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I'd never given much thought to how I would die...well not until I moved to Forks and met Edward.

From the moment, I found out what Edward and his family were I wanted to be like them. I wanted to live forever with the man and family I loved.

I could see my future play out in my head like a movie.

I would have Edward who I loved so much. I would be his equal and we would be together forever. I would have two sisters, figuring Rosalie would eventually come around once I was like her. I would have two brothers who would teach me the things I needed to know. And I would have two surrogate parents that would care for me after I lost my real ones.

I could see us going on hunting trips as a family and traveling to different parts of the world. It would be a dream come true and one I would embrace wholeheartedly.

Little did I know that things were going to change.

I would soon learn that what I thought I knew was no where near the truth. I would learn that the man I was in love with was a lying asshole. I would learn that my best friend was a manipulative bitch. I would learn that my so-called surrogate parents were blinded by their need to see the good in everyone and therefore would overlook obvious evidence to the contrary.

I would learn that Emmett was exactly who I thought he was, the big brother I never had. I would learn that Rose didn't hate me and was smarter than anyone ever gave her credit for. I would learn that two nomads weren't as scary as my last run in with others like them. In fact, they were kind of awesome and would become another brother and sister to me.

Most important I would learn that Jasper was someone I would love even more than I did Edward and that he was my true forever.

And I would learn all of that because of a scar.


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