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Chapter Fifty Nine: Leading Up To The Wedding – Part Two

The Doctor propped his head on his elbow and stared at his wife sleeping peacefully with a content smile on her face. His hearts fluttered in his chest as he thanked Rassilon for Martha and their child.

He placed a hand on her abdomen, shut his eyes and communicated with their son, telepathically.

"Pqay qnh'te viy x'nexa." 'You are my beloved.' He said, lovingly. "Griy neni oml ru kaytre vwei fio jiku pqay cko unio tihy." 'Your mother and I can't wait to hold you in our arms.' he continued, holding back his tears. "Pqay oml griy neni qnh'te viy voja, viy mi'xa, viy zoy, fufoh pqay ru ibi vsuyta." 'You and your mother are my life, my heart, my soul without you I am nothing.'

Martha opened her eyes; tears running down the side of her face, because of their bond, she was able to hear the beautiful words her husband had spoken to their unborn child. She lifted a hand and placed it on top of his. The Time Lord brought her hand to his lips and planted soft kisses on it before looking up at his wife's face.

"You heard?" He asked, noticing her shiny eyes.

Martha nodded. "Every beautiful word." She sniffed.

The baby kicked against their hands several times, letting his parents know that he was just as anxious to meet them as they were to meet him.

"He is definitely your child." Martha giggled, as they watched her abdomen visibly moved as their baby did a few somersaults before settling down again.

The Doctor showered her abdomen with kisses; moving upward after each kiss.

Martha, knowing exactly what he had in mind, shook her head in mild protest. "Doctor have you forgotten that we have a dinner date with Jack?" she reminded him. "We promised that we will be there on time." She bit her bottom lip to stifle a moan.

"Time machine." He countered, kissing her neck. "Mmmm, tasty." Her skin still tasted like the cake they had used in their foreplay.

She took a deep breath and exhaled slowly, her body was getting aroused with each kiss. "Doctor," she whispered. "We really can't be late…" she found herself weakening.

The Doctor kissed Martha's lips; he flicked a few cake crumbs out of her hair and smiled.

"What we did to that poor cake would have gotten us arrested on 75 planets." He said with a mischievous twinkle in his eyes.

"Yeah?" she replied, giving in to her urges. "Hmmm, very interesting."

"Martha," He laughed, waggling his eyebrows. "What are you thinking?"

"Oh, since we do have a time machine..." she began, raking her fingernails across his chest. "We can…" she lifted her head and captured his bottom lip between her teeth.

"Mmmm…" the Doctor growled; lying on his side.

Martha shifted her position slightly placing a leg over his hips, his semi-erect penis rested against the outer rim of her slick core. She reached between her legs and guided him inside her. The Doctor hissed as her vaginal muscles tightened around his shaft, as his entire length slide inside her.

The Doctor held on to Martha's soft brown thigh and thrust in slow circular motions. Martha tilted her head to the side, a moan escaped from her lips. The Doctor nibbled on her exposed neck, leaving a trail of hot butterfly kisses along her jawline, the taste of her sweet salty skin on his lips reminded him how he desired her.

"Viy x'nexa." 'My beloved.' She moaned, flicking her hot tongue along his ear. Martha arched her body forward to meet his thrusts. She grabbed a handful of hair and brought his lips down hard on hers, bruising them. The Doctor parted his lips slightly, welcoming her tongue into his willing mouth.

The sweet honey taste of the man from Gallifrey filled her mouth and she wanted more…

More as she ran her tongue slowly over his teeth…

More as she licked his gums…

More as she caressed the inside of his mouth…

More as she sucked his tongue in her mouth…

He moaned in her sweet, sweet mouth, overjoyed he was making love to the woman he so desperately loves.

He placed his hands on her sweaty buttocks, using them as leverage as he picked up the pace. The tremors she felt tickling the inside of her abdomen became more intense; she was on the verge of no return. He leaned close to her ear, his breath dancing against her skin, Martha wrapped her arms tightly around his neck – she was ready to cum.

"Ylis hoi qwer pqay coiy ylis," 'Tell me that you love me,' he whispered. "Ylis hoi qwer pqay coiy hoi uti x'lo uti Ru coiy pqay." 'Tell me that you love me as much as I love you.'

"Ru coiy pqay." 'I love you.' She moaned, grabbing a hold of his sweaty hair. "Ru coiy pqay." 'I love you.'

He thrust harder into her…

"Ru coiy pqay."


"Ru coiy pqay."


Martha's toes curled and her body lifted off the bed, she opened her mouth and cried out her husband's true name as she came – hard. She withered, calling out his name again as he brought her to a second climax in a matter of minutes.

"Ru coiy pqay, Martha." He moaned, enunciating every syllable as he pounded into her. "Ru…"






The Doctor panted his hot, thick cum shot out of him and into Martha; she licked her lips and quivered in sheer delight. The bed sang and danced, its occupants held onto each other; with bodies trembling they sought each other's mouths and kissed passionately.


The blue police box materialized across the street, of the restaurant at exactly 6:00 p.m.

The Doctor helped Martha out of the TARDIS, he growled as his ancient brown eyes swept up and down his wife's body. She was dressed in a knee length dark green dress and a comfortable pair of matching sandals. Her face was free of makeup except for lip gloss.

"Maybe we should go back into the TARDIS and have another go." he suggested, winking at her.

"Later." she promised, enclosing her fingers in his.

They walked across the street laughing and flirting. He opened the door to the restaurant and stepped aside for Martha to enter first.

The hostess greeted them warmly as she welcomed them. "Name please?" she asked, looking at the reservation log.

"Doctor Smith and wife" the Doctor answered. "The reservation is under Jack Harkness."

She checked the reservation log and smiled, checking off their names. "Doctor and Mrs. Smith, please follow me please."

They followed the hostess to a private dining room.

The second the Doctor stepped over the entrance, friends and family jumped from their hiding places and shouted "Happy Birthday, Doctor!"

He was stunned.

"I think he had lost the power of speech." Martha joked as she draped her arm around his slim waist. She stood on her tip toe and kissed him softly on the lips. "I don't know the last time you had celebrated a birthday so I decided to throw you a party."

The Doctor turned to his wife. "You did this for me?" he whispered, blinking away the tears that threatened to fall.

"Yes I did, because I love you and everyone is this room loves you." Martha explained. "You deserve good things in life Doctor and I'm going to remind you every day for the rest of our lives what a wonderful man you are. "

He wrapped his arms around his wife and hugged her. "You loving me is the best thing that has ever happened to me," he whispered in her ear. "Thank you."

"Come on you guys, save that for later!" Jack shouted.

The room roared with laughter.

Martha guided the Doctor through the sea of well wishers and to the chair of honor. Tish walked up to Martha and handed her a golden crown in which she placed upon her husband's head. Donna walked up to Martha and handed her a slash that read. Happy Birthday Spaceboy. The Doctor laughed as Martha slipped the slash over his head and adjusted it around his slim frame.

"Presenting your king for the night, my forever…the Doctor!" Martha announced to the crowd. A thunderous applause rose in the air.

"Wait a minute!" Tish shouted over the crowd. "Wait minute!" She grabbed a wireless microphone out of no where. "Wait a minute!" she repeated.

The room fell silent; Martha shrugged her shoulders, thinking Tish had added her own touch to the birthday celebration.

"Friends and love ones we are gathered here to celebrate the birthday of my wonderful brother-in-law." She began; cheers broke out in the room. "However, we are not only here to celebrate a birthday but also to throw the love sick couple a surprise baby shower!"

"WHAT!" Martha shouted; it was her turn to be speechless.

Thunderous applause broke out in the room as Jack came forward and placed a golden crown on her head. He gave her a quick peck on the cheek. "Surprise?" he asked.

Martha nodded in response.

Donna came forward and draped her slash around her expanding waist. "Gotcha." She giggled.

"While my sister was planning the surprise birthday party for her husband; Jack, Donna and I, decided to surprise them with a surprise baby shower." Tish looked at her sister and blew her a kiss. "I love you Martha."

Martha smiled through her tears; she couldn't believe how sneaky they were.

The combined birthday party/baby shower was a great success.

The Doctor believed that he was gifted with a pair of Chuck Taylor's in every color imaginable.

Martha oohed and aahed over the cute baby clothes and the other baby gifts that were given.

Everyone roared in laughter when Jack presented the Doctor with a sheer nightie for Martha to wear after the baby is born.

"Jack..." the Doctor hissed, trying not to laugh.

The Brig, Sarah Jane and everyone who the Doctor had touched in some way or the other told embarrassing stories about the Doctor. By the time the huge two tier banana flavored birthday cake was rolled out with ten huge sparkly candles on top, everyone was in really good spirits.

Happy Birthday was sung followed by For He's a Jolly Good Fellow this was followed by Auld Lang Syne.

During the singing of Auld Lang Syne, the Doctor sat Martha on his lap and rested his hands on her baby bump. He settled his chin on her shoulder and listened to the lyrics of the song.

"Should auld acquaintance be forgot,
And never brought to mind…?"

In his 900 plus years he had meet a lot of people that he would never forget and some he wanted to forget but couldn't…

"Should auld acquaintance be forgot,
And auld lang syne…!

He knew that he would never forget his beautiful Gallifrey and the family he has lost in the Time War. He knew that it was okay to forgive himself and live his life to the fullest with this beautiful woman at his side and their child who was growing inside of her, Gallifrey will never be lost to him because Gallifrey will always be in his hearts.

"For auld lang syne, my dear,
For auld lang syne.

He and Martha giggled softly as the baby began performing acrobatic feats again. He finally settled down after turning more somersaults and kicking.

Then Martha heard the strangest sound…

She gasped and her eyes widened in surprise when she realized what she was hearing…

The soft coos of her son...

She turned to her husband - bewildered. "D-Doctor?"

"It's normal." He answered, kissing her on the neck. He was hearing him too. "It won't be long now, before you give birth."

"We'll take a cup o' kindness yet,
For auld lang syne…"

"Happy Birthday, my beloved husband." Martha whispered, not wanting to miss every single sound of their son makes.

"This is a new beginning." He sniffed. "And I couldn't be happier."

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