Seven carefully led the children through the corridors of Voyager for a Cargo Bay and for disembarking.

Seven was surprised when the children suddenly broke away from her and ran to a group of beings that were observing the whole operation.

"Mommy! Daddy!" Denis cried, as he raced across the hanger.

Seven watched as the other children broke away from her and raced across the hanger to the group of being watching the operation.

The children were scooped up and hugged tightly.

The sound of a scuffle caught Seven's attention. She turned to see the reptilians being forcefully escorted away. They were fighting and appeared to be cursing their captors.

After a minute the group of beings approached Seven. They were both human and non human.

They came to a stop in front of Seven and smiled pleasantly. "We understand that you are one of the ones that saved our children from certain death and protected them from the Trandoshans." A human woman said.

"We ran into their ship and evacuated it. The pilots are fine." Seven explained. The woman nodded. "My name is Leia Skywalker Solo; Jedi Knight. You will be rewarded for your selflessness."

"That is unnecessary," Seven said. "If the Trandoshans got their hands on the children and the pilots they all would have died." A female holding Ailyn close to her chest said. "They would have hunted them like animals and mostly likely members of your crew if they caught you."

Seven shifted nervously.

"What will be done with them?" Seven asked, changing the subject.

"They will be tried for attacking a Jedi Transport, attacking your ship and crimes against children." A human male said. "I will sleep better when they are executed for their crimes."

Seven's eyes widened. "You would execute them?" She asked, part of her horrified to learn that these advanced people believed in corporal punishment.

"Would you want to lose the child you carry for others sport?" The female asked. Seven's head came up. "What child?" she asked. The female blinked. "The child you carry within you." She said plainly.

Seven felt dizzy.

"What makes you think that I am pregnant?" she asked the female. "I sense the life growing within you and you smell like a female human that is carrying." The female explained.

"They hunted me when I was younger. They took my lightsabers from me and they hunted me as if I was an animal and not a living thing." The female said. "They would have hunted all of the children after they opened fire on them the moment they dropped from the ship."

Seven was sickened by what the woman had to say.

"It is better for the Trandoshans to be executed." Leia said. "The others are learning that it isn't wise to take Jedi Younglings."

There was silence for several heartbeats.

"Tell your captain that we will fix your hull and improve your shields." Leia said as she rubbed her son's back.


It took nearly a week but soon Voyager was piloting back through the anomaly.

"The stars are where they should be Captain." Harry reported "And space is normal."

"Lieutenant, set course for the Alpha Quadrant." Janeway ordered


That night Seven and Chakotay laid in bed.

"If it's a boy I want to name him after your father." Seven said. "As long if it's a girl we can name her after your mother." Chakotay said.

"That is a fair compromise." Seven said and they kissed.


Sorry for the ubrupt ending, I wasn't sure how to end it but I feel that it's a good place to leave it.