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3 years later...

"And that's it," Mommy said, smiling down at me.

I grinned back. I liked mommy's smile. Daddy said mine was the same and I liked being the same as mommy. She was pretty and nice and she made me cookies and gave me pretty braids.

I really liked daddy's smile too though. It was big and showed his teeth. I thought he was pretty, but mommy said boys were handsome. I liked pretty better. I was going to marry him one day because he gave me butter cups when mommy wasn't around. They were so good and made me giggle and run around and daddy always took me to the playground after. He said it burned off my energy. I didn't know what energy was, but I know I was always tired after.

"Meghan, do you want to put everything back in the box?" Mommy asked.

I don't know why she asked, it was my job before bed; daddy even paid me a dollar when he tucked me in. I would hold onto it until he left my room and then I would put it in my super secret hiding place. I had a lot of dollars and I think I was close to having enough for a pony or a dragon.

I nodded at mommy and slid off daddy's leg, giggling when Sam tried to lick me. He was a such a pretty doggie. I hoped he got along with my pony or dragon.

I patted his head and started working. I always liked to keep my favorite things out until last.

The heavy jellyfish was really pretty. Daddy told me once that if I ever got stung by one in the ocean he would have to pee on me to make the hurt stop. I really hoped he was kidding because peeing is gross. Unless it was Sam. He peed on Uncle Em and Uncle Pete before and that was funny.

I really liked the ring in the box too. It was red and had little polka dots on it. Mommy said I could have it one day when I was bigger. I'll be 4 soon, so fingers crossed.

I wanted the little glasses too. But daddy had said no right away. I tried to tell him that they were just the right size for my dolls, but he said that they were special glasses. I almost cried and he changed his mind. He said I could have them when I was as old as grandma. I don't think grandma liked that because when I told her, she said she was going to put daddy in timeout. I cried because I got him in trouble and she changed her mind too.

I kissed my glasses and set them in the box and then looked up at mommy and daddy.

"Done." I said grinning.

Mommy leaned over and stared in the box before her nose squished up. "Are you sure?"

I squished my nose up too and looked down to count. "1...2...3...4...5...7..."

"5...6...7..." Daddy said.

I smiled at him and finished counting. "5...6...7...8...9...10...13...15...20."

I looked back at mommy. 'Everything's there, mommy."

"Are you sure? It looks like something is missing. Daddy what do you think?" Mommy said, grinning at daddy.

Daddy leaned over and nodded. "I think mommy's right, Princess. Something is missing."

I huffed and crossed my arms because they were wrong. I counted right.

"I think it's this," Mommy said, holding out a piece of paper.

I took it and then looked in the box and then back to the paper and then back to the box. It wasn't missing. The picture of me in mommy's tummy was in the box. I knew I was right.

"It is in the box, mommy." I said.

"Actually, Princess, that is a new picture." Daddy said. "And we think it needs to be in the box too."

"How is it new, daddy? I'm not in mommy's tummy anymore."

"But your little brother is." Daddy said, putting his hand on mommy's tummy.

I looked at the picture and at mommy's tummy and back to the picture and back to mommy's tummy.

This was weird.

"Meghan, sweetheart, do you know what this means?" Mommy asked and I shook my head.

"It means you're going to be a big sister." Daddy said.

"Like Lily?" I asked. I liked Lily. She was pretty and played hide and seek with me.

"Yes." Mommy said, nodding.

My eyes got big and I showed daddy that I could smile like him too as I jumped up. "WHOO HOO!" I yelled, shaking my rear. Grandma says I'm not allowed to say butt until I'm as old as daddy.

Mommy and Daddy laughed and watched me until I got tired. When I yawned, daddy asked if was ready for bed. I was, but I had to put the picture of my little brother in the box first.

Getting on my knees, I kissed the picture. "Night, night prince." I whispered.

When I looked back up at mommy and daddy, they were crying, but they were smiling too so I think they were okay. Grownups were weird sometimes too.

Daddy stood up and I crawled over to mommy giving her a big kiss. "I love you, mommy."

"I love you too, sweetheart." She said giving me Eskimo kisses.

Daddy picked me up then and carried me upstairs. He tucked me in and read me a bedtime story and then gave me my dollar. After he kissed me and went back down to mommy I climbed out of bed and tiptoed to my piggy bank. I really think I had enough for a pony now. I couldn't get a dragon anymore because it might eat my little brother.

I wouldn't like that. I wouldn't let anything hurt him because I was his big sister. And big sisters were cool.



Well, that is it. It's been a great ride and I will miss them, but it's time to move on. I hope you guys enjoyed taking the journey with them as much as I enjoyed writing it. I appreciate each and everyone of you that started with The Box and made it through the angst-fest to get here.

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