Round 1

Amber walked with poise through the empty school hall.

Seriously, had they expected her to just leave her things and give up? That wasn't what her mother had taught her at all and so she found herself there.

In her right mind, she would have never agreed to such an outrageous thing to do; but she never really thought of the consequences when she was challenged to do something.

Those girls had stolen her makeup bag and hidden it somewhere they thought she wouldn't find it. She knew where they had hidden it, for it was the place she preferred to stay away from the most.

It was a room where the 'other' students took their classes. Her mother told her to stay away from them for they weren't good enough to be even near her.

But she had left the ring Link gave her in that bag and she wasn't about to leave it behind.

She finally saw the classroom which thankfully for her was empty; she released the breath she had been holding, grabbed the doorknob and opened the door.

She thought of how her fear had affected her poise, not very discreetly she recomposed herself and entered the classroom; ready to find her bag.

She opened several desks, but all had been empty. Being Amber, after the fourth desk, she was on the brink of tears for she believed she would never find that bag.

She sat down exasperated on one of the desk chairs and started to sob.

Suddenly a sound behind her made her turn around abruptly and cringe.

It was one of them.

'Ugh, how dare you scare me like that?' she yelled at him. 'Be cool lady, I just came here to pick up my books'

Amber gave him a look, she knew who he was. She saw him once or twice, entering the studio as she left it.

He only grinned at her, outraged she huffed 'it is no laughing matter; I could have you expelled from the show for this you know?'

His grin faded into a smile as he quietly opened the desk he couldn't fully open earlier to take out his books. 'Don't cry no longer lady, your bag is over there, in that desk'

She looked at him, sniffing before lifting her head proudly 'I don't know what you're talking about, I wasn't crying' he laughed and with a look of contempt she asked 'how would you know I was searching for it anyways, did you take it?'

The boy smirked at her 'none of that, I saw your friends hide it in there'

Amber stood in her place, with indignity she looked to her side and stuck her nose higher in the air, waiting for him to leave. He didn't leave though; instead he reached inside the desk for the bag and placed it in front of her. 'There you go pretty lady'

Amber did not reach for it until a moment later, when he didn't leave. 'Thank you' she said reluctantly, holding the bag tightly to herself and looking away from him once again; if there was anything else that Amber couldn't help but take, other than challenges, were compliments.

'See ya, sugar' he said while he got out of the classroom with a single wave of his hand; Amber just spared him a sideway glance.