A series of 200 drabbles written for PrincessPearl's 200 Flavourful Prompts.

Chapter one: Lucy and Scorpius.

Coffee flavour: Cinnamon hazelnut

Extra prompts: mist and charcoal

He kicks off hard from the ground and she screams, feeling stupid even as the shriek leaves her mouth and is whipped away from them by the speeding wind.

He laughs at her and turns on his broom to face her, his nose wrinkled. His misty grey eyes bore into her charcoal ones and he smiles. She doesn't expect that - there's no reason to smile up here, a hundred feet off the ground with the world below them a cinnamon and emerald-coloured blur.

He must realise she's not happy, because the next thing she knows they're hurtling towards the ground, only stopping just in time. Her toes brush the still-wet grass of the Quidditch pitch as Scorpius pulls her off of the broomstick. He buries his face against her neck and murmurs a soft "sorry" against her skin. A lock of blonde hair brushes against her nose and she catches a whiff of hazelnut. She loves hazelnut.

Maybe, if Scorpius was with her, she could get used to this flying lark after all.

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