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Lena Katina - I Know

Hope McIntyre sighed as she sat by the window of her new room, in Willow Creek. She smiled out the back, where her twin sister kicking a ball around with their father. Her mother was on the phone, and she was waiting for word from a stable. She heard a knock on her door, and tugged it open.

Her mother stood there, smiling slightly at her, a stack of forms in her hands. "Already filled out, sweet-heart. You can take Freedom in tomorrow." Siobhan told her daughter, in her typical Irish accent. She smiled slightly, as her mother bustled off, talking about needing to find a club of some sort for Ruby to go to.

Hope grabbed onto a manila envelope, and started putting things inside it, including the forms her mother had just handed her, and some reports from her old tutor, biting against her glanced once more out the window, at her slightly fuzzy horse, who was happily attacking the long grass around the yard.

She giggled at the sight, happy she was able to ride here as well. She'd loved riding back in Scotland. She covered one eye, frowning at the blurry spots in her vision, until they vanished when she covered her left eye. She smiled a little, not being quite so dizzy.

If her parents knew, they'd be so disappointed in her. She eyed the boxes of trophies and ribbons in the corner of her room. Her father was working on a cabinet for the trophies, and she had a message board under her newly set up bed. But she didn't want to put them up yet.

There were more important things to do. Uncovering her left eye, she stood up, and headed downstairs, where her mother was calling for her.

When Stevie Lake showed up at Pine Hollow, early one morning, she caught sight of a horse float at the far end of the stable. A girl, with a mane of brown curls, was easing a black and white painted horse out of it, clicking to the horse gently.

Stevie caught sight of one of her best friends, Lisa Atwood, watching from a safe distance away, appearing to be directing the girl. She paused, once the horse was out of the float. Stevie got a good look at the horse, and frowned. She'd never seen a horse like that before. It was big for a start, and had feathery feet.

Her first thought was a Clydesdale, but Clydesdales didn't have that sort of pattern on them, normally. She frowned, before Carole Hanson, her other best friend, came jogging over toward her.

"Morning, Stevie! Isn't he gorgeous?" Carole asked, nodding directly at the horse. Stevie nodded her head, frowning for a second, as she looked over her friend, to make sure she was properly dressed. Everything seemed in order, except…

"Carole, why is your hat on your foot?" She asked the brown eyed girl, who looked down at her feet. "OH! Whoops, I guess I was in a hurry…That new girl is all the way from Scotland!" Carole said, hastily swapping out her sock, which she discovered in the bag on her back. Stevie raised her eyebrows.

"Scotland? Isn't that a really long way away…Would her horse be uncomfortable?" Stevie asked, frowning softly. Carole shook her head. "No…they got him from Ireland." She said softly, watching Lisa help the girl, before Carole eagerly ran over. Stevie followed, much slower.

Lisa waved quietly at her friends, before turning towards the startled horse. The girl with the curly hair put her hand up on the horses neck soothingly, as she ran a hand up her horses neck, and down his face. The horse calmed down, and the girl turned towards Lisa.

"Thanks for your help." She said, smiling at a spot on the ground, at Lisa's feet. Her accent was slightly flawed, not sounding fully Scottish. Lisa smiled at her a little. "No problem! Just let me know if you need help again." She said to the girl, who looked upwards at Lisa, as Stevie and Carole joined her.

The girl had quite cheerful green eyes, framed by thin brown lashes. Her left eye seemed a little darker than her right one did. The girl had left some of her hair down, to mostly conceal her darker eye. The rest was held back in a ponytail.

She had pale skin, which made her look a little like a ghost. But her outfit screamed out otherwise. She'd painted a set of black jeans with neon paints, and had tied rainbow ribbons up through loops meant for other materials. She had normal riding boots on, and a plain black t-shirt. Under her other arm was a riding helmet, and a bright green jacket.

"Oh, hi guys…Stevie, Carole, this is Hope McIntyre." Lisa said. Hope offered her hands out to Stevie and Carole, smiling missed Carole's hand slightly, but Carole didn't seem to notice very much.

"Your horse! He's a Gypsy Vanner, isn't he?" She said excitedly. Hope nodded her head, running her hands over her horse once more.

"Yes…His name's Freedom." She said softly. Carole was practically twitching to get her hands on the horse, to examine his every inch…

"Want a pat? He's really quite friendly." She said softly to the three. Lisa nodded, and offered her hand out for Freedom to sniff. He sniffed at her, before he nuzzled her hand, asking for a pat. Stevie giggled at him. "He's such a baby!" She said, as Freedom, having received his pat from Lisa, was now nibbling around Stevie's pants, for the peppermints lurking inside the pockets.

While Freedom was doing this, Carole was checking him over. He was healthy, and strong. She measured him, and raised her eyebrows.

"Big boy…" She admitted to Hope, who nodded her head.

"Why, how tall is he?"

"17.1" Hope told Lisa, who blinked. "How do you ride him comfortably?" She asked, and Hope shrugged. "He's the right height for me. My legs are pretty long…" She admitted, looking somewhere to the right of Stevie's face. Freedom started nodding his head again, and the girl turned to him gently, cooing to him, as she stroked him once more, before her eyes found Lisa's.

"I better get him inside, and settled…"

"Max'll tell you where to go, you have to see him first before you're aloud to ride…"

"Ah, the new arrival!" Max's voice popped up from around the stables, as he dropped a bale of hay down. Hope smiled a little towards his voice. Freedom started nodding again, and Hope reached out to sooth him once more, clicking her tongue now and again.

"I'm Max, and you're Hope, right?"

"Yes, sir." She said respectfully, lowering her head. He nodded briefly, before glancing at Freedom, who was watching two of the broodmares in the paddock.


"A gelding, yes sir. He just likes to run and jump a lot." Hope told Max, who nodded his head at her, before frowning slightly.

"Where are your parents?"

"They left already, sir…"

"Please, call me Max…And I had some things for them to sign…"

"They already did…I've got them here, and enough to cover a terms worth of classes, as well as boarding fees." Hope said quickly, handing over a manila envelope.

"Also, my grades are an A- average, and I used to have a tutor at home. Her notes are in there as well." Hope added. Max looked over the official looking envelope and nodded his head.

"Everything seems to be in order. I'm sure The Saddle Club will inform you of the rules and traditions then…Girls, help Hope out for me…I don't want to feed her to the dogs, and hand her over to Veronica."

"Veronica? Would that be the snooty girl who tried to say her horse was better than mine was, before she even saw Freedom?"

"Yeah, that sounds a lot like Veronica." Max told Hope, who nodded her head. Lisa smiled at Max.

"Sure! Which stall do we put Freedom in?"

"The one next to Garnet will work just fine." He told Lisa, who beamed excitedly, as the man walked back inside. "He was completely eyeing you, Hope, how old are you?" Stevie teased her lightly.

"Barely fifteen." Hope admitted, grabbing onto Freedom's lead rope, as Lisa led the way, and Carole explained some of the rules.

"We have a horse shoe here that everybody has to rub before they go on a trail ride, or do a lesson. We've never had a serious injury here before because of it." She said. "And everyone pitches in with the chores around the stable…Except Veronica diAngelo, the snobby girl you met earlier. She doesn't even clean her own horse out unless she has to." Carole continued. Stevie grinned slightly.

"So, where in Scotland are you from?"

"Little country place. Lots of them up there…mam and daddy both rode too, and I have since I was little…I love riding, it's like a part of me." Hope said, looking a little distant. "So is Freedom…I love horses, they're such beautiful, elegant creatures…" She said, rubbing at Freedom's neck gently.

Lisa opened up the stall, which Red had obviously set up for the horse, and Hope led Freedom inside. "I need to grab my tack, really quickly…"

"Carole and I can get that, Lisa can keep filling you in." Stevie said. Carole made a face, but agreed anyway, following Stevie out of the stable once more.

"So…How long have you been riding?" Lisa asked, while Hope ran her fingers over the stalls, all the way up to the doors.

"Since I was four years old. I learnt on an old pony…Waffles…" Hope said, when she rejoined Lisa again, watching Freedom sniff every inch of the new stall.

"Did he like to eat waffles, or was that just…"

"Just a game. He absolutely hated waffles. I used to use them as Frisbees when I was little…My twin thought it was hilarious. She isn't into riding - she prefers tennis and soccer…" Hope said gently. "What's her name?"

"Ruby…" Hope said, trailing off slightly, humming to Freedom, who seemed content with the stall he was in. Mrs. Reg came by, and smiled.

"Oh, hello dear. Welcome to Pine Hollow…Now, I brought you a list of rules, regulations, and traditions and so forth…I do hope you stay." She said softly, and Hope nodded.

"I intend to. Let's just hope Daddy doesn't get moved again." Hope said softly, biting on her lip slightly. Mrs. Reg smiled kindly once more, before she continued on her way, murmuring about changing the chores roster.

"She's Max's mother." Lisa explained, as Stevie and Carole bustled in with Freedom's tack. Lisa watched carefully, while Hope walked over, slightly to the right of her two friends, before Freedom whickered towards her. Hope paused for a second, before heading more towards them. Lisa frowned slightly at the girls back. That was strange, how come she didn't see that?

She tried to think about it, while Hope, Stevie and Carole started hanging up her tack, which Hope seemed to love doing, for some odd came through, with little Melanie running beside her to keep up. Lately, Melanie had started idolising Veronica, and it bordered on annoying.

"That the new girl, again? Her parents weren't here, so she hasn't got the forms signed yet! She's not aloud to be here. You three will be o-"

"Actually…" Hope's voice said from behind Veronica. "My mam and dad already had the forms signed and everything. I just had to hand them in. I'll be joining in your lesson today. Hope you don't mind." Hope said, hands rested on her hips, a single eyebrow turned around, giving Hope her snootiest glare.

"In fact, I mind very much, missy. And what d'you think you're doing?"

"It looks like I'm doing a good job of getting on your nerves." Hope said sweetly, glaring at Veronica. "Best go wipe that look off your face, before someone wonders what you're complaining about this time." She tacked on at the end. Veronica turned her nose in the air and marched off towards her horses snickered a little.

"Time for miss 'I get my own way' to hang her head in shame. Nice job, Hope."

"I dunno, she shouldn't be insulting people on her first day." Carole told Stevie worriedly. Stevie shook her head, shrugging it off.

"Do you really think Veronica wants the whole stable to know that the new rider just completely owned her? No, she doesn't." Stevie answered for Carole, who couldn't help but to watched, as Hope sat down with a pad and pencil, and started writing things down. "What's that?"

"Reminders and stuff. For when I'm riding. When do lesson's start?"

"Not for another hour." Lisa said softly. "We'll walk you around the stables if you like?" She asked curiously. Hope smiled for a second, and nodded her head.

"I'd like that…Thanks." She said, standing upright. Stevie led the way down the long hall of horses, while Lisa and Carole stayed behind the girl.

"I wonder how well Freedom jumps…" Carole said, drifting off.

"With a name like Freedom, you'd think pretty well." Lisa murmured back, jumping a little bit when Hope spoke up, from about twenty metres in front.

"Y'know, I can hear you two." She said quietly, while Stevie pointed out who's horses were who's, and telling Hope about some of their personalities.

Carole and Lisa exchanged glances, but left it be at that. Hope obviously had good hearing. Just another thing about another student to get used to.

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