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Luke Skywalker slowly and carefully made his way through the corridors of the city in the clouds with R2 faithfully at his heels.

He wanted more than anything to hurry to his friends' aid, sensing their fear, but he had quickly realized that R2 wouldn't be able to keep up with him and forced himself to keep his pace slow. It helped that he felt that something was wrong here. He knew the second he had walked in and found the corridors deserted that this was a trap. Such a large facility should be teeming with beings. He had no desire to be surprised by something after that small ship did a barrel roll at him on his way in. The pilot had felt familiar but he couldn't place where he had felt that presence before.

He could sense that Ana, Chewie and Han were here somewhere in the seeming maze of corridors. He also knew that something else was here as well. It was like a shadow, waiting to engulf him.

Suddenly he sensed multiple living things nearby. Quickly he pulled back and waited for them to pass by. It didn't take long. Luke started around the corner, but no sooner did he start to move from his hiding place, than an armored figure appeared and began firing a blaster at him.

Quickly Luke slid back behind the wall until he heard and felt the assailant leave. Luke hurried after him in hopes that the mystery man would lead him to his missing friends.

As he rounded another corner, more shots were fired at him; this time by storm troopers. "No Luke, run!" Ana's voice cried out. "Lord Vader's here!" He could here Chewie barking 'run' and him as well.

A storm trooper threw something in his general direction and Luke instinctively pulled back behind the wall as smoke filled the junction.

There was another blaster shot before they stopped all together.

Luke waited with annoyance for the smoke to clear. Every second counted and he could feel them getting further and further away. A minute or so later the smoke in the junction cleared enough for Luke to confirm that his friends were indeed gone. Frustration filled him; He had let the Imperials get away.

Luke entered the junction and looked around. There were three ways to go. One would take him the way that Ana and Chewie had come from. The other two would take him to other parts of the city but he was not sure which one to take

Carefully he reached out with the Force and jerked his head towards a dark doorway. The Dark Presence that he had sensed was that way. He could only think of two beings that might feel like that and they were Lord and Lady Vader. But which one? Luke reached out and smiled: Lord Vader.

Vader is here! I could avenge my father. I could rescue Ana, Chewie and Han but we might not escape. Besides Han wasn't with them so he has to be here somewhere. Luke thought as he stepped into the open area and headed for a door. If I destroy Vader now, I can still rescue my friends. Without Vader to command the troops, they could probably even free themselves from their captors.

Luke headed for the dark doorway.

The area was dark and there was only a tube lift. Luke paused for a moment before he slipped into the lift tube. The lift took him to a dark chamber that didn't look anything like the rest of the city. There was bare metal everywhere and exposed machinery. He had a bad feeling about the whole situation as the hatch slid shut behind him. The bad feeling grew worse as he heard the sounds of the lift sliding further downward. Definitely a trap. My blaster isn't going to do me any good. Vader's close, he thought.

As if the thought summoned him, the lights came on in the chamber. Luke turned and saw the black figure of the fallen Jedi standing on a raised platform. "The Force is with you, young Skywalker. But you are not a Jedi yet." Lord Vader stated flatly.

Luke felt his anger rise at the words that his nemesis had spoken. I will show that traitorous scum that I am a force to be reckoned with. He thought as he approached the stairs to the platform and ascended them. I may not be a Jedi yet but I will make him regret joining the Dark Side.

He slipped his blaster back into its holster and reached for his father's lightsaber, igniting it as he brought it up. He saw something flicker in the Sith's eyes but it was gone before Luke could place the emotion. When the Sith Lord ignited his own lightsaber Luke turned his attention to the fight that was to come.

He paused to gather himself before attacking. He needed the Force to be with him.

This is for you Father! Luke thought silently.


Ana struggled to not bite the insides of her lips or cheeks. She was afraid what her fate would be and she didn't want to show the Imperials or Lando that fear. She had no idea what was going to happen to her or Chewie. Lando hadn't really said - not that she would trust his word anymore anyway - and Lord Vader hadn't really volunteered any information about what was to be their fate.

She felt her throat constrict at the thought of Luke heading right into the elder Vader's trap.

Suddenly she realized that security officers were surrounding them and Lando was throwing the Imperial officer in charge towards one of his own officers. She watched as Lando quickly pulled the stormtroopers' blasters from them. "Hold them in the Security Tower and keep it quiet." Lando whispered to his cyborg second.

Ana's mouth opened slightly as Lando started to work on Chewbacca's cuffs.

"What are you doing?" she asked, puzzled.

"We need to get out of here." Lando simply said.

"I couldn't agree more." 3PO commented.

"Can we even trust you?" Ana asked as the cuffs suddenly came undone as Chewie ripped his hands apart.

Ana watched in shock as Chewie grabbed Lando by the throat.

"I didn't have a choice!" Lando gasped out.

"Let him go!" 3PO wailed, "Oh, I hate violence!"

"You always have a choice." Ana said, ignoring 3PO's cries.

"I was responsible for the safety of others." Lando said weakly.

Ana bit her lip. She had failed to protect Alderaan from destruction because of a few careless choices. Lando seemed to be in that escape pod.

"You said something about helping." Ana said after a moment of silence.

"We can still help Han." Lando whispered hoarsely. "The third East Platform."

"Hurry Chewie!" Ana cried as she raced off down a side corridor. She heard Chewie ruff that he was behind her as Lando took in a gasping breath.

"Wait," Lando's voice gasped out weakly behind them. "You're going the wrong way!"


Lando cursed softly as Slave I flew off with Han on board. He was furious. This was all his fault. He should have been more careful, should have fought harder, or at the very least planned this coup better. But the Dark Lord of the Sith hadn't volunteered much information except that he was looking for someone named 'Skywalker' and that a ship was heading for Bespin that had people close to him aboard.

Lando was surprised that they knew of the connection until he saw Boba Fett.

He remembered the anger that Lady Vader had shown when he had said Han's name when they were discussing the best way to reveal their presence. Lando had casually mentioned that Han and Chewbacca would never turn down free food. She had demanded to know if Han used to be in the Imperial Military. Lando had answered yes simply because he knew that it would be futile to lie to her. You would have thought that she and Han had known each other by her near violent reaction.

"Oh no, Chewie! Behind you!" The protocol droid crying out was enough to shake him out of his thoughts.

Several stormtroopers were off to the side and shooting at them.

They dodged blaster bolts as they raced away, heading for the Falcon this time. As they hurried off, he wondered where they had picked up an astromech and where had it come from. The Princess didn't seem to be worried; in fact she seemed to know it so it must be connected to her in some way. He could ask later. Right now he had more pressing things on his mind.


Lord Vader smiled under his face veil, Luke was better trained than he had previously thought. But his style of fighting was not quite what he had expected from someone trained by Obi-Wan. The boy seemed to be learning on the fly, copying Vader's own style, as though he had never fought with a lightsaber before. Was Luke trained or was he just a fast learner?

What puzzled him more was the animosity that his son had towards him. It wasn't just a feeling of betrayal. It was eerily similar to the hatred he had for the Tusken Raiders of Tatooine. Was it because of the death of Luke's aunt and uncle? If the anger was over Owen and Beru's deaths, had he known that the trail led to their farm he would have questioned them himself and they would probably be alive today. Was it because he had killed Luke's mentor, Obi-Wan? If that was the case then Luke needed to be told that it was the old man's fault that he died. Vader decided that he'd ask his son a few things later. If the duel continued long enough he would get it out of him sooner, if not, he would question him on Coruscant. "You have learned much young one," he commented with a hint of pride.

"You'll find that I'm full of surprises," his son pronounced with conviction. Vader snorted; his son was as a cocky as he used to be. Vader knew of only one remedy for that; a flurry of blows and a twist of his wrist later and he knocked his old lightsaber from Luke's hand. It fell to the level below.

Before the boy could consider calling the blade back to himself, Vader slashed his lightsaber at Luke and the boy rolled down the stairs to avoid the blade, never realizing that Vader intended to miss him anyway. His son had good reflexes. He did wonder though if it was training or instinct.

Vader turned and jumped into the air, landing where Luke had been just a few moments before. He found himself comparing Luke and his little angel. She wouldn't have allowed herself to be so unaware of her environment. She would have been more careful and would have jumped down the stairs instead of rolling down them. She would have had her lightsaber back by now. Or she would have been fighting with her shoto if she was in the same situation that Luke was now in.

He mentally shook his head. Clearly Luke had not been training for as long as his Angel, but surely Obi-Wan must have taught him something. Luke had at least known to let the Force guide him. Vader pointed his lightsaber at Luke. "Your destiny lies with me young one; Obi-Wan knew this well." he informed his son.

"No," the boy whispered, his tone full of horrified rejection and anger.

Vader reached out and prepared the pit for the freezing process. If his son failed this test, at least Luke would stay out of trouble until Vader could train him properly. He slowly advanced until the pit was behind Luke. Vader mentally shook his head. Angel would never have been so careless. Even if Obi-Wan had only trained Luke for a few week how could the boy have thought that he could match a fully trained Sith Lord? The Obi-Wan he knew would have warned the boy away from such a choice.

He moved his lightsaber in Luke's direction and the boy took one too many steps backward and fell into the pit. He wondered idly how long Luke would have lasted if he hadn't been testing the boy. Not long at all. "All too easy, no challenge at all." He commented to himself in disappointment as he flicked his fingers at the controls.

A ripple in the Force had him turning back to the pit, trying to identify the source. "Perhaps we were mistaken about the strength of the power you wield." he mused out loud.

A noise above him had him looking up into the hoses and other pieces of the equipment that helped with different parts of the carbon freezing process. Luke clung to one of the hoses as if it was a jungle vine.

"Impressive!" he breathed. This was something that Luke couldn't have learned on the barren wastes of Tatooine. Someone had been teaching him. The question was who though. He slashed his lightsaber half-heartedly at Luke. Luke just climbed higher and the lightsaber went through one of the hoses anyway. "Most impressive." He commented sarcastically. He wondered if Luke had expected the hoses to be cut and counted on the resulting cloud of vapor to hide his movements. He suspected Luke had not thought that far ahead.

Vader watched as Luke flipped his body so that he could drop to the ground. The boy then took the damaged hose that was spitting out gaseous carbonite and directed its new head at him. He cried out as the cold gas hit him and backed away. He's smarter than I gave him credit for, he thought as Luke used the Force to retrieve the lightsaber that had once belonged to him many years ago.

"You have been taught well and know how to control your fear. But you must release your anger. Only your hatred will destroy me!" he goaded his son.

Luke just scowled and pressed his attack. Vader smiled as he backed up; he had planned for this possibility and allowed himself to fall backwards off the side of the platform. Once that was done he hurried away; knowing that Luke was going to follow.

Luke did not disappoint.

Angel would have been much more cautious, he thought as Luke searched the room with the Force. Let's see how far your knowledge of the Force goes. He then proceeded to use the Force to throw things at Luke.

You disappoint me once again. Even a half-trained Jedi should be able to throw them back with the Force or at least slice them apart or deflect them. He and Luke briefly crossed blades before he threw a few more crates at Luke. The boy moved and one of the crates smashed into the window, breaking it.

The wind blew hard, threatening to suck them out. He used to Force to activate the magnets in his artificial feet and boots. Luke, on the other hand, was yanked out the window.

Vader moved slowly to the broken window and peered below, noting that Luke had grabbed a pitten walk before he could fall to his death. Let's finish this. I wonder what Obi-Wan told him of my fate. Nothing good, I think. Maybe I can use it to my advantage.


Ana shook slightly as she fled with Lando, Chewie, and R2 from the storm troopers. They had lost the storm troopers a short time ago but that could change at any moment. "The Security Code's been changed!" Lando groaned as he accessed a panel.

"R2, tell the computer to override the security system and hurry!" 3PO told the droid.

Ana kept an eye on things as Lando made a citywide announcement to flee. Her attention returned to R2 as he made a high-pitched squealing noise as the power socket he had tried to access jolted his entire system and Chewie pulled the droid away.

"Let's get going!" Lando said as he continued towards the Falcon through the now available door.

Ana followed right after him.

A few minutes later they came to the door that would take them to the platform where the Falcon was docked. The door refused to open. Could their luck get any worse? R2 got right to work opening the door as the stamp of stormtrooper boots began to approach.

She was dimly aware of 3PO yelling at R2, but she heard the door slide open just before the stormtroopers rounded the corner. Ana waited a moment longer, hoping to see Luke sprint around the corner just ahead of blaster fire, but she didn't resist when Lando gently grabbed her elbow and urged her into a run.

They paused only a few times to shoot at their pursuers as they raced to the Falcon. Miraculously, they reached the gangplank unscathed and fled up it. Once they were on board they bolted for the cockpit to lift off before the stormtroopers managed to shoot anything important.


Luke followed his instincts to where he felt Lord Vader. It led him into a structure. His senses were overwhelmed with feelings of danger, but he couldn't see the danger.

Vader suddenly appeared from the shadows with his lightsaber ignited; Luke barely had time to ignite his own to block the attack that had come. He's stronger than I thought. I was a fool to think that I could defeat him in combat, he thought as Vader pushed him back. I should have listened to Yoda. Luke stumbled and almost fell backward.

"Admit your defeat. It is useless to continue." Vader stated matter of factly. "Don't let yourself be destroyed like Obi-Wan did."

Luke felt a wave of anger strengthen him and pressed his attack. He swung his lightsaber and it grazed Vader's right forearm; some sparks flew and Vader hissed in annoyance.

The hit didn't slow the Sith though. He just pressed his attack.

Luke quickly backed onto a narrow beam. The Sith Lord couldn't follow him there without the possibility of both of them falling. Perhaps that would hold him at bay. Their lightsabers locked a few times before Vader moved his lightsaber and sliced at him.

Luke cried out as he felt Vader's lightsaber burn his right forearm. He nearly collapsed in pain and barely noticed his lightsaber falling into the abyss below him; Vader called it to his left hand before it could fall too far.

Luke watched in quiet fury as Vader almost seemed to caress the hilt of Anakin Skywalker's lightsaber and there was something that looked like fondness in his eyes as he clipped the weapon to his belt.

"There is no escape; but I would rather not destroy you." The Sith hissed in dark overtones. Luke moved as carefully as he could away from the towering dark figure. "Luke, you do not yet realize what you can do. You have only begun to tap into your power. Join me and I will complete your training. With our combined strength we can end this destructive conflict and restore peace to the Galaxy!" Lord Vader offered.

"I'll never join you!" Luke gritted out as he moved away from his enemy.

"If you only knew the power of the Dark Side!" the Sith cajoled. Luke watched him warily, waiting for the Sith to continue. "Obi-Wan never told you what happened to you father; did he?" Vader asked, nearly conversationally.

Luke was confused for a moment at the sudden change in Vader's tone, but a moment later anger gripped him. That vile creature is acting as if he had nothing to do with my Father's demise! Too bad for him I already know. Luke thought. The thought led immediately to an angry retort. "He told me enough!" Luke cried out. "He told me that you killed him!"

Lord Vader's eyes turned from their icy blue to poisonous yellow then back to blue. "No," he said softly as he reached for his face veil that, unlike the Sith's hood, had somehow managed to stay in its place the whole fight. "I am your father." he pronounced calmly as he lowered the piece of fabric.

Luke felt horror grip him as he stared at a face that he knew nearly as well as his own; even though burn scars marred it: the face of his father.


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