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WARNING: Rape will be mentioned. There will be no graphic scenes, but there will be mentions of it happening. If that offends or triggers something please don't read.

There will also be scenes of physical abuse, so if that is also a trigger again please don't read.



My life sucks and I hate it, especially days like today when I'm stuck in bed. Since I'm not going anywhere anytime soon I guess I could tell you a little bit about myself and the people that surround me in my daily life.

My name is Bella Dwyer. I'm 17, a junior at the local high school, and I live in the rainiest place on the the planet-Forks, Washington.

I live with my dad, Phil, who works for the lumberyard. He likes to drink a lot. Those days aren't good for me. Granted most days aren't good for me when he's around.

My mom, Renee, ran off four years ago. I went to bed one night and the next morning she and all her stuff was gone. I'd asked dad about it that morning, but it had only got me yelled at and I was told to never ask questions about that whore, as he called her, again.

I don't have many friends or any really. I think it's because everyone thinks I'm terminally ill. I can understand their thinking since I miss school a lot, I'm really pale, and I'm really thin. I've heard that I have everything from AIDS to Cancer. The teachers are just happy I manage to still get good grades and keep up with as much as I'm out.

Lately though I've started to gain more attention because eight people have suddenly decided to put me on their radar.

It's like every time I turn around now someone is there or someone is looking at me with worry.

First there is Chief Swan. I'll see his police car a discrete distance when I'm walking to and from school. It's unnerving because I don't know what he's doing. I do know that he and my mom were high school sweethearts, but that doesn't explain why he's suddenly decided to follow me.

Then there is the Cullen Family who moved here from Alaska about two months into the school year. Dr. Cullen is a doctor at the hospital. I've met him a few times, since my clumsiness will sometimes put me in the ER.

His wife, I see at the grocery store. She always smiles and asks how I am. I lie and say I'm fine.

Then there are the kids. There are five of them and all were adopted by Dr. and Mrs. Cullen. Two of them are juniors like me. Alice is even smaller than me. Her hair sticks out every where and she never seems to stop moving. Edward is really quiet and always looks like he's thinking. The other three are seniors. Emmett is huge and would be scary if he didn't have a constant smile that showed off a set of dimples. Rosalie is the one that scares me. She always has a sneer, even when the rest of her looks perfect. The last one is Jasper. He's the cutest and the quietest. Granted, they're all quiet. They only talk to each other, but Jasper always looks like he's assessing things. It's strange, but calming in a way.

When they first came to our school the gossip shifted from me for a while. They were all so beautiful and put together. People talked about how they were adopted and still looked the same. Theories were that Dr. Cullen performed weird plastic surgery on them to make it happen. It wasn't that weird. Sure they had the same color eyes and were paler than me, but I figured the former was just coincidence and the latter was because they were from Alaska.

Rosalie and Jasper looked alike, but they were twins and the only two that was actually kin to Dr. Cullen before he took them in. I'm assuming by marriage since their last name of Whitlock was different. The other three didn't have any features that matched the others, including hair color.

The gossip was even worse when people realized that Edward and Alice were a couple and so were Rosalie and Emmett. Small town mentality thought it was wrong since they all lived together, but if they were happy I didn't see why it mattered. Jasper was talked about because he was the only one alone and the girls wondered what they had to do for him to date them.

I used to feel sorry for them because I knew what it was liked to be talked about constantly.

I say used to because I don't anymore. I still would if they didn't stare so much. I can feel their eyes on me in the hallway or in the cafeteria. It's unsettling, especially when I look and they continue to stare. What's even weirder is, at first, I didn't have a single class with any of them. Now one of them, even Emmett, Rosalie, and Jasper, are in one of my classes.

Sometimes I think they can see what I hide, but that's not possible since I make sure to wear things that cover me completely. Sometimes I think they've figured it out, but I really hope they don't. No one can ever know my secret. They can never know the truth about what happens in my house because I don't know what would happen then.

You see I'm not sick. Not in the I have a fever or need an antibiotic kind of way. I'm usually in pain though. Pain that is so excruciating sometimes it's hard to breath. I deal with it the best I can and having done it for four years I think I've gotten good at it.

However, sometimes it gets to be too much and that's why I miss school a lot. It's not why I'm stuck in bed today though.

No today is for a different reason, something that has never happened before. Something I pray, never happens again because Phil will have to make something up to the school again and he'll see it as my fault.

Even though he's the one that forgot to untie me from the bed, after he beat and raped me.


I know it's rough already, but stick with me. Let me know what you think? This is way different than what I've ever taken on and I would like to know how you guys feel about it.