Love is destruction.

Sometimes its easy,
sometimes its not,
but you keep changing your mind a lot,
I ain't gunna keep putting up with your moods,
in fact, I think your fucking rude,
I'mgunna lay it down straight,
I love you and I ain't here to hate,
but right now its 12o'clock and your late,
What time did I tell you to be home by? Oh yeah, half 8!
I don't want to row with you,
but can't you see what you put me through?
I can't deal with the things you do,
why do I bother? I ain't got a clue,
where are you now?
probably getting laid by some other gal,
You've changed these past few years,
and so have I as it appears,
I will cry no more tears,
over the fact that you don't want me near,
you just need to grow-up,
pretty soon we'll be breaking-up,
I've had dreams of moving-out,
the love we had is fading-out,
I'll buy a place abroad somewhere,
find a guy who will treat me fair,
Someone who actually wants me there,
You stumble through the door at One,
smelling of beer, you've drunk a tonne,
This is where you turn violent,
I don't dare say a word, I'm utterly silent,
you run at me, fist out ready,
the look in your eyes is fierce and deadly,
I take the punch you aimed at me,
I won't let you see that it bothered me,
I fall to my knees and hope to be free,
you'll regret the day when I will flee!
You crash on the couch when you are done,
a smirk on your face, you had fun,
I can't help but love you,
you say you love me too,
I used to think that was true,
we always stuck together like glue,
a helpless romantic, that was you,
I'm in love with the boy you used to be,
I want him back, where is he?
He's not coming back, now I can see,
there's nothing left here for me,
it's time to go and take my leave,
I run upstairs no time to grieve,
I pack my belongings with my heart on my sleeve,
It's 3am your snoring out loud,
I kiss you on the head,
I'm sorry we failed,
I walk to the door and take a look back,
'I love you' I whispered,
and I heard 'I love you' back.