The Curse Gift – The Start of Puzzles.

Ghost Hunt Trilogy 1.

A fanfiction by Aoi Kitsukawa.

Disclaimer: Ghost Hunt is belongs to Fuyumi Ono-sensei, I only borrow the characters in the light novels/ manga/ anime. Please enjoy reading it!

Summary: Ghost Hunt Trilogy 1. Nearly half a year after the SPR's last case. Mai received a shocking gifts, which unknown to her and the others it was an ultimate mistake that changed her life forever. News that is more shocking was the appearing of Naru's cousins! At the same time, several rape-murder cases rapidly appeared, and the police had to ask SPR's assistance through Madoka and a female superintendent officer. How do the cases have connected with Mai at all?

Author's Note: This is my very first fanfiction on Ghost Hunt. Well, I guess I've been crazy with this story, up to the point that I collected many complete fanfics stories just for satisfying the curiousity. Not to mention some of the writers are soooo great! Ahaha, well, time to work up! I have many stories still on-going which mostly on Gakuen Alice section, but I guess I try here first. Not to mention that my final exams just around the corner. Gosh, what exactly I try to do?

However a deep reminder to all readers, I have to say that this story will be put under rank 'M' NOT because of lemon contains, but it is more on violent and cruel crime incidents, brutal murders, rash words and of course, cruel actions towards women (rape). I don't know how to portrait it in right way, I just write it down in the way that people could understand it.

By the way, this story is set 6 months after the Curse Family Case; can possibly along the way with the novels (a little from Akumu ga Sumu Ie Jou), manga and anime's plots. Probably it's the long-term story, and for the readers, this is actually part one of the Ghost Hunt Trilogy, you people can check it on my profile. I'm humbly bowed to you people, the readers, for the reviews. Sorry for the long notes. Please enjoy the reading (?).

Pairing: Mai Taniyama & Kazuya Shibuya/ Naru

Genre: Investigation x Suspense x Hurt x Comfort x Mystery x Supernatural

Gift 1: Prologue.

Somebody help me…

Please help me…!

Inside a dark room, a young woman in early twenties was tied on a long table; strips were all over her body. Her dark brown hair was wildly spread on the bed; her brown eyes showed panic and fear, as well as her face. Her hands were chained with the same strip, hang up of her head. Her white hospital gown somehow was dirty, mixed with some of blood. She tried to struggle herself from the strips that trapped her unwillingly on the bed, but fail. Her mouth even had been gagged and she was unable to speak. Somewhere in the room, several voices were echoed throughout the room.

"Are you sure this will be complete?" Said a faint voice, which apparently was a male.

"Well, we'll just try one more time…" Another male voice appeared.

"Don't joking with me! We already out of successful results! How can you be so sure this would be the last one?" argued another voices, obviously he was afraid.

"Doctor, you already know that we've conduct more than just 10 test, aren't we?"

"Do you know what will happen if the higher authority know about this?"

"We've had our ways…"

A silent.

The poor woman looked at her side, as slowly a light appeared and then something was open, revealing several people wearing surgical mask and scrub. The light slowly opened but it was dim light, not enough to cover the whole room. However, from the poor woman's eyes, she could see several racks stood against the wall, with some bottles of chemicals and jars all over the racks. There were some monitors and unknown devices stood next to the bed, where she was tied on it. From the dim light, she could see something was written over the strips that tied her body on the bed.

All of them were write with Sanskrit words!

The poor woman started to tear. She felt so afraid; her eyes showed the fear that she suffered right now. She eyed one of the people who wore doctor-like clothes, as he went to one of the racks and took one small bottle, a syringe and anything else. He placed it on the small desk that was located not far from the weird device, but unfortunately, upper her head. She started to whimper; she was very afraid.

What exactly they want to do with her?

Somebody, please….


Please help me…!

Some of them started to go over her; placed some kind of sticky plaster all over her body, which mostly on her head. They put a heart monitor on her chest, some of them wrote something on the clipboard, some of them were chatting to each other; she did not know what would happen to her. She was afraid, so afraid that she started to cry. One of the men saw this and wiped her tears with a small towel.

She did not know what exactly they want from her. She also did not know how did she ended up in this strange room. The only thing she knew and remembered that she was walking home from her part-time workplace, alone. She then realized that someone was tailing her from behind so she tried to walk as fast as she could. Suddenly strong arms hauled her from behind and placed a chloroform towel on her face. After that, she passed out and when she woke up, she was here.

In this weird place.

"Let's start the operation, shall we?"

The woman stared with panic. 'What exactly they want to do on me? Who are this people? Stop it, stop it, please let go of me…!'

One of them pulled out the bottle and the syringe, pushed the small needle into the bottle and slowly pulled it out. The poor woman stared with fear as the man placed his hand on her left arm, ready to inject the chemical into her body.

"Don't be afraid miss, you'll be alright after this," He said as he nodded his head to another man, which after that, suppressed her left arm.

She whimpered again, this time she tried to struggle against the strips. Some of the men pushed her down again and held her head. After satisfying with the success held, the man with the syringe slowly moved his hand on the woman's arm, ready to inject the chemical.


Somebody please help me…!

I don't want to die…!

The very thin needle successfully stung into her pale skin, a small amount of blood appeared from the wound caused by the needle. Suddenly she felt something strange; she felt her body was in flame. Everything went so fast from her left arm up to her whole body. She did not know what did she do right now; all she wanted to do was to scream as much as she want, kicked all those men's faces with her feet, tried to punch them. She never felt like this before. Never!

Everything around her was noisy, but she could not hear it. She kept on struggling; the pain was terrible, her throat felt hoarse. She jerked her head up as she stared to the light that shone upon her. Her heart beat faster than usual, and she only thought one think…

I don't want to die…

A pair of black eyes suddenly snapped, before it had been closed again several times, tried to release the sudden sleep that came not long after that. A woman with silky black hair that was falling against her back was slowly moving, following the rhythm of her body. Upon her hands were several papers and folders were scattered all over her desk; everything looked messy. She yawn a little as she glanced at the clock on the desk, sat on her left side.

It was 11.30 P.M.

'Great…' She thought. 'How can I fall asleep?'

She remembered vaguely; she came to her own room after dinner, and she was able to return home earlier than before that day. Usually she would show up at home nearly dinner, and had to make everyone waiting for her to finish her bath. She never like to make people wait for her, however every time she mentioned this matter the head of the family will shook his head and said that it was alright.

'Am I very tired? But I do feel weird.'

She then retreated to her own room, sat down and started to do her work. Her family already asked her to take some rest but she couldn't do it. Lately the tasks that she had been assigned had become more difficult, and of course more workload after that.

'What is this weird feeling? I don't feel comfortable at all…'

It must be after that she unconsciously fell asleep on her own worksheets. She had to admit it, for the past two years, ever since she was assigned with her current 'role', she barely able to have some time to rest or spending it with her family. She had been too busy to deal the tasks, and it had caused her body easily exhausted and tired. The fatigue that she had that day probably knocked her down so that she could had some rest; it was evident by the blanket that fell from her shoulders, which now lay on the floor.

'Onii-san must be the one who put it…'


"Imouto?" Asked a male voice from the door. That woman looked up and said, "Hai. What is it onii-san?"

"You have a call from your colleague," He said as he opened the door and handed the cellular phone to his sister.

His stare was tense and full of worries.

She grabbed the phone and answered it. From the tone of the caller, she knew it was not a good thing.

"We have found her."

"Really? Where is she?"

"At Fudomae, near Yamate Dori. The local children of the neighbourhood found her half an hour ago."

"Alright, then I…"

"Bad news."


"It's the missing person on the list, but…"

"But what?"

'She's already death!"

Her eyes wide, as her brother who stood in front of her narrowed his eyes.

'No wonder why I do feel uncomfortable…It's all because of this thing…!'

The woman silent for a moment, before she told them that she would come in immediately, and told her brother that she would leave right now and no need for him to wait for her; she must be returned home late. After changed, she left her house, riding a motorcycle, went through the thin fallen snow of the last weeks of November…

Founding a death body of someone else was the least thing every human in the world would want to.

Especially her.

It was late night in the last second week of November, when several police cars were parking at one place somewhere near the Tokyo Gakuen High School at Yamate Dori. Several policemen were scattered around the area where small bushes and trees were lively grown, creating small darkness around the area. Some yellow tapes had been placed at the area; their trainers to detect any missing evidence at the crime scene pulled dogs. Some people had gathered at that place, looking curious and confused.

The fallen snow had not stopped them from kept on looking at the crime scene.

A woman in middle twenties walked into the crime scene, bypassed the line pass that barred people from coming in. She had long black hair that reached her back; a pair of black glasses was placed over her eyes, hiding them from the main view. Her auburn coat and soft yellow scarf was not that revealed, but it was enough to show her authority and mysterious aura that came from her. She placed her hands into her pocket; her black high heels stepped on the snowy ground, making a small crush sounds.

The tag on her left chest showed that she was an officer.

From her solemn and serious expression, it was obvious that she was not happy with the finding in front of her. Although it was snowing, however it was not enough to hide the horror scene in front of her. Her eyebrows knitted together, showed that she was curious as well as angry and hate.

Lying in front of her, a body of young woman was found death and half-naked. Her clothes were tattered; her blouse was torn apart in the middle of her chest down to her navel, where several bite marks were clearly seen on her pale body, especially her half-covered breasts. Her head was turned to her right side, long brown hair that was wrinkled covered with dirt and snow. Her lips were purple and seemed wounded; her rapist was probably biting her lips at that time, while trying to force his kiss on her. Both of her hands were tied up and bruise, which has seen at some part of her body. The wrists were bleeding with ropes that wrapped around her small wrists, in a position of her hands had been hold upside. Her skirt was pulled up from her waist while her small pant had been pulled down; some blood where stained the woman's undergarment. Dark blood was staining both of her tied legs, which later created a small pool of blood. Several cuts were seen on her body, and the most agony scene was the large bruise on her neck, showed that she was struggle to death after the painful moment. Her lifeless brown eyes were half-open, with some frozen tears in her eyes.

Being tied up at the tree in the small forest near the school, it must very agony the death woman, as she was force into painful intimacy that finally leaded it to her death.

The glasses woman sighed as she ran her hand over her front bangs, hardly thinking. The snow however, was luckily fall a little since it was early December. However, there was a huge possibility that the corpse probably had been disturbed by other things such as animals or by the nature itself.

She stared at the pitiful corpse, when she suddenly heard someone was calling for her. Turning around, she saw one of her colleagues was walking to her with worried expression.


"Ma'am, you're here," He said as he let out his freezing breathe. On his right arm was a brown file.

"Do you able to find out who's our victim this time?" She asked a she took the file that being handed by the officer named Yamagami.

"Yes ma'am, just like you expect," He said as he glanced at the place where the poor body was lay, with some coroners gathered around it. The truth is, he was not very happy to see such sad finding; it hurt him so much that he always reminded himself of his younger sister.

"Ayatsuzi Marina, 22 years old. She is the third year law student of Koku Gakuen University," Explained Yamagami as he eyes his superior.

"A university student again…?" She said, there was sadness in her voice.

He could see that she was a bit upset with the case; however, she tried her best to look professional in handling case, not by just some swing of emotion. The way in which she calmed herself, deeply in thinking before making decision, it was hard for him to believe that person was once the newly transfer member that he and his colleagues thought as someone 'brat'.

At first, he felt extremely angry with his officers for placing him under someone that he could considered as a 'brat'. Three years ago, she was transfer from some special unit in Tokyo Police Department into the First Division of Crime Investigation Department. She was younger than he was, however due to her extremely super intelligent and high marks from their authorities; he was placed to serve under her. His first imagination was a woman with arrogant attitude and selfish person; she might be a very fashionable woman with extreme make-up and so on. His imagination had turned out quite wild due to the age of this newly member was so young than he and the rest of the division's members.

However when she stepped herself into the office, everyone was stunned. Stood in front of them was a young woman with several injuries all over her body, face that was perfectly clean without make-up, only bandages and plasters were on it. Her denim jacket and trousers was worn out, as well as her black backpack that swung against her left shoulder, and a pair of black mysterious eyes that seemed so tired and in sorrow. She weakly bowed her head to greet everyone, only to be greeted by concern workers who were shock with her injuries, asking if she was all right.

From that kind of appearances, who would ever believe that she was once the member of the special task group in the police world?

From that first meeting, he finally understood that she had a very strong reason to leave her former group. She was not arrogant; her speech was strong and loud, but contains gentle and softness element in it. Acting like the other girls with her age, finally everyone get along with her, despite she was one of their main leads in the group.

Well, that was three years ago, and now? She did change!

"What's the list?" She asked, awaken him from his own world.

"A list?"

"Are you already forgetting about it?"




"THAT'S THE 60TH VICTIMS DAMN IT~!" She shouted as she slammed the file right on his face!

Ouch! o!

"Woo…no need for you to slam it on my face!"


"Officer Riko~!" Whined Yamagami as he held his red face. The woman named Riko quickly awoke her 'berserk' mode and apologized to him.

"Sorry," She said. "Your face does look like a desk."

Her smirk somehow brought irritated feeling in him. He opened his mouth to say something only to cut off by her.

"She's the same 'kind' isn't it?" She asked as she looked at the corpse that finally been put into plastic body. She could see the coroner had closed the victim's eyes.

Yamagami looked at her and nodded, "Indeed. From what we had gathered before, she was the same as the other victims."

"Do you already inform her family?" She asked as she turned around and started to leave the place.

"About that…" He was unable to finish his words as a sound of crying woman was heard at the scene.

"NOOO! My Marina, my daughter noo~!" Cried an elder woman, with an old man who was probably her husband.


"Speaking of the devil," Spoke the female officer. "That's the victim's mother. I don't think she could bear the sadness anymore…"

"Yeah," He said. "After such a long time waiting, your hope was crumbled terribly when you saw the death body of your beloved one."

They saw the couple went to the death body and cried over it. Then a young boy at the age of 13 came by and went to his parents' side, crying his sister's name. It was a sad scene, everyone in the area watching the sad family crying for their lost one. Riko sighed as she walked away from her colleague, went to somewhere else. Before that, she asked Yamagami to be in charge of the crime scene, made a report about everything and then submit it to her after everything was finish. She silently left the placed as she grabbed her helmet, wore it on her head and jumped herself onto her motorcycle.

As she pressed the gas slowly, her head was wondering about the latest victim of her case.

What a pain in the neck, this case…

She sighed as she slowly moved the vehicle out of the area.

This time, it will be my third year for not being able to celebrate the Christmas with my family at all! Minoru for sure would cry his eyes out and nii-san wouldn't able to stop him too…

She tightened the grip on the handles, looking at her right and left before pressing again the gas and released the clutch.

Even so…

There's no way I would let go of those treacherous bastards that happily killed these women!

But still…

There's something that not right in these cases, actually. But I will find it out for sure!

With that, she pulled up her right foot and released the gas, roughly went across the road with the loud engine that cut off the whole silence at the area of Fudomae…

Hints or Explanations:

Yamate Dori –A street that was located in Fudomae. In this area was the place where the death victim's body was found near the Tokyo Gakuen High School. This place located not far from Tokyo and south of Shibuya.

Onii-san-Elder brother in Japanese language. It also can be call as 'aniiki' or 'aniue'.

Imouto –Younger sister in Japanese Language.

Finally, first chapter done! I had to read lots of other authors' stories so that I could make my own. I guess this one is nearly a failure one, since I didn't make a crime-investigation-type story before; mostly my stories are based on fantasy, spiritual, supernatural and of course, action.

This is my first time in Ghost Hunt category so I'm sorry if this not satisfying everyone. Aaarggghh~! It's a very complicate story so please read and review! This is just a prologue, the next chapter will be the start of everything. Meet again in the next chapter!

-Aoi Kitsukawa-