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Chapter 5

Planet, Timoblolapatropis. Year, 9812. The Doctor was leading them through the infamous Snow jungle. A jungle that snowed. However, they happened to visit on the day of a terrible blizzard. The wind whipped the girls hair every which way.

"Beautiful sights he says. Impossible animals he says. Comfortable weather he says." River complains.

"Working on it." The Doctor replied. He pulled out his sonic screwdriver.

"How far 'til we reach the tardis?" Amy asked, shivering.

"About…..two miles…." He replied. The group chimed together in groans. Amser had lost complete feeling in her toes. And her lips were a bright blue. But she wasn't one to complain. She turned her face to try to block it from the wind when she noticed…..a cabin. She stopped. Was this like….a snow mirage? Did those exist? She blinked a few more times. It was still there.

"Hey guys!" She called, all eyes were on her. "There's a cabin down here. Maybe we could spend the night there?"

"Looks safe enough." Rory said. "I guess."

"I'm not walking two miles in this weather." Amy snapped. "C'mon Amser." Everyone made a b line towards the cabin.

"Maybe we should-" The Doctor started. Amser turned towards the doctor. Her skin was so pale and her lips were so blue. He followed the others. Amy rapped on the door.

"Hello? Anyone home?" Amy called. Footsteps. A woman answered the door. Her hair was a deep black and her eyes were a piercing blue. Her skin was as pale as the first snowfall in november. She smiled at them.

"Come inside, you'll freeze to death." She greeted, herding them in.

"Thank you." Amser said, forcing a smile across her lips.

"You're lips are ice blue, dear." The woman wrapped a blanket around here. She passed the blankets out to the others. The Doctor didn't except his blanket. He wasn't cold. They all sat around the fireplace. The woman made them hot coco from the coco beans she grew herself. They drank it greedily.

"I'm Sarcade." The woman greeted.



"River Song."

"I'm The-" The Doctor began.

"The doctor?" Sarcade smirked. "My grandmother used to tell me plenty of stories about you."

"Did she?" The doctor replied with a smile. Sarcade turned to Amser.

"And you are?" She questioned. Amser was about to reply when an old woman hobbled into the room. She was old. Her hair was a rats nest of silver. Her teeth were a bright blonde. And her eyes were a pale blue.

"This is the time child, is it not?" The old woman smirked. "The one from my mother's story."

"I'm Amser." The girl replied. The old woman's smile stretched two miles wider.

"Mother, please." Sarcade snapped.

"I'm sorry, time child?" Amy asked.

"Haven't you heard the story?" Sarcade questioned.

"Can't say we have." Rory added.

"How about you tell us this story?" River suggested. Sarcade's mother was about to reply when the Doctor interjected.

"No, it's best not to hear it." The Doctor said.

"Why not?" Amser questioned.

"Foreknowledge is a dangerous thing." The Doctor replied. "People shouldn't know their own future."

"Quite right." Sarcade responded. She helped her frail mother on the couch, right next to Rory. He didn't look to happy about the new seating arrangement.

"Amser." The old woman said. "What a pretty name."

"Thanks." Amser replied meekly. They small talked for a while. Discussing everything from the terrible weather to life on earth. After a while, everyone was yawning.

"I suppose it's time for bed." Sarcade smiled, standing up. "Let me show you to your rooms." Rory was excited to get off the couch where the old woman had fallen asleep on his shoulder. His new jacket was drenched in alien drool.

"We can't thank you enough." Amy replied. Sarcade smiled. She led Amy and Rory to an elegant victorian styled bedroom. The Doctor and River had their own room. But, much to River's dismay, they had bunk beds. Amser's room was nothing special. A full bed with floral sheets and a window seat with an incredible view. But she liked her room on the Tardis better.

"Sweet dreams." Sarcade smirked as she closed the door. Amser was tired she fell asleep, praying she wouldn't encounter the dreaded Dream lord. She was lucky that night. No dreams that night. But she woke up hours latter to the old woman's voice.

"The last time lord, no longer alone.

He has his own flesh and bone.

To follow along on his numerous deeds.

The child he always needs.

The time child will face, the final day

When the man she loves makes her pay."

Thoughts raced through Amser's mind. Was that the story about her? Her hearts stopped when she heard the bedroom door creak open. Amser gripped the sheets.

"She's asleep." The old woman said. Amser went along with her story.

"Shhh. Don't wake her." Sarcade snapped.

"Why can't we take the man? He has more energy in him." The old woman questioned.

"He is strong. She is weak." Sarcade explained. "It doesn't matter. Both of them have enough time energy in them to last a long long time." The women chuckled. Amser didn't like the sound of this. She had to get everyone out. But how? They were in her room! That's when the voices changed. "Amser….Amser sweetheart. Wake up." Amser opened her eyes and smiled. It was Richard's mother!

"Mrs. Peters?" Amser questioned. Maybe this was all a dream. Maybe she didn't hear those women plotting anything.

"It's me." She smiled. "C'mon, we gotta set up the tent."

"Tent?" Amser surveyed her surroundings. It was her old backyard. When she lived with Mrs. Peters.

"VROOM!" Shouted that voice. Amser snapped her head towards the noise. It was….Richard. Seven year old Richard. Running around. Amser smiled. She never thought she'd see that face again. Especially his seven year old face. Richard looked at her.

"C'mon Amser. Come play with me!" He shouted. Amser laughed. He reached his hand out Amser reached hers out. She wanted to hold his hand. She wanted to feel his warm little hands in hers. But, she didn't get the sensation she was expecting. The second they touched. Amser's hand burned. It felt as if it were on fire. Her hand glowed. The glowing surged up through her arm. It felt as if her veins were filled with fire. She screamed. The backyard melted away and Richard's smiling face transformed into a sinister sneer. She was back in the bedroom and Richard changed. That little seven year old boy grey seven feet tall. His skin turned a deep grey. His eyes were now slits and two tentacles came out of his chin. They were wrapped around her hand. She continue to glow and scream in agony. Mrs. Peters, now in her new form joined the creature attacking her.

"Save some for me mother." The alien replied. It's voice was raspy and electronic. Like it had gargled razor blades. It's mouth opened up and down instead of side to side. The alien wrapped it's tentacle's around her other wrist and the pain doubled. Amser screamed at the top of her lungs.

"Shut up you wretched girl. You'll be dead soon enough." The first alien sneered. Amser closed her eyes, trying to bear the pain. It wasn't working. She pulled her hands together, fighting the alien's firm grip. Once their tentacles touched they jumped back, releasing their grip. Amser ran out the door. She sprinted down the hallway, banging on all the doors to try and wake up her family. She couldn't remember which room was which. And the hallway seemed like it was stretching. These creatures were fast and strong. One of the Alien's knocked Amser through the wall and into her parent's room. She slammed against the other wall. Her parents woke up with a start.

"Amser are you okay?" River asked frantically. Before she could answer the aliens ripped the door open and destroyed the doorframe.

"Give me the child and you shall be spared." One of them said.

"Rasterniums. Of course." He mumbled.

"Rasterniums?" Amser questioned.

"They feed on time lord energy. The stuff that makes us regenerate." The Doctor explained.

"Regena-what?" Amser snapped.

"I'll explain later." River said. Amser stood up.

"I thought you were extinct. No time lords. No food." The Doctor questioned.

"We've been hibernating." One of them explained. "Praying for food."

"Once your Tardis landed it awakened us." The second added.

"So you lured us here so you could feed." The Doctor noted.

"Give us the girl." They said.

"Why her? I have more time lord energy." The Doctor asked.

"You are strong. She is weak." The other explained.

"Aww, you're out of practice. Aren't strong enough to feed off me huh?" The Doctor smirked. "Well thank you for the hospitality. But we'll be leaving." One of them ran down the hall.

"Not without your human friends." The remaining Rasternium smirked. The other returned with Amy and Rory wrapped around it's tentacles.

"DOCTOR!" Amy screeched.

"Give us the girl or they die." The second one said.

"Okay." Amser said.

"Amser no!" The Doctor snapped. Amser looked at him.

"If it'll save my grandparents I'll do it." Amser winked. She turned back to the creatures. "Let them go first." The creature chucked Amy and Rory against the wall. They quickly transformed back into the forms of Richard and Mrs. Peters.

"Come here honey." Mrs. Peters smiled. Amser walked towards her outstretched hand. She took a deep breath and gripped it. She felt the surging pain once again and began to glow. Amser summoned every fiber in her body to keep her cool. She screamed anyway. It hurt to bad. But she had a plan. They morphed back into alien form. The other one wrapped it's tentacle around her other wrist. Amser screamed louder. But she had a plan. She Grabbed the two tentacles wrapped around her wrists and tied them together. The aliens cried out. Amser ignored the pain as she wrapped the other two tentacles into the knot. They screeched in agony. Amser joined her family as the screeches slowly died. The dead aliens promptly turned to ash. All eyes were on Amser.

"How did you think of that?" River asked.

"It hurt them when their tentacles touched earlier." Amser replied. She glanced down at her hands. Burn marks covered her arms. She quickly hide them. "Let's go home." They all left the cabin. The second they were all out it collapsed into a pile of dust. Amser hopped no one noticed. Amser was lagging behind. The Doctor fell back to walk with her. The first thing he did was grab her hand and push up her sleeves to reveal the burns.

"You didn't have to do that." He said. He let go of her arm. "I don't want you to get hurt."

"I'm fine." Amser replied. "I had to save Amy and Rory."

"You could've died." The Doctor snapped.

"Amy and Rory could've died." Amser said. "I knew what I was doing."

"No you didn't!" The Doctor replied. He was yelling now. The others glance back at the two of them but knew it was best not to intervene. "You're just a baby."

"I'm fifteen!" Amser shouted.

"I'm eleven hundred and three." He yelled. "You're an practically a newborn. You've barely seen anything outside of that orphanage."

"I've taken care of myself for my entire life! I don't need anyone protecting me now!" Amser exclaimed. The Doctor didn't reply. Amser just glared at him and marched to the front of the group. She was the first to reach the Tardis. She charged to her room.

"What did you say to her?" River asked as soon as they were all in the control room.

"I said that I didn't want her to get hurt." The Doctor replied. "She's just a child."

"She's older then she looks." River commented. With that she went off into the Tardis.

"Doctor. I don't understand. Why didn't the Rasterniums just attack us when we first got there?" Amy asked.

"Well first of all, they need to lure us in. There's no way we would've gone in if they answered the door in there true form." The Doctor explained. "Also, Rasterniums can only draw timecard energy through happy memories. That's why they change to a form of one of your fondest memories. But that's enough alien talk for tonight. To bed, forward march."

"Good night doctor." Amy said.

"Good night." Rory added as they walked off into the Tardis.

Why was Amser always upset when she went to her room? Couldn't she just be happy in that fantastic room for a change? It was times like this where she really needed Richard. Why did he have to go? Amser was almost on the verge of tears. She couldn't sleep. Not now! She had to go for a walk or something. Amser walked down the halls and through the corridors. Just trying to get lost. However, it was impossible for her to get lost on the Tardis. That's when she saw another door calling to her. It was a double door. Big. It look all fancy like. So, Amser opened it. Behind those doors was a library. A giant library. There had to be billions of books. Some of the books she saw were written in different languages.

"Amser." A voice said. She jumped. The Doctor was standing behind her. "Sorry. Didn't mean to startle you." Amser glared at him.

"You didn't startle me." Amser snapped.

"Amser, I'm only trying to protect you." The Doctor explained.

"I can take care of myself, thank you." Amser said. She turned on her heel out of the door. The Doctor sighed.

"Kids." He groaned. He rushed after her. "Amser!" He finally caught up to her. "I can walk to my room without getting hurt." Amser groaned.

"Amser, you have to understand." The Doctor started.

"Understand what? That you're over protective?"

"I CAN'T LOSE ANOTHER ONE!" He screamed, gripping her shoulders. Amser's eyes widened. The Doctor loosened his grip. "I'm sorry."

"What do you mean lose another one?" Amser asked. Before the Doctor could respond, a loud alarm sounded throughout the Tardis. The Doctor looked around the corridor. "What's going on?" The Doctor grabbed her hand and ran down the halls. He seemed to know exactly where everyone's room was since he got everyone up and out in a matter of minutes. The whole group barged into the control room. And there he was. The man from Amser's dreams. Everyone looked shocked.

"Oh god not you again." Amser groaned.

"You again?" The Doctor asked.

"Oh I'm sorry." The Dream Lord smirked. "I didn't mean to wake you all up. Or are you still asleep?"