"Say that you love me." Chad whispered. "We went this far, I love you to death, Destiny. I want you forever."

I looked into his eyes, then the priest. I glanced at the crowd, and heard some silent whispers about my sudden shocking decision.

"No. I can't marry you. I just can't do this anymore." I said. I turned, and left him at the altar, and ran out the tent's doors and out to the bride's section of the wedding resort. I started to cry, just because of what I did. I said no, and I can't go back without being embarrassed or gossiped about. I couldn't marry him because I didn't really truly love him. I didn't feel the sparks anymore. This was my second wedding, and the first one I went through, but the groom cheated on me three months later. I was heartbroken, tried to move on, thought I loved Chad, but I didn't. I don't exactly know why.

I pulled at the lace bow on my back and un-zipped the dress, letting it fall to the glossy oak floor. I kept my hair in, and changed into my white ruffle skirt with a belt and blue t-shirt. I slipped on my flip-flops, suddenly realizing some people were leaving already. I groaned, ran out, and hopped into the limo, sending me back to Miami.

I'd thought nobody would leave speechless, but a lot of people didn't do much besides go on with regular life. When we were about to turn, I saw Chad step out of the tent hurt. I pushed his face away from my weary head, and wiped my tears. "Step on it, Rick." I ordered the driver.

I was heading back to my parent's house, and possibly making mom pick up my stuff from the penthouse. I just remembered my maid of honor, aka, my best friend, Taliah back there. I should've gone with her, but I guess it's too late.

The resort got smaller and smaller as he drove away. I tried not to cry, or to think about Chad and the wedding, or my first husband, but especially Chad. I don't know why I said yes, because we wasted a couple thousand dollars on our wedding. Rejection was the painful thing because I've been a rejection plenty of times and I barely recover; now I'm the rejecter myself.

I sat back on the leather seats and fell asleep, thinking to myself about so much things. Will I ever get married for good? All the men in the world probably want to stay away from this freak. I guess it's best this way?

I opened my 'diary' or more like my secrets and feelings. I know, weird, right? But in this stage, I still couldn't believe I'd found someone better that I'm with today. But for right now, welcome to my worst five years of my life, and plenty of rejections. When I think about it now, I just about had enough of this mushy-stuff.

And then I look at my loving family of four, and I think, huh, I was gonna quit on love for good. I guess mother-nature decided to pop out on a plane ride home.

Welcome to my life as a runaway bride.