A Different Point of View
Last kiss

The white chapel had always seemed so oppressive, almost frightening. It was the place where, in the previous game, Natsuhi had been on trial, and where Beatrice had been eaten alive by a sea of goat butlers. It was the place where Erika had tried to marry Battler, ensnaring his soul to her forever- and the place where Beatrice had rescued Battler…

It was quiet in the chapel now. Erika was gone- and so, too, were her masters. The only people left were Beatrice, Battler, Zepar, Furfur and Beatrice's furniture. Nobody spoke- though Virgilia looked as though she was on the verge of tears. Gaap had pulled her into a comforting hug. Asmodeus' eyes were wide as she watched the scene before her; the aftermath of not only a battle, but a wedding. It was… so romantic…!

Bits of rubble and debris from the vicious battler of red truth littered the floor, but- even so- the scene was still like something from a fairytale.

The hero and princess were finally united after the final battle.

Everything was calm…

Everything was peaceful.

Battler held onto Beatrice as though she were a lifeline. His arms circled round her slender waist, pulling her close to him, as he inhaled the soft scent of lavender that clung to her pale, milky white skin. Her hair brushed against his cheek, making him shiver.

If anybody had told Battler at the start of his mind game with Beato that he would end up in a disgustingly romantic scene like this with the cruel witch, he would have laughed at them.

Laughed, or become really, really disturbed.

Indeed, it felt… weird; almost like it was some strange dream.

It was odd how much Battler had hated her before- but now all those feelings were… gone?

Well, they hadn't 'gone', not quite. They were still there; a hushed sort of resentment that bubbled up under the surface, but couldn't quite escape his mouth. All that pain, all that misery, all that anger- it couldn't be erased so easily. It would always be there- but now, instead of blindly hating Beatrice without knowing who she was, Battler… understood her.

He understood why she was so cruel.

He... sympathized her.

It was so easy to push the blame of a tragedy onto one person- but people rarely did terrible things without provocation. It might have taken two people to create a universe, but it took two to destroy one, as well.

Maybe Battler had finally become more mature.

He... finally knew that.

He couldn't blame Beatrice for everything.

Beatrice wasn't just the cruel witch with the insane smile and the cold laugh.

Beatrice was the lonely maid whose love had warped her into a monster; the young girl Battler had spent so many lazy summer days with; the girl he'd fallen in love with- and whilst Beatrice was different from Shannon, that confused young maid was still in there somewhere.

Battler knew she was.

And yet, Beatrice wasn't that maid; not anymore. She'd been through so much her personality had been pulled apart; turning her into a sadistic woman who enjoyed causing others pain because she had been hurt so badly before. When you thought of it like that, her cruelty was understandable.

But there was a softer side under there.

A more emotional one.

A side that... had never stopped loving Battler.

"You should be glad I came when I did," said Beatrice, smirking. "Otherwise you would've been done for! Getting help from the girl you're meant to be saving… that's so pathetic! Gyahaha!"

"Aha… I thought I was being unconventional? Isn't that a good thing?"

"Fufu~ So impudent~ You're meant to sweep me off my feet! I'm so disappointed!"

"But that's so boring and predictable~ I thought you like interesting things, Be~a~to?~"

"Hm… Well, I guess that's right… You know me so well, fufu." Beatrice snickered. "You haven't changed at all, Bahhttler. You're still completely useless."

"Ihihi, maybe..." Battler laughed. "But you like helpless people, don't you, Beato? You have a thing with pushing others around- just like a selfish little kid!"

Beatrice pouted. "Mu… I'm nowhere near as bad as Erikaaa, you know! Don't make me sound so cruel!"

"Yeah... When I think about what it'd be like to be Furudo Battler..." Battler shuddered. "I guess it turned out pretty okay in the end when you oh-so-gallantly came to my rescue."

"It's more than okay, idiot. You're married to me now; a beautiful, sexy witch! This is every man's dream! Ahhh, you're not even deserving of my company; you should bend down and lick my shoes clean for putting me through so much trouble you- h-hey, i-idiot... W-what are you...?"

Beatrice's words faltered as Battler pulled her to him even tighter- and Battler was amused to note a light pink blush had spread across her face.

"Ihihi... Yeah, you really do look beautiful and sexy when you pull faces like that."

"Moron..." Beatrice pouted. "I went and saved your stupid, undeserving life and now you're making fun of me! You haven't even thanked me properly!"

"And how exactly would I do that, huh?~"

"I-I don't know! Use your imagination!" Beatrice said. A rather mischievous smile spread across her lips. "You had plentyyyy of imagination when talking about those small bombs~ Fufufu~"

"Don't remind me..."

"I won't. Just..." Beatrice looked up at Battler imploringly from under her eyelashes. "Hey, Battler...?"

"Yes, Beato?"

"We're alright now, aren't we?" she asked somewhat shyly.

It was strange how quickly Beato switched between those poison-barbed comments to a softer, more sincere tone of voice. She did it so often it was almost enough to give Battler whiplash.

Maybe that old bastard had been right about a few things. Women really were confusing.

Beato was no exception.

Most women couldn't turn themselves in golden butterflies and they didn't claim to be one thousand year old witches, so Beato beat all those women in the 'confusing' competition hands down.

She was probably proud of that.

"Do you... forgive me? I had a perfectly good reason for everything I did, and you were a complete idiot- y-you really don't understand a girl's feelings at all... B-but... Muuu... I-I don't want your forgiveness, okay? I can sleep easy without it, it's just, if we're married, it would be kind of awkward if you hated me and, and..."

"Beato. You're babbling."

"Shut up!"

"But you sound so cuuuteeeeee~"

"S-shut up..." Beatrice said quietly, staring at Battler's eyes. "I mean... I... The Golden Witch doesn't apologize to anybody, but maybe... The maid girl you used to know would say something suitably meaningless that wouldn't change anything but would massage your ego or your feelings or something, like... Ahem... I-I'm really sorry for putting you through so much... and I hope... we can move on from that... If you want to. I mean, I don't want to be stuck in this stupid game all the time- not when you've discovered my answer and, well…" Beatrice looked at Battler hopefully. "That's all hypothetical of course, but… can you put it behind you?"

"Well, I dunno."

Beatrice's face turned white. "I-idiot! I command you to forgive me, I-"

Battler laughed, taking hold of Beatrice's hand, as the witch had tried to punch him in the chest. It didn't hurt, though. Instead, it was just... really, really adorable.

Beatrice wasn't all that dissimilar from Shannon, really- even though she tried to hide it.

Why hadn't been Beato been that adorable throughout their whole game? It was such a waste!

Then again, if she had, Battler would never have learnt to hate her... Then pity her... Then understand her.

And then, finally...

Love her.

Yes. Despite all her faults and flaws, and despite the horrible things she had done, Battler still loved her- and though it wasn't sensible, he couldn't deny that. Ha; Battler had never been all that sensible himself, anyway.

Battler paused.

Then, he smiled.

"What do you think, you stupid witch?"

And with that, he dipped his head, and pressed his lips against hers.

"Hey, Ronove!~ You're looking a little doowwnnn~ Are you okay!"

"Hm... To tell the truth, not really, I suppose..."

"What's wrong?" asked Virgilia, worry evident in her voice, as she took a seat beside her friend. "I must admit, I feel a little out of sorts, too… I'm very happy for that troublesome child, and I'm glad she's found the happiness she was searching for- but… I'm a little upset about it!"

"Yeah, Lia really was," Gaap snickered, ruffling Virgilia's hair. "She likes to act all matureee but she was bawling like a baby, did you see her?"

"G-gaap..." Virgilia muttered, her face flushing light pink, "d-don't say things like that... Any mother would be a little teary-eyed to see her daughter growing up, yes?"

"Yeah, but you took it a little too far, Lia!"


"Anywayyyy~" Gaap planted her hands on the table top, leaning over it so she could peer at Ronove. "You weren't looking too happy, thoughhhh. Everybody else was all smiles and sunshine and bittersweet tears, but you… looked kind of sadddd. I wonder whyyy?~"

"I believe you know the reason why. Of course, I am happy for Milady and Battler... And yet..."

"Oh. I see." Gaap smiled softly. Gaap was rarely comforting; that was Virgilia's role. It was a little strange to see Gaap acting so kind. "I suppose even somebody like you isn't above a little jealousy, huh?"

"Jealousy?" asked Virgilia innocently, looking between her two friends. "Whatever do you mean? I feel like I'm quite out of the loop here..." A sigh. "But that has always been the case."

"No... Don't worry, Virgilia," said Ronove, smiling. "I'll probably feel better if I confide in you... You have a very soothing presence."

"Yeah! Who cares if one of us has had our hearts horribly, horribly crushed and disfigured and stomped on! Life goes on, right?"

Ronove winced slightly at this comment. "...What a charming way to put it. Your tact is outstanding."

"I know!~" said Gaap brightly. "Don't worry, you'll get over it. Virgilia's really good at comforting people, you know?"

"I-I would be, if either of you would be so kind as to tell me what's wrong. You're making me worry..."

"Ehehe~ You wanna know why Lia worries, Ronove?"

"Because she's a very kind person."

"Well, yeah, but that's not alll~ You see, Lia really li-"

Virgilia's face flushed dark red. "D-don't say untruths like that so casually!"

"Aww. Maybe Lia's a little shy, Fufufu~ But it doesn't matter. We're gonna sit here and talk until everything gets sorted out and everyone feels better, okay? Ronove, you want me to explain it to Lia, or will I?"

"I probably should. You would only make it sound more scandalous than it is actually is," said Ronove, laughing.

"Okay! But first, I think we should get something to drink!" said Gaap, punching a fist in the air. "Alcohol's good for a little depression, right? I guarantee before the end of the night everybody will be feeling happy again!~"

"I-I don't really want to drink…"

"Oh, Lia, you killjoy- I don't care what you want!"

"You've always been selfish…"

"Hey, if I'm so selfish then why was I comforting you when you were crying like a baby?"

"T-that is…" Virgilia looked down at her lap. "T-that has nothing to do with it!"

"Aww~ Lia, you're so cuteeee!"

"N-no I'm not!"

"Okay then, you're hideousss~"

Ronove couldn't help but laugh at the scene before him.

"Perhaps you shouldn't tease her, Gaap. You can go too far. I suppose I'll have to stay here to prevent either of you from hurting the other." Ronove smiled. "It's been a while since I spent any time with either of you, hasn't it?"

"Yes!" said Gaap, putting her hands on her hips. "I'm not very happy about that! We need to rectify it!"

"How curious. I was thinking of the exact same thing."

"So let's have a good time, right?" said Gaap. "I mean, who cares about Bahhttlerrr?~"

"What does Battler have to do with it?" asked Virgilia.

"Oh… It's a long story. Fufufu~" Gaap giggled. "A very long story. But I'm sure Ronove won't mind telling you~ Remember, a trouble shared is a troubled halved."

"And yet, with you, a trouble shared is a trouble doubled," said Ronove, looking at Gaap. "Perhaps I will need something to drink after all…"

The End

a/n: Gaap, Lia and Ronove are just adorable as a group of good friends :3
And... it's over ;A;
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Anyway, about the title of this fic...
This fic was kinda-sorta intended to be a companion piece for 'Under the scarlet sky'. They're not very similar (at all), but both handle the issue of Battler and Yasu's relationship. Scarlet sky kind of portrays Battler as being a horrible person for leaving Yasu behind, but this one tries to show Battler wasn't intending to be cruel, he was only 12 and he simply couldn't remember his promise.
This fic was also kind of inspired by the lj 7snogs challenge, hence all the kissing~ I was going to try and follow the themes, but that didn't work out too good XD' There are still 7 kisses in here, though ^_^;;

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