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"WHO ARE YOU TWO?" Zeus pointed his master bolt at Commander Z and Percy.

"We will not reveal our identities, Lord Zeus."

"HOW DARE…" Zeus was cut off halfway when he spotted a explosion of darkness and Chaos, the maker appeared.

"Phobia, Commander, I think it is time." Chaos said.

"What? But you said…" protested the two.

"No…it is your time. We need their trust. Or else, I fear the Knights will have casualties." Chaos replied as he pointed to a gory duel between a Knight and a camper.

"Fine." Commander Z said.

"Commander Z, Commander of the Knights of Chaos, Master Wielder of Air Magic, Master Wielder of Weapon Spear. Commander Z, Son of Jupiter, Jason Grace."

Gasps echoed throughout the room as Commander Z as he pulled down his helmet. It revealed the grim face of Jason, blonde with harsh blue eyes.. He glanced around the room, nodded at the Cabin Leaders before shooting a distasteful look at Zeus.

"He is not my Father. The Jupiter or Zeus I have known is dead." Jason spoke in a cold tone.

"Jason, please, Aster was just a moment of weakness." Zeus tried to plead with Jason.

"YOU THINK THAT I WOULD ACCEPT THAT APOLOGY! I WAS FORGOTTEN AND DESPISED, AND YOU TURNED AWAY FROM ME TOO! WHY SHOULD I ACCEPT THAT APOLOGY?" Jason screamed as a hurricane spun around him. Lightning flashing dangerously as Jason himself gold yellow.

Percy laid a hand on Jason's shoulder. Immediately, the powers died down. Jason glared at Zeus.

"Let's go on." Chaos spoke nonchalantly breaking the awkward atmosphere.

Immediately, The Gods paid attention. The Campers sat up a bit straighter and the Knights stood up. It was an uneasy tension as all life forms with the exception of Chaos, Percy, Jason, Grover and Thalia waited in anticipation.

"Phobia, Commander of the Assassins, Master Wielder of the Five Elements, Master Wielder of Weapon Type, Sword, Dagger and Throwing Knife. Assassin Phobia, Son of Poseidon, Perseus Jackson."

"Impossible!" The Black Figure screamed.

"I must admit that he has guts." The lady spoke.

"I must destroy him. But Hyperion and Krios are dead. Oceanus and Atlas I am saving for the rebellions. Who shall I send?" The Black Figure said.

"Fear not, my son. Mother still has a plan. I shall call upon my brothers and sisters. As for now, entertain them with our little spy."

"Nemesis, Nemesis, do you hear me? Execute Plan 312."

"Yes, Lord Kronos. I am on my way to Hyperion's base. With your favourite uncle."

"Excellent. Let's see how Jackson handles that."

"Hey Jason, wanna spar?" Percy asked.

"Sure." Jason replied as he walked to the training arena with Percy.

When they reached the training arena, they met Thalia hacking wildly at the dummies. Jason winked at Percy, then walked away. "Don't get to cosy!" He shouted. Percy sighed. Then he grinned and snapped his fingers. Immediately, the terrain was changed into a jungle. Wet soil on the floor as insects scuttled across. Thick dense foliage with thick tree trunks and the occasional call of a wild animal.

Thalia turned around in surprise only to find Percy grinning at her. She ran towards him as he scooped her up into her arms and hugged her. "I suppose you didn't die, Kelp Head?" Thalia said as they broke apart.

"I suppose I didn't. Want to spar?" Percy asked.

"You bet." Thalia replied.

Thalia brandished out a spear and thrusted it at Percy, but he wasn't there. A cold blade touched around Thalia's neck as she recognized it as Riptide.

"Hey, you cheated!" Thalia whined.

"Aww…I'm sorry!" Percy laughed and was about to hug Thalia when she yelled and a bolt of lightning hit Percy and he flew backwards.

This time, it was Thalia who laughed,

"Hey, you cheated!" Percy grumbled.

"Yeah, yeah, now let's spar for real!" Thalia slapped her bracelet and Aegis emerged. Then she took out her spear and charged. Meanwhile, Percy stood there, concentrating, then suddenly, with a roar, Percy's eyes turned green and green aura enveloped him. He roared and bits of rock and earth began to slam themselves against Thalia, who raised Aegis immediately.

Master Wielder of the Five Elements? I'll show him. Thalia thought. She took out her bow and notched an arrow. Then, with a yell, she let go and the arrow shot forth, transforming into a bear made of rock. It lunged at Percy, who dodged. Then, he raised a finger, and a jet of ice shot forth from his finger and froze the bear.

Thalia stood with her mouth agape, as Percy walked over and pushed her lower jaw back.

"You're gonna catch flies." Percy mused.

Suddenly. The conch horn blew.

"Let's go. Probably a meeting."

"Chiron? What is it?" Percy asked.

"Ah, Percy, let's wait for the cabin leaders."

"So, Chiron, what's all this about." Travis Stoll asked.

"Alright. Since the assassination of Hyperion and the defeat of his army. The remaining monsters have surrendered the base to us. However, it is empty, so, I am sending Delta Force with Percy and Jason there. Oh, and cabin leaders, you are allowed to choose five people from your cabin to the base. Please let someone suitable take over your cabin for this period of time."

"Chiron! Bad news!" A Hermes scout shouted, barging in.

"What is it, my boy?"

"Nemesis and a Kronos-like god has taken over the base."

"What? My boy, how is it possible?"

"Apparently, they sent them right after Hyperion was defeated."

"The Hades with them, but, my boy, you said a Kronos-like god?"

"Yes, Chiron. He wasn't Kronos, because he did not have any golden eyes or scythe."

"What was he carrying then?"

"A staff."

"That can only mean one thing. The god was the Primmordial, Chronos. And if that is the case, then, it means one thing. The Primmordials have joined the war."