Who's Wench Is She?

By: Jaylonni Love

I was prompted to write this by my best friend LB93's little sister so as a special gift to her, I present 'Who's Wench Is She?'

The inutachi sat under a group of large Gingko trees enjoying lunch. A soft breeze blew around them, softly caressing each of their skin as low laughter filled the passage of clear area they resided in at the moment.

"It's nice out today," Sango commented rubbing her hand against Kirara's back who was resting in her lap.

"Especially since there are no signs of Naraku anywhere," Shippo chimed in.

"Feh," InuYasha snorted. "It's going to be short lived."

"Oh InuYasha don't be a party pooper," Kagome said nudging him with her elbow. "Even if it is short lived we should at least try to enjoy it for now."

InuYasha snorted again then resumed eating is Ramen, his newest addiction from the 'ninja food' Kagome brings back from the modern era. Kagome rolled her eyes and picked up her own cup of Ramen and continued eating.

Suddenly InuYasha's ear twitched as the wind picked up and a teal blue coloured whirl wind was seen coming their way. It could only mean one thing. Kouga.

"Just my luck," Kagome thought with a sigh.

Discarding the empty cup of Ramen, Kagome stood smoothing out her skirt and looked towards the whirl wind that was drawing nearer. Hopefully she could keep Kouga and InuYasha from attempting to kill each other this time. But that's just wishful thinking.

Kouga abruptly stopped when he saw Kagome and walked straight towards her. Taking her hand in his, he smiled at her.

"My woman," he said softly.

"Look you mangy wolf," InuYasha said stepping between them, "you keep your hands off of Kagome or I'll personally see to your demise."

"Look here mutt face," Kouga said dropping her hand and looking at him, "you stay from between me and my woman or you're going to get hurt."

"Oh you really think so?" InuYasha asked giving him a stare that said 'take one step closer and I'll gut you'.

"Think? I know." Kouga retorted.

InuYasha growled, his top lip curling back exposing the sharp talons that rested behind them.

"That's it wolf," InuYasha snapped before he jumped on Kouga and went rolling down the hill.

"Oh boy," Kagome thought as she watched them claw at each other with Sango, Miroku, and Shippo at her side.

"Maybe these two will finally resolve their issues," Sango said more so to herself than anything.

Miroku and Shippo nodded in agreement.

A good ten minutes passed before InuYasha was standing, his foot against Kouga's back and Kouga's arm in his hand twisted behind him.

"Now, whose wench is she," InuYasha asked causing Kagome to star wide eyed.

Miroku shook his head, Sango sighed, and Shippo recited his famous line.


"Yours," Kouga bellowed causing InuYasha to drop his arm.

"And don't forget it," InuYasha said turning to walk back up the hill.

It was deathly silent for a moment as InuYasha made his way towards the group. They all knew what was about to happen except an unsuspecting hanyou.

"InuYasha," Kagome said when he stood to her side.



He face planted into the ground as Kagome walked off.

"I'm no one's 'wench', InuYasha" she called over her shoulder.

Guess that shows whose wench she really is.