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Become One With Russia, Da?

A frigid, fluffy snowball smacked into silvery-blonde hair, tumbling into the folds of a miles-long eggshell scarf. The extremely tall, broad man spun around to find his friend, a much shorter, dirty blonde haired, crystal-blue eyed man dressed in a dark brown bomber jacket, jeans, and sneakers, who stuck his tongue out. "You're getting beat on your own turf, Russia!" the man called playfully, stooping to scoop up a handful of fresh snow and ball it up.

The blonde never thought that his comrade would move that quick: within a few seconds Russia had closed the gap between them, smashing the snow onto America's head before he could react. America sunk into the snow underfoot up to his knees from Russia's sheer force. His body shook with cold, glasses bouncing on the bridge of his nose. He glanced up in disbelief at his friend, who met his gaze with a smile that could melt the icy snow around them. "Oh," Russia's amethyst eyes widened, "you are cold, America?"

America's cheeks flushed rouge, heating his face as he nodded. "Y-you win, you c-crazy Russian."

Russia found the zipper to his overcoat underneath his off-white scarf and tugged it down, opening his arms. America wrapped his arms around Russia's muscular midsection, shivering against the heat. Russia jerked his coat closed, his gloved hands rubbing America's back from the outside of his coat. America welcomed the warmth that began to snake through his body, sighing contentedly as he inhaled the familiar scent of snow, vodka, and sunflowers all jumbled together. "I forget how easy it is for you to get cold, America," Russia murmured, his gaze shifting to America's uplifted face.

"That's okay with me," America replied as he lifted Russia's shirt and planted his icy bare hands on his back.

He felt Russia flinch from the sudden cold, but the large man shrugged it off. "Are you ready to go inside, da?" Russia asked gently, a soft smile upturning his lips.

"Yeah, it's way too freaking cold out here," America commented as Russia opened his coat once again.

America strode triumphantly out of Russia's coat, turning toward the Allied Powers' rented vacation cabin, but he stopped short. Russia slid one arm behind his back and another behind his knees, picking up the small country in one fluid motion. America blushed as Russia strode toward the cabin, smiling at the blonde and holding him close to his thermal body. "It's cute how your face turns red all the time, da," Russia mused, content with the fact that he had made America blush once again.

They quickly crossed the threshold into the empty cabin. Russia set America back on his feet as he kicked his heavy boots off and shrugged off his overcoat. "Huh, I guess the other three are still outside," America chirped as he shed his bomber jacket and wet canvas sneakers.

"There is really nowhere else for them to go, being in the middle of the Swiss Alps," Russia murmured as he stretched out on the folded-out futon in the living room.

America grinned, tiptoeing over once Russia's violet eyes closed and pouncing on his friend. Russia's eyes fluttered open in surprise as he grunted from America's weight. He smiled amiably at the young country, enfolding him in his arms and rolling over gently until the futon mattress buffeted America's back. A mischievous smile replaced his affectionate expression as Russia gripped America's wrists, pinning them above his head. America's cerulean eyes bulged slightly as he squirmed underneath Russia's grasp. He knew what Russia was capable of: he had heard the horror stories from Britain. Amusement glinted in Russia's eyes: he could figure out what America was thinking from his alarm. Russia surveyed the smaller country, his lavender eyes touching on America's ahoge, his eyes, nose, mouth, neck… how the contours of his body were visible under his light clothes….

"I know what you're thinking, da," Russia murmured as his back arched, his face barely an inch away from America's, the long pieces of his scarf resting against America's chest, "I hope you do not think that I will hurt you. I hurt my enemies; I pleasure those that I like…"

America's heart fluttered as Russia's words washed over him. His face turned beet red as Russia gingerly leaned close to America, softly claiming his lips. A whispered, muffled moan emanated from the smaller country as Russia licked his bottom lip, taking it into his mouth and suckling. His tongue danced around America's teeth until he opened his mouth wider, allowing entrance. Russia's eyes lidded as he lapped playfully at America's tongue, teasing the younger country. He swiped his tongue across America's bottom lip before he pulled away suddenly, releasing the hold on his friend's wrists. The faint taste of vodka lingered on America's tongue, sending shivers cascading down his spine. Russia's kisses were as soft as hummingbird wings as his lips grazed his neck, forcefully ripping open America's crimson wifebeater, continuing to shower America's exposed skin with fleeting kisses. America's nerves went haywire, tingling with pleasure wherever Russia had kissed him. His hands came down and skimmed through Russia's argentine hair as the broad country unbuttoned and unzipped his jeans.

Russia tugged the denim down just enough to reveal America's underwear and the package contained within. He nibbled the sensitive skin of America's navel as he continued, yanking his friend's underwear down as he descended. "Y-you're a huge tease, dude," America muttered as Russia glanced up, meeting his carmine face with a smoldering smile.

Russia kissed the very tip of America's uncovered erection before lapping softly at his squishy frenulum. One large, gloved hand grasped America's left hip as Russia continued to lap teasingly. The younger country squirmed under Russia's grip, his face burning with anticipation, a bead of sweat tumbling down his forehead. Russia licked at the tip, sliding it into his mouth with his tongue until all of America's length was claimed. America moaned as the intense, tingling heat radiating from his pelvis spread throughout his body, prickling his nerves. Russia moved up and down, his tongue pressed into the shaft's underside. America twisted Russia's hair in his clutches until he snatched his scarf. He twisted the scarf around his right wrist as he forfeited his sense of control to pleasure. His hips rocked in time with Russia's movements, his manhood just barely touching the back of Russia's throat.

The tingling pleasure in America's pelvis intensified, igniting his nerves as Russia sucked him. His clear blue eyes closed in bliss as he moaned, louder this time, thrusting stronger into Russia's mouth. "Aahh, Rus… I'm really c-close…" America warned, but it was too late.

Creamy ivory fluid filled Russia's mouth as a wave of pleasurable release washed over America. Russia swallowed every drop of America's cum as he leaned up and claimed the younger country's lips in a deep kiss. "Now it's my turn, da?"

Russia balanced on his knees as he undressed, unveiling the battle scars that savaged his alabaster skin. He kicked off his pants, slid his hands out of his gloves, and piled his clothes on the floor. He took his scarf and unraveled it from America's wrist with a smug smile, adding it to his clothes pile. America reached out and traced the marked skin as Russia propped on his knees beside America. "You, America… will become one… with me, da…?"

The larger country seized America's head, bringing his mouth to his girth. America took his partner's tip into his mouth, his tongue fiddling with the balmy slit, coaxing sweet, clear precum to stream from Russia's shaft. Russia pushed America's head close to his body as he thrusted his hips, a soft moan emanating from him as his lilac eyes closed. America's eyes watered as Russia's tip entered his throat. Russia's free hand clawed into America's upper back: he loved the feeling of his precum leaking into the smaller country. He removed his manhood from America's mouth as he settled into a sitting position, pulling America onto him. "This might hurt at first," Russia whispered into America's ear as his lips met the younger country's. His tongue twined around America's as his finger prodded America's lower entrance. America nodded as Russia entered him, adding another finger after a moment. America winced and gasped in pain as Russia scissored, stretching him. America's arms wrapped tightly around Russia, digging his short nails into Russia's back as the pain intensified. Russia held America securely to him as he jerked away from his mouth, instead lapping and sucking at his neck. He added a third finger and drove deep into America, fingering something round. Pain instantly turned to scorching pleasure as America moaned into Russia's ear, gripping the larger country's cock and pumping it. "Ready for me then, da?" Russia asked as he removed his fingers.

Insane desire rattled America's brain. "Yeah… make me become one with you, Russia…"

A sincere smile upturned Russia's lips as he positioned America over his pulsating member. He lowered the smaller country onto himself, sliding in with ease. "A-ah," Russia murmured as his arms bound America's midsection, the smaller country's heat enveloping his shaft, "I never thought you would… be so tight, America…"

America yelped in pain as he took in all of Russia. He felt as if he were going to split in two as he held tight to Russia's neck. Russia pumped in and out slowly at first, until he found that round erogenous zone of America's. America moaned blissfully: his whole body tingled as waves of stimulation crashed over him. "Ah… Russia…"

Russia smiled sheepishly as he thrusted hard into America: the young country had called his name. He clutched America's length with one hand as he moved inside, feeling America's pulse beating against his palm. The familiar prickling sensation cascaded down Russia's member as he neared his climax sooner than expected. America bit down on his collar as hot cum shot skyward, spraying against Russia's chest. A different substance, lukewarm and thick and metallic, dripped against America's tongue. He yanked his head away from Russia's collar as the large country trembled underneath him, shoving himself in as far as he would go, releasing inside America with a moan. America met Russia's lips as he finished, clinging to the larger country. "You made me bleed, da? Was it that good?" Russia chuckled as he wiped blood away from his collar.

"Aah, dude! I'm sorry!" America apologized, his periwinkle gaze meeting plum.

"That is okay. I hope it leaves a mark… it is my proof that you became one with me," Russia stated sweetly with a light chuckle.

He stretched out once again on the futon as America's fluid began to dry on his chest. He withdrew himself from the picayune country, folding his arms around his friend and pulling him close, breathing in the fleeting scent of hamburgers that always wafted around America. He played with America's ahoge absentmindedly as America rested his head on Russia's chest, wiping away the remnants of his own fluid. "What do you think we should tell the others?"

Russia chuckled as his lips brushed America's forehead. "What do you think? Tell them you have become one with Russia."