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Story: Divided Soul

Chapter 46: Epilogue

The Island of New Greece

Percy sat in the courtyard of his villa in the City of New Rome. He wore a simple blue shirt and faded blue jeans. He wore leather sandals and his black hair was cut short, but not too short. He looked down over the city that his wife Annabeth had designed. Ten years had passed since the final battle against Gaea. The City of New Rome and the Island of New Greece stood as a beacon of hope to demigods around the world. Percy looked down passed the marble temples and shrines that sat on the new Acropolis that looked down over the city below.

The City of New Rome consisted of modern buildings made of a mix of mortal steel, celestial bronze and imperial gold. However, Annabeth insisted that there also be buildings made of marble and stone in the styles of ancient Greece and Rome.

"Daddy," a little girl yelled as she ran towards Percy. The girl was no older than four years old; she had blonde hair with princess curls, but her eyes were a pale green, like a mix of sea green and grey. She ran into the courtyard wearing a blue summer dress. Percy stood up immediately before he crouched down to pick-up the little girl.

"Hey Bug, how are you?" he asked.

The little girl smiled at her daddy with pearly white teeth. "Mommy and I went to the library and we saw Grammy Athena," she said.

Percy smiled at the name Grammy. He couldn't believe that the goddess allowed herself to be called Grammy. "Did you have fun?" Percy asked.

"Yes, Grammy told me to tell you hello and that you better be good to mommy and I," the little girl said. Percy smiled at Athena's warning. She always told him that even though he was on good terms with the goddess.

"Sally Minerva Jackson, where are you?" Annabeth yelled as she stepped into the courtyard.

"Mommy," Sally said as she turned to look at her mother. "I told Daddy about the library."

Annabeth stood just a few feet away from her husband and daughter. She wore a pair of grey jeans and a sea green blouse. Her blonde hair was pulled back in a ponytail. "Don't run off on me like that again young lady," Annabeth scolded.

Sally lowered her head and pouted before Percy placed her back on the ground. Sally walked over to her mother slowly with a sad expression on her face. She looked up at her mother. Her pale green eyes were sad and she wore a guilty expression on her face. "Sorry Mommy," she said.

Annabeth looked down at her daughter sternly, but when she looked into those sad pale green eyes her heart broke. She reached down and picked her daughter up and hugged her tightly. "It's okay Sweety," she said.

Percy smiled at his two girls. Annabeth was always a push over for his daughter's big sad eyes. Percy cleared his throat after a few seconds. "Do I get a hug too?" Percy asked playfully.

Annabeth and Sally looked back at him curiously. "I already hugged you Daddy," Sally replied. Annabeth had to stifle her laugh.

Percy smiled at his daughter. "I was talking about your Mommy," he clarified. His green eyes sparkled with amusement.

Sally smiled. "Oh," she replied.

Percy walked up to the two and wrapped his arms around them in a warm embrace. Sally giggled because she was squished between.

"I'm squished Daddy," Sally squeaked.

Percy pulled out of the hug before he straightened his daughter's dress. He touched her on the nose and said. "Now you're all better," he said. Sally giggled as he touched her nose.

Annabeth grinned at Percy. She couldn't get over how great a father he was among so many other things. "We saw my mom at the library," Annabeth said.

Percy's crooked grin spread across his face. "I heard you saw Grammy," he said mischievously.

Annabeth chuckled. "She only likes it when Sally calls her that," she warned.

Percy laughed. "I'll take my chances," Percy replied.

"What are you doing home so early? I thought you'd still be at the Assembly Hall." Annabeth asked.

"Jason and Reyna didn't need me. The two Praetors are doing a fine job running the government and the legion," Percy explained.

"How's Piper doing?" Annabeth asked.

"Jason said that she's about six months along now. I never seen him so excited," Percy replied.

"Well, it's their first child, so they should be excited," Annabeth said. "Sally, I need to go to the office. Can you stay with Daddy for the rest of the afternoon?"

Sally looked at her mother and grinned. It was the same crooked grin that Percy wore on his face. "Yes Mommy," she replied. Sally turned to Percy before her grin widened. "We'll have so much fun Daddy."

Percy plucked his daughter from Annabeth's arms and swung her around in the air. The little girl giggled the faster Percy spun her around. He stopped and Annabeth laughed at the strange face her daughter wore. Percy leaned towards his wife and kissed her tenderly.

When Percy and Annabeth pulled out of the kiss, Sally looked at them in disgust. "Icky kisses," she said with a scrunched up face.

Percy laughed at his daughter. "Wait till you're older; you'll like kisses then," Percy explained.

"How old Daddy?" Sally asked curiously.

Percy looked at his wife. Annabeth gave him a knowing stare. Percy looked at his daughter with a thoughtful expression on his face. "Not until you're thirty," Percy said protectively. Annabeth rolled her eyes at her husband.

"I'm going, be good both of you, love you," Annabeth said before she left the courtyard.

"Bye Mommy," Sally yelled as Percy waved to his wife.

When Annabeth was gone Percy placed his daughter on the ground. The two walked to the lounge chair and sat down.

"Daddy, can you tell me the story again?" Sally asked.

Percy smiled at his daughter. "Which story?" he asked.

Sally placed her hand on her chin as she thought about the story she wanted to hear about. "The story about the hero and the leader," she replied.

Percy smiled at his daughter's name for the story. "The hero's story starts when he was twelve years old. He was at a school called Yancy Academy. It was his first year at the school because he had never made it passed one year in the same school. He had bad luck and could never stay in the same school. However, his luck was about to change," Percy said before he continued the story.

Annabeth had forgotten her purse and walked back into the courtyard. She stopped when she saw Percy and their daughter sitting together. She listened closely and smiled as she heard him tell her about the start of his adventures, no the start of their adventures together.

Annabeth grabbed her purse and walked out of the courtyard. She stopped at the door to their house and looked back towards the courtyard where her family sat. She smiled at the thought of them. "Seaweed Brain, you'll always be the hero and the leader," she said before she stepped out the door and into the new world they created.

AN: A short epilogue to this story. I hope everyone enjoyed it. This was the longest story I've written and one of the best in my opinion. This story took a year to complete and I'm happy to say that it is now complete and ready for people to read it from start to finish. Many thanks to all those readers who kept this story as one of their favorites and continued to follow it over this year long ride. I hope everyone enjoyed my take on the Son of Neptune and the completion of the Hero of Olympus story. As usual it was an alternative universe story and one that I felt compelled to write. I won't write a Mark of Athena story as I don't really want to do that. I will however focus on Perseus and the Monster Force, which will be a story that will be very long, possibly longer than this story. So please everyone stay tuned to that story as I hope to create a new level of alternative universe with that one. Take care as I continue to write from the land beyond the gods.