His breaths becoming more ragged…

"Amy. My soul will survive, but my body will become zombified. My body will become undead, while I search for a host body to accompany me…"

The Doctor pulled out a large chain with the TARDIS key attached to it.

"When you see this on a body, whether male or female, I will gain control and try and return to my own body. Promise me this Pond… Run as far as possible – from what my body will become." He whispered hoarsely.

She nodded her head slowly while weeping over him – Her raggedy Doctor becoming a brain munching, undead zombie terrorising the streets of Lower Leadworth. The Time-lord sighed sadly; a tear trickling down on his painful expression.

He roared in agony as his spirit flew out of his body – which the eyes started to droop and become blood red; the groans intensifying.

Amy screamed.

The zombie Time-lord closed in on her.

She was cornered.

She was going to be a zombie like him.

The Doctor flew the TARDIS mentally, feeling one with the old girl seeing as he was in spirit form. He set coordinates for the one place that he could find a young person to help him. Limbic. He hovered out of the doors quickly like a ghost on Semester, to find someone willing enough to help him get back to normal.

If ever he could be normal again.

Chesney White was far from normal.

She was treated like an alien by everybody.

She could use magic whenever she was cross, but had never been properly angry. She feared herself that if she ever got really mad she might hurt someone badly – Or worse. She was a young brunette wearing purple glasses and despised most of all – Makeup.

Chesney was hobbling along as her knee had cracked in an accident. 'Stupid bikes' she thought. Peering around the next corner carefully, she spotted a large blue box; and a very pale figure floating in front of it… 'Wait! He's floating!' she thought looking very startled.

The Doctor noticed her, jumped over the top of her to block her exit and held out the TARDIS keychain. The terrified teenager gawped, her jaw wide open. She crept closer to the ghostly outstretched hand and gently lifted the chain off the Doctor's hand. He motioned putting it over her neck and the brunette obliged.

A sharp pain surged through her.

Thousands of memories pouring into her at once.

Her head about to overflow.

The Doctor's spirit dissipated into the key and the key glowed ominously engulfing Chesney.

Only one thing she could shout.


Lights flickered all around her – Chesney's body morphing quickly into the Doctor's thin frame.

He swallowed the sights of Limbic as he could see beyond the cloudy fog that had limbered around him.