter of the Spirits, but your refusal has made that impossible. I am afraid that your time on the throne is coming to an end, Your Majesty."

The councilor paused. "We can no longer have a ruler that consistently refused to look after the interests of the people. Your father started this when he agreed to allow the Spirits to return to Tangea and your child, the supposed next heir to the throne, will be half Spirit. Your family's rule is now over."

The two councilors holding Lord Beldan began moving towards the council room's exit. The older man struggled against the two councilors as they moved him.

"Your Majesty!" He cried out.

Mira whipped her head around to see the councilors ghosting Lord Beldan through the wall, their figures surrounded by a hazy blue light.

"Lord Beldan! Wait! Where are you taking him?" She was frantic now. Her steely composure was now in shambles. Dread filled her entire being as she looked into the dark eyes of Lord Reno. "What's going to happen to me? Please tell me."

"Don't worry. Nothing will happen to him, for now at least. As for you, we are going to keep you here until I make sure that your husband is taken captive. We are taking control of this planet and will finally do what's right for Tangea."

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