Round 6

She won the title of Miss Teenage Hairspray, but it didn't last long. Tracy was there to expose her mother's cheats.

Inez had been the real winner of the contest and everyone was happy when the show was finally integrated.

Amber walked out of the picture, but Seaweed didn't take long to reach for her so they could finally stop hiding.

She hesitated for just a second, before taking his hand and walking with him to the dance floor. She couldn't pay attention to anything else, but if she was sure of something, was that her mother's incredulous face would have been an amusing thing to contemplate.

He embraced her in front of the camera and for once she didn't care for looking good in front of it, but just that she was going to finally stop being that spoiled girl who follows her mother around to follow her own ideals.

Nobody was really surprised when they kissed, except for her mother who she heard yell in outrage.

She was definitely in love and now she was officially a checker-board chick.