"So we're getting a new guy?" Devin asked abruptly earning him the glares of every Rebel in the room.

"That's what I said didn't I?" Blue snapped at him. "As I said, we will assign our forces to groups of four." Blue sent a sharp glare to Devin. "You can count the number of squad members you have right?"

"Yes, there's you, James and me!" Devin exclaimed happily. "We're the perfect combo." His face turned malicious. "And you want to ruin it…"

Blue rolled her eyes. "You'll get over it."

James yawned and rubbed his eyes. "Got any ideas on who you want to recruit boss?"

"Yes I do actually." Blue tapped her chin. "He's a strange fellow, but I'm sure you'll get along. He is a honest person."


Willow, Jean and Mallori walked down a corridor of the resistance's underground bunker. They were bored. The bunker smelled terrible. And most of the soldiers were ugly.

Willow continued to list everything he hated about the resistance, right infront of its members who, by the looks of things, all wanted to beat him to death. Willow actively ignored them as Mallori grew steadily more anxious – Jean was too busy staring at the roof because it reminded him of his sofa back home.

One resistance soldier who had his attention trapped in a book he was reading bumped into Willow as he walked. Neither Willow nor the Rebel seemed fazed, but instead shot each other a glare before speaking.

"What's that you're reading there?" Willow asked unenthusiastically.

The Blond haired boy looked up at him and smiled warmly. "This is known as a book. Something a simpleton like you should and read."

Willow frowned. "The only thing worth read is p-"

"Finish that sentence and I'll rip your head off." Mallori hissed violently, her eyes glinting.

The Blond haired soldier shifted his gaze to her. "Oh seems like this girl has you by the balls. Good thing too, a slob like you couldn't exist by yourself."

"Oi. Don't go making assumptions." Willow narrowed his eyes dangerously. "They can be quite dangerous you know?"

"You seem to be a rather… sad individual friend." The Blond haired soldier smiled warmly again. "Could it be that you're lacking something perhaps?"

Willow shrugged keeping a dull expression. "I'm not lacking anything, but you're close to lacking a full set of teeth."

The blond haired boy clicked his fingers. "I get it! You are the type who acts cool so that when they mess up they don't have to take responsibility, typical behavior from a failure."

"I suggest you quit talking and leave before my 'typical behavior' shoves your head down a toilet." Willow shot back, growing slightly more irritated.

The Blond haired soldier chuckled. "So violent, I was simply being honest after all. A failure like yourself usually acts this way because you've screwed up somewhere and feel guilty about it. So you lash out and put up a pathetic 'cool' façade so that you don't have to go through it again."

"Shutup." Willow spat.

But he kept talking. "Tell me, what are you hiding? Did you break a promise to your girlfriend? Did a bully break your favourite toy? Failed to protect a friend-"

Willow shot forwards and grabbed him by the throat before pinning him to the wall. "You don't know when to close your mouth do you?"

Mallori and Jean stared wide-eyed at their friend, completely shocked by his reaction.

"Seems I've struck a nerve…" The Blond haired rebel mused. "Tell me…how close a friend was it?"

Willow tightened his grip and snarled.

"Oh!" The Blond haired boy exclaimed again. "It wasn't just one, was it?"

Mallori saw Willow wince slightly and his hand started to form a fist.

"What a typical failure you are." The Soldier grinned. "Can't even protect the ones he cares abou-"

Willow slammed his fist into the wall right next to the Rebel's face. "I know your sort…" Willow smirked. "You think you can get under people's skins with your psychological mumbo jumbo, but that crap doesn't work on me."

The Blond haired soldier kept smiling. "Seems you aren't a complete failure… you can at least keep your emotions in check, kudos to you."

Willow released him from his grip and calmly waked away.

The Blond haired boy rubbed his throat. "I'm looking forward to working with you."

Willow simply gave him the one-fingered salute without even turning to face him.

"So…" Devin frowned. "What is our new squadie called?"

Blue threw down a document in front of him. "He calls himself Thom."

James and Devin leaned over t document to stare at the portrait of a smiling Blond haired soldier.

"The reason I'm assigning him to our squad…" Blue told them. "Isn't because he's skilled or anything… we're concerned he's an imperial spy."

"An imperial spy, huh?" James mused. "I wonder what he's like?"

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