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Two weeks later…

I cringed as a cabinet door slammed shut. I could hear Bella muttering under her breath, but even I couldn't make out the words. Hell, I probably didn't want to know what they were anyway, since her emotions were also all over the place.

"What is going on?" Rose asked as she and Emmett came out of the trees.

"I told her the plan." I said.

"And I take it, she's not taking it well." Rose said, as yet another door slammed.

"Not in the slightest. She's banished me from the house for a little while." I said with a frown.

"She'll come around once she realizes why it has to be this way." Emmett said.

"I know, I just hate that I've upset her."

"Well, of course you do. She is your mate." Rose said. "But once she meets the others she'll be fine."

"Yeah," I said before shaking my head. "Anyway, do you two mind hanging out for a bit?"

"Not at all." Rose answered. "What's going on?"

"I don't know. Charlie asked me to come by the station, said he had something he wanted to talk to me about."

"Uh oh." Emmett said, grinning. "Do you think he finally heard you in her room?"

"Nah, I think he would have said something this morning if that was the case. I won't be long." I said before turning and moving over to my car in Bella's driveway.

It didn't take me long to get to the station, and I was directed straight away to Charlie's office.

"Hey, Jasper," he said, when I stuck my head in the door. "Thanks for coming by."

"Of course, Charlie. What's going on?" I asked, sitting down in the chair he motioned toward.

"The last two weeks have been rough. You know, since you've been there for me and Bella everyday. Bella has been quieter than normal, it's understandable of course, but after everything that's happened with Edward and Alice, and those little assholes at school and then losing her mother, I'm worried about her. She needs to get her mind off of all the stuff that's been going on."

And what I'm about to put her through. I thought to myself, but outloud I said, "I agree."

"Good, and I think I know what to do." he said. "I was doing laundry yesterday and took some things into Bella's room. On her dresser were tickets to The Nutcracker ballet for next weekend."

"Yeah, Peter and Charlotte gave them to her for her birthday."

"I want you to take her. She can stay out of school that Friday and you two can drive up to Seattle."

I gave him a look, making him chuckle softly.

"Yes, I know as a dad I shouldn't be encouraging my daughter's boyfriend to take her away for the weekend, but my worry that she's going to get lost in her own head if we're not careful overrides anything else. So, will you?"

"Of course." I said.

"Thank you." he said, smiling sadly.

I knew he was finished with me then and stood to leave. After giving me one final smile, I left the station and drove back over to Bella's house.

She was no longer banging things around and once I'd told Rose and Emmett what Charlie wanted, I headed inside to face the firing squad, so to speak.


The next week passed with not much happening. Bella was still upset with me, and we barely spoke. Even the news of going to The Nutcracker didn't cheer her up. However, Rose was able to get her to go to Port Angeles to pick out an outfit for it.

And now we were in the car, and the drive so far was shaping up to be just like the week. Bella had been staring out the window for the last hour and a half, and I just couldn't take it anymore.

"Are you going to ignore me all weekend?" I asked.

"I'm not ignoring you." she said, but she didn't turn her head and I could sense the lie in her emotions.

"Don't lie to me." I said, annoyed now.

"I'm no-" I jerked my head to the side, stopping her in her tracks before she did it again.

"You are, and I'm sorry that you're not happy right now, but I'm only doing it this way to keep you safe."

"You could just change me." she said, finally turning her head to look at me.

"No I can't. Not now."

"I've heard that before." she mumbled as she turned to look back outside.

Throwing my arm out to keep her from moving, I swerved to the side of the road and slammed on the brakes.

"What are you doing?" she asked.

"I'm dealing with this once and for all, so we can actually have a good weekend instead of you acting like a little brat."

She scoffed and crossed her arms, keeping her head turned away from me. But I was over the attitude and it did nothing but piss me off more.

"You can sit there all day like that, but it won't stop you from hearing me so let's get a few things straight. One-Again, I'm not Edward. I would change you right now if I could. But I will not put you in anymore danger or make you any more vulnerable than you already are right now. Two-I will not force Charlie to lose you so close to losing your mother. It will be bad enough when it does happen, but right now it would kill him. Three-We are living on borrowed time with Maria. Yes, I warned her but she won't be patient long. I wouldn't be able to train you properly to go up against everything she would bring to a fight. And four-when I do change you it will be because you're ready to be with me always, not because of a threat hanging over our heads."

"I am ready." she said, her voice wavering with the tears that had started to fall. "You're just not seeing things from my side."

I reached over and pulled her chin toward me, until her eyes met mine. "Then tell me your side. You just got mad at me, and refused to talk about it. So tell me what's going on in that head of yours."

"You're leaving, and I don't know if you're going to come back. I'm going to be stuck in Forks with no way of knowing if something has gone wrong. I get to sit there and worry about rather or not I'm going to see you again. After the things you told me about Maria, I'm scared to death that I'm going to lose you. And I can't lose you." she said as tears streamed down her face, her voice and body shaking with the sobs she was trying to hold in. But I felt them in every part of my body.

"Come here." I said as I unbuckled her seatbelt and pulled her into my lap.

Wrapping my arms around her, I tucked her head under my chin. "I'm going to come back to you. I promise."

"You can't promise that." she whispered as her arms gripped mine tightly.

"Yes, I can. There is no way in hell that I'm not coming home to you; not now that I've found you. Those two psychotic bitches ruined my life in their own ways. I won't let them ruin anymore of it. So, when I say I promise I will come home to you; I will move heaven, earth, and hell if I have to to keep it." She raised her head and I reached up to wipe the tears from her cheek as I said, "I love you."

"I love you too." she said. "I'm sorry I've been such a pain."

"It's okay." I said, leaning down and giving her a quick kiss. "But next time, just talk to me."

"I will." she said, giving me another kiss before she moved to climb back into her seat.

As she got settled I asked, "So, we're good? And you understand why I'm choosing to do things this way?"

"Yes, we're good and yes I understand, but can you go over the plan again. I might have stopped listening the other day, after you said you were leaving and I was staying home."

I shook my head as I got us back on the road, and I spent the next hour of the drive going over everything.

I told her how the Denali Coven would arrive on Tuesday; that would give her a week to get to know them before I left her with half of them. Then the day after Christmas, because there was no way in hell I was going to miss our first one, I would head down to Texas with Peter, Charlotte, Emmett, Rosalie, Kate, and Garrett. Carmen, Eleazar, Tanya, Irina, and Laurent would watch over her, Charlie, and Angela while we were gone. I told her how we'd spend a week at Peter and Charlotte's place, planning what we could. Alice would know we were coming, but hopefully she wouldn't be able to see everything since some decisions we were leaving until the last minute.

By the time we pulled into the hotel parking lot, she seemed to be feeling better about the situation; well, she was smiling at least. I don't think she'd be fully okay with it until I kept my promise.

It didn't take long to get checked into the hotel, and we chose to stay in the rest of the night. Bella ordered room service for dinner and once it arrived, we relaxed on the bed to watch a movie. She fell asleep halfway through, and I just held her close until her eyes opened the next morning.

After we'd both showered, and Bella had eaten a quick breakfast, we decided to head over to Pike Place Market. The ballet didn't start until seven that night, so we had plenty of time to explore; especially since neither one of us had ever been.

By the time we returned to the room at five, we'd seen all of Pike Place. Bella had eaten so much that she was forgoing dinner, and we both were able to get the last of the Christmas presents we needed to buy. We even picked out an ornament to commemorate our first Christmas together.

Even though she had showered that morning, she opted to take another one after all the walking. I relaxed back on the bed for a while, flipping through the channels on the TV until I needed to get dressed.

Bella stayed shut up in the bathroom, having taken her dress in with her. I didn't know what it looked like, but Rose had picked out my clothes to match so I knew it was black and gunmetal gray.

I'd already pulled on my black dress pants, and black cowboy boots, and was just buttoning up my gray dress shirt when Bella opened the bathroom door and stepped out.

As a vampire I don't think I'd ever been rendered speechless until that moment. She looked even more beautiful than she usually did. My eyes roamed her unashamedly from head to toe more than once, before lingering on each piece that made up the whole. Her hair was pulled up on each side, the rest hanging down her back in a riot of curls. Her makeup was subtle. Her dress fit her perfectly. A thin strap wrapped around her neck leaving her shoulders bare, and was tight against her body until the waist where it flared out to her knee. It was the same gray color of my shirt with black flowers here and there, and then had some kind of see thru mesh peeking out from the bottom.

As my eyes moved lower I did have to raise an eyebrow at the gray heels.

"I practiced walking in them while you were hunting last night." she said, drawing my eyes back up to her smiling face. "Plus, I have you and I don't think you'll let me fall."

I chuckled as I moved over to wrap my arms around her. As I bent down to give her a kiss, I said, "Never."

She smiled against my lips, and then pulled away after a moment to look up at me.

"I love you." she whispered.

"I love you, too." I said, grinning since I never got tired of hearing those words come out of her mouth.

She stepped back then with a small smile playing across her lips, and while I wanted nothing more than to draw her back I knew it was time to go.

After helping her into her coat, we headed out. Other than one stumble in the hallway, where I-of course-kept her from falling, we made it to the theater and to our seats without any trouble. Peter and Charlotte had done well in choosing the best seats; five rows back in the orchestra level. Bella was all smiles as the lights dimmed and the orchestra started to play, and I found myself watching her more than the ballet; around five minutes of it to be exact.

Bella didn't seem to mind though; every time she glanced over, she would smile and squeeze my hand before her eyes turned back to the stage.

When the curtain closed for the last time, she sighed and said, "That was amazing. Not that you watched much of it."

I shrugged my shoulder as I stood. "I've seen it many times before and while it is fantastic, I have to say I enjoyed what I watched so much more."

"Awww, you're so cheesy." she said, grinning up at me as I helped her out of her seat.

"Yes, but you love the cheese." I said even as I rolled my eyes at myself.

"I do," she said, lifting her head slightly to give me a kiss.

When we pulled apart, we joined the people making their way out of the theater. Once we were on the sidewalk and started the walk to the hotel, Bella became quiet and her emotions went from relaxed and happy to nervous and anxious. I wasn't sure what happened in such a short time, but asking in the middle of the sidewalk with people surrounding us didn't seem like the best time.

We made it back to the room, without her saying anything and before I could bring it up she disappeared into the bathroom. I stared at the closed door for a few minutes before taking off my coat and moving over to the window.

I leaned against the seal to wait, wondering what in the world she was thinking about as her emotions flowed from her in waves. Her happiness came back, but it was in a smaller dose than it had been before. The nervousness and anxiety were still dominant, but a small touch of apprehension and trepidation was starting to grow. But it wasn't until I felt the desire and longing hiding there in the background that I started to understand, and that understanding only grew when I felt insecurity and rejection coming up fast.

I knew saying anything would probably make what she was feeling worse, but I knew what she wanted and I was more than happy to make that happen. Drawing up every bit of love, desire, and longing I had for her, I sent it out letting her feel it all before I pulled it back. Afterward, I was pleased to find that the only emotions left matched mine.

I heard her move toward the door and after only a brief second of hesitation, she twisted the knob and let the door swing open. I sucked in a breath as she stood illuminated by the light in just a bathrobe, her dark hair cascading around her shoulders in a mess of curls.

Our eyes locked and I smiled, beckoning her forward with a crook of my finger. After taking a deep breath, she started toward me and I met her halfway; my hands cupping her face as soon as I could reach her.

"Are you sure?" I whispered as my thumb swept across her cheek.

"I'm sure." she whispered back even as I felt the truth flow through me.

It was all I needed and I lifted her quickly in my arms, placing her on the bed. It took no time at all to untie her robe and I pushed it open, letting it fall to each side as my eyes drank in her beautiful body. God she was gorgeous, and I let my emotions speak for me instead of saying words that I wasn't sure she'd believe.

Her answering smile was all it took to get me moving again, and I stepped back to remove my own clothing. When I dropped the last piece to the floor, I crawled up the bed and settled my body over her; my lips going immediately to hers and drawing her into a kiss that had her squirming beneath me.

Knowing it was her first time, I let my gift be my guide as my mouth and hands brought her to the intense pleasure only I would ever give her. Her breathy moans and sighs only added to the swirl of emotions surrounding us, and I knew I would never grow tired of hearing them.

When she shattered completely, I joined our bodies together groaning with the sensation. The brief flash of pain I felt from her was gone as quickly as it came, and the scent of blood couldn't distract me from the way she enveloped me so tightly.

My pace was slow, building us both up until neither one of us could take anymore. Using my gift, we fell at the same time; our hands clenching and our lips meeting over and over again until she melted against the bed in exhaustion.

Rolling to the side and onto my back, I gathered her in my arms and pulled the covers over both of us. Her chin came to rest on top of my chest and I reached up, brushing her hair off her face.

"I love you." I said, smiling down at her.

"I love you too," she said, smiling back. "Thank you for realizing what I wanted. I didn't know how to tell you without embarrassing myself. Plus, I figured if you didn't want to, then it wouldn't have hurt so much if I didn't actually say the words."

"You're welcome, but why would I have not wanted to?"

She gave me a look and I realized why.

Shaking my head, I dragged her up level with me and said, "I will always want you."

"Promise?" she asked.

"With every part of my body and soul." I answered, pulling her head down.

Once I'd kissed her breathless, I let her slide to the side and wrapped my arms around her. We didn't speak again, and she soon drifted off to sleep.

As I held her close throughout the night, I thought about the two promises I'd made her this weekend. I'd meant each one. The first I would keep soon and the second, I would spend the rest of my undead life, and eventually hers too, making sure I showed her just how much I wanted her.



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