Author's note: This first chapter is set during that argument in "One Son" between Mulder and Scully. So, it mixes my lines with the ones from the real episode.

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Chapter 1

Scully was with Byers and Langly, checking some data over at the computer while Frohike unlocked all of the eight locks from "The Lone Gunmen's Sacred Office" to open the door for Mulder. Paranoia was definitely, and would forever be their trademark.

She heard him arrive, though she kept looking apprehensively at the computer, given the importance of the subject.

She knew that besides Mulder, the Lone Gunmen were the only ones that she could trust and ask for help, if needed, specially when Mulder was in trouble, which surprisingly happened to be almost all the time. She came to them with the only purpose of investigating Diana Fowley, even though she already knew that Mulder wouldn't appreciate the conversation subject. The fact was that Diana was a question mark to Scully, a real mystery. She had never heard about her and then one cursed day she suddenly stepped into their lives, and started to interfere a little more than she should. Scully had heard about Mulder's and Diana's past relationship, though she hardly knew anything about her and, for all of Scully's misery, Mulder seemed to trust her blindly.

"I'll ask you to hear me out before you launch any objections. Mulder, I asked them to pull up everything they could on Diana Fowley". After one minute preparing herself, she finally started her speech, requesting politely nothing less than a few minutes of his attention.

"I don't have time for this". He didn't even seem interested in hearing her out. He was actually impolite and rude, automatically discarding anything that she was about to say. Scully was convinced that she had finally tamed Mulder's stubborn ways, maybe not exactly tamed but she had found a way of handling them, though since Diana had returned to his life, all her six years of work were thrown into the trash.

"Mulder, she's playing you for a fool". Since he wouldn't make things easier, maybe it was just better to simply say the truth, clear and out loud, no matter the consequences. After six years of working together, honesty shouldn't be an issue.

"I know her, Scully. You don't". Just like she was expecting that would be, he was defensive. She hated the fact that he could be just as protective with Diana as he was with her. It seemed that Diana had his trust at the same level as Scully, even though Scully was the one who had actually stood by his side all those years past. She couldn't deny the fact that she was feeling a little jealous, though the worst feeling was to realize that Mulder didn't prioritize her as much as she thought he would or as much as she thought she deserved. Even after such a long time, even after proving her loyalty to him over and over again, she still had to make a huge effort to make him just listen to her and rely on her words.

"You knew her. You don't anymore. I think we can prove that to you". He wasn't willing to listen to her, much less to believe her. Mulder's naivety really annoyed Scully sometimes, specially when that naivety put his life in danger. Perhaps the Gunmen's explanation would add some credibility to her point.

"She took a position in the FBI's foreign counter-terrorism unit in 1991. Seven years in Europe". Byers started.

"Yet there isn't a single piece of information available on her activities in the FBI files". Scully added.

"I hope you've got something more than that to indict her with". He said giving her an extremely annoying sarcastic gasp, the kind that seems to give birth to a sudden killer desire. Now he was definitely getting on her nerves.

She didn't even bother to say "Yes, As a matter of fact I do.", she just answered with another piece of collected evidence, trying to sound as credible as possible.

"Travel records pulled from airline manifests that had been purged from her FBI records. Extensive movement throughout Western Europe. Almost weekly trips to and from Tunisia". She said firmly.

"For the purpose of what?" He asked, showing perhaps the first signs of interest in the subject. Her hopes were instantly revived.

"That's what we couldn't figure until we took a flyer and we found this". Langly answered.

"Mutual UFO network logs". Frohike said. The greatest thing about the Gunmen was that they really were a team, in every possible meaning of the word, spontaneously each one of them contributed a part of the explanation.

"MUFON". Mulder already knew the meaning.

"Special Agent Diana Fowley of the FBI was visiting every European chapter collecting data on female abductees". Scully continued.

"So she's collecting data. Big deal". His disdain suddenly murdered all her remaining hopes.

"Or hiding it". She was determined to dig deeper into the subject until she found her answers. She wouldn't give up easily, no matter how badly her hopes were beaten. She had a point to be proven, or at least heard.

"Scully, you're reaching". He was not only reluctant to listen to them, now he was actually accusing her of manufacturing the facts. That was unacceptable to her.

"Mulder, when I was abducted a chip was put in my neck. Then I happened upon a MUFON group filled with women who'd had the same experience". She said raising her voice.

"So you're suggesting that Diana is monitoring these abductees? Monitoring these tests?" He asked also raising his voice.

"You tell me that Cassandra Spender is the critical test subject - the one who could prove everything. And yet, who is watching over her? Mulder, I can prove what you're saying or I can disprove it but not when Diana Fowley is keeping us from even seeing her. Mulder, ask yourself why there is no information whatsoever on Special Agent Diana Fowley. Why she would suddenly happen into your life when you are closer than ever to the truth. I mean, you... you ask me to trust no one and yet you trust her on simple faith". She said almost yelling at him, with her eyes piercing his.

"Because you've given me no reason here to do otherwise". From all things that he could chose to say, that was probably the worst. All the hard work that the Gunmen and she put in, he simply tossed it in the trash. He seemed to choose to ignore each piece of evidence that was shown to him.

There was a long pause between all of them, a dead silence amongst the killer thoughts. The Gunmen just glanced at each other.

"Well, then I can't help you anymore". She couldn't take anymore, the whole situation was nearly humiliating.

"Scully, you're making this personal". He said, his attempt offending her even more. Though, he was right. That was doubtlessly personal.

"Because it is personal, Mulder. Because without the FBI, personal interest is all that I have. And if you take that away then there is no reason for me to continue". She paused for a few seconds. He just stared at her.

"Mulder, I was abducted, I got cancer, I was the one who was given a death sentence, not you". She said pointing to herself, walking towards him.

"And..and most of all, Mulder, I was the one who stood by your side these past 6 years". She said weakening her voice, perhaps with a bit of affection.

"Still, all of this isn't enough, right? Because at the end of the day you'll choose whatever you want to believe or whoever you want to trust". She couldn't no longer hide her disappointment.

"And I'm tired. I'm tired of running around in circles with you, going nowhere. I'm tired of having to almost beg you to listen to me, to trust me. You just keep taking things away from me, but you never give me anything in return. I don't see the point in me standing here anymore, and apparently, you don't see it either". Now, not only her disappointment, but also her sadness couldn't be repressed anymore.

"Scully! You're overreacting!" Without any sympathy, he said raising his voice again, treating her as if she was the one that was having a breakdown.

"Yes, I am. I always overreact, right? I'm...I'm this constant pain in your ass, and do you know why? Because I always tell you the truth, whether you like it or not. But honestly, Mulder, you don't like the truth". There was rage in her voice.

"No, Scully! You don't tell me the truth! Your only joy is to simply prove that I'm wrong, you probably have multiple orgasms every time you think that yours scientific evidence discredited my belief in the supernatural". He yelled at her too. The Gunmen were probably shocked enough to remain silent.

She was hurt.

"Fair enough, Mulder. Live with as many lies as you want, I'll stop disturbing you for good".

Without leaving any space for further discussions , she started to walk quickly past him, with heavy foot steps towards the door. Even with her heart shattered into a million pieces, she was decided to not look back.