For nights the Chaw of Chaws reads the history, culture, and the owls who lives at the Northern Kingdoms. Ezylryb got two new recruits for the Chaw of Chaws. Their names are Martin the Northern Saw-whet Owl and Ruby Spotted Owl. Both of them are part of the Weather Interpretation Chaw and Colliering Chaw. Night after night, the owls were taught how to speak krakish by Ezylryb. Everybody was mostly bored except for Outilissa. Night's had pass and the mission was on. They flew two nights from the Great Tree and they first stopped at the Forest Kingdom of Tytos where Soren's parents lived.

The Chaw of Chaws lighted down outside and Soren entered his old hollow "Mum, da?" Soren called out and there was no answer inside the hollow "Mum, da? Where are you?" there was still no answer, Soren's gizzard was starting to quiver from shocked as he entered the wrecked hollow "What happened here? Mum, da?" Soren's eyes was now tearing up

Gylfie went inside the messed hollow and looks at her friend "Soren? Are you alright?"

Soren was sobbing "Mum and da are gone, Gylfie. I just want to see them again."

Digger walked inside the hollow and inspected Soren's former home "Judging by the tracks, there was a huge struggle inside and..." Digger paused and he didn't want to say it "Soren, I think we should find another hollow to stay for the night."

Soren didn't answered but stretches his talons at the carving in shape of the Great Tree "You guys go on ahead finding another hollow where we can stay. I need to be alone for a while." everyone can feel the hurt Soren is enduring right now inside his old hollow

The other members of the Chaw of Chaws left Soren and search for another hollow. Time passes and the owls are worried about their leader who was still inside his hollow. Soren was quiet as ever looking at the nest and the carving of the tree until he spots the old book about the Battle of the Ice Claws. He churred softly as he opened the book read it once more. He can still remember the voice of his father as reads the book. He felt the breeze coming outside his old hollow and closed his eyes to remember every memory of his former home. The sun was already starting to rise from the distance. Soren was already tired that he nestled himself at his old nest that he used to share with Eglantine. The members of the Chaw of Chaws decided that they should sleep too and wait for Soren during tweener. Meanwhile at St. Aegolius, the owl with a metal mask looks down at his army of Tytos with his lovely mate.

The white beautiful Tyto turned at the mask owl "My lord, our army is getting stronger and stronger every night we train them."

the masked owl churred and turned his head towards his mate "True, my dear. And we will vanquish the Guardians with this army."

"I know, my dear." the beautiful white Tyto paused "Do you want to give a speech to your army, dear?"

the metal masked owl nodded and perches at the tip of the highest rock along with his mate "My soldiers, it is time to rise from the ashes and restore our glory as the purest of all owls! We will shed blood for a good cause! Impure owls will be our slaves or they will die! The Guardians will be nothing just a forgotten tail. Death to those who will resist our leadership, death to the Guardians, and death to my brother, Soren!"


Nyra smiled at her mate "You really are destined to be my king."

"Our love must be unbreakable, my queen." Kludd said

Nyra and Kludd cuddled each other "I love you, my king, and soon we will have a prince."

"I know my love."

back at the Forest kingdom of Tyto, Soren woke up from a terrible daymare "That can't be! Mum, da, why?" Soren's eyes was now starting to tear from sadness