Drip, Drip, Drip

RemusSirius freeverses by icedpandacookies

He wasn't s u r e how it happened -

he was a little bit embarrassed, if he was ::honest::

he blushed everytime he saw him.

But Sirius was just so...{sexy}

Those i c y grey eyes and muscled arms -

[he couldn't think of anyone else]

which was strange enough in itself:

he hadn't thought of anyone

like that

since third-year

and last time he'd [checked] he'd been s t r a i g h t.

It defied logic.


He was one of his best friends!

Nothing could come of it, he couldn't even

s a yanything.

It wasn't like he'd setout to fall in love withhim.

Heck six months ago he'd nevereven

d r e a m e d

of [this]


But he didn't think he could stay

s i l e n t

much longer.

Everytime he {saw} him

he felt his resolve weakening


like water on stone.

He couldn't hold on much longer...

everything was

s l i p p i n g...

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