List of reasons why Axel chose Roxas.

Disclaimer: These characters are not mine. But….what I wouldn't give to squeeze Axel's tooshie.

1. That little pout he does when things don't go his way.

2. The way his hair does that little flippy thingy.

3. He mumbles the cutest things in his sleep.

4. The way he freaks out when he plays video games.

5. I love running my fingers through his hair. It's so soft!

6. He has no sense of direction. Without me, he'd be totally lost.

7. He knows how to bake the best brownies ever!

8. I saw him playing dress up once. He had on a dress with high heels and a purse. OMG! It was so adorable!

9. He absolutely loves his little kitty. He named her Mr. Meow. (And yes, it WAS a girl.)

10. He likes to go commando.

11. He has the softest butt cheeks.

12. He punched me once. It didn't hurt. It was just cute.

13. He hides behind a pillow during scary movies. No more Nightmare Before Christmas for you my pet.

14. He can't drive. And trust me he's tried.

15. He doesn't get innuendos.

16. I had to give him the birds and the bees talk. He was soooo innocent.

17. He was the one to discover that Xemnas could be Mansex.

18. He enjoys singing "Man! I Feel Like A Woman!" in the shower.

19. I got him to wear tight clothes one time. I got a nose bleed.

20. He's EXTREMELY gullible.

21. He thinks there are monsters under his bed and in his closet. It is why I have moved in with him.

22. I told him there were monsters there. Again, gulllible.

23. He likes watching Sailor Moon and Powerpuff Girls.

24. He starts detroying things when there's no more Sea-Salt IceCream.

25. He can definately hold his own sometimes.

26. He likes to leave some to the imaginations. I like to strip him down to nothing.

27. His favorite Video game is Animal Crossing.

28. He gets drunk very easilly. Oh looks there he goes. Naked...

29. For a week he thought he was pregnant. Then I told him men didn't have periods.

30. He can draw really well. He likes to draw flowers.

31. He likes practical jokes. Just not when the joke's on him.

32. He's afraid of heights.

33. He has a mole in his left butt cheek. I like to kiss it.

34. He always get nervous when I ask him out on a date.

35. He always gets nervous when he sees me shirtless.

36. He always get nervous when I lean down to kiss him.

37. He gets nervous a lot.

38. He's a super neat freak. Emphasis on freak.

39. He really likes duct tape.

40. He blushes a lot. A LOT.

41. The way he takes care of my wounds after a battle. He's so gentle.

42. He has really soft kissable lips.

43. The way he always says thank you after a kiss.

44. The look on his face when I bought him a glass heart for Valentine's Day.

45. The way he laughs is like music to my ears.

46. The way he cried when he though I'd died.

47. The way he always cries when I get injured.

48. We had to have a proper funeral for I don't remember what it was. Ansem did too many experiments. Don't tell him that.

49. The way he stumbled over his words when he tried to confess his love to me for the first time. He failed. I had to be the one.

50. I just love him so much. He owns my soul entirely.