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Chapter 4

As soon as the door to the coach was shut it took off towards Hogwarts.

The ride in the carriage was spent with Luna and Hermione catching up and sharing very intimate touches with each other. They couldn't keep their hand off of each other was more like it.

Harry was trying to figure out when this had happened when the carriage came to a stop. They all got out and Harry went back to trying to figure out when Hermione and Luna had gotten together and then it clicked.

Hermione said they had meet at the Yale Ball and that the rest was history. So that was how it happened. Harry's lips twitched as a smile began to make itself known as he figured out when Hermione and Luna had got together. Just then they arrived at Hogwarts and they all got out of the carriage and into Hogwarts. They passed through the main door and into the great hall that was just beyond.

Harry took his normal seat at the Gryffindor table while Hermione also took her seat with Nev sitting on Harry's other side while Fred, George and Lee sat opposite them when they saw Ron and Ginny enter the hall followed by Dean and Seamus who looked between Harry, Hermione, Ron and Ginny before Dean decided to go and join Harry at the table, while Seamus just glared at Harry and went to sit beside Parvati who was talking to Lavender.

Ron and Ginny glared at them before sitting at the end of the table away from Harry and everyone in the great hall took notice of that, three of the four house glance between the two youngest Weasleys and Harry before switching their glance to Hermione and Ron. The Slytherins on the other hand were a little shocked to see the golden trio not sitting together.

All the professors, except one looked on at the scene in front of them with confusion and curiosity as Harry sat down with Hermione but no Ron, and the rest of the people that where with him took seats around him as if they were protecting him from someone.

When all the student where seated Dumbledore stood and went to the podium in front of the students and introduced the new Defense Against the Dark Arts, Dolores Umbridge. Dumbledore was about to continue his speech when Umbridge decided to clear her throat before standing up and heading towards the podium before making a small speech about things that should be changed at and how the Ministry sent her here so she could do that, after she finish her speech Dumbledore clapped and everyone else followed suit through most looked like they didn't want anything to do with whatever was going on.

Dumbledore continued with his speech it wasn't until he finished that they were aloud to eat. Harry didn't eat much and everyone in the hall noticed. After dinner Dumbledore told them to go to their common rooms and stay there.

Harry arrived at the common room portrait and said the password causing the portrait to swing open. Harry walked in and took a seat on the floor in front of the fire with Hermione next to him while Fred and George sat on the two seats behind them with Nev on the arm of Fred's chair while Lee was on the arm of George's chair.

As Harry sat there he looked around the common room. Dean was sitting on the other side of the common room with Seamus who still hadn't talked to Harry since they arrived at school, the Quidditch team were spread out all over the common room, Katie, was talking to Angelina and Alicia in the middle of the common room. They didn't have a keeper anymore because Oliver Wood had finish school two years ago.

The Creevy brothers were sitting talking excitedly amongst themselves while also sending Harry excited looks, Lavender and Parvati were not far from Katie, Angelina and Alicia, giggle about something, either a boy they think is hot or some gossip that is going around the school at the moment. The first years sat in one group in one corner so did the second years, except for Dennis, while the third and fourth years mingled. Ginny who wasn't joining the forth years in their mingling sat next to Ron and they were both sending glares at Harry.

Harry turned back to the fire not wanting to look around the room anymore. Harry stayed in the common room for another few hours before heading to bed.

As soon as he opened the door he was greeted by the rest of his dorm mates, except for Nev who was still downstairs.

Ron huffed before closing his curtains so he wouldn't have to look at his former best friend and Dean said good night, having talked to Harry earlier, leaving Seamus and Harry standing there.

'How was your holidays Seamus?'

'Mum didn't want me to come back this year.' Seamus stated.


After Harry asked the question he remember the look that Seamus had given him at the opening feast earlier and suddenly it dawned on him what this was all about before Seamus even said anything.

'Because of you!' Seamus exclaimed.

'So you believe the Daily Prophet to do you?' Harry sourly asked.

'What else am I suppose to believe?'

'How about a friend!' Harry exclaimed while his insides burned in frustration.

Seamus opened his mouth to say something else but was interrupted the door opened and Nev walked in before stopping dead in the doorway, eyes flickering between Seamus and Harry.

'Everything alright?' Nev asked as came into the dorm and closed the door behind him still looking between Seamus and Harry even as he walked over to his bed and sat on the end of it.

'Seamus mum didn't want him to come back Hogwarts this year because she and most likely the rest of the world believe that I'm a liar for saying that Voldemort is back.'

'Don't you dare say anything bad about my mum, Potter.' Seamus growled.

'I say anything bad about people who call me a liar and that includes you Seamus and everyone else who believes the Daily Prophet.' Harry hissed.

Nev jumped up from the bed and stood between Harry and Seamus who were glaring at each other, then all of a sudden Harry looked down and headed to the bathroom, locking the door and sitting on the floor before pulling out a piece of glass from the pocket half way down his right leg.

Harry looked at it for a second before taking off his school robes, that was the only thing he put on from his school uniform over his muggle clothes, his hoddie and shirt and looked at his arms trying the find a place to cut, when he finally did he did it deep enough so he would be bleeding for hours or even a day. He did that 10 times on each arm before moving on to legs and doing the same thing to them when he found clear skin to cut.

Harry knew that what he was doing was very dangerous, but he didn't care, not anymore. This always happens, one minute everyone was thinking he was a hero and then the next they were either thinking that he was the heir of Slytherin and hurting the people he cared about, or he was a cheater just looking to get more rich and famous and now they think that he was a liar because he said that Voldemort was back after he killed Cedric last year.

Harry was interrupted from his thoughts by a knock at the door.

'Harry please open the door.' he heard Nev's voice say form the other side of the door.

Harry waved his hand and the door clicked open and immediately Nev came inside before closing an locking the door before looking at Harry and sighed before going over to Harry and put his robe back on before picking Harry up and asking Harry to unlock the door which he did.

Nev poked his out of the door and saw that all their dorm mates curtains were closed so he kicked the door open trying not to move Harry around to much.

Nev exited the dorm room and headed into the common room, that was thankfully empty, before continuing on thorough the portrait and headed towards the hospital wing.

Once Nev there he called out for Madam Pomfrey, who came bustling out in her night robes looking very irritated until see saw the state that Harry was in then she was moving around the room like a mad woman.

Madam Pomfrey took off Harry's robes and sucked in breath at how many scars that littered the boys body before going back to her office. She was in there for a few minutes before she came out with an arm full of potions, which she had Harry drink until he had fallen asleep.

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