Sonic and friends find themselves in the midst of a predicament that is invisibly spiraling out of control - to Eggman's advantage. Now the doctor's success depends on his usage of Chaos energy, an area Sonic happens to be quite experienced in. But the blue blur has no intentions of playing along.

Tails wants more than anything to help his best friend and brother but circumstances get in the way, and he finds himself working with an unlikely ally: Espio. Meanwhile, Knuckles, for the only time any of them can remember, has something to hide. The normally honest Master Emerald guardian is reluctant to associate with any of them… but it's not without reason.

Fortunately - and unfortunately - it turns out all of their problems are intertwined in some kind of chaotic tree, with Eggman at the root and Sonic caught in the vines.

Knuckles has changed. Tails is suddenly carrying the world on his shoulders. Sonic is forced to face the darkest kind of adversary. And everyone is about to discover that it takes something more than skills or smarts to win against the unfathomable.


Disclaimer: All Sonic characters (c) Sega and Sonic Team.

WARNING: story contains sustained threat and possible frightening scenes. If you are bothered at any point, for your own comfort please stop reading or skip ahead.

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As the clouds dissipated and gave way to moonlight, he watched his blue reflection look up at him from beneath the shimmering water, standing his ground while the waves licked the tips of his shoes.


Sonic's arms were held tightly behind his back, his comfort level hovering somewhere over the indistinct line between pressure and pain.

Two Robotnik Corporation androids served as his opponents. They had forced him to his knees, sand caking into the blue fur there. He might have been able to push himself to his feet, but it would go against the position his arms were in and likely result in injury rather than escape, so he remained where he was. He was a thrill seeker, not a masochist.

He was not exactly patient, either, so the idea of waiting was not the most intriguing one in the world. Still, there was no immediate danger, so it was a better tactic to wait for an opportunity. Opportunities in battle were scarce and brief, but he knew he had the reflexes to take advantage of them.

Very rarely did he find himself unable to fight back, and the sudden lack of action interrupted the wild adrenaline rush that served as his fuel in battle. They had rendered him defenseless. They had taken what could have been an exciting battle, and brought it to a standstill. He liked to think it was because he was too intimidating for them while free.

But what came next? Where could they go from here? Nothing was happening. He and the androids were doing little more than existing. Something had to happen. One of them would attempt to disable him now, do something to prevent him from being able to fight back. He would be ready. He would break its grasp as soon as it withdrew a hand to strike.

A figure in the distance interrupted his mental scenarios, demanding his gaze. It was a familiar face, though he hadn't quite expected it yet.

Sonic had made quite a few enemies in his life, but to the day, not one of them could match the intense opposition of the one currently staring him down from fifty feet away. Though he loved the challenge infused in his life because of his greatest adversary, he detested the man himself.

That man, an ambitious but arguably crazy doctor of science, was Ivo Robotnik.

Known best by his nickname of Eggman, he began to approach the scene now, carelessly stepping on a wristband communicator on the ground as he did. His large stomach filled out his form-fitting black outfit and the bright red coat he wore over it. One end of his long mustache was pinched casually between a finger and a thumb. Any emotion in his eyes was hidden by the reflective blue sunglasses covering them, fitting his face perfectly as if he had crafted the spectacles himself.

"Sonic the hedgehog," he said, examining his catch. "I did not expect I would get an opportunity to see you again so soon. After what happened on Space Colony ARK a little over a month ago, one would think you'd be more careful."

The addressed met his eyes with confident composure and a relaxed chuckle. "All things considering, I could say the same to you."

Eggman looked like he might be offended, but then returned the comment with a dark chuckle of his own. "Wait until you see what I've been working on," he said, his tone one of mocking glee. "I did a good job of not spoiling the surprise this time."

"Seeing as how you're pretty predictable, I'm thinking I'll have to see it myself to know if it manages to qualify as surprising."

"Seeing as how you've already been immobilized by my subordinates, I'll gladly have you escorted there so you can do just that. I'll even let you stay a while!"

Sonic merely shook his head, thick quills swinging back and forth with the motion, looking unimpressed. "Hey, bring it, don't sing it. Like I said, I'd just love to see the place, but I'd prefer to go on my own terms."

"What, so you can destroy it? Is that what you think you're going to do?" The scientist enjoyed a brief bout of amused laughter, then crossed his arms and looked at him with condescending superiority. It was during that moment when the hedgehog realized his escape would not likely be facilitated, even on accident. "Sonic, my dearest rodent, I dare say it will destroy you first."


"All right, Eggman… let's get this party started." –Sonic Heroes


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This is typed as part of the games continuity, taking place a month or so after Sonic Adventure 2.

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In Chapter 1… Sonic and Tails rendezvous after a few weeks' respite, and Sonic reveals some thoughts about the battle on Space Colony ARK. The two friends make an unexpected discovery in a pond, and Tails makes an unexpected discovery about his surrogate older brother…

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