Chapter 52: Molly, Scorpius and Lily

Candle flavour: sparkling lemon

Extra prompts: amaranthine, exquisite, spritz

Sitting down to breakfast in the Great Hall, Lily can't quite work out what's so great about Molly. To her, she's always seemed - for want of a better, more descriptive word - boring. She's blonde, sure, but not in the elegant way that Victoire and Louis are blonde. Their hair is white-silver, the colour of lemon squash, shining and sparkling in the light; Molly's is closer in shade to straw, falling in unruly, frizzy waves down her back.

It can't be that. Besides, Scorpius isn't shallow. He dated Amelia Midgeon for a month and she's hideous, with acne scarring her cheeks and an almost comically bulbous nose. But if it isn't that, then what is it? It's hardly likely to be her sparkling personality, Lily thinks. As far as she can tell, Molly doesn't have one. She's just...there, irrefutably and eternally present, often with no real purpose.

Perhaps it could be because she's not a bitch? some tiny voice asks, echoing in her head.

Come on. I'm not a bitch! Lily thinks defensively, glancing across the room at Scorpius and Molly and noting that Molly actually looks kind of gorgeous today, in an exquisitely cut amaranthine dress.

You are. Everyone knows it. And you love it.

No. It's not that simple, I'm sure of it. Besides, Molly can be just as bitchy as me, of course she can.

Have you ever heard her say anything mean about anyone, ever?

...No. I bet it's a love potion.

Or maybe it's

Love. Of course. The one thing Lily really wanted, and the one thing she didn't know how to get.

Ugh, the ending...idk.

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