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Every weekend they would go on an adventure. "The mer-people have stolen the most important thing in the world to you. What did they take?" "… you?" :RHr takes place during an AU postDH:

Note: This story takes place in an AU after the end of the war. Ron never met Hermione and Harry on that first day for Hogwarts and was never friends with them. Voldemort took over, but Harry and Hermione never went through the crazy adventures they went on in the books. There was a final battle, but no Horcruxes to destroy, Philosopher's Stone to save, Basilisk to fight, Time-travel, Triwizard Tournament, Battle at the Ministry, or getting the locket. Just Voldemort to kill. All in all, a rather boring version of HP that takes a while.

This takes place the summer after the war ended.

Part Five: Adventure of a lifetime.

Pretty soon, the month turned to April and Hermione found that only one thing was spoken of in Hogwarts' corridors: the Battle Anniversary.

"Honestly, it's all anyone talks about!" Hermione said one evening to Ron, Ginny leaning over her shoulder as they sat in the common room. They were talking to Harry and Ron at the Burrow on the other end, sharing adventures of the past couple of weeks. Hermione pretended she didn't know anything, but it was obvious the way Harry and Ginny were looking at each other. She hadn't had a chance to ask Ron if he had noticed anything yet, but knowing him, it was unlikely.

"It's a big event, Hermione," Harry said, slightly darkly as he always did when the anniversary was mentioned. "Shacklebolt's asked me if I'll do a speech."

"… that's good?" Hermione practically asked, since he didn't look all that happy about it.

Harry shrugged. "I really just want to forget about it. I'm considering not going at all."

"But you have to!" Ginny said, leaning over so her face was more in the mirror. Hermione rolled her eyes and handed it over. "You gave everyone hope during the battle, Harry. Because you were there, we could get through it. I don't know about others, but I know with us …" Ginny exchanged a look with her brother. "We don't particularly want to remember either. But having you there will make us believe we can get through it."

Harry was silent for a moment as Hermione stared at the girl next to her. Then amazingly, Harry smiled – something he hadn't done in a long time. "Can't let you down in that case, Ginny," he said as Ginny grinned back. "I'll be there for you."

Hermione smiled slightly at the looks on both their faces. Finally, the tension of the conversation was cut as Harry moved on to brighter topics. "Anyway," he said. "It's Teddy's birthday next week! Can't believe he's going to be one year old."

"Has it seriously been a whole year?" Hermione mused.

"Yeah, Andromeda's been going on about it for the past month," Ron said, rolling his eyes. He had told her during one of their late-night conversations about how he had been helping Harry look after little Teddy a lot since they had been apart. "Says everyone has to be there to celebrate. Remus and Tonks wouldn't want anything less."

They all smiled sadly at that, but moved on. "So, what d'you say?" Harry asked. "You two reckon you can make it down for his birthday?"

Hermione and Ginny exchanged looks. "Oh, I don't know …" Hermione said back. "I mean, I've got loads of work to do and exams are coming up soon!"

"I've got several assignments due next week." Ginny agreed, sadly.

"Aw, c'mon," Ron urged. "Do it for Teddy! Hermione, you know he'd want you there. That kid loves you."

"And you have to come as well, Ginny!" Harry insisted. "Your Mum and Dad are coming, most of your brothers, Andromeda wants you all there."

Hermione smiled but didn't answer. She knew the real reason Ron wanted her to come – however, she hadn't counted on Harry wanting Ginny for the exact same reason.

"… please, Hermione?" Ron practically whined later that night (and by night, she meant two o'clock in the morning). "Andromeda really wants you there."

Hermione gave him a look. "Ron, I know perfectly well that the only reason you want me to come is so you can see me."

Ron shrugged. "Ok, your point? I miss you! I haven't seen you in person since winter!"

"Ron …" Hermione sighed. "You know I would love to come, I honestly would, but I just don't have the time. If I go, I won't get any work done and if I want to get my NEWTs, I really do need to pass. Besides, you're going to be seeing me at the Battle Anniversary anyway, that's only a couple of weeks away."

Ron sighed. "But the Battle Anniversary is different," he said. "That's a day for Fred and Remus and Tonks and everyone else who died. It won't just be a time where we can be together and spend the entire weekend just curled up on your sofa watching Muggle pellyvision shows."

"It's television, Ron," Hermione corrected, though why she bothered, she'd never know. "And you know I would love that!"

"Obviously not enough to actually come and do it …" Ron grumbled, not looking at her. Hermione wanted to shake the mirror, as if that would compensate for her not being there to smack him herself.

"Oh, Ron," she said, exasperatedly. "I honestly want to come. I just can't. Please, can you just understand that?"

Ron sighed. "Of course I understand, Hermione," he said, a sad smile on his face. "I s'pose I'll just have to wait until I get to see you again."

"Just imagine what'll happen when you do."

"Merlin, don't say that!" Ron groaned and Hermione grinned. "Great, now I've got all these images in my head … thanks a bloody lot, they're not going to go away any time soon …"

"But you're thinking about me, right?"

Ron shot her a look. "Not exactly in a Teddy-friendly way, but yes. Come home?"

Hermione smiled and ignored the plea. "Then my work is done."

"You're evil."

"Oh, you know I'm the hero."

"Sometimes I wonder. Although, Amelia has gone to the dark side a few times …"

"Ewan always managed to save her though." Hermione pointed out.

"Ah, issue number fourteen," Ron sighed and Hermione felt a little bit of pride in knowing that thanks to her, he now knew what happened in every single issue to date. "Reckon those two'll get together in the end?"

"Oh, it's completely obvious," Hermione said, rolling her eyes. "Ewan and Amelia! No one more perfect for each other. Brilliant partners."

"Kind of like us, then? Please come home?"

Hermione gave another smile at that. "You know I can't! But yes, I suppose so," she answered. They were silent for a few moments as Hermione let her gaze wander around her dormitory and Ron watched her. Her eyes landed on the small, curled up ball that was Ginny in the bed next to hers and she suddenly found something else to say. "So has Harry said anything at all about Ginny yet?"

"What?" Ron looked confused. "Ginny?"

Hermione rolled her eyes. "Yes, Ginny! Your sister? The one who fell into a barrel of ice-cream when she first met Harry?"

"What, are you saying they fancy each other?" Ron asked, looking gob-smacked.

Hermione snorted. "Of course! It's plainly obvious, you're not telling me you didn't have a clue?"

Ron shrugged. "She's my sister! We don't really, y'know, talk about that sort of thing. It's weird. I mean also, I'm with you and you're more or less a sister to him, so …"

Hermione sighed. "Blokes. You can be very dense sometimes."

"Come back for Teddy's birthday and you can teach me how not to be dense …?"

"Oh, come on," Hermione hissed, since she didn't want to wake up her entire dormitory by screaming. "Look, I think you should talk to Harry, even though Ginny's your sister, because they both deserve a bit of happiness. Harry hasn't had a girlfriend since the whole Cho Chang fiasco, so …"

"What, Cho Chang?" Ron repeated, apparently forgetting the rest of her statement. "That girl who went out with Cedric Diggory? Poor bloke …" he added upon remembering how he had been killed by Voldemort himself during the course of their Forth Year. His had apparently been one of the first after Voldemort came back.

Hermione snorted."Yes, her. And that ended rather badly. So if anyone deserves someone as brilliant as Ginny, it's Harry."

"Blimey," Ron said. "My sister? Really?"

"I'm pretty sure. And I'm usually right about these things."

"You know, you really should come back home and teach me the ways of women …"

"That'd take a while."


Hermione laughed, wincing when she heard Ginny rolled over. "It's getting pretty late Ron, I should go to bed. But talk to Harry, yeah?"

Ron sighed. "Yeah, I will. Can't imagine anyone better for my baby sister, though if I got my way, she wouldn't be going out with anyone at all."

Hermione smiled. "They'd be perfect together and you know it. Just like Ewan and Amelia, yeah?"

He smiled back. "Yeah. G'night, Hermione."

"Night. Love you."

"Love you too – but only if you come to Teddy's party!" he quickly added.

Hermione felt like slapping him. "Ron!"

The party was brilliant. Ron didn't know how much point there was to it, considering little Teddy himself would probably not remember any of it once he grew up, but the photos were at least something to go by. Andromeda was happy, which was all Harry wanted for his Godson and Teddy loved all the attention.

Ron however, couldn't find it in him to enjoy himself. Teddy had asked on more than one occasion for Hermione (or in Teddy's terms, 'Hermymy') which only drew attention to the fact that she wasn't there.

Ron couldn't believe how much he missed her. Sometimes, the mirrors were only that. Mirrors.

Considering his dodgy-at-best Apparition skills, Ron decided he would simply walk home after getting George to drop him off halfway. George was the perfect brother to do this, since he still didn't want to talk all that much and considering the Anniversary coming up soon, he was speaking less and less. Ron didn't really feel much like talking to anyone at that point, so George had dropped him off a little outside the village near the Burrow.

Ron had wanted the walk and George was apparently staying somewhere else (he knew it wasn't the flat over the shop, so quite frankly, he had no idea where, though he thought a girl might have something to do with it – he'd been spending a lot of time with that Angelina Johnson), so Ron walked alone down the drive, the Burrow in the distance.

It was only when he had climbed over the stone wall into his back garden, clutching his piece of leftover cake, when he caught sight of the back door to the kitchen and noticed something rather different.

Hermione was sat on the welcome mat in front of the back door.


He remembered running and vaguely dropping his cake, but he didn't even care about the food. He had yelled, "HERMIONE!" before he'd even realised it.

Hermione's head snapped up and she grinned. "Ron!" she cried, struggling to get to her feet. However, Ron got there first, grabbing her outstretched hands and hauling her upright and into his arms in a single movement.

"What the hell're you doing here?" he yelled, holding onto her as tightly as he could, spinning her around a few times for good measure as Hermione gave a surprised yelp as her feet left the ground.

"I was supposed to be here for Teddy's birthday party!" she cried once Ron had stopped spinning her, though he refused to let her back down. "But Ginny broke her ankle playing Quidditch, so I had to stay and take her to the Hospital Wing and by the time I got into Hogsmede, I had missed the Portkey I was going to take since I don't like Apparating such long distances, so I had to call the Knight Bus which of course went all the way around England before it would bring me here, I swear I ended up in France at one point! But it was getting so late and I knew I had missed the party and I know Teddy is probably really upset with me and I knew you would be sad, but I really wanted to surprise you and I came here and no one was here and–"

"HERMIONE!" Ron had to yell as Hermione was yet to take a breath. He set her down and pulled away slightly so he could look at her. "Honestly, there is such thing as short-distance Apparition! Much quicker and not so difficult! I mean, I know I'm shit at it, but …"

"Short … short-term …" Hermione muttered, eyes almost bloodshot. "Of course …"

"Bloody hell, Hermione!" Ron was almost laughing. "Are you a witch or not?"

"I don't believe this!" Hermione cried, hiding her face in his chest in what he guessed was embarrassment. "All this time on the Knight Bus and I could have been there in an instant!"

"Well, in a few instances and you'd probably be a bit nauseous, but still …"

"Oh my God, I'm sorry!"

"Hermione, it's fine!" Ron said, laughing out loud now. "You came all this way just to surprise me?"

Hermione gave a shy smile. "Well and Teddy, I suppose … but yeah, mainly for you."

"Hermione, even that is just bloody brilliant." Ron told her, leaning down to kiss her firmly. He hadn't felt those lips since December and he felt like he really should be reminding her of his. Hermione made a humming, contented noise before pulling away.

"I can't believe how stupid I am, though!" Hermione said before he could protest. "I'm supposed to be the clever one. I went out of my way to get here for you – I even wore a dress!"

"… what?" Ron said distractedly, his thoughts completely on dragging Hermione up to his bedroom. He glanced down at her and noticed what she was actually wearing for the first time. It was a pretty lilac-coloured dress underneath her jacket and while it was obviously something Ginny had picked out for her, Hermione looked completely comfortable in it, something he couldn't say about any other time he'd seen her forced into a dress.

"Blimey …" Ron muttered. "You look great!"

Hermione smiled. "Always the tone of surprise."

"… er, Ron?" Hermione asked, slightly breathless and leaning on the Burrow's kitchen table, which ten seconds ago, Ron had been snogging her rather intensely against. "Shouldn't we be taking this … I don't know, upstairs?"

"Ah Hermione," Ron said, currently rummaging through the pantry. "We are making a proper date out of this!"

"You're not serious?"

"I'm completely serious!" Ron said, turning around and showing that he had collected an assortment of food. "I'm making us food and since you have that lovely dress on …" Ron searched his pockets for a few moments before pulling out his wand and jabbing it in the general direction of the wireless in the corner of the kitchen. The song that belted out was Celestina Warbeck's A Cauldron-full of Hot, Strong Love.

"Ron …" Hermione began.

Ron sighed. "Ok yeah, the song's not that brilliant … but Hermione, you're a girl!"

Hermione stared at him for a few seconds before saying, "Oh, well spotted."

Ron rolled his eyes. "No, I mean you should love dancing!" he said. "Girls like to dance, right? I admit, I'm not that great, but still …" He abandoned the food on the table before grabbing her hands and suddenly twirling her around the kitchen, making her shriek in surprise.


She soon stopped complaining, however as they continued to dance around the kitchen, occasionally pausing to grab a biscuit before they were off again. Ron still couldn't believe she was actually here and he gripped her waist tighter to remind himself. He knew what he called his 'moves' wasn't exactly dancing, but Hermione seemed to be enjoying herself, despite that all they did was swing around and sway to the music.

"I love you …" Ron muttered against her hair, a little while later.

Hermione paused to give him a mischievous smile. God, he missed that. "Then please explain to me why we are still dancing in your kitchen? Not that I don't love this, but I was sort of hoping we could get into more … physical acts, once I got here."

"I just wanted us to be together for a bit," Ron said, grinning as he shrugged. "Haven't been able to do the date thing for a while."

Hermione smiled at him. "I wanted us to be together as well."

Ron gave a mock gasp. "What will you tell Teddy when you say that wanting to go to his birthday was just a ruse so you could come see me?"

Hermione rolled her eyes. "That I love you." she said, simply.

Well. It had been so long since he'd heard that in person. He threw himself at her.

They weren't exactly graceful ascending the many stairs to Ron's room; however they were so caught up in each other that neither could really bring themselves to care. Ron ended up chasing her up the last two flights, slamming her against his bedroom door and kissing her fiercely before she could completely get away. Hopefully, his mother would see his jumper and t-shirt thrown about in the kitchen and just put it down to her son being typically messy.

"Would–" Ron cut Hermione off with another kiss as he reached around her and yanked the door open. They stumbled into his room, Ron tugging on Hermione's jacket until she got the message and pulled it off as Ron slammed the door shut behind them. "–would you rather be attacked by floating brains or by Death Eaters?"

Ron actually laughed, moving forward again so he could bury his face into her neck as her hands went to the waistband of his jeans. "Seriously?" he asked before kissing the skin at her neck and shoulder and trailing his hands up her arms. "How the hell d'you come up with this stuff?"

"Oh, you know me," Her hands moved lower. "Vivid imagination."

"I-I don't – Hermione! – I … I'd have to say brains …" Ron muttered, completely distracted.

"Why's that?"

"I dunno, seems cooler than Death Eaters," Ron kissed her again, making for the zip of her dress to get the thing off her. He finally found it and nearly ripped the fabric in his enthusiasm. "You?"

"Oh, Death Eaters," Hermione answered, kicking the dress somewhere across the room. "They'll kill me faster."

Ron snorted at that and their mouths were rather occupied for the next few moments, Ron taking advantage of her bare skin and letting his hands wander wherever they could, before he thought of something else. "… mmpft – Hermione?" he managed to get out.


"You're still my Amelia, right?" he asked her. His room was dark, but he could still see the fond expression on her face.

"Of course," she said. "… and you'll still go on adventures with me, right?"

"Hermione, I think tonight will be our greatest adventure yet!" Ron said and she made a surprised sound as he picked her up and practically threw her onto his bed. They landed together, causing her to let out a yelp before laughing.

"Oh, really?" she asked, eyes sparkling.

Ron grinned back. "Prove me wrong."


A/N: Final part! I'm actually rather sad that this is the end, but this was the story i wanted to tell and show that the two will always be together. I hope you all enjoyed this.

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